La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 1/14/17 #44

San Bartolo

Alessandro glares angrily for a while before saying he never expected this. He’s angry that she didn’t tell him…and I’m biased because I get where she’s coming from. It’s not easy to explain to people when you have a condition that’s chronic and/or incurable and sometimes you just…don’t want to say it. So I’m also mentally kicking him in the shins when he wants to know what else she’s “hiding” from him. And then he walks off all grumpy and I hope he trips.

Emiliano comes out to check on her and Marcela says she’s lost him. She apologizes for interrupting his mourning like this. Emilio says it’s ok. He can tell Marcela loves Alessandro and he loves her. He’ll be back. And if he doesn’t come back, it’s because he’s not ready. But he admires her guts. Alessandro is going to realize love comes before everything.

Sagrario and Mateo come outside and Marcela says she told Alessandro. Mateo starts grouching about this being for the best, he might as well get gone already. Sagrario just hugs her and shoots Mateo a dirty look.


Lencho doesn’t recognize Octavia, but he recognizes her name. Isn’t that the woman who wants to buy El Vendaval? Timo goes on about rivals and “lovers,” or at least he hopes so.

But the point of his phone call is that he wants Lencho to come home and give him a makeover so he can be ready for Octavia’s visit this weekend.

He gets back to the table and finally thinks to ask her name. Oh, Octavia’s in a “no names” kind of mood today. He settles on Beautiful Woman. I wonder what she’s going to call him….

Octavia starts talking about how nice it is that he talks to his dad. Oh, his dad wanted his advice? Yeah, yeah, let’s cut to the chase–Octavia wants some alone time. With him. In the women’s restroom. Lencho looks more terrified than turned on.


Luciano keeps insisting Marcela and Alba are both “sluts” and she’s only here trying to find a stupid rich man to save her from poverty. She says he may be rich and powerful and he may be her boss, but that doesn’t give him the right to talk about her or her cousin that way. He threatens to fire her and she quits, but he doesn’t believe she will. He’s having her put in a regular room and he warns her not to expect any special treatment.

I…he made Alba cry. Alba! Sweet Alba. That’s it, I’m done with him.

Alba’s back in her own duds when Inés comes knocking. She’s, um, supposed to take Alba to her new room. Alba says she’ll save her the trouble–here’s her contract and here’s her advance money. Inés is sure Octavia can clear all this up…. Alba says she may be a nobody, but she doesn’t have to let herself be humiliated! She rips up the contract.

Inés chases her all the way out to the front of the hotel, begging her to reconsider. How is she going to get home? But she doesn’t know the bus schedule! And it’s late! This is stupid! Alba thanks her for everything, but NO.

San Bartolo

Timo finds Severo lounging around in his house in the bata presidencial…it’s got his name embroidered on the front…and PRESIDENTE MUNICIPAL on the back…oh, I’m dying! I’m dying! Severo complains about the nearly-literal rathole of a hotel and how in his insomnia, he dreamed of using the rat/scorpion/general critter beating stick on Timo. And here Timo is, living in a palace!

Timo says that would be a scandal! A timoticidio! (Stop! Stop! I can’t catch my breath!) Besides he and Severo are like family.

Right. That’s why he moved in.

Maria Laura and Nisa walk through the town square, disagreeing on their next move. ML wants to dump the photos of Damiana in Marcela’s bed, but Nisa wants to wait for things to happen on their own. Maria Laura finds it suspicious that she’s talking like she knows something’s going to happen….

But oh, look, there’s her dad! She thought he’d gone back to New Yorksss already. Nope, he still wants to bust up Sagrario and Mateo. And what she’s up to?

ML says she’s launching her calendar. Doesn’t he have some cash he could put up for that? Oh, no, he couldn’t possibly–Nazaria left him so little, he has to save it. That’s why he moved in with Timo.

He wanders off as Maria Laura mutters about how tacaño (cheap) he is.


Valeria leaves Ilse and Amadeo talking in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Ilse thinks maybe she deserved what Roman said. She was young when she had them and she thought it was best to leave them with their grandmother. Especially when that guy showed up, offering everything, but refusing to accept her sons. To her, she was giving herself another chance, marrying a man with money. She always sent them money, even when he left her.

But why didn’t she come back when he left? She says she was afraid her mother would never stop making fun of her and reproaching her for her decision. She thought it would be better if she let them think she was happy and she kept scraping together all the money she could to send back to them.

But their grandmother never told them she sent money. Ilse sobs that she wanted them to hate her, and it worked! But only on Roman, because Amadeo never lost hope that she’d come back. They cry together.

Ilse sent money until she heard they moved to Querétaro. She tried to find them, but for obvious reasons she never did.

Amadeo explains they’ve been in San Bartolo for the last five years. And another little town before that. Their grandmother died and Roman went away for a while, so Amadeo was on his own. He decided to come here and use the money his grandmother left them–or rather, the money Ilse sent–and start his business. Roman came back and now here they are.

Ilse’s so proud of them both. So grown up and handsome. She wishes they would forgive her and give her a chance to get to know them, at least. Well, Amadeo’s in, for sure.

En casa

Back at Cris’s…er, Nuria’s house…Cris is worried Nuria’s taking things too fast. She wanted to go for a walk in the park, because that was one of their little rituals. Now she’s talking about going back to work–she jokingly asks if he just doesn’t want her coming back to work to spy on him. Hm? Has he been flirting with all the employees?

Uh…they all know he’s married. Is she serious? She says she’s kidding.

Now he wonders why she didn’t want him to introduce her to Alba as his wife. Oh, she’s just…decided that if she comes back to work now and everyone knows they’re married, they’ll think she just got the job because of favoritism. Uh…but she worked there before? And people know she’s good at her job?

Right, but the new employees. She pouts and asks him to just do it for her and he says he’d do anything to please her.


The mourners are packing up the leftovers and leaving Emiliano’s house. As soon as they’re gone, Camilo starts in on how nice he was being to Marcela and how he’d better cut it out because she was, is, and always will be HIS. Emiliano gives him a WTF face.

He does realizes Marcela’s in love with her husband, right? Camilo keeps on ranting about how she’s coming back to him and she still wants him and he’d better not set his sights on her. He saw how Emiliano was looking at her.

“I think you’re hallucinating.” Valeria comes in from the kitchen and Camilo takes off. He’ll see them tomorrow at the funeral.

Valeria snarks that Emi has competition. She can tell he’s into Marcela and he can quit pretending he doesn’t know who she’s talking about. Emiliano says it’s been a long day. He’s going to bed. She says he’d better not dream about anyone married.

Alone with her mother’s coffin, Valeria sets one of the chrysanthemums from the flower arrangement on top of it.


Luciano brags to Silvana about kicking Alba out of her suite. He gripes about how she was walking around acting like she owned the place and then the blood starts rushing in my ears and I don’t hear the rest of his stupid rant.

Inés comes looking for him and he says if it’s something the new pianist is demanding, he doesn’t want to hear it. She changes her mind and says it’s not important.

Alba’s out on the street, completely lost. She hails a taxi, but they’re asking for way too much to get her to the bus station.

Silvana comes to look for Inés later and ask about Alba. Yeah, that’s what she wanted to tell them–Alba left.

Alba ends up in an alley where a bunch of sex workers are gathered. One of them immediately recognizes she’s not from around here. Alba explains she’s trying to catch the metro to get to the bus station. She doesn’t have enough for a taxi and her bus fare. She gets directions–the metro’s eight blocks that way.

Silvana calls Cris to tell him about Alba and he goes running out to the hotel, leaving a stunned and annoyed Nuria behind at the house.

Alba’s out of cell phone credit and she runs into a couple of skeevy guys. She walks away from them and they just stand there laughing until one of the sex workers from the previous scene, who had gotten into a car with a client, reappears. She gives them the same kind of “hey baby” they were giving Alba and, being of a larger build than either of them, they go running.(*glare*)

San Bartolo

Alessandro walks through town, thinking about Isla Garza Blanca nookie…and bathing in the hot springs…and the way Marcela looked at him.

Alessandro finds himself wandering over by the church. He fantasizes about him and Marcela standing at the altar in their wedding clothes and her starting to sob that she can’t see anything.

Amadeo goes looking for Roman, but he’s not in the café.

He’s at the bar, complaining to tonight’s date/drinking buddy about his absent mother.

Ilse tells Valeria that Amadeo has always been sweet, but Roman…they’re like oil and water. She loves them both equally…. Valeria thinks she must have a preference. Kids can tell, you know. Like she could always tell her mom liked Emiliano better.

Ilse thinks it’s different. She’s always felt Roman hated her, and she never deserved it…

“Until you left them.”

Alessandro sits on a bench and remembers what Marcela told him about not being able to have children, not wanting to condemn them to a life of increasingly bad vision and eventual blindness.


Nisa and Maria Laura get back home and Nisa pretends to go along with Maria Laura’s plan, but she stuffs the pictures in her purse and goes into Marcela’s office to move that necklace to a more convenient location.

Too bad she gets busted by Mateo.

Marcela’s in the kitchen worrying about when Alessandro’s coming back and what he’s going to say. Sagrario reminds her that love tests us and those tests make us stronger and happier.

Mateo warns her that he’s locked all the boxes. There are a lot of strangers in the house lately. She’s looking for scissors? There are some in the kitchen and some with Sagrario’s sewing machine. Nisa thanks him.

Camilo comes back to the ranch, looking for a place to sleep. Mateo…and usually I like him, but he really needs to stop his irrational hatred of Alessandro and he needs to stop feeding Camilo information…tells Camilo he can stay here. The marriage is probably over anyway, since Al didn’t like being lied to about Marcela’s eyes.

Marcela plops down on the bed and finds the pictures of Damiana. Written on the back is a note in handwriting you’d think she would recognize. “This is Alessandro’s ex-wife. Pretty, no?”

Marcela heads to Maria Laura’s bedroom and startles ML and Nisa doing some yoga in bed. As planned, Nisa says she’s the one who left the pictures for her. To show her that she doesn’t measure up–she’s not the kind of woman Alessandro needs. Marcela snarks that she doesn’t need fancy clothes and accessories to feel beautiful–she’s not a Christmas tree!

In her family…in MOST of her family *pointed glare at Maria Laura*…they don’t value people for what they have, but for who they are inside. “Oh, so we’re all the same?” Nisa chirps. Uh, no, because some of us have mas de dos dedos de frente (more than two finger-widths of a forehead; we’re smarter). Nisa says she’s insulting her. “No, you insult yourself every time you open your mouth.” But hey, thanks for opening her eyes and showing her that she’s never going to be able to give Alessandro what he needs.

She slams the door on her way out and they sit there acting outraged for a second before ML asks Nisa to get back to showing her how to dive. (Oh, is that what they were doing?)

Marcela brings the pictures to the kitchen to show them to Sagrario as proof that she’s not right for Alessandro. Mateo mentions the phone call he overheard where Alessandro was having to defend her to his dad…oops, sorry! No, that’s ok, Marcela doesn’t like being lied to. Well, Mateo also doesn’t think she and Alessandro belong together, they’re never going to be happy. Those rich people are going to put her down. She might as well ditch Al now, because he’s obviously not going to be strong when she needs him to be–see the way he reacted earlier? (OK, I wasn’t happy with him either, but damn, dude!)

Marcela doesn’t know how she’ll be happy without his love. Mateo says she has Camilo and he’s right there at the door of her house. What she feels for Alessandro is just…he’s something new. But that’s not love. Love is what you find with your people, with someone who was born in the same place, who’s made of the same stuff you are. She can still go back with Camilo. They were all so unfair to him, but she can get back the feelings she had for him before. (Um…Mateo’s bringing his own baggage into this and seriously, he was THERE when Camilo kidnapped her!)

Camilo invades Marcela’s room to tell her Alessandro doesn’t deserve her tears. He just wanted her to see that he’s here like he’s always been. He always loved her no matter what.

And Marcela looks at him like she’s thinking of kissing him.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Noooooo don’t kiss Camilo!! That’d be like feeding a stray. Then he’ll never go away
Thanks for the recap
I just can’t face any more of Luc and Alba’s situation is so frustrating because it’s so unnecessary.
But I think Timo has met his match in Severo. Couldn’t happen to two more deserving guys.