La Reina de la Canción Wednesday 5/17/17 #18

The intro is now saying there are thirteen contestants left. So, I guess what I missed at the end of last night was Janine officially leaving.

Paquita la del Barrio is performing tonight. Las Horóscopos and Poncho do a little friendly verbal sparring while the contestants cheer for their respective teams. And “maybe” tonight we’ll find out who’s definitely going to the live shows. Dudes…don’t keep us hanging!

Random stuff we sorta missed

Again I’m going to try to lump in all the non-singing stuff here.

Team Horóscopos had a couple of the guys from Banda MS as mentors this week.

Don’t ask me how a discussion between Mary and Yohanny about this week’s song choices ended up sucking in Olivia, Carmen, Sandra I, Beatriz D, nearly turned into a fistfight, y quien sabe que. I’m ready to put the lot of them in time out, isolation, whatever, because it’s gotten to the point where it’s like a fight with your siblings where one of them just looks at you wrong and it is ON. Seriously, maybe it’s too much proximity. Or maybe somebody’s being hideous, but don’t ask me who anymore, because pretty much everybody came off looking like a jerk just then.

Annnd there was a letter. Half “Yes, you are being insulting” and half “I forgive you.” It got no response.

Liliana Hernández (#teamrecodo) – Creo En Mi

Poncho told Liliana to watch her pitch. Liliana says this is a really difficult song and she wants to prove she can do it.

And she can, in spots. But he told her to watch her pitch and it was still a problem. Poncho noticed. He tells her to focus. Vicky heard it too and she thinks what’s happening (So modest!) is nerves interfering with breath control.

Sandra Itzel (#teamhoroscopos) – Por Tu Maldito Amor

It’s a Vicente Fernandez song. I have the fear.

I like the dress. Random thought: I don’t think I could sing in something without straps without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. The singing is good. The intro was overdone.

Vicky’s happy she’s taken their notes on board, she liked that there was more feeling than in rehearsals. Poncho agrees–it was better than in rehearsals. There’s a bit of joking around that he “spies” on the rehearsals. He congratulates her for her progress.

Lluvia Vega (#teamrecodo) – Te Solté la Rienda

That was one hell of a performance! I thought she was totally confident and relaxed and she’s saying she made a huge effort, which…damn, that really paid off.

Poncho said that’s the kind of performance that’s going to get her to the next round. Marisol complains that they did a good job with her and now she’s on his team. But yeah, they love her voice, they loved her performance.

Yohanny Rodriguez (#teamhoroscopos) – Tengo Que Colgar

This was a new song for Yohanny this week and she’s complaining that it keeps happening over and over again. She laughs about it back in the house, but in rehearsal she forgot the words.

I don’t know the song, so I won’t know if she messes up the words or not. When she gets all growly and fierce she’s perfect, but what’s going on with the pitch when she’s not? She definitely ends it better than she started.

Marisol says it’s Poncho’s fault Yohanny doesn’t sing like this in rehearsal. The rehearsal was a mess–no wonder he traded her. But yeah, she fooled ’em again and pulled it off. And Poncho says she’s a good singer, he did hear her rehearsal and this was a huge change. He congratulates her on her performance.

Carmen Rios (#teamhoroscopos) – Te Hubieras Ido Antes

The makeup and the hair is so very pinup. I love it, I love the dress. I’m forgetting she annoys me. I thought the words were getting the better of her at the beginning like, almost tripping over them? But once she got going that was pretty awesome.

Vicky loved it, she loves her vibrato, she did notice she was nervous. Poncho liked it, he liked her intensity. Alejandra makes a crack about her dedicating it to Poncho? And he’s joking that only the two of them know for sure.

Mary Fredette (#teamhoroscopos) – Hoy Tenga Ganas De Ti

Intonation problems in the beginning. Once she got to the chorus–kickass! Have we heard her do pop before?

Vicky says basically the same thing I did–desafinación and then “You blew us away!” Marisol says she picked up her skirt so she wouldn’t trip on it and it was totes sexy, not all awkward. Her faces were hilarious. Poncho says she may not be Mexicana, but she’s got her something-something and he congratulates her.

Ugh, no, let’s not drag the drama up on the stage! OK, we’re going with an apology and a hug and “there’s tension in the house.” And Carmen says it’s just that Mary doesn’t understand how she is–and Vicky shouts out “carrilluda” which Carmen agrees with and I spend the next 20 minutes trying to spell. It means one of those people who’s constantly insulting you, but it’s a joke. Oh yeah, Carmen and I would not be getting along. Carmen, not really joking, says life in the house is like a marriage–it was all good at first and now…. The honeymoon is over, one supposes.

Paquita la del Barrio (#teampaquita) – Rata de Dos Patas

The first time I ever heard this song, it was sung by Laura Flores in Al Diablo Que Los Guapos and her character was stinking drunk and she was practically screaming the words. I liked it.

I also like the way Paquita does it, where she sings it all pretty and sounding like she ain’t mad and then you listen to the words and it’s like “Wait, what?!” I also like her stage presence. She’s not moving around a whole bunch and she’s just kinda like “Here I am. Take it or leave it.” Which you can do when you’re Paquita la del Barrio, I guess. It also cracks me up looking at everyone in the stands singing along. I guess they all know that guy, huh.

Ale has to lean over to give her a kiss. She waves off additional applause, but come on. She says hello to todasy todos…and gets all choked up telling them she’s happy to be here with her people and keep on keepin’ on.

The moment of truth

Only 10 are going on. Did Alejandra warn us about this already? That means THREE are leaving tonight. And the fact that we didn’t hear Sandra Padilla sing is making me really nervous. Ale tells the captains to just get right to it….

Vicky and Marisol give their “Pass” to Carmen. I don’t think anyone expected that. Yeah, hon, get up and don’t mess up your dress. She’s all emotional, telling her son she’s doing this for him.

Poncho gives his “Pass” to Lluvia, who immediately starts jumping up and down and has to keep hoisting up her dress.

But what about the rest?

The captains want more time to think. They’re not eliminating anyone tonight and they’ll have news later. So everyone’s going home tonight without knowing if they’re going on or not.

Next week: live shows. Voting. Bring it!

I’ll let y’all know if anything changes, but right now, it looks like we won’t have another episode until a week from tonight–May 24.

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3 years ago

Hmmm. I only caught the fight and a snippet of Mary’s performance. Of course I had no idea what the fight was about because not paying attention and not scripted and more than 1 person talking at a time. 🙂

They really pick some hard songs for these ladies to cover. I did not envy Mary having to do that song. Christina Aguilera is a tough act to follow.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Dadgum! I missed Paquita and rata. The first time I heard that song was when Laura Flores sang it too I rewound and rewatched it like 5 times and then later I found out it wasn’t written for the show and there were other versions. I might have to start taping the show, even if that means I won’t get around to watching it for a week and I’ll always be behind at least I won’t miss everything