La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 1/17/17 #45

En el rancho

Whew! Marcela didn’t kiss Camilo. I don’t know how I could have doubted her. And Camilo is still not giving up. *siiiiiiigh*

Look, she’s sorry she doubted him, but that’s it. She loves Alessandro. She might trust Camilo again, but that doesn’t mean she loves him.

And it’s been a tough day for her, so she’d really like to be alone right now. He tries to kiss her again and she tells him to get out. So she can relive her memories of Al in peace.

Maria Laura and Nisa are waiting for Camilo to stop by . Nisa is getting the idea that Maria Laura has some other motive for not wanting Marcela and Alessandro to get married. ML admits she’s in “love” with Al. Oh, Nisa is SO up for having ML as a sister-in-law!

Mateo’s still cranky with Sagrario. She begs him not to make things more difficult than they already are. She’s going to need his support, because she’s going to tell Severo she accepts his deal. Of course he’ll keep loving her–from here to the grave. *smoochies*

Oops…Sagrario temporarily forgot they shouldn’t be smooching in the kitchen. Mateo says it’ll help them get through a while longer…another thousand years if they have to.

Camilo finally comes knocking and ML climbs out the window to talk to him. She hadn’t heard the latest news–that Marcela JUST told Alessandro about her eyes. So there’ll be no need for Camilo to shoot himself anywhere at all–he’ll just wait for Al to go running and he’ll come back to El Vendaval as the lord and master.

Maria Laura climbs back into her window, but Nisa’s gone…because she’s out trying to woo Camilo with a sexier night ensemble than she was originally wearing. The thunder rolls, the lightning strikes, and Camilo succumbs to the temptation. But she’s just giving him a “sample” of what he could have IF he’d give up on Marcela. Maria Laura gets an eyeful and is highly displeased.

Like two ships, passing in the night….

Lencho wakes up in bed with Octavia. He’s ready for Round 2, but she wants to talk first. No names, still. After less than thirty seconds of conversation she tells him to hurry it up with Round 2 ’cause she’s gotta go.

Lencho gets a call from his dad later. Lencho says his date went like a championship game. She was mature…and experienced. He objects to his dad calling her a cradle-robber. What now? Now nothing. They said their goodbyes and that’s that.

Octavia calls Ilse to tell her she’s just had a relaxation treatment. “You snagged a young guy?” Octavia says it’s the other way around. She has no idea what his name is and she doubts they’ll see each other again. And how is she.

Uh, Ilse is not in the mood to tell her the tale of today. But Valeria’s here. Her mom died. Octavia sends her very fake condolences.

Inadvertent date

Mauro’s driving Inés home. She calls to check on Luisito and he’s already asleep. In that case, Mauro invites her out to dinner.

After dinner, Inés asks Mauro to please not talk about this dinner at work. She doesn’t want Octavia hearing about it and get upset at her. Mauro doesn’t think Octavia would care.

Octavia gets to the hotel and hears that Mauro’s not there…and Sandra reluctantly confesses he left with Inés.

Mauro walks Inés to the door. She invites him to a school thing for Luisito tomorrow and he’s into it, but he’s gotta review a contract first. He kisses her goodnight. On the cheek.

And his phone rings almost immediately. Octavia wants to know who he’s with. “I’m sure you already know.” Yeah, he and Inés are friends. They work together. Octavia reminds him that he’s dating her. “No I’m not. You didn’t want to.”

Octavia starts in on how just because they’re not dating publicly doesn’t mean he can disrespect her, and especially not with that insipid…. You know what? Mauro’s not in the mood for this conversation, so he’s not having it. When she’s calmer and he has more patience, then they can discuss it. *click*

At the Palacio Presidencial

Severo and Mike partake of Timo’s booze. Lencho’s coming back tomorrow, so they’re getting kicked out then. And his guest room is spoken for for the weekend.

Too bad, Severo’s not leaving until he finds the paperwork he needs.

Timo gets up in his face all “Oh yeah?!”

And Severo gets up all “Yeah!”

And Timo sits down all “OK, then.”

Mike gulps his booze nervously and regrets it.

Alba’s un-fun adventure

Silvana gets the lowdown from a gloating Luciano about all the hateful things he said to Alba. She is so over him barking and ranting and acting like this is HIS hotel instead of the FAMILY’S hotel.

BTW, Alba quit. Because she’s got more dignity than he has manners. And if this is the way he’s going to behave at the hacienda, he’d best not come.

Cris meets Silvana in the lobby and they start heading for the bus station.

Alba makes it back to where all the sex workers were waiting and the woman in the red dress is like “You again? If you’re trying to pick someone up, you’re WAY too covered up!” Alba explains she’s still looking for the metro…and the cops show up and grab her while the rest of the women go running. Alba and one other woman get shoved in the back of the patrol car.

The cop at the desk insults Alba just as bad as Luciano did earlier. Sure, sure, she “works” in a hotel, and she’s not “one of those.” Alba doesn’t have any ID on her. He has her and all the other women dragged back to the cell without letting any of them have a phone call. (And this is presumed to contribute to public safety how, exactly?)

In the car, while Silvana knows Luciano was a total ass, she still thinks he was right about Alba trying to take advantage of the family connection, demanding a room, etc. Cristian has to break it to her that Alba had no idea Alessandro had money, much less that he owned the Toscana. She even called to yell at him when she found out. And it was Octavia who set her up with the room. Alba showed up all on her own and got hired based on her own merits.

In that case, Silvana thinks they owe her an apology. She gets a call from Sandra that Alba got picked up by the police.

Octavia gets another unpleasant surprise when she heads for the hotel restaurant and Alba isn’t playing. Sandra fills her on the parts of the drama that she knows about. Luciano hears the parts he hadn’t heard already and gripes about Silvana being out there helping an employee like, how very dare she. Octavia gets rid of Sandra so she can tell Luciano that she’s heard from Valeria and her mother just died.

At the police station, once they’ve established that Alba is indeed being detained, Silvana demands she be released–she hasn’t committed a crime. The dude takes his sweet time filling out paperwork.

Alba finally gets released and runs straight to Cris. She can’t even look at Silvana as Silvana apologizes and begs Alba to let them make this up to her.

Nuria calls to check up on Cris and now Sandra tells her about the “jail” thing, so Nuria calls Silvana. Yep, they’re at the jail, doing some paperwork.

And still, when Alba gets her stuff back, all she wants is to get her ID and go home. Cris wants to make Luciano apologize. If she still wants to leave after that, he understands.

Blast from the past

Valeria remembers meeting Alessandro earlier today. And then Luciano calls–Octavia gave him her number. Valeria says she sure does do honor to her last name (cotilla = gossip). It’s a toss-up which one of them cares less about her mother’s death.

And once they’ve dispensed with the fake condolences, Lucíano starts begging to see her. He’ll hop a plane right now and go to wherever she is. “What for? So your wife can keep the queen crown while I get the First Runner Up sash?” She’s over him. Who wants an old lover with new grey hairs? (Ouch!) She doesn’t want him to come looking for her. She hangs up on him.

And Luciano acts like she just flirted with him.


At the hotel, Alba invites Silvana into her suite. Silvana wants to talk now and she wants Alba to stay. Yeah, her husband’s…impulsive. It’s not the first time he’s gotten her into a problem by acting without thinking. The last time he had Alessandro detained.

“For marrying my cousin?”

No…the reason isn’t important. But it was just as unjustified.

Oh, Alba knows they think Marcela married him for their money, but she insists it’s not true. Silvana knows that part now. So Alba unloads on her about Al lying to them all.

Silvana asks her to understand the marriage was a surprise to them. Alessandro didn’t tell them–they found out later.

Right, but Luciano was talking smack about someone he doesn’t even know! Silvana agrees, he shouldn’t have done that and he shouldn’t have been an ass to her and she apologizes for both of them. She begs Alba to keep it between them.

“Hm…you don’t want my cousin finding out you think she’s a gold digger!” Silvana chuckles–she doesn’t want Al to find out and have an even worse relationship than his dad than he already has.

What’s it gonna be?

Alessandro gets home, finally, and finds Marcela waiting up for him.

She figures he’s here to break their stupid contract and forget about the whole church wedding.

He still looks pissed off as he says he’s never felt anything like what he feels for her. He grew up thinking he had everything. His parents and teachers always praised him for his grades and told him he had a brilliant future ahead of him.

“They weren’t wrong.”

Hey, he’s grateful for everything he had, but what he was getting at was that in spite of all that he always thought something was missing. Something he needed to feel complete.

And when he met her, he knew she was the missing piece of his life. Marcela feels the same way, but what is he getting at–does he want to stay together or break up? Because the anxiety is killing her. (Me too!)

So…she wants to know what he’s getting at? Her. He wants to get to the bottom of her. To her ultimate consequences. To be fused completely with her. To live all the best and worst moments with her. All the fears and worries and pains. It hurt that she didn’t tell him about her illness because it excluded him. She took him out of her life and he doesn’t want that even for a second. He just wants to be with her 100%. Unconditionally. And if he made her feel bad, if she thinks it’s selfish of him…no, Marcela understands…still, he apologizes for making her feel like he didn’t accept her as she is. It really wasn’t his intention.

Marcela says he had every right to know something that was going to affect them as a couple and she hid it from him. He just wants her to trust in him and tell him everything…anything. He wants to live their love completely. With everything it brings along with it, all the beautiful and ugly and big and small. Marcela agrees, she wants the same thing.

And he does NOT want to end this absurd contract or this absurd love and he wants to marry her, no matter how absurd it seems to anyone else. He knows it’s logical to both their hearts.

And as Alvaro Trespalacios sings “ven y regalame todo tu amor, regalame un beso,” they do indeed.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

I didn’t know Cotilla meant gossip, I thought it had something to do with cheese, thanks for the vocab 🙂

I love/hate how Nisa thinks ML is just the sil she needs, what about what Alessandro needs you airhead?

As far as Marcela and Alessandro go, I understand not wanting to tell him but I get why he was so shook up when he found out too. Mostly I’m just glad they’ve made up now, before his folks get there.