Gonul Thursday 5/18/17 #8

At Kursat’s

Yusuf shows up at Kursat’s house. There’s no way this ends well.

He sees his dad and asks what he’s doing there. “We were talking” doesn’t sound convincing to him. Ensar whines that he went in there without weapons–yeah, and if he’d dropped the weapons years ago Cem would still be alive.

Hilmi brings Gonul a glass of water, which she completely ignores. He calls Hatice and asks her to talk to Gonul.

Gonul takes the phone. She tells Hatice Yusuf is gone. She told him terrible things and he’s never coming back. Hatice wants to talk about it at the house, but Gonul won’t. She says this is the only solution–to go, to be in some other place. She doesn’t know where, but she’ll call later.

A guard comes in, frantic because Yusuf is out there arguing with his dad. Gonul shoves past him. She promises she won’t go with Yusuf, but she wants to talk to her dad NOW.

She tells Kursat she knows everything, knows why Kursat wanted her away from Yusuf. Kursat tells them all to leave him alone with his daughter.

Yusuf’s airing his daddy issues in the street in front of Kursat’s house. Ensar has no feelings–work, land, men, enemies, but no feelings. Having him for a father is the worst thing that could have happened to him.

Gonul accuses Kursat of killing Cem and says it makes her sick to be his daughter.

Ensar says “the person who caused Cem’s death” is inside, so why is Yusuf blaming him? He could have protected his grandson. “And become like you? I was a kid when you gave me a gun. Were you going to show my son how to use one too?”

Kursat begs her to believe him–that sin isn’t his. She keeps yelling at him that this is on her conscience now, she can’t stand him looking at her. She curses him, his bloody money, his power. She’s about to walk out, but Kursat says he knows who did it. Oh, right, so he’s going to blame some person who needed money, but it’s his sin.

Gasping for breath, he says it’s someone powerful, dangerous, merciless.

Ensar tries to keep Yusuf from entering the house, and so does Mahmut.

Kursat says he can’t tell her who–bad things will happen. She thinks he’s the biggest liar she’s ever met. He admits he’s a terrible person, but he’s only made one person’s life miserable–that’s her. He couldn’t protect her from suffering and who knows what happened in the orphanage while he was doing terrible things. He begs her to look at him. When she arrived, that was the first time he’d been wounded. A child is a beautiful thing, but what she said to him made him pay for his sins.

He doesn’t want to let her go. She’ll go to Yusuf. She’s right to love him like she does. He’s a good man. He’s braver than her stupid fiancé because he was never like his father. Ensar doesn’t deserve to have him for a son.

Gonul says he killed Yusuf’s son. “It was his father, his own father, Ensar. He sent his men to scare him into coming back to live with him. He caused the death of his grandson and he told me the truth. Stay away from that man–he’s full of evil.” He repeats that Ensar told him so.

As he grows more agitated and the machines beep wildly and the whole household seems to stream into his room, Kursat wants to tell her one last thing…

For all of eternity, I will love you with all my strength.

His hand falls from hers, slack, and the doctor moves in. Gonul runs out of the house.

Hilmi admits to Yusuf that Gonul is here, but she’ll be better if he leaves. Everyone’s trying to get him to go.

Gonul comes running out the gate and everyone pulls their guns out. That’s enough to offend Ensar and he vows to destroy this house. Yusuf yells at Hilmi to get Gonul inside. She refuses and tells them to let her go. Hilmi gets up in her face and asks her if she’s trying to get herself killed. When the guy who was holding on to her lets go and draws his gun, Gonul whips it out of his hands and puts it to her head.

Yusuf screams her name.

She threatens to pull the trigger and Hilmi asks Kursat’s men to lower their guns. Ensar, I’ve gotta give him credit, motions to his men to do the same.

Yusuf gets free of the men around him and he and Gonul start walking towards each other. He asks her to let go of the gun. As she tilts her face toward the sky, maybe it’s the angle or maybe she gets dizzy, but it looks liek Yusuf catches her with one arm and takes the gun with the other. Still holding on to her, he tosses the gun at his father’s feet and he and Gonul get into Mahmut’s car and drive off.

Kursat’s doctor applies the paddles. Sermin seems genuinely concerned for Kursat…until Alper runs in and says there’s a problem, Gonul and Yusuf have run away together. And then she mutters “I’m going to lose the money and Gonul’s going to end up with everything.” Alper vows she won’t and runs back out of the house. He hops into a car and starts to chase them.


In the car, Yusuf angrily tells Gonul she’d better not ever try to kill herself again. He doesn’t know where they’re going, but they’re getting away from everyone–for good.

Tekin is also in his car. He tells his dad he’s going to Kursat’s house and he’s not leaving without Gonul. Mazhar’s probably thinking he’s not leaving, period.

Alper finally catches up to Yusuf and Gonul.

Yusuf thinks it’s over and they’ve won. Gonul says there’s something she thinks he needs to know.

Alper starts bumping the car. He manages to hit it so it rolls over completely.

And back at the house, the doctor isn’t able to revive Kursat.

Yusuf got thrown completely clear of the car. Gonul is slumped in her seat.

Tekin’s driving down the same road when he sees the accident. He stops the car and gets out as Alper watches in horror. Recognizing Yusuf, he calls out Gonul’s name. Her eyes are open now, but she’s just staring. He starts trying to do an exam, but she isn’t responding to him…until she asks who he is. What happened? She doesn’t understand.

And Tekin sees his shot. He considers walking away from Yusuf, but leans down to listen to his breathing and start chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth. Oh, wait, I get it…if he dies he won’t suffer. Once Tekin gets his heart going again, he’s done. He goes back to the car to help Gonul out. Her left leg hurts, but it seems like she can walk on it, with his help.

Alper curses her for still being alive.

Tekin gets her into his car. He takes one last look at Yusuf and drives off. Alper turns his face away as they drive by.


The prayer beads drop from Kursat’s hand. Hilmi goes over to tuck his arm under the blankets and remembers meeting him.

In a flashback, Child!Hilmi is confronted by Kursat. Does he know whose stuff he stole? “No, but you don’t know who I am either.” His name is Stewart Hilmi, but Kursat can call him Hilmi. Kursat laughed and told one of his guys to take him.

Hilmi picks up the prayer beads. He leans over and tells Kursat that Kursat gave him a home, was a father to him, gave him an education…he promised to take care of Gonul and he will–she’ll get what’s hers.

He pulls the blanket over Kursat’s face as Sermin’s phone rings. Alper tells her it all went wrong–Tekin showed up and took Gonul. She’s alive. He asks about Kursat and Sermin can’t answer. She hangs up the phone and weeps, presumably for her money.


In the car, Gonul is still asking what happened. She’s got a fresh bruise on her forehead. She really can’t remember anything. Who is he? “I took you out of the car. What’s the last thing you remember?” She just shakes her head. He tells her everything’s going to be ok and not to worry. Now Gonul remembers someone lying on the ground–were they injured? Alive? She can’t remember who they were.

Tekin pulls the car over and says he’ll be right back. He tells her not to move. He goes into a convenience store to make a call while Gonul is either falling asleep or passing out. Tekin calls in the accident–again, I think this is just because if Yusuf doesn’t live, he can’t suffer. Tekin hands over a couple of large bills to the convenience store owner and tells him he didn’t see anything and he doesn’t know anything.

Out in the car, Tekin wakes Gonul up. “Who are you?” He remembers her leaving him, saying she loved Yusuf, saying it was over between them…and he tells her he’s her husband and everything’s going to be ok. Gonul looks mildly confused. She stares at him blankly when he gets into the car and kisses her hand.

And Yusuf just lies in the road.

Three Months Later

“Ahmet” walks out of his house with his briefcase. A neighbor greets him in the street. In front of a beauty salon, he pulls a few flowers out of a planter and goes inside to greet “Yulide.” She scolds him for pulling out the flowers again. She got up early this morning and decided to come open the salon.

He bugs her about taking her medicine and she assures him she will, though she also forgot to eat breakfast. Good thing Figen, aka her business partner, comes in with fresh pastries. Yulide goes back to get the…what do you call it?…oh, right, the tea…off the stove. Tekin hisses to Figen to make sure Gonul takes her medicine and doesn’t get tired before he calls out that he’s leaving.

The guy with the fruit stand across the street is insistent that Ahmet accept some free fruit from him…well, free in exchange for drugs for his mother. “Ahmet” is a pharmaceutical rep, which the fruit guy thinks is just as good as a doctor. Ooooooh, Tekin’s face! He pulls it together and tells fruit guy to take his mother to a doctor–she might not have rheumatism and it’s not good to self-medicate.

Yulide disinterestedly cleans while Figen talks to a client. When Figen complains that she’s going to end up working all evening Yulide says it would be different if she could help. “But we talked about this–you put up the money and I was going to do all the work.”

Oh…did they? Yulide asks if she was useless before the accident. Didn’t she do anything? Ahmet didn’t say she didn’t work. Figen says she’s a housewife–that’s work. And helping out at the salon is work. Yulide says she was useless, then.

Figen says she understands. It’s boring here. Maybe she could show her how to do some stuff. Yulide could learn how to do some styling. And who says she can’t dress the way she wants to?! If she fixed herself up a bit she’d feel better. Yulide just laughs at her…and then her head starts hurting. She hasn’t taken her medicine yet…she’ll go take it with her tea.


Yusuf is in a coma. The doctor says he’s fighting with his memories and the world. He won’t wake up until he makes connections to the world again. They just have to wait. He says all this to Ozlem…but now Ensar walks in asking what to do with him. He’s impatient that it’s been three months. The doctor says he’s fighting to wake up and there’s nothing they can do.

Sitting by his bed, Ensar asks what all his power and reputation has been good for. When he talks about how he wasn’t able to protect him or Cem, Yusuf starts having flashes of memories of Cem and the machines start beeping at a different rate. The doctor says he must be thinking about something that upsets him. Ensar says he’s lived so many terrible things…if he’s remembering those moments, he prays Allah will help him.


Hilmi tries to pump Nese for info about Gonul. As she listens to music on her phone…without headphones…because she can’t find them…because she still hasn’t finished unpacking…she says there’s no way if Tekin knew where Gonul was that he wouldn’t be with her. Didn’t he show up here and raise a big fuss? She’s sure he’s finally accepted that she’s gone.

And isn’t she a millionaire? Hilmi says she is–in theory–but her stepmother keeps sticking her hands in. For now.

Hilmi carries Nese over to his office couch as she giggles. He says he’s going to find Gonul. And then a couple of signatures on paperwork and everything will be hers. When Nese asks just how much “everything” is, he pulls out his calculator and starts listing all the different companies. “How many zeros is that?!” Nese says she could buy them ten times over! She wants to go tell her father just to see the look on his face.

“But what will you say when he asks you how you know?”

“Dad, I met a very sensual lawyer. You think I moved in with my friend, but I’ve been living with him for the last three months.” And then she’ll tell him he told her. He loosens his tie very decisively and they start snogging.

Sermin throws off her shoes and jacket and gets comfortable behind the desk in the study. Alper comes in saying “The king is dead; long live the queen.” Sermin gripes that not everyone feels that way.

Well, he has a solution–he’ll kidnap her! He brought plane tickets. She asks where he got the money and he says it’s all theirs now, they should enjoy it. He takes some prayer beads out of one of the glass cases.

Sermin says she can’t go–she has to work. Not that it’s doing her any good without Gonul’s signature. And whose fault is it they don’t have that, hm? Alper says if it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have any of this.

There’s a knock at the door–some non-guard with paperwork for her to sign. She dismisses Alper and he slams the prayer beads down on the desk.

Double life

Tekin pulls into a warehouse and pulls an outfit out of the trunk of his real car. A change of clothes, a little hair goop to undo his side part and smooth his sideburns and he’s fully-Tekinized again. But he keeps missing parts of his transformation and noticing them later…his watch…his ring.

Tekin pulls up at the hospital. Ali stopped by for breakfast, but he was already gone. Tekin says he was at the gym. Ali teases him about putting on weight because he’s been drinking and Tekin begs Ali to tell him who’s been saying that.

In his new apartment/drug den, Mete has been monitoring Gonul’s email. He calls Tekin to tell him Aylin sent her an email. He laughs at her talking about how she’s also got her heart broken and if Gonul doesn’t want to talk, she can just come over and they’ll cry together. Jerk. But the most important part is that Aylin says Gonul’s not the type of person to disappear and if she doesn’t get a response, she’s going to go to the police.

Tekin seethes. Mete laughs and says Tekin should pay him before he goes to jail. He gripes at Tekin for not properly valuing him even though he’s using Mete to do his dirty work. He should accept that he needs him. Tekin tells him to shut up and write. “Dear Aylin…uh…Dear amiga, don’t worry about me. I’m fine. I just need more time. I need to clear my head. I’ll be back, don’t worry.” Mete thinks it’s too simple. Tekin tells him not to worry about that, just make sure they don’t trace the email.

Ali pokes his head into Tekin’s office to tell him there’s been a bus accident and patients are coming in. Aylin and another nurse are discussing the accident in the hallway when Aylin gets the email from “Gonul.” She reads it quickly and stuffs her phone back in her pocket, disappointed.

In the scrub room, she asks Tekin if he’s heard from Gonul. He claims she ended it all with a message and he hasn’t heard from her since–how many times does he have to tell her he doesn’t want to hear Gonul’s name. “What if she’s in trouble?” Her father’s men will take care of it.


A little boy runs away from a man who accuses him of stealing. He trips in front of the salon and Yulide runs out to check on him. As she goes inside to get something to clean up his scraped hands, their current customer wanders outside in her curlers to say he doesn’t speak Spanish. He’s gone by the time Yulide gets back with the alcohol and the customer complains about how “they” flee and come here looking for trouble and “we” can’t even feed “our own.” Figen joins in, asking what sins “we” committed to deserve this. (I. Can’t. Even.)

Figen tries to get Yulide to come back inside, but she’s staring at the bottle of what I thought was alcohol in her hand. She says you can’t use perfume to clean a wound. They need gasses and sterile solution. Figen agrees they can get the stuff later. (I don’t know how much of that was Gonul not remembering correctly and how much was a translation issue.) Inside, Yulide puts down the stuff she took outside and stares at herself in the mirror.

Figen takes Yulide shopping. She tries to convince her to take a red velvet dress with some embellishment at the neckline. She assures her Ahmet will like it. She twirls her around, but Yulide gets dizzy…and feels pukey. Figen agrees it must be from the spinning.

While Yulide’s changing, Figen wrangles a discount on the clothes. The clerk is under the impression Yulide is pregnant. Figen looks speculatively over at the dressing room.


Yusuf, in his mind, wakes up in bed with Gonul. He tells her he had a bad dream…he took her to the mountain…they came for her and he couldn’t find her. She says that’s a ridiculous dream–he would never leave her.

Ensar is sitting by his bed, complaining that just when he’d saved him from Kursat, his daughter showed up. It’s her fault he’s in this condition…and where is she? What happened to their great love? Was it worth it? He sobs that his grandson left, and now Yusuf.

Kid you not, this dude asks Allah what he did. He says he’s sorry. He remembers Kursat saying he’s the one who sent an armed man to his son’s house, Yusuf saying the worst thing that happened in his life was having Kursat as a father. He tells Yusuf he’s sorry and asks forgiveness. He did it for Yusuf’s own good. “But what have I done?!”he sobs.


Sabit has started working for Hilmi. He’s having a bit of a problem adjusting to not being a mafia bodyguard anymore. He went to pick up some files for Hilmi and broke a guy’s nose. He doesn’t like Hilmi calling him an “assistant.” Hilmi tells him to go, but Sabit apologizes.

Hilmi accepts and they get to their real topic–Gonul. They’re going to search for her, even in places they’ve already discarded as possibilities. He promised Kursat. Sabit doesn’t see the point–Hilmi’s been looking for three months. The man she loves is in a coma and she’s never even been to see him.

Hilmi says that’s their tip-off that something is wrong. She didn’t leave the country, she isn’t using credit cards or bank accounts…so how is she surviving? He wants to start over again with family. If she were going to contact anyone it would be Mama Hatice. Sabit whines that he doesn’t want to go! She’s so tired of them–she’ll hit him for sure this time!

Hilmi says he’s already screwed up once today, so he’d better not piss him off further. “If Mr. Kursat were alive….” he mutters. Hilmi reminds him he wouldn’t forgive mistakes either. Sabit grudgingly agrees.

The tiny kitten meets Hatice at her gate. She’s upset to see Sabit trying to look through her windows. She doesn’t hit him, as he predicted, but when he says they were just wondering if she’d had any news she starts snapping at him that Gonul left because of “men like you!” She’d been through so much, and they made her relive all the terrible things that happened. She curses him. He asks her to trust that they’re doing their best.


On the way back to the salon, Figen’s suggesting they have coffee. Suddenly Yulide stops and looks around, confused. She says it’s nothing, but then she asks Figen to go on without her–she wants to walk. “You can’t…you were dizzy at the store. I should keep an eye on you.” Yulide complains that Figen and Ahmet have been there since the accident. She begs Figen to go on. Figen makes her promise not to go far.

Yulide ends up looking in shop windows. She thinks she sees a man in a standard bodyguard black suit and white shirt in the window, but when she turns around, he’s gone.

But then he’s there, on her side of the street, handing her a scarf she dropped. It’s Alper. She thanks him…then asks if she knows him. He says “no” and she walks away.


Mazhar congratulates Tekin on solving two difficult cases today, but he says they all did it together. And Tekin’s been doing so well since he broke up with “her.” He wants him to come to dinner tomorrow night. “You mean Lale still has single friends she hasn’t introduced me to?”

Mazhar insists it’s new business partners and he has to come because he’s the heir of Altinel Companies. Tekin sighs that he can’t promise anything–he made other plans. He ignores a call from Figen. It looks like his phone screen is cracked. Mazhar asks if she’s his plan. Without waiting for an answer, he tells Tekin not to be late. Dinner’s at 8.

When he calls Figen, she asks if Gonul’s medication has side effects. She was dizzy and had low pressure. Tekin tells her not to let Gonul get tired and he’ll check on her when he gets home. Figen begs him not to be late.

Ali wants to drag Tekin to some swanky private party. The fact that Tekin doesn’t want to go and hasn’t been out since Gonul left says to him that he’s not over her. He says people are starting to notice his “loneliness.” Ali says he’s just tired. He’ll go out with him the next time, he promises.


Ozlem helps a nurse bathe Yusuf.

Ozlem asks to help with Yusuf’s physical therapy and the doctor agrees she’s been watching long enough. I wish she’d stayed. Ozlem’s just using it as an excuse to touch him. Joke’s on her–in his mind, he’s remembering Gonul. Aw, hell no! Kissing him while he’s in a coma is sexual assault!

Yusuf remembers Gonul asking him not to leave her, to stay with her forever. At least I hope that’s a memory and not him convincing himself to stay in a coma. Ozlem sobs that he doesn’t feel anything and begs him to stay with her.


Yulide gets back to the salon, looking a little dazed. She says she saw someone in the street staring at her as if they knew her. He’s not out there now. And maybe she was just imagining things. She dropped her scarf and he gave it back. She asked if she knew him and he looked at her like she was stupid. She’s upset that now she’s thinking she knows everyone around her.

Figen decides to distract her with a makeover. Yulide feels weird just sitting there, but Figen insists a haircut is medicine for any woman. She’s going to look great. (Tekin is going to throw a fit!)

Figen takes Gonul’s hair up to shoulder length, wet. I admit, I’m excited to see what it looks like after shrinkage!

I’m not impressed with Figen’s skills. Yulide’s hair is shorter, but it doesn’t really do anything for me. Yulide says it’s strange…just like everything else. When is she going to remember? Figen tells her she won’t remember by pressuring herself. Yulide got so tired today…she should go home and rest. She suggests she put on her new dress, set the table for a romantic dinner–that should cheer them up. Yulide agrees and thanks Figen. She hugs her gratefully while Figen pats her back awkwardly. She sends her on home, saying she looks great and Ahmet’s going to love it.

Team Gonul meeting

Aylin comes over to Hatice’s to show her the email. Aylin thinks it sounds “cold.” Hatice says maybe she just hasn’t been able to get over things. Should they go to the police? Aylin says they’ve tried already and she sent a message and told them not to look for her.

Hatice thinks maybe with her father on one side and Tekin on the other, it was a good thing she left. Aylin can’t tell if Gonul even realizes her father is dead. She sent her a message, but Gonul didn’t mention it in her response. Hatice says it was all over the news.

Aylin says she’s a millionaire now–anyone else would have been back here to claim the money before his tomb was even shut. Hatice says too much money is a problem–it means enemies. She told her once that she had a right to that money, but now that she sees what happened to Yusuf. Aylin says she also saw the big armed guys at the door. Hatice complains that they can’t get into see him or get anyone to give them information. The poor kid can’t even get any peace in the hospital!

Hatice goes to make tea, but she notices someone coming up the walk. Aylin admits she invited him–he wants the same thing they do. It’s Hilmi with a bouquet of flowers for Hatice.

Aylin tells Hilmi about the email and checking with Tekin. He admits he doubted Tekin too, until he came to his office and made a big desperate scene. Plus he had him followed for a while and all he did was drink. Hatice growls that he ruined Gonul’s life and now he’s just going on with his own, just like the rest of them. Hilmi says he’s here. “What good is that?!”

Hilmi says he could try to trace the email.


Ahmet gets home. He tries not to show any anger, but I think Yulide can feel it. She retreats to the kitchen as he says he wishes she would have asked him first. She comes back and slams a saucepan down on a trivet.

He says one thing and Figen says another. She does what they want. Figen says to cut her hair and wear this dress and she does it. The two of them decide everything and she never does anything. She doesn’t even exist!

Ahmet says he was just surprised…he’s sorry. Yulide sobs that the problem isn’t that he didn’t say anything–she can’t FEEL anything. It’s all just dark and empty. She gets lost when she closes her eyes. He says they’re going to be fine. She asks who they are. They don’t even have pictures on the walls. Ahmet says they lost the box of pictures when they moved. She says everything’s lost, not just her, and she can’t stand that feeling. She begs him to do something.

He strokes her face and says it’s going to be fine and she hugs him and apologizes. He suggests they sit down and have dinner.

Figen walks by the house and sees a miserable Yulide having dinner with Ahmet. She’s cold and he gets her a cardigan and kisses the top of her head. Outside, Figen shivers and walks away.

Yulide is picking up the dinner dishes. She turns with a stack of them and Ahmet tells her to just leave them. The phrase echoes in her head from somewhere else and he has to say her fake name a few times to get her attention. He tells her to go rest while he goes out for a walk. He’ll clean up when he gets back. She insists she’ll do it.

He goes down to the salon, where Figen is waiting for him. He asked her to meet him here so he could rough her up for cutting Gonul’s hair without permission. Figen says she did it so the man Yulide thought she recognized wouldn’t recognize her again. He asks if she’s stupid–like he wouldn’t recognize her after just a hair cut?

And what does she mean, Gonul “saw someone.” Wasn’t Figen with her? Figen gripes that she didn’t know what to tell her. She was bored. She wanted to go for a walk. “We’re BOTH tired of this tiny neighborhood.” She whines that Tekin has all that money–they could at least go somewhere nicer. He complains that it’s no fun for him either. Does she think he likes wearing this terrible suit? If they move somewhere better, he’ll be recognized. “Is that what you want?”

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Great recap, Kat! I decided that I was never going to be able to catch up watching so I just read the recaps for the last 3 days and watched this episode. Good choice – a lot happened. So Alper knows where Gonul is but I guess he hasn’t told Sermin.
I agree with you about Figen’s makeover of Gonul.
I also thought Ozlem’s “therapy” on Yusuf was creepy and bordering on sexual assault.
So do we think Gonul is pregnant from her one-nighter with Yusuf? I assume that Ahmet hasn’t been asserting his “marital” rights in the bedroom but who knows.