Gonul Friday 5/19/17 #9

In the alternate universe….

Figen cleans up some spilled clips as she tells Tekin his plan isn’t going to end well. He’s got those fake IDs and it’s all going to blow up in his face.

Tekin confidently (since he never does anything any other way) declares it will be over soon. Gonul will love him again and he won’t care about anything.

Figen tells him to open his eyes–she’s not Gonul the orphan anymore, now she’s Gonul Buyuksahin, one of the richest women in Turkey and when she remembers what he did, she’ll get revenge. His father won’t be able to save him, since she has money. And while he and Figen are in prison, she’ll be having a happy life with her boyfriend.

Tekin grabs her angrily and Figen gets excited. He always did come to her when he was angry. But Tekin is uncomfortable. He pulls away from her and tells her she’s not getting paid to play “stylist.” He needs her to watch Gonul more closely.

Figen says she didn’t accept to be near Gonul, she did it for work. “You have work. What else do you want?” Figen says she would have opened a salon anyway.

But Tekin is a problem for her…she wants to be close to him…she misses him. Tekin looks like he’s going to give in, but he pulls away again, saying he’s confused and um…not now. He walks out and Figen mumbles that she’ll be waiting.

At “home” Ahmet takes off his shoes and finds a pillow and blankets waiting on a chair for him. Yulide is in bed, not sleeping. Ahmet puts his pajamas on and tries to get comfortable on the couch. He and Yulide both toss and turn.

In the middle of the night, Yulide goes to look at Ahmet. He’s not bad looking. Did she love him? She can’t imagine getting married to him without loving him. Why doesn’t she feel anything? She can’t remember his kisses or how he made her feel. Why does her heart hurt. He’s her husband, she’s his wife, shouldn’t she return his love?

Ahmet wakes up and wishes Yulide a good evening. He says he’s been waiting for this moment, for her to remember she loves him. He says she’s come back to him. He starts to lead her back to the bedroom, takes off her robe and she thinks “I’m not ready…but I’m his wife. And I came to him.” (I want a feminist sex educator to pop into the house right now and tell her she has a right to say “NO!”) She starts wondering if he’ll be angry if she rejects him. Should she lie? She thinks maybe if she lets herself get carried away…. She can’t understand why she isn’t feeling anything. Aren’t these the kisses she was missing.

Ahmet finally asks what’s wrong and Yulide tells him she’s not ready. She needs time. “Do you think I’d force you?” She says she’s just not ready. He asks permission to sleep in the bed tonight. She doesn’t answer and he takes it as a yes. (Looks to me like he can’t take much more of this before he snaps. He nearly did when he saw the haircut.)

Yulide is already away and outside having coffee when Ahmet gets up. She says she slept, she just woke up early. She’ll go make breakfast….

He stops her and wants to talk about last night. Was there something she didn’t like? “Who is Gonul? You said her name in your dreams. You called me Gonul while you held me.” Ahmet says he doesn’t know…she’s someone he used to know…. “Was she your girlfriend? You’re still seeing each other, aren’t you?!” Ahmet says she…died.

Yulide says she’s sorry. She thinks she hurt him, but he apologizes–he hadn’t thought of her in years. Yulide’s blaming herself and her “coldness” for him taking refuge in his memories of Gonul. Tekin gloats for a second at her guilt before Ahmet says it’s not her fault. He was so happy sleeping with her. He wishes he could skip work and stay with her, but she tells him to go on before it gets late.

Tekin meets Figen outside his front gate. He thought Yulide was jealous–that’s why he’s so happy. He tells Figen not to bother him.

She goes up to the house and Yulide says she’ll just take a shower and they can go. Figen starts nosing around, sniffing the pillows on the bed, and figures out Tekin spent the night in her bed. (Animal print with flowers…I don’t know if I can back that play.)

She decides not to wait for Yulide. On her way to the salon, a former client recognizes her. Figen says she’s left “the business” but he seems to think since he hired her before that means she can’t refuse now. She shakes him off and loudly tells him to make a right and then another. It’s suspicious enough that the fruit guy across the street asks if he was really asking directions.

Figen hangs towels outside to dry, muttering to herself about being stupid and waiting for him to be with her. She says she deserves this.

Yulide comes up–she thought Figen was going to wait for her. Figen says they have clients. “If you’d told me, I would have been early, too.” Yulide tries to help, but Figen keeps bustling around doing everything.

She says Yulide’s glowing…did something happen with Ahmet last night? What happened? “What did he tell you?” Figen says they always used to talk about stuff. They kissed, didn’t they? And then…they did it? “Good. For you. That is. That’s perfect. So, how was it? Did you like it?”

Yulide says nothing happened. They slept. Figen smiles–either relieved or not believing her–and says she’ll go make coffee.

Yulide asks her to wait. She shuts the front door quickly, sits Figen down and asks her if she ever talked about anyone else. She needs to remember if there was someone else. “Did you remember something?” Yulide takes that as confirmation that she did go out with someone else. She begs Figen to tell her what she knows.

Figen knocks wood and tells her not even to say that! She had a beautiful relationship with Ahmet! (I can’t even type that without rolling my eyes.)

Yulide just has this feeling…every time Ahmet touches her, she thinks she should be feeling something else. Figen laughs. If this is how she gets after one hug, she should keep waiting–she’s not ready yet.

While Figen does a client’s hair, Yulide gives her a manicure. The client is talking about her neighbor who had early-onset Alzheimer’s. Figen says that’s not what Yulide has, she’s just…taking a break. Yulide stifles a giggle and concentrates on the client’s nails as the client says she should be careful–if she doesn’t remember anything, people can take advantage of her. Figen gets a little too aggressive with a roller clip.

Suddenly, Yulide covers her mouth and bolts for the bathroom. Yulide thinks she must be sick. Figen tells her to put her sweater on so she doesn’t get cold and she’ll go fix her an emparedado (sandwich). While Yulide’s standing there, fanning her sweaty face, she gags again and runs to the bathroom.


Hilmi comes over to Kursat’s old house and confronts Sermin about taking a business meeting without him and selling off an investment in Cyprus. She mocks him for thinking he should be in meetings with the 5% share that Kursat gave him because he felt sorry for him.

She accuses him of wanting to make a scene. Oh no, she’s the one who does that. Gonul’s the only one with authority to sign. Right–but she has the majority of the shares, other than Gonul. When the waiting period is over, she’ll poner una demanda (Press charges? Sue? Make a motion to the board?) based on Gonul’s absence and the problem will be solved.

Hilmi says she went away for security reasons, but she’ll be back to claim what’s hers. Sermin reminds him her boyfriend’s a killer, her fiance’s a psychopath, and her dad has a bunch of enemies. She’s never seen anyone survive that many threats. Hilmi says he’ll sue to stop her from selling off anything more–a big chunk of it is Gonul’s.

As he starts to walk off, Sermin asks if he misses being Kursat’s lawyer. He’s not as strong as he was before.


Yusuf dreams about Gonul while the machines beep. It’s the cottage again, the couch in front of the fireplace. A tear rolls down his face.

Ridvan comes to visit. He’s brought a tape player so he can play Yusuf’s favorite song for him. He doesn’t see Yusuf’s hand twitch in response. In his mind, Yusuf turns up the tape player and Gonul recognizes the artist–Neşet Ertaş. She likes him too. Ridvan’s there too, watching Yusuf watching Gonul as she sings under her breath and paints some wood.

His hand twitches again. Ridvan earnestly tells him if he wakes up, they’ll fix everything. He talks about his new job, with his new boss who hasn’t insured him in months. And he’s been visiting Cem’s tomb.

A nurse comes in to say they can’t have flowers in the rooms. She takes them and Ridvan picks up his stuff and tells Yusuf he’ll visit again soon. He squeezes Yusuf’s hand, still never seeing that the other one was moving.

Strained alliance

Sermin meets Tekin by the water. She tells him not to try anything with Gonul behind her back. She saw that email–Gonul remembers everything, doesn’t she? She’s not going to give up her fortune without a fight.

Tekin says he didn’t send it. Really? Because Sermin’s sure he did. Hilmi saw it and now he’s looking for her. And if Gonul shows up, her entire plan will fail. He reminds her he doesn’t need her permission for anything. If she wants Kursat’s inheritance, then she needs to keep her mouth shut and keep Hilmi away from him.

Sermin doesn’t trust him. He wants money, doesn’t he? He’s with Gonul for the inheritance, isn’t he? His hospitals have debts, don’t they? He’s trying to save it by making investments, but Gonul’s money could solve his problems five times over. That’s his goal, isn’t it? Who would give up money for love?

He says a woman like her wouldn’t understand, because the only thing women like her want is money. (And there aren’t men like that? Creep.) No one has loved her like Gonul has been loved. He feels sorry for her. She feels so alone she needs billions to fill the emptiness and all he needs is Gonul.

“I don’t think she deserves to be loved like that.” (I suppose she could mean that as a slam to Gonul, but I’m taking it as a slam to Tekin. Self-righteous jerk.)

Ali and Nese and Hilmi

Ali catches up to Nese as she’s out shopping. He thinks she’s just trying to punish him, but she laughs–she of all people knows punishment doesn’t work. He whines that he knows she’s not staying at a “friend’s” house. She says he’d better not bother telling her dad–he won’t care. Where she’s staying is none of his business, not in the least! She takes the record she just paid for and walks away.

Hilmi has coffee with Aylin at the hospital. He says he had no luck tracing Gonul’s email–she had a professional hide the source. Aylin can’t figure out why she’d be hiding, or who she’d be hiding from. Hilmi doesn’t know, but he’s sure something more is going on here. Aylin wonders if it’s Yusuf’s father.

Speaking of Yusuf–Hilmi can’t find out anything about how he’s doing. Aylin says she can check into it.

And then she sees Ali and Nese walking in together and says “Look at them! They’re not even hiding any more. Tekin is going to be furious!” Aylin’s embarrassed when she realizes she said it out loud. Hilmi says it’s fine, but why would Tekin be upset? “Wouldn’t you be, if your best friend was going out with your sister behind your back?”

Tekin gets to his office and finds the album Nese bought taped to the door. From inside she calls out, asking if he likes it. It’s a bribe for tonight. She also brought him coffee.

Tekin says he’d rather enjoy it in the comfort of his home. Nese whines that they hardly see him since Gonul left. Does she have to break her head to spend time with him? “As a doctor, I wouldn’t recommend it. Thanks for the record and the coffee. Now go.” (Wow. That was almost normal-brotherly.) Nese takes his prescription pad and says as the sister of a doctor this is her recommendation for him…. She kisses him on the cheek grabs her stuff and goes.

Her prescription is “Don’t leave your sister alone at dinner!!!” Tekin looks thoughtful.

Why Mazhar?

Nese gets to her dad’s house and overhears Lale on the phone to her doctor saying a year’s worth of treatments haven’t worked…no, she can’t do in vitro…. (Lale, no!) She sees Nese lurking and ends the call. She begs Nese not to say anything sarcastic right now. No, Mazhar doesn’t know. He’s tense about the new investment. She’ll tell him when the time is right.

Nese says his entire life is “tense.” Is she’s sure she’ll find a moment? (Hey, sometimes people aren’t sarcastic, they’re just honest.) Lale sobs that she wants to have a baby. She doesn’t expect Nese to understand…she’s too young. But “all women” want this.

Nese gives her a pitying look and says her mother didn’t have a good experience having her. She died for her youngest child. Lale says she was sick–Nese will be a beautiful mom when the time is right. “Not all women have to be mothers.” (Sing it, sister!) OK, Lale wants a kid–there are a lot of them out there. Gonul grew up in an orphanage. If someone had taken her in….

Lale shakes her head sadly. Nese gets that her dad doesn’t want a child because he has a huge ego. She thinks Lale should think about it.

Lale says Mazhar loves her. He just doesn’t want another child because he loves her and Tekin, not because he doesn’t love them. Nese says she doesn’t have to defend him. They’ve gotten used to his lack of affection, but Lale never will.


Hilmi has resumed his surveillance of Tekin. (WOOT!)

Yulide is setting the table for a romantic dinner. Figen stops by with a bottle of wine for her–she let the store owner pick it. She teases Yulide about the candles on the table. Yulide says it’s nothing. She upset Ahmet this morning and she wants to make up for it.

Figen isn’t so sure. Yesterday they hugged, tonight they’ll make up. They’ll have a great night, right?

Suddenly Yulide wants Figen to stay for dinner. She lets Yulide talk her into it, but she’s going right home after!

Tekin notices Hilmi at a stop light. Looks like he’s going to that dinner after all. He hands his car off to someone to park and turns around to see Hilmi waiting in his car.

From the driveway, he calls Yulide and says he got this last-minute job. She should eat without him. He reminds her to take her medicine. (I’m just laughing at him getting stuck having to go to this dinner and really he did it to himself.)

Yulide tells Figen he’s not coming home. Hey, there’s nothing for Figen to feel sorry about. And then Yulide grins and it’s like she’s Gonul again for a moment–she suggests they open the wine.

Tekin wants to hurry up and get dinner over with, but Lale hasn’t arrived yet. Nese tells him to chill–he’s not going to die because she’s two minutes late for dinner. Taken mocks her for being so understanding. Eh, it’s not living in this house–it’s made her happy.

And just which one of her friends is she living with again? She tells her dad it’s not like he’d recognize the names of any of her friends. (Sick burn, bro. Good thing you own a hospital!)

Lale gets to the table, happy they’re all here together. It’s been so long! They shouldn’t wait until the next business deal. (Oh, Lale! You’re far too nice for this family.)

Mahzar toasts to the investment. He says they have to make it because they need money to remodel some of their hospitals. Tekin looks bothered–they need to do renovations and they’re investing in other things? (Whoa…you’re telling me Sermin might have been right earlier?) Mazhar laughs it off and Tekin says it’s none of his business anyway–so what’s the investment about?

Mazhar announces they’re going to be partners in a company that manufactures medical products. That will let them grow the business. Nese looks bored. Tekin says he’ll just…keep taking good care of his patients. ‘Cause he’s a doctor. Nese doesn’t know how a visual art student is supposed to help.

Mazhar complains to Lale that they’ve got his last name and shares in the company and no interest in it. Nese fires back that he doesn’t even remember their names until moments like this. “Stop acting like a child!” She’ll do him one better–she’ll leave. Tekin looks at his watch, wondering if Hilmi’s still out there, I assume.

Hilmi’s still out there, watching Nese leave the house. He’s about to play Superman again when a car drives up.

Ugh. Ali. He’s here to talk…not to her, to her father and Tekin. Sure, he’s a little drunk, but isn’t that normal when you come to ask for your girlfriend’s hand?

Hilmi watches her pull away as he tries to kiss her. Ali whines that she said she was bored with sneaking around…. Actually, she was bored with him. She doesn’t have feelings for him anymore. She calls to the valet guys to bring her car already.

Ali keeps babbling about how they can work this out and Nese tells him she’s going to cause a scene. She asks if he’s gone “crazy.” She told him she doesn’t want to!

And Superman appears to ask her if she’s ok. Nese says Ali’s just one of the doctors at the hospital, that’s all. He suggests she take his keys and wait in his car so she doesn’t get cold.

Once she’s out of earshot, Hilmi starts listing what he knows about Ali. His dad works in telecomm, his mom’s a homemaker. He barely made it into college, where his grades were crap. And then he met Tekin and his fortune changed. That’s his short and dirty past. And he’s the one who decided his own future. He walks back to his car, leaving Ali staring after him.

Unexpected comedy

Ensar is still bitter about Mahmut’s alleged failure and he’s been punishing him by not letting him go into the hospital to see Yusuf. As Ensar and all his men file in, Mahmut bumps into a doctor and gets an idea….

Aylin makes good on her promise to Hilmi and gets into Yusuf’s room. She tells him Gonul loves him, but they can’t find her. He has to wake up. She uses her phone to take pictures of his file.

When she hears the door open, she thinks she’s busted, but it’s Dr. Mahmut. They’re both a little awkward about um…How’s the patient?…Any changes?…I was going to ask you…Why are you wearing a mask? And then out in the hallway, Ozlem starts screeching about what a terrible idea it is to take Yusuf back to his hometown and they both bolt for the bathroom at the same time to hide.

Ensar and Ozlem continue their argument in the room. Ensar doesn’t think the doctor’s doing anything for Yusuf anyway, so why not take him home?

In the bathroom, Aylin and Mahmut start trying to figure out who the other is and what they’re doing there. He accuses her of being sent by Kursat’s men, but she says she’s Gonul’s friend…so who does that make him? He puts a hand over her mouth and shakes his head.

Outside, Ensar tells Ozlem he’s made up his mind. The helicopter is on its way. If she’s going to say goodbye, she can do it now.

As they exit, Aylin and Mahmut come out. She starts begging him not to do it! Gonul can’t live with out him!

Yusuf’s eyes start twitching as Mahmut says he wouldn’t hurt him, Yusuf is like his brother, but his father won’t let Mahmut see him. Now Yusuf seems to be reaching out with his hand. (Whoosh! I was holding my breath there!)

Mahmut and Aylin escape the room and have a hushed conversation. He doesn’t think Ensar’s men are chasing Gonul, but he can’t be sure. He explains that she got into the car with Yusuf and there’s no way he would have dropped her off. Hilmi thought the same, according to Aylin. Mahmut recognizes the name and says he needs to speak to him. “Let’s go, then.”

The end of dinners

At Yulide’s, it’s dessert time. Figen gets a text on the phone from her abusive ex-client…he’s waiting for her at his place and if she doesn’t show up, he’ll leave a message on her salon so everyone will know “What she is.”

Yulide brings dessert in and asks if Figen wants coffee…but she’s already throwing her coat on. She needs to go to work…she just got a call…she has a problem to deal with.

As she walks out, Yulide starts to sway and falls to the ground. Figen pokes her head back in the door, sees her, and tries to revive her.

Tekin keeps looking at his phone. Lale’s gone from the table now, too. Mazhar whines about what he’s gotta do to get his kids to listen to him. “It’s too late for that.” Mazhar complains that he thought with Gonul gone Tekin would finally start taking an interest in the business.

“What do you want from me?” Tekin says it’s been so haaaaard adjusting to Gonul being missing. He had to cut back on how many patients he sees. He needs time.

Mazhar’s all anxious about needing to hand over the business. How is Tekin going to take care of it when he’s gone? (Kinda sounds like…not really your problem.) He tells him to behave like Tekin Altinel!

A call comes in from Figen and he excuses himself to answer. He tells her to stay calm and not leave her alone, he’s on his way. I thoroughly enjoy the panicked look on his face. He tells his dad he’s leaving–they’ll talk later.

Figen gets a text at the hospital from the ex-client-turned-harasser. He asks if she’s going to make him wait. Yulide sits up on the hospital bed and tells her to go deal with her problem. “It’s ok, he’s not an important man. But I promised I’d see him.” Yulide is confused at the mention of “man.” “Oh, he’s my ex. He probably wants to get back together.”

Yulide takes her hand and tells her she shouldn’t go if she doesn’t want to. “I know, but he’ll keep calling. But I can go later. It’s not a problem.”

Oh, these two!

Hilmi stops the car at some random spot down the road and he and Nese get out. She doesn’t see what the big deal is if Ali keeps coming after her, it’s not like she wants anything to do with him. Hilmi says it’s not about her, he just doesn’t like Ali’s grades.

Er…what? Yeah, he graduated third from last in his class. He’s insignificant. Nese tries to keep the smile off her face as she confirms that he investigated Ali’s…grades?! “You’re crazy,” she laughs.

“So you get it now.” No, she thinks he’s stupid. “Nope, you are.” They get back into the car.


Tekin, er, Ahmet, er Tekin, gets to the hospital and asks for Yulide. Figen comes out of the exam room and calls to Ahmet, who doesn’t respond, and Tekin, who does. I’m completely…I dunno, horrified, I think?…that he took the time to stop and fix his hair and change his clothes.

Yulide’s still lying on the exam table, waiting. She thinks it was just the wine. Figen jumps in and says she only had one. They’re waiting on test results. Ahmet asks if she’d already fainted or had blurry vision or any pain? She says “no” and the arrogant jackass tells Figen to answer for her. Yulide tells her she can go now, so she’s not late for her appointment.

She’s been holding Ahmet’s hand and she suddenly notices his watch. He tries to take off and look for a doctor, but Yulide won’t let go of his arm. He’ll show up when he has the test results. He yanks his hand out of her grasp to get the watch away from her, but agrees to stay.

Yusuf’s machines keep beeping…and then he opens his eyes. He starts pulling all the sensors off himself. His legs are weak and he stumbles, but he’s up. In the hallway, he’s just another patient. He grabs a rose out of a vase on a tray and heads for the stairs…

In his mind, he’s bringing a rose to Gonul at the cottage. She kisses him and he gives her the rose…but then he pricks his thumb on the thorn…

And in his room, the nurse testing his reflexes says he’s starting to wake up…

Yusuf smiles as he squeezes his thumb and looks at the blood, but when he looks up, Gonul is gone and he’s alone in the cottage…

In the hospital, his eyelids twitch.

The doctor finally returns to the exam room and Ahmet starts asking questions about her urea and calcium…the doctor chuckles and says he doesn’t need to. The reason for the symptoms is obvious–a new addition to the family. Yulide looks confused while the Ahmet mask slips and Tekin glares at her.

The doctor tries to rouse Yusuf and he opens his eyes and says “Gonul.”

Yulide gives Ahmet a cautious glance. The doctor hands him the test results and says she’s in her tenth week. “But I…had an accident…was I already pregnant?” The doctor says an accident that early wouldn’t have affected the baby. Tekin crumples the paper in his hand as Yulide starts getting excited about the prospect of having a baby. There’s that Gonul smile again. The doctor leaves them and Figen takes this opportunity to escort him out and run the hell away from Tekin.

Yulide looks up at him expectantly and begs him to say something. Isn’t he happy? He puts the Ahmet mask back on and says he is, of course, and hugs her, letting the mask slip again. He’s just…surprised. They’re going to be parents soon. He hugs her again and glares at Figen behind her back.

Yusuf’s doctor and nurse are crowded around him trying to get him to squeeze her hand, focus on him…Ensar and Ozlem come running in, trying to talk to him. Ensar gives thanks to Allah. They’re both upset that he’s not reacting to them. The doctor explains his senses are getting back to normal and he’s going to need rest in order to recover.

Back at “home,” Ahmet has Yulide sit down so he can take her shoes off. He notices the remains of dinner and she says she wanted to surprise him, and she ended up getting the surprise. He says he’ll take care of the dishes. She should go rest. She wants to wash the smell of the hospital off her. He reminds her not to close the door and to call him if she feels dizzy.

Then he tries to get himself under control.

Yulide dries her hair. Ahmet’s in the kitchen, drying the dishes and putting them away. He watches her changing out of her robe and into a nightgown and says he just came to get his stuff. Yulide asks him not to go. They get into bed together and she snuggles up to his chest and asks what they’re going to do. He says everything’s going to be beautiful now–she shouldn’t worry.

Loyalties tested

Figen goes to the salon, drinking wine out of a bottle, asking herself if this is worth it, for her to put up with this, with Tekin. She sobs that he’s going to have to care for another man’s child. He’s ruined. And she’s ruined. And it’s all his fault. She laughs about the baby as she drinks and cries.

Her harasser calls and she says she can’t come by tonight. She tells him not to get all obsessive. She’ll see him tomorrow.

She looks in the mirror and says there’s such a thing as a past, Gonul…nothing is ever forgotten. Then she sobs over Tekin again.

Who are you?

A bunch of kids are playing fútbol in the street when a rocker-looking woman with sky-high heels intercepts their ball and asks if there’s a gentleman around who could help her with her things. Are these boys even old enough to care? They’re falling all over themselves, fighting to be the one to help her. She says they’re going to be a couple of heartbreakers in the future.

For now, they’re carrying a painting and a poster tube for her. She’s just moved in. She’s…something like an artist. They come up to her loft and she gives them candied apples to thank them and introduces herself as Selma. “Welcome, Selma,” they chorus, dazed.

After they leave, she helps herself to a candied apple and sarcastically welcomes herself home. She looks over at the painting one of the boys brought in, still wrapped in brown paper.

Rude awakenings

Ahmet wakes up with Yulide and something about her sleepily turning over seems to bother him…oh, right, she’s rubbing her belly. The baby.

Yusuf’s doctor is ready to start him on physical therapy. He takes Ensar out into the hallway to talk about it. Ozlem’s trying to play the concerned girlfriend, telling him it’s all going to be ok because she’s here with him.

Ensar wants to know if there are going to be any side effects from being in the coma, but the doctor tells him to just focus on supporting Yusuf through his physical therapy.

Yusuf kind of grunts at Ozlem, but he manages to get out a “Leave.” After a coughing fit, he says it to his father, too. The doctor doesn’t want them wearing out his patient. He hustles them out of the room and tells them to give Yusuf some time.

Ahmet goes out in a jogging suit and tries to run off his anger.

Yusuf’s getting some testing done. He begs the nurse to tell him if Gonul is at this hospital and she says she’ll check after the test.

When he’s back in his room he starts asking about her again, asking why no one will tell him. What are they hiding? Ensar says he was alone in the accident, but Yusuf insists she was in the car–why is he lying? It was him, wasn’t him? He’s the one who sent that car to follow them, isn’t he? He tells Ensar to call the cops.

When Ahmet gets back from his run, Yulide has breakfast waiting for him. She asks where he was–she was worried. “You…run?” She’s never seen him do that before. But ok…breakfast is ready. He says he can’t stay for breakfast or he’ll be late.

To the cops, Yusuf insists Gonul was in that car with him. The ambulance report said he was alone. Yusuf says someone must have driven by…taken her to another hospital… The officer agrees to check the ones nearby and let him know if they find anything.

Ensar whines to Yusuf not to be like this! Allah forgave him (Ensar) and now they have to have a second chance! Yusuf wants to talk to Mahmut. Ensar whines some more–he already talked to the police! What does he need Mahmut for? Gonul is gone, she left him, she never even came to visit him! Yusuf asks if Ensar’s the reason–did they make some kind of a deal?

Ensar, frustrated, says Kursat is dead. There’s nothing and no one stopping her from coming to see him. “When did Kursat die?” The day of the accident. Yusuf says something is wrong and he needs to find Gonul. Ensar grumbles that he’s trying to get rid of the people who have been here for the last three months to find the one who left him. How is this possible?!

Ensar stomps out of the room as Yusuf mutters, “Where are you, Gonul.”

She’s feeding chickens, like she was at the beginning of the show. Her allegedly loving husband wanders out in his ill-fitting suit. She asks him to stay home and not leave her alone…she doesn’t know what she’s going to tell this baby. That she doesn’t know who she is? How can she raise them?

“Ahmet” says she’s going to be a great mom and she shouldn’t think about that. But Yulide saw his face at the hospital. She knows he doesn’t want this baby. He laughs…how could he not?

She says she’s figured it out. He’s been trying to get away from her since then. He says he’s just having some problems at work, but he’s really happy. She begs him again not to leave her alone and he says he’ll be home early, he promises.

His face hardens as he walks away from her.

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Linda F.
Linda F.
3 years ago

I’m so glad you’re recapping this show, Kat! I’ve fallen behind a few days, but I wanted to pass along what I learned about the actors who dub Turkish novelas into Spanish. The dubbing is usually done by Chilean actors, and in Gonul, we’re hearing some of the same actors who lent their voices to Tormenta de Pasiones:

Gonul = Berrin (Cemile’s older daughter)
Tekin = Osman (teenage) and Murat
Hatice = Neriman

Here’s a great website that lists the original actors and those doing the dubbing for Turkish novelas:


3 years ago
Reply to  Linda F.

Cool! Thanks for this info. I read the comment before I watched this episode and everytime Gonul opened her mouth I saw Berrin’s face. 🙂

3 years ago

Thanks for another great recap, Kat. So Gonul is confirmed preggers and Tekin’s reaction makes it clear that he knows that he can’t be the father. He certainly has the knowledge and access to drugs that would cause a miscarriage so let’s hope he doesn’t decide to do that. Yusuf finally wakes up and he hasn’t forgotten anything. It’s good that Mahmut and Aylin have teamed up. Mystery woman Selma arrives. Telenovela logic would say that she is Gonul’s mother. Kursat called her a different name but she could certainly have changed it. Has she heard about Kursat’s death and… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Jean

“He certainly has the knowledge and access to drugs that would cause a miscarriage”

*shudder* I second Kat’s “Ew.”

Selma as Gonul’s mother…that does make sense. She looks so young to me! (But at my age so many people do!)

3 years ago

Thanks for the recaps all week! I got caught up today and I’m exhausted!! Hilmi and Nese are great together, but I’m also hoping for an Aylin and Mahmut pairing. Unintended comedy indeed! (Mahmut is the man! I love him.)

3 years ago
Reply to  Sara

I was thinking about Aylin and Mahmut getting together, too. Let it be so!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jean

They so deserve to be happy. And they are cute together.