Guerra de Ídolos Saturday 5/20/17 #13-14

Episode 13: Llanto por la verdad

Manara never signed her contract. She tells them to just focus on Isaac’s song, but Rafa’s already objecting. If this is about the money, he’ll pay for it. He’s convinced he’ll get his investment back–it’s going to sell better than Mateo and Isaac’s single anyway. Mateo tries not to laugh.

Manara tries to refuse, saying it’s more than that…. But when Moisés asks her, she can’t say what.

Moisés makes a call and gets approval from the other investors for Rafa to back Manara’s single, but he has to agree to absorb any losses.

Rafa asks why Mateo’s been so quiet through all this. Because it doesn’t matter what he thinks–it matters what Manara thinks. Does she want to keep working on her single? Instead of letting her answer, Moisés says they should all take a break.

Radio station

Fernando serves coffee to Selva and Lorenzo and was maaaaaybe not eavesdropping? Still, at most he hears that Mateo’s a nice enough guy, but he’s de armas tomar (he’ll take up arms). They wait for him to leave before Selva tells Lorenzo about the shootout at the radio station.

She thinks Mateo was just acting on impulse and it’s all cleared up now. They agree, the Solars have a lot of influence and they’d rather get along with them.

Selva’s on her way out to LA to meet with their employees there and start on the move. Lorenzo’s staying behind to read contracts (hey, man, you wanted to be a lawyer). Lorenzo asks Carmelo to take Selva to the airport and then come back and tell him everything he can about Mateo. Oh yeah, Carmelo’s looking forward to that.


Santiago can’t stop thinking about Ernesto’s phone calls in the car. He asks if Nicolas thinks it’s possible their grandfather has something to do with their parents’ problems. Given that grandpa sticks his nose in EVERYTHING, Nicolas wouldn’t be surprised. Why? Did something happen on the trip?

Santiago changes the subject to Nicolas and Julia. Well, nose-in-everything Ernesto doesn’t want Nicolas dating her, since she’s a minor, but they’ve been sending messages. He shows Santiago some completely innocent selfies Julia sent him and says it’s worth it to ignore grandpa, right? There’s no reason for Santiago to be so afraid of him. Doesn’t he have anything to tell him…?

Fernando tells Alexis he and Santiago have been sending each other messages, but no photos. He’s saving everything. Alexis praises him for that–it’s all evidence.


Hilda checks out the El Dorado Bar.

Renzo’s accepting a commission from that hench of Amado’s who does all the dirty work when he’s not hiring Renzo. This time, their target is someone in the newspaper and it’s going to take both of them to pull off the hit.

Leticia calls Isaac to tell him his sister’s in the bar. He warns her that if Gilda recognizes her, he’s not going to be able to help her with her career. Leticia, looking over at Gilda, who smiles back at her, assures him that Gilda hasn’t seen her and won’t see her.

JC Records

Rafa talks privately with a red-eyed Manara, asking what’s up with her today. “You’re better off not knowing.” He keeps pushing–he’s her padrino, but he can also be her financial backer if that’s what she wants.

Chalino’s attributing Manara’s attitude today to the serenata Mateo sent–obviously he went too far. And her brother’s probably not too happy either. Oh, Mateo can see that it would have pissed off Rafa, but Amado? He’s always been cool with Mateo. He figures he’s going to have to ask Manara directly. (There’s a novel idea.)

Casa Matamoros

Amado’s having a tequila to calm his nerves since Manara’s over at Solar  recording her single and now she knows he killed Julio César. Fierro asks if Rafa knows. Nope, and Amado made that clear to Manara. He’s expecting this to push her and Mateo apart and push her towards Rafa.

Fierro, with all due respect, thinks Amado should tell Rafa. Amado thinks Fierro should stop having so many opinions.

As Fierro exits, Selva calls to set up a meeting to talk about those radio spots Amado mentioned. She doesn’t have time to come over to the house, but she can send him a time and an address for a restaurant. *frustrated Amado face*

Radio Station

Carmelo’s back and ready to tell all. He doesn’t exactly know what the beef was between Amado and Gabriel. And he doesn’t know what happened with all the guards, because he was in the hospital.

What he does know is that Gabriel asked him to kill Mateo on the day of the homage, but when he was about to knife Mateo, his posse (of cross-genre harmonizing warrior musicians) showed up to help. But he’s sure they’re the ones who burned down the publishing house–they all reeked of gasoline (ok, cross-genre harmonizing warrior-arsonist musicians).

OK, Lorenzo agrees. Mateo Solar owes them both. He wants as much information on him as possible, without going after him. Not yet.


Rafa tells Manara she needs to decide right now. But no pressure.

He excuses himself to take a call from Amado. “Hey, I told Manara about Julio César.” Rafa’s horrified–he’s surrounded by Solars right now! Amado says he had to “calm” her down somehow.

“No wonder she’s looking at me like she hates me!” Amado doesn’t get that–he told Manara that Rafa had nothing to do with it, so…carry on. Business as usual. And how’s the board meeting going?

Rafa says he got the old man to agree to the contract. Mateo’s the only one he can’t manipulate…and he just took Manara into the studio, so Rafa’s gotta go make sure Manara’s not telling him anything. Amado tells him not to worry–she knows if she opens her mouth, they’re ALL going down, including her.

In the studio, Mateo half-jokes that he’s never sending Manara mariachis again–not even a “Thank you”? She says he has no idea what a stupid idea it was. “Uh, mariachis? That’s why you quit?” Manara remembers Amado telling her he killed JC.

At Amado’s…Agustina wants to know what Amado told Manara for her to be this upset. Amado complains that he’s giving her everything she wants and she repaid him by sleeping with Mateo. Agustina tries explaining that he screwed up the minute he treated her like an object. Amado disagrees–he let her say “no” and he let her manage Rafa on her own, but instead she humiliated him by sleeping with someone else.

He needs Rafa to get to his dad to get to his political connections. “So why don’t you just pressure them the way you do everyone else?” He whines that they’re artists–you can’t force them, you have to rendirles pleitesía (give them respect). At least at first. He begs Agustina to talk to Manara and get her to open her eyes before he has to take other steps.

She says she will, but no more threats. He screeches at her that she doesn’t understand that he has more enemies than friends–that’s why he needs to become a public figure. To gain power. If he doesn’t get the candidacy “¡Se me viene el mundo encima!” (The world falls on me; I’m toast). He’ll be in prison or dead…but first there will be blood.

Back at the studio…Manara remembers Amado’s threat–rat him out and she’ll trigger a massacre. So Manara says yes, the mariachis were in poor taste and she knows they weren’t for her–he was just trying to piss off Rafa. She finds his ego disconcerting.

Mateo doesn’t believe her. Manara starts crying again and heads it off by snapping that she wants to be a singer. Does he really think having two producers fighting over her, who are both owners of the label where she works, is a good idea? She’s the only one who has anything to lose in this.

Mateo doesn’t agree. “But OK.” He thinks she should see this as an advantage, that they both believe in her talent. So she should just focus on that.

But there IS more to it than that–Rafa’s her padrino and Mateo is the owner of the label. “And the guy you like!” Well, the last thing she wants is for anything to happen to him.

He tells her not to quit. Work with Rafa if she wants to. And if she thinks their relationship is a problem for her career, he’ll step aside, but he wants her to look him in the eye and say so. “I need time.”

El Dorado Bar

Fierro calls Jiménez, the guy who was meeting with Renzo. Amado wants him to come back to LA and help with the move of all the illicit businesses to Nuevo Laredo. He asks how things are going with “Treviño’s son.”

Jiménez and Renzo are set to off him tomorrow. Jiménez glances over at Gilda and tells Fierro he can’t talk anymore right now–they’ve got a situation.

Upstairs, Leticia explains to Renzo who Gilda is. She assumes Gilda’s there to find out what Isaac’s been up to. Renzo’s annoyed that Leticia insisted on carrying on with Isaac. She says it’s just for a little while longer–he promised he’d turn her into a professional singer! And she’s totally giving Renzo a cut and she wants him to be her manager. Renzo sighs and says ok, he’ll do it for her. She reminds him Isaac’s already opened the label in LA so they’re thisclose.

Amid all the sighing and complaining, we find out the two of them are cousins. Which suddenly explains to me why Renzo never comes on to her.

JC Records

Manara heads back to the board room for her purse and Rafa asks Isaac to give them the room. He’s still pushing for an answer about her single.

Manara tells him he and Mateo should discuss it and let her know. She wants to sing, not be stuck between the two of them.

She walks out the front door past Mateo and ignores him. Even Chalino finds that suspicious.

Casa Matamoros

Back at home, Julia’s still assuming Manara is upset about the pirated single and Manara lets her think that.

Mateo calls, repeating his offer to step aside and begging her not to quit. What part of “I need time” did he not understand?

Agustina visits. I still don’t know what side she’s on. She says Amado didn’t send her, which isn’t entirely true. She says she knows how terrible he can be–he didn’t let her sing for years and now there’s the possibility of him doing something to Mateo like he did to JC. Oh yeah, Agustina knows it all–she knows what everyone’s up to.

Manara needs to stay with the record label. “But it’s lying to Mateo to his face! I can’t do that!” Agustina says she can’t pass up the chance at success, not with her talent. That’s the quickest way to become independent and get Julia away from Amado.

JC Records

Isaac tells Mateo not to keep begging Manara–it’s unbecoming. Look, they both want to mess with Rafa and Isaac has a plan. He knows Rafa’s trying to ditch his wife and get with Manara instead, so why don’t they hire Itzel to do Isaac’s wardrobe. Mateo’s face: “That’s actually…a good idea…and I think I like it…how’d that happen?”

Isaac says Manara’s pushing it in terms of age. (What the hell with this?! What is she, like 23? I want to kick someone every time they say that!) But the bigger “problem” is that she’s “pop.” And he thinks Mateo’s right–if they’re going to win they need to go more West Coast, more raza. They should do the corrido Mateo was suggesting.

Uh, he’s agreeing now? Well, sure–he’s playing the game. Look, he accepts Mateo’s advice as a producer, so he wants Mateo to accept his advice as an older brother: When a woman makes her decision, there’s no going back. He needs to forget Manara, forget that she picked Rafa, and try to win against her too.

OK, Mateo’s in. On the corrido and on hiring Itzel. But he wants to save Itzel as a surprise for later. Isaac says he’ll find out where she is and Mateo needs to do his thing and work on the song. The bros pick up their guitars and in a sudden burst of affection, Isaac says Mateo’s the best brother. They jam.

Mateo catches Rafa on his way out of the studio and says he’s going to leave Manara alone. Oh, and he knows Rafa and Amado are friends and he’s not scared of either of them. So…he hopes Rafa enjoys Manara’s talent, because that’s all he’s ever going to get out of her.


Itzel meets with Rafa’s lawyer. She can either sign away her rights to any money at all from Rafa, plus having to pay a fine if she ever talks about him in an interview…or she can rot in jail. Rafa will even pay for her lawyer for the upcoming trial if she signs. The lawyer takes her “no” at face value, wishes her a nice time in jail, and says he’ll go.

So Itzel signs.

Casa Matamoros

Julia asks Amado when they’re going to New York to see those musicals. “When your grades improve.” Julia tells him not to keep blackmailing her with that and making promises he’s not going to keep.

Amado grabs her…and kisses her on the forehead. He tells her not to throw tantrums. And as a show of good faith, she can go shopping after school and use his credit card.

Manara tells Agustina it was easy to get over David–he was a liar. But Mateo? She doesn’t even know if she’s in love with him. They barely know each other. But she’s never felt this way before. And what Amado did, telling her about Julio César, ripped her apart.

Agustina says she’d better think about herself, at least for a while, and forget about Mateo and his suffering. Manara says she wants to tell everyone what she knows, but Agustina reminds her to think about what would happen if she did. Amado’s going to be mayor, even if he has to roll right over the two of them to do it. Manara swears he won’t get past her. She’ll find out what his weak point is and hurt him.


Selva arrives at the restaurant to meet Amado. She’s been thinking about it and there really isn’t anything left of that bodyguard he used to be. He says he’d still die for her. (Dude…dial it back SEVERAL notches.) Selva says that was his job. “It was more than that.” He could never say it before, but now he wants to ask if she’d like to get to know him.

Uh..sure…she’d like to get to know the businessman. That’s what he meant, right? And she needs to get to know the politician so she can prepare the radio spots.

Amado goes into his “I want to help people” spiel. He needs to buy media time so his message will reach them. He writes down an initial sum to invest and Selva’s impressed. And once the publishing house is back on its feet, he could also advertise their magazines. Sure–she’s got the platform, he’s got the money. They toast with champagne.

She hopes he’s not offended by the question, but where is the money coming from?

Amado shows her a fancy brochure and some almost certainly cooked figures showing that it’s all legit income from his construction projects.


Fierro supervises as a group of captive border-crossers are moved from a van to a truck. He mocks one woman asking if she’s tired or what? She’s never going to make it that way. (A terrible death awaits this one and I’m not going to feel sorry.)

He gives instructions for the smaller guns to be loaded in cement bags and the larger ones in the carcasas (frames) of the truck engines so IR won’t spot them.

He takes a call from Jiménez and reminds him to set up a meeting with Lorenzo about the guns…yeah, they’ll take him out then…the two of them can take care of it. He ends the call and chirpily asks one of the other guys if they’re ready to go? Then let’s go.

Radio station

Carmelo shows Lorenzo the news about the Solars’ new record label. (Which I would think everyone already knows about?) If he wants, Carmelo will take some guys and go burn it down as payback for the publishing house.

Lorenzo’s tempted, but he saw how “an eye for an eye” worked out for his father. He’s going to think about this one for a while.

For now, he needs Carmelo’s help learning all the tuercas (screws; nuts and bolts) here at the station. Who’s on their team and who isn’t.


Amado wraps up his mini-presentation, mentioning the Solars’ new label.

Selva is impressed he was able to do so much so quickly. She needs to share this with Lorenzo before they make a decision.

She does still have questions. Amado was involved in her dad’s…shadier…businesses, right? Amado says that’s all in the past. He just wants to help people now. He’d love for her to come over, see his house, meet his sisters…so she can see he’s a family man and she can trust him. (Right, because her dad wasn’t a “family man”?)

Casa Matamoros

Manara plays Amor y Desamor, but she just ends up sobbing. She remembers Amado bragging about killing Gabriel in the middle of the party and hugging his kids at his funeral, and how he killed JC.

Agustina tries to bring Manara a snack, but her stomach is in knots. Agustina warns her when Julia comes home she’s going to start asking questions. On that Manara agrees. Agustina suggests she get some exercise and try to change her mood. (I fear for the punching bag.)

When she gets downstairs, Amado is just walking in with Selva. He introduces them and Manara looks disturbed. She’s sorry about Selva’s dad. Selva thanks her for saying so. And maybe this is out of place, but she wants to congratulate Manara. She’s very talented. They broadcast the homage to Neto and Manara did very well. Manara thanks her.

Amado calls Agustina over and tells her to bring a bottle of champagne out to the terrace while he gives Selva the tour. Manara and Agustina watch Amado walking off with her. Manara can’t believe what a shameless jerk he is–first he killed her boyfriend, then her dad, and he brings her to the house like it’s no big deal. Agustina thinks Amado’s into Selva. She tells Manara at least she has the talent to make it out of here. Agustina’s stuck being treated like trash. Manara thinks they’ve all got opportunities and Agustina can count on her.

Frat house

Mateo grumpily hands Valentín a guitar and tells him to come up with a corrido. Didn’t Mateo like his? He and Bási start playing it and Mateo cuts him off and says yeah, it’ll be fine, they’ll just make a few changes. He’s off to have a shower and they can get to work after.

Básico, ever observant, says it seems like Mateo’s ready to stick it to Rafa. But isn’t that going to screw over Manara as well? Valentín agrees it might…but it’s about to get bien perrón (totes awesome).

Diego hostilely says it’s going to get bien perrón for Valentín. It’s one of HIS songs they’re using. He’ll be getting royalties. At least now Diego knows he’s not getting anywhere because he’s not a lambón (kiss-ass).

Cristian begs them not to fight! Save it for after he’s gone! They need to get to work.

The boys play Ángel con Colmillos for Mateo and he’s not even paying attention to the sweet, sweet harmonies. Uh, sorry, he was distracted.

So, um, what do they think of Manara’s brother? Valentín thinks he’s a mafioso. He could get an elephant from LA to NY without anyone noticing. Básico doesn’t think he looks like a narco, but he definitely has other businesses. Mateo agrees–it’s time to find out what Amado’s made of.

When DIEGO is worried about you going to pick a fight with someone…. But Mateo says he’s learned his lesson after Treviño. He’s not going to go confront him.

Isaac shows up and asks to hear their little corrido. (Isaac…could you just TRY to get along with people?!) And hey, aren’t those guys on the other team? Mateo says they’re all in this together. They’re spying on the other side for him.

Plus, be nice to Cristian because he’s on his way to go record an album with Megavisa. Isaac congratulates him on that. He does reggaetón, right? Eh, more like a reggaetón-bachata fusion. His dad’s Puerto Rican and his mom’s Dominican.

Before they get started playing for Isaac, Isaac pulls Mateo aside and gives him the info on Itzel.


Rafa’s cleaning out space in The Closet for his new “Producer” wardrobe. Ernesto cracks up at the idea of Rafa as a producer. “I discovered Julio César. I can do the same for Manara. I can produce her, finance her, and stick it to that filth.” I assume he means the Solars.

At the prison, Itzel has a moment alone with Santiago. He’s been paying attention, like she asked, and he’s starting to suspect the two of them are responsible for her being in prison.

Itzel considers it. She tells him not to think ill of his father. It was an accident. She’d rather they talk about him–she can tell he’s hiding something.

He says he’s having feelings for “a person.” A boy. Her face changes slightly. Santiago thinks it’s special.

Nicolas gets to the table and Itzel says they were just talking about…where to go on vacation when she gets out. Just the three of them.

Radio station

Alexis wraps a segment and goes to commercial.

Fernando comes into the booth and shows off the pictures he’s gotten lately from Santiago. Just how far is he supposed to go with him? “As far as you have to. Don’t you like him?”

“Well, he’s not ugly, but if you want me to go farther with him, you have to promise me I’m going to get the chance to be something around here–announcer, singer, whatever.”

Alexis promises if he keeps doing a good job, he’ll put in a word to the boss.

Carmelo brings Rodrigo, the guy who was just on the other side of the glass from Alexis in the booth. He’s here to tell Lorenzo about the conversation he just heard.

Lorenzo wanders in to see Alexis and asks who is boss is.

Episode 14: La Sentencia

Alexis says his boss was Gabriel, but now that he’s gone…it’s Lorenzo. And his sister.

OK, if Alexis doesn’t want to tell him, he’ll find out some other way.

Carmelo and a couple of other guys drag Fernando into a laundry room and start torturing the information out of him. (The plastic bag over the head treatment freaks me out. I know it’s a stunt thing, but, gah!)

Frat house

The boys have moved on from the corrido to Cuando te Veo. Básico thinks it’s his turn next. Cristian hands him his bass and says they’ll play Tequila Pa’La Razon and Bási can add his “flow.”

Isaac tells them to work it out, because his contribution to the festivities is on the way. It’s too much like a fútbol locker room in here.

Mateo goes upstairs to flop down on his bed and remember making love to Manara. And her quitting this morning and arguing with him in the studio.

Outside, Manara’s about to get out of her car when the gate opens and a car full of women pull up. Remember when I said I wished Isaac would just try to get along with the guys? This is NOT what I meant!

Isaac brings one of the women up to Mateo’s room. Mateo asks her to give them a moment. “It’s one thing for us to make peace and another for you to come into my room with a blonde!” He tells Isaac to go on downstairs, have fun, he’ll take that beer, and they’re good. And please don’t get too wild down there.

Mateo goes back to his thoughts. Amado racing away on the day of the homage. Manara saying she didn’t want anything to happen to him….

Casa Matamoros

Amado writes a check to Selva as an advance. He’ll leave it up to her who actually does the recordings, but she’s got a guy in-house…Alejandro? “Alexis.” She says she’ll start working on them tomorrow.

Julia gets home as they’re heading out and briefly meets Selva. Amado brags about how she sings AND dances. Julia makes herself scarce and takes her shopping bags upstairs.

“My sisters are my life. Can you tell?” Yeah, Selva’s buying it. She thinks he’s come quite a long way and she doesn’t mean economically.

Fierro watches them walk out together and waits for Amado to come back inside so he can tell him they’re all set to take out Lorenzo. It’ll be the same guy who took out Julio César. Amado smarms that at least Selva looks good in black.

The next morning, Manara comes down to breakfast and invites Julia to her rehearsal at Rafa’s house. Amado would rather she stayed home and got “ready” for their trip to New York–he told Manara he was taking Julia to see musicals, right? “Of course. Because you tell me everything.”

Julia agrees with Amado, she should stay home and work on stuff. And practice–she’s got a dance test coming up.

Amado excuses himself to take a call from Alexis. Fernando’s missing and he knows a LOT. Amado tells him to fix it or he’s going missing too. Oh, of course, he’s totally on it. And how did it go with la patrona?

Amado says it went fine, but he needs time. So if Alexis can’t deal with Lorenzo, it’s all going down the tubes. He tells Alexis to fix it.

Who’s in charge?

Lorenzo walks by just then and asks how things are going. Alexis says it’s all good, but he glares at Lorenzo’s back as he walks away.

The torture has progressed to dunking Fernando’s head in a barrel of water. He’s still not talking. Carmelo sighs that they’re going to have to try something different. He’s going to talk, one way or another.


Isaac wakes up at the frat house in a tangle of limbs belonging to the other boys and their guests. Gilda calls, asking if he’s familiar with a place called El Dorado

“Isn’t that the airport in Bogotá?”

Very funny. She knows perfectly well it’s his favorite clandestine casino in Houston. Is this how he’s managing the family’s money?

She’s seriously asking–and he’d better not think he can bullshit her the way he does their dad. She’s been there, she’s seen the place, and she wants to know if that’s the pit they owe so much money to, or the bank that’s giving him loans.

Isaac whines about her needing to cultivate some family unity like he and Mateo are doing. Getting past their differences. For the family.

Well, “for the family” she’s not going to let him fool their dad and spend all their money. She knows what’s going on and he’s not fooling her.

Casa Matamoros

Fierro announces the arrival of Mateo. And he’s unarmed.

Amado saunters downstairs to greet him, saying he didn’t bring money and Manara’s not here, so…? Mateo wanted to talk to him, to ask what Amado’s problem is with him going out with Manara. Or does he have a deal with Rafa that he should know about? Until this is cleared up, he’s not leaving.

Amado feigns confusion. A deal with Rafa? He doesn’t need to give Rafael money in exchange for helping his sister–she’s very talented.

Yeah, yeah, he knows that’s not what Mateo means. What’s his problem with Mateo going out with Manara? He doesn’t like him? Amado says she’s a big girl–she knows what’s good for her.

All the same, Mateo wants to know what Amado thinks. What’s better for her–a guy like him or a guy like Rafa?

Amado does his innocent act. He doesn’t know how Mateo is with his own sister, but Amado doesn’t mess with Manara! He thinks Mateo’s seeing things that aren’t there.

Amado changes the subject to the studio and offers Mateo a drink. Mateo says it’s going well. And yes, they’re going to sign Manara and they’re really happy with her.

And how’s the candidacy going? Amado says they’re moving along…media, publicity. Soon he’s going to launch his campaign. Mateo always thought creating a politician must be similar to creating a singer. They both want fame, fans…but politicians need fans who follow them without asking questions.

Amado laughs. Singers are frivolous, but politicians have a social responsibility. “That they don’t meet,” Mateo adds. Amado: “But that’s why I’m going to win. I’m different.”

Hey, Rafa and Ernesto are supporting him, right? Gosh, his family wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in the music world without them. Amado says he’s “negotiating” their support and that of other artists and people in the media. With social media, it’s important to have the support of artists.

Mateo agrees. And if he needs anything…oh, but he won’t, right? Not with the support of the Zabalas, who have all that pull with the unions. Because he’s not launching his campaign without the support of the workers, right? The people.

What’s Mateo getting at?

Well, they had to give half of Julio César’s career to the Zabalas in exchange for their help, unfortunately. And he’s really curious what Amado had to promise Rafa in exchange for his support?

Amado’s says his business is his business and he’s not going to discuss it with Mateo. In fact, it feels a little like Mateo’s asking him for explanations.

Mateo apologizes if it seemed that way. He’s not interested in poking around in people’s private lives. “And you think I am?” The thought did cross his mind after the way he reacted with Manara for the serenata he sent…should he be apologizing for that?

Amado tells him to make no mistake–if he has a problem with Mateo, he’ll tell him to his face. So now that Mateo’s here in his house–Bájale. (Back off.)

Well, now that they’re so cozy, and now that Amado understands Mateo’s not going to leave Manara alone–then Mateo’s asking, with all due respect, for Amado to stay out of it. And he’d say the same whether it’s him, the Zabalas, or the President of the United States. Thanks for the whiskey. He’ll show himself out.

Fierro comes to check on his boss. Amado says he’s fine, but Mateo won’t be. He’s going to give Rafael what he wants–he’ll make Mateo and Manara suffer. Ella le dio alas (she gave him wings; made him think he had a chance) and she’s the one who’s going to have to cut them. Amado wants to know everything about Mateo’s family. He wants to hit them where it hurts.


Isaac’s second call of the morning is from “Grandota.” She’s in Monterrey interviewing the Treviño kids. They’re trying to clear the family name, but she doesn’t see how they’re going to accomplish that. And how’s he doing?

One of his bedmates nuzzles him as he says it’s all good. They were rehearsing until late.

Uh huh, well, she’s gotta go. He can tell her about it later. Isaac looks over at their house guests starting to dress and says he loves her. “Love you too.”

Lorenzo wanders into his office and greets ELENA (about time somebody called her by her name) and says she’s much prettier in person than on TV.


Manara arrives at the ranch and Dylan and Diego are already there waiting. They’re all chatting when a member of staff comes over to haughtily tell the “gentlemen” to go wait in the rehearsal space. Manara’s heading in that direction when Nicolas stops her to ask if Julia’s coming. Nope, she’s at home practicing for her dance exam. Rafa starts giving Manara the tour while Nicolas sends a text.

Dylan complains about Rafa treating them like dirt. Diego laughs–he knows it’s because they’re friends with Mateo and Rafa probably thinks they’re spying for him. And he’s right.

They’re quickly distracted by the rehearsal space and all the instruments. They pick up a couple of guitars and start playing.

Rafa’s glad Manara decided to keep working on the song and keep him on as producer. Is she ok? Yeah…just tense. He says she’ll be fine once they start rehearsing and tries to take her hand, but she pulls away.

Rafa tells the guys his plan is to do a blend of pop, urbana, and just a touch of ranchera, rather than limiting Manara to one genre. Dylan and Diego assure him they can all handle that. Santiago wonders why he’s not producing Manara on the Zabala label. “It’s evolving like I’m evolving so, just trust me.” Nicolas is glad he’s “evolving” since his style goes much better with theirs (Dylan and Diego) than Rafa’s.

Rafa tells him that’s fine, but on this one he’s singing ranchera with his brother. And leave the rest to the experts.

Manara and the guys do a run-thru of Un Día Sin Reloj. Rafa thinks it’s just not working. It needs more “feeling.” Diego suggests giving it more of a fun beat. Santiago excuses himself while they try it out.

Radio drama

Santiago’s been messaging Fernando and getting no response. He tries calling.

Carmelo asks Fernando who “Santi” is. “A friend. You can check the chat if you think I’m lying.” Carmelo doesn’t care about that–he wants to know who the “boss” is that Alexis mentioned to him. “I told you, my boss is the cook at the radio station.”

Carmelo makes a call.

Alexis is in the middle of a Top 10 countdown. He asks his producer, Rodrigo, if he’s seen the guy with the coffee.

Nope. Not for a while.

Lorenzo comes in with Elena and excuses himself to take the call from Carmelo. He tells him to let Fernando go.

Carmelo complies, but he tells Fernando he’d better get out of Monterrey, because if he ever sees him again, he’ll kill him. He tells Lorenzo it’s done. Lorenzo has to go–he’s got another call coming in.

Selva, out of that hideous shorts romper (I’m sorry, but there was SO MUCH going on! It’s a shorts romper, with a high neck, with ruffles, with an open back, with thigh-high boots. Who authorized that outfit?!) calls to tell Lorenzo she’s just leaving his apartment and on her way to the airport. Amado gave her a big advance for those radio spots–nearly a million. Lorenzo suggests, if she’s thinking of investing it in the publishing house, he’s got the perfect person in mind to run it. He looks over at Elena.

Rancho Zabala

Rafa’s a lot happier with the way the song is going. He thinks Manara’s singing it with “more feeling” this time. “You sing what you feel” she almost snaps. Rafa wants to keep working on the first half and then take it from there.

Dylan asks to use the bathroom first. Rafa says he’ll be right back–just keep practicing without him.

In the house, Dylan tells Mateo they’re finishing up…looks like she came over alone, in her car…. He ends the call and Rafa gripes at him that the bathroom’s the other way. “Oh, yeah, I’m kind of dyslexic. I was just talking to Cristian to see if he could get us a guy to do the mixing. If you’re interested.” Rafa is, but he’s still looking suspiciously at Dylan.

The rehearsal finally breaks up for the night. Rafa pulls Manara aside to say it sounds good, but she seems to be off somewhere else. She says she just doesn’t like the tension with the Solars. Rafa says it’s just business. And the label is going to benefit.

Also, he has some awards shows coming up and he’d like her to come with him. It’ll be good for her career….

On their way back to the house, Dylan gives Diego a hard time about being the “good student.” Diego tells him they’ve known each other too long for Dylan to be sarcastic with him. They both know what’s going on here–Rafa and Mateo are both after Manara. Does Dylan really want to get in the middle there?

Dylan says they’re fighting over a woman, but also for power. He thinks he’s seeing farther ahead and the important thing is–what does Diego want? Because Cristian already went off to take his chance, and their chance is here, with Mateo’s label. They could do something as a duo or individually. Diego says they left PR to do this together, but Diego’s got his “code.”

Dylan laughs–he’s gone one too. That’s why he’s not fighting with Mateo. He was the first one to give them a chance and he wants Mateo to be their producer. They both know he’s the best. He knows their style, he’s got the touch…and Rafa can’t even get them as far as the corner. He’s all talk. He’s supporting Mateo because Mateo’s his friend, but also because it’s what’s best for him. Diego just shakes his head.

Speaking of Mateo, he calls Dylan…

Rafa’s still trying to convince Manara to come with him, but after what happened to Itzel, she doesn’t think this would be very appropriate. Rafa says the press loves things that are inappropriate. Besides, Itzel signed the divorce papers already. And Isaac is way more famous than she is and the event will help her get in front of the press, people can get to know her…they’ll be together. “Let me think about it.”

When she gets to the house, Dylan asks her to take the call from Mateo.

He’s waiting for her at a hotel. He saw Amado and he thought he could tell her how it went. In person. Manara tells him to text her the address and gives Dylan’s phone back.


Fierro goes back out to the quarry to supervise the move again. Jiménez returns an earlier call and Fierro says he’s sending two loaded trucks to him and the boss wants him to check out the Solars while he’s out there. Jiménez says he found out the woman who was there yesterday is the sister. Fierro suggests he keep an eye on her.

Gilda’s leaving for work. She says goodbye to her mom and Belinda and they head upstairs to do some more organizing.

Moisés asks if she’s pissed off at him. She was going to leave without saying goodbye. She says she’s not…she’s just worried about the record label stuff. He somewhat mockingly tells her that if she’s really going to get involved in the business, she’d better tell him everything that’s bothering her.

He tells her not to try to be mysterious with him–he changed her diapers. “Just because you raised a child doesn’t mean you know them.” He says this is about Isaac, right? Why does she insist on not trusting him. Uh, why does Moisés insist on not trusting her?

He says she has every right to disagree with his business decisions, but she needs to understand that he’s the one responsible for this family. He needs her on his side–he doesn’t want her to go against him on everything and he doesn’t want her to leave him alone. She’s the soul of this house. He hugs Gilda and her eyes look worried.

It’s been a long time since they’ve hugged. “Well, these arms and my time are here for you whenever you want them.” Gilda breaks off another hug–she’s really gotta go or she’ll get to work late.

Jiménez watches her walk out of the house and get into her car.

At the hospital, a nurse asks Gilda to check on a patient who’s having contractions at seven months pregnant. The same nurse intercepts Jiménez–he shouldn’t be on this floor without ID. She escorts him over to security.

Casa Matamoros

Julia wants to go to a Nicky Jam concert with her friends. And she thinks Amado will give her permission to go.

Sure, if she gets tickets for her bodyguards. What, she thought he’d let her go with just her friends? She can’t go anywhere alone. She tries whining at him, but he gets up to take a call from Manara.

It’s none of her business what he and Mateo talked about, but she’d better do something about him. She’s the one who started this fire and if she doesn’t want him to put it out HIS way, then she’d better do something.


In the hotel room, she gripes at Mateo–first the mariachis, then a visit to her brother without telling her. Can’t he control himself?!

Nope…and? He starts trying to get frisky and she says she’s starting to think she made a mistake getting involved with someone she barely knows. This has all been a mistake!

Mateo tells her to calm down. She’s right–they don’t know each other, but they feel the same thing. Manara agrees, they do, but she can’t stand him being so…explosive! How many times has she told him what a big opportunity this is for her, but his attitude keeps throwing her off.

Mateo agrees, he’s got his defects, but so does everybody else. She’s not like this because of him. What’s going on–is it her brother? She tells him to leave her family out of it. This is between the two of them.

“Exactly! So, tell me! Talk to me! Why are you so upset?” Manara says she doesn’t know. She has very strong feelings for him, but she doesn’t think now is the right time for them to be together. She feels like she can either be with him or be a singer. He’ll never understand because he already IS somebody! He’s a producer, a musician, a songwriter…

And she’s nobody. And this is her last chance to achieve her dream and she has to focus. And she can’t do that around him!

“OK, this isn’t your last chance–you’re not 80–and maybe I can help you.”

Manara scoffs at that. He’ll help her? He probably says that to any vieja he can’t get into bed, right? Yeah, she saw all those women at his house the other night.

“They weren’t there to see me!”

Oh, right, they got the wrong house?

Well, no, but he’s living with a bunch of guys! Musicians. He swears on Julio he slept alone in his room that night. He doesn’t want to lie to her any more than she can lie to him.

Wait…she was spying on him! Manara insists she just went there to talk to him…but now she has nothing more to say. Alrighty then, they won’t talk. Mateo carries her over to the bed.

Rancho Zabala

Ernesto finds Rafa having tequila in the living room. He jokes that Rafa’s ahijada “anda rejega” (she’s being reluctant). Rafa tells him to help instead of bugging him.

What, by convincing his friends in the union to support Amado’s campaign? That’s not going to change anything with her.

“What do you know about it?”

Well, Ernesto can tell he’s a much better negotiator than Rafa. He doesn’t have to give Amado anything. Just let him sweat it. Be cold to him. As the deadline gets closer for him to announce his candidacy, he’ll hand Manara over on a silver platter, just to get in good with Rafa. (1. He did that already. And 2. Creep!)


Fernando made his way back to Alexis, who helps him to a hotel where he swears no one will find him. He assures Alexis he didn’t say a word–he’s not stupid.

But why did they grab him like that? Was it the bottle he served Gabriel? It was poisoned, wasn’t it?

Alexis tells him to never say that again if he wants to live. He’s going to get Fernando a new phone tomorrow and his job is to get Santiago to fall for him. If they’re not being useful to the boss, he’ll get rid of them.


Elena has more than enough material for an article, she thinks. Lorenzo invites her into his office and has someone bring them some sushi to snack on. She thinks it’s about time she left.

“Don’t worry. I know you’re dating Isaac Solar.”

“Then you’ll understand why it’s not right for me to be here so late.”

Naw, he’s just offering her food because he wants to ask her to be the new director of Treviño Publishing.

Pillow talk

Amado snuggles up in bed with Agustina. He’s been smoking. He only does that when he’s nervous.

He says no man likes being rejected–much less if they’re rich and famous. If he can’t get the support of the unions because of Manara, it’ll be like he has nothing.

Agustina says he thought Manara would be easier to handle, and look what happened. The same thing could happen if he underestimates Mateo. Amado thinks there’s no comparison–Mateo has nothing to offer. He’s only alive because Amado can use him to control Manara. If not for that he’d be dead by now.

He’s not letting him get away with getting involved with Manara and coming to this house to defy him. He’d be doing Mateo a favor if he killed him. He’s going to suffer.


Manara shoves Mateo away. She doesn’t feel well…he’s making her agitated. She can’t explain it! She can’t control herself when she’s with him.

But she’s not changing her mind–not until she does something important with her life.

Mateo sarcastically says if she’s made up her mind (for the fiftieth time today, not that you listened any of the other 49 times) then there’s nothing he can say.

“Well what do I do, then?!” He says if she’s going to put it that way–him or her career–then yes, she should pick her career. Is that what she wants to hear? He can’t understand what she wants from him. Manara says she doesn’t know. She’s sorry. She runs out of the hotel room.

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Last week you give us “mariachicide” and this week you follow up with “cross-genre harmonizing warrior musicians”. But you weren’t done, you went ahead and dropped “ok, cross-genre harmonizing warrior-arsonist musicians” Truly you are the Reina of the Guerra Recaps. The show is so good and your recaps enhance the experience. Seriously, this show rocks. I hope it’s doing better on Saturdays. I’m just so grateful they aren’t editing anything. Honestly, I feel like this once a week format does the show a better service. I can’t explain why I think that, but I do. It’s like, it was too… Read more »

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I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking or overthinking, but it seems important to me that Lorenzo is the one to FINALLY give Grandota a name. OK, I know that everyone who deals with her calls her Elena, but this is the first time we’re hearing it and it’s from someone who wants to more about the Solar family. I just wonder what this particular pairing will bring us.