Gonul Monday 5/22/17 #10


We get a replay of Ahmet/Tekin walking away from Yulide.

He goes back to his apartment so he can throw a tantrum in peace. It’s a pretty mild one, for him. He throws a picture of him and Gonul against the wall, plops down on the couch, and says he can’t take anymore. “He” is gone, but his shadow is still here. He asks her picture how she could let Yusuf touch her. (I don’t think he’d like my answer.)

Yulide goes over to the salon and complains to Figen that Ahmet doesn’t want their baby. He’s ignoring her and he won’t even look at her.

Figen tries to talk her around–if she’s scared, how must Ahmet be feeling. He’ll probably freak out when the baby’s born, but he’ll get used to it.

Yulide starts to take one of her mystery pills when Figen stops her. Are they safe for her pregnancy? She tells Yulide to just skip them until she talks to her doctor. And if she makes some tea, Figen will go get bread.

Tekin gets drunk and remembers Gonul running away from him in the woods, telling him she loved Yusuf. He tells her picture all she did was hurt him.

Figen calls to ask him about the pills. He ignores her for a while, still slugging back whatever’s in that flask, then he says she should take them. Figen asks about the baby, but he says Gonul is the one who matters to him, not the baby.

Figen looks disturbed. She looks up and there are two pairs of mothers and children walking by. “Allah, what am I doing?”

Figen gets back to the salon. Yulide’s wondering if it will be a girl. Figen says women suffer too much–she’d better hope it’s a boy.

“Did that man call again?” Figen says he did. She’ll see him tonight. Again, Yulide tells her not to go if she doesn’t want to. She’s not going to let him make her, is she? “It’s not what you think.”

Yulide starts picking up her mop and bucket and Figen doesn’t want to let her. No more wearing herself out–from now on she has to take care of herself! Yulide laughs to the baby about how nice their aunt is. “Why do I have to be the aunt? Can’t I be the older sister?”

Again, Yulide starts to take her pill. She says Ahmet talked to the doctor and they won’t hurt the baby. Figen just stares…she says she’s just, um, emotional about the baby. Yulide hugs her and Figen says she’ll go put some music on.


Yusuf’s doing his physical therapy. He’s starting to walk using a walker. The therapist gives him instructions to start on his arms and leaves him alone with Ozlem.

She seriously wants to know why he’s angry at her. She admits she was wrong to give Tekin the address, but she wanted to keep him from having any more problems.

Uh huh. Well, this may break her heart, but they’re just friends. That’s all they’ll ever be and she deserves more. She should go give her love to someone who will return it. She’s done a lot for him, but this is over.

In the hallway, Ridvan walks by Ensar and the doctor walking away from Yusuf’s room. As he enters, we can hear them in the hallway–the doctor talking about how Yusuf’s making a serious effort to recover and get his life back and Ensar griping that its Gonul he wants back.

Ridvan explains to Yusuf that he couldn’t come by before–he’s been working late nights. Ozlem hasn’t taken on any new work since Yusuf has been in the hospital and he had to find another job. Ensar comes in and decides that’s enough of a visit for him.

Yusuf tells Ridvan to sit back down. Has he seen Mahmut? No, but he’ll let Yusuf know if he does. He should go now. As he hugs Yusuf goodbye, he slips something under his back and whispers that Mahmut says hi.

It’s a cell phone. They don’t waste a lot of words. Yusuf says Gonul was in the car with him. He needs Mahmut to find out everything he can. I’m surprised Mahmut doesn’t tell him he’s on it already.


Hilmi and Sabit break into Tekin’s place. Well, Sabit does the “breaking” and Hilmi does the “entering while Sabit waits outside. The smashed picture frame is still on the floor in the living room.

Tekin is sacked out in the bedroom with the picture. Hilmi retreats to the hallway when Tekin’s phone rings. It’s Mazhar whining at him about getting to the hospital to meet with their new investors.

Hilmi escapes while Tekin’s in the bathroom freshening up.


Mahmut watches Tekin walk into an unfamiliar building. Inside Ali says this is their new hospital. He knows Tekin’s just there for a meeting with the investors, but maybe they could look at some patient scans together. It’s a high-risk surgery and the tumor is growing. He takes a call from the lab and points Tekin in the direction of the scanner room.

Inside, rocker Selma is walking around, inspecting the machine. He gets all cranky about her being there and doesn’t even wait for the other doctor to say who she is before he asks her what she’s doing here. “Looking.” No, she’s not a doctor. He keeps calling her “miss” and telling her to get out while the other doctor desperately tries to get him to listen.

“I saw what I needed to. I’m going now.” She picks up her jacket and tells him to take care. Ali walks past her on her way out and checks her out. He asks Tekin who she is and Tekin snaps that the patient is waiting.

Mahmut sees Aylin walking out the front entrance and hurriedly checks his hair and mustache. (YES!) He sticks his head out the car window and calls to her. She can’t come with him right now to talk to Hilmi, but he says they have to hurry–Yusuf woke up. Well, she’s glad to hear that–so glad she hugs him.

“Yeah, um, I’ll call when I’m leaving.” She’s gonna need his number for that. She drops her files as she takes out her phone and they bump heads picking them up. She’s laughing, saying she thought this only happened in novelas. “What?” Nothing. He puts his number in her phone and she looks over at her discarded cup of coffee and decides not to risk further contact.

Mahmut puts his “I am a serious bodyguard” face back on and heads back to his car.

Tekin heads for his dad’s new office. Yeah, yeah, he’s checked things out. So, where’s the investor?

Not here. He sent his representative, an expert in medical engineering who’s been working in America and other places. Like Tekin cares. So where is the man.

Woman. Selma, to be exact. (The trope works for a reason.) She’s been looking around the hospital (as we and Tekin already know). She gives them a thumbs up on their equipment.

Mazhar starts talking about how they’re going to climb to the top of the medical equipment field and Selma tells him to slow it down. They’re barely getting ready to do tests…which she’d like to discuss with Tekin.

She’s all done for now–Tekin can’t keep his patients waiting. Mazhar insists they need to have dinner next time. She agrees and gives Tekin an “I’m sizing you up and I’m not impressed” handshake.

Mazhar crows to Tekin about what a great partnership this is going to be. Tekin gives him an amused grin and says he’s outta here.


Tekin and Ali play squash or racquetball or whatever. Ali grouches at him about how he was drinking. To forget Gonul? How’s he going to do that with her pictures all over the place? Tekin says maybe he’s not even upset over Gonul.

Uh huh…so there’s someone else? Tekin is like “Damn, do you want to know everything that happens in my love life?”

Ali gives up on the questioning and changes the subject to Nese’s new boyfriend. I so wish I could just tiptoe out of this squash court and not have to hear the rest of this. And no, Ali, he is not controlling her, but I can see how it would look that way from your one interaction with him outside her house when you were drunk.

Tekin establishes that they’ve been friends for about the last fifteen years. And does Ali know why? “Because I’m the only one who puts up with you?” Tekin laughs–it’s because he knows when to stop. There cannot be things about Nese crossing his mind. Some things are possible and some aren’t.

Ali gets up and walks out of the court. I guess that wasn’t the answer Tekin wanted.

In the locker room, he checks his phone and sees a missed call from Yulide…and then he gets a call from an unknown number. Selma is giving him a chance to make up for his earlier rudeness. She invites him out for coffee, but he suggests drinks.

An eventful evening

Yulide is asleep on the couch. She dreams of Yusuf kissing her hair…her neck…. She sits up suddenly and gulps a nearby glass of water. She checks her watch.

Selma is in the lab when Tekin arrives. She offers him a drink of something out of a test tube. She sips it to prove it’s ok. Tekin thinks it’s awful. “It’s an appetizer. It’ll keep you sober.” He makes some snide remark my DVR doesn’t catch and she says they should go.

Mahmut watches them walk out together and snaps some pictures before following them.

Yulide can’t get through to Ahmet on the phone.

Figen’s harasser shows up at the salon. He locks the door.

Yulide goes out for a walk and sees the little refugee boy she’d run into earlier. He’s picking food out of a dumpster and she tries to get him to come with her.

Figen tries to get the harasser to stop attacking her by offering to see him later. When that doesn’t work, she threatens him with a nail file. He pretty much laughs that off, saying he’s going to come here every night. She flees into the back and comes out with a kitchen knife. That’s finally enough to scare him off, but he still says all her neighbors will know.

As she chases him out the front of the shop, threatening to chop him into little pieces, Yulide and the refugee boy are standing there.

They take the boy inside and get him fed and warmed up while Yulide angrily asks who that guy thinks he is. She wants to go to the cops. They broke up! How dare he try to force her! Figen says men are all like that.

Yulide ignores her. He’s obviously going to try to cause problems. What’s she going to do? Go chasing guys out of here with a knife every day? Figen says she’ll take care of it. Yulide shouldn’t worry. He’ll leave her alone when he gets what he wants.

Yulide pulls her away from the boy to ask what she means by that. That’s rape. Figen scoffs at her. They both look over at the boy, who’s staring at Figen. Then they stare at each other.

The boy falls asleep and they cover him with blankets, but they don’t know what to do with him. He’s obviously alone. Yulide considers taking him home, but Figen says he’s not a cat! She can’t just do that. Figen says he can stay at the salon tonight and then they’ll call someone tomorrow. There must be people who deal with this sort of thing. She’ll stay with him for tonight, but Yulide should go home.

Tekin and Selma go clubbing. They’re drinking and playing “I never” (I don’t know if that’s an actual game, but it sounds like one). He never wanted to work with his father. She has never fallen in love.

Tekin does several shots in a row and Selma laughs at him. “OK, I get it…what happened with her?” He says she changed, the same thing that happens to all lovers. She changed so much he can’t keep sharing his life with her. “Do you still see her?” He says he’s never known anyone who asks so many questions.

Tekin walks Selma home. They both agree they had a good time. She invites him up for coffee, but he thinks it’s late. After she shuts her door, he changes his mind and it looks like he’s going to knock, but he changes his mind again.

Team Find Gonul

Mazhar shows Mahmut and Aylin the photos of Tekin and Selma. Aylin does the loyal friend thing and says “she” doesn’t measure up to Gonul.

Hilmi is assuming that he’s going out with someone else because he can’t find Gonul, but Mahmut says Yusuf insists she was with him in the car.

So Gonul is injured…but there were no hospital records. Was she kidnapped from the car? Hilmi suspects Ensar, but Mahmut thinks there’s no way. He’s too busy worrying about his son right now. Maybe it was Kursat.

“He was dying!”

Aylin says they’re both acting stupid.

Hilmi wants to talk to Yusuf. Maybe there’s some other detail that would help. Nope, no way, Ensar is always there.

Aylin asks what she’s here for, dramatically shushes them, and winks.

In her newly-acquired coral scrubs, Aylin takes Yusuf in for some “testing” which really means hanging out with Mahmut and Hilmi.

Hilmi asks about the accident and Yusuf takes a moment to collect his thoughts. It happened so quickly…he’s not sure he can remember the color of the car that hit them. Aylin doesn’t think it was Tekin, he was so distraught after she left. He tried looking for her, but he never found her. Yusuf is sure Tekin knows where Gonul is.

Hilmi says Tekin was his first suspect, but he watched him for a while. He’s even checking him out again, but he doesn’t seem to have missed anything. He’s destroyed.

Mahmut doubts that–he’s going out with someone new.

What time do you call this?

Yulide wakes up on the couch in the morning, right at around the time a still squiffy “Ahmet” gets home. He changed his clothes, but he didn’t part his hair. He hugs Yulide and says he’s sorry.

He was just…out…drinking. His head’s all messed up.

She agrees, so is hers, but she’s sure she wants this baby. He kisses her and says “I love you too. For always.”

He pulls her over to lie down on the couch with him. Yulide looks confused. In her head, she asks “If it isn’t you, who is it? I betrayed my husband, my child, and myself.”

Figen wakes up in the morning on the couch at the salon and the refugee boy is gone. She checks the register, but nothing’s missing.

Passing time montage

Yusuf has progressed to being able to walk between parallel bars.

Yulide looks at her face in the steamy bathroom mirror.

Selma walks around the hospital, smiling at Tekin.

Yusuf walks without a back support and without holding on to anything.

Mommy Dearest

Sermin’s mother is trying to force her way into her house. The guards laugh. Sermin’s not pleased to see her, but lets her into the house. Mamá complains about firing them all, but the sight of the house shuts her up. Sermin mumbles about needing to change her mom’s hair and her clothes.

Alper comes over and tries to make nice with the suegra, saying he can see where Semin gets her beauty. That’s “Señora Sermin” to him, suegra snaps. Since when do servants call their bosses by their first name?! Sermin gives Alper a pleading look and he walks away.

Sermin tells her mother to be careful here. This is Kursat Buyuksahin’s house. Mama scoffs that there can’t be any of him left–this is her daughter’s house. She orders Alper…or rather “boy”… to bring them something to eat. Sermin gives him another look and he says he’ll go do that.

“Fire him. You don’t need that mosquito.” Sermin mumbles to herself that she just got here.

Congratulations, show, you just made me feel sorry for Sermin. However bad she thought she had it being married to Kursat, he was at least kind to her. Her mother is a controlling jerk. Until she starts saying anything remotely relevant to the plot, I’m not going to bother repeating all her insults and complaints.


Figen asks Tekin to meet her in the park so she can shove baby clothes at him. Gifts from Tía Figen. He’s been letting Yulide take the pills every day. He wants that baby dead, doesn’t he? Yes, he does.

He’s been trying to get rid of “that man” and when it was all going so well, the baby showed up. “How is this the baby’s fault? What do you want me to do? Are we monsters? Killers? Are we going to kill a baby so Gonul doesn’t remember who she is?” Figen asks again what she’s doing.

Tekin says the pills aren’t going to hurt the baby. If the baby dies, it won’t be because of him.

“But now what…why are you so busy lately? All those night surgeries, meetings on the weekend.” Figen doesn’t believe his lies. She knows what “idiots” “they” are. Dying and crying over a woman and when “they” have her, they change, they ruin her. So he doesn’t like the new version of Gonul, huh? Is he out looking for a new Gonul?

Tekin insists there’s only one Gonul and she’s his.

Figen takes that in and says she’s done. He needs to pay her what he owes and she’s leaving. They’ll come up with an excuse, close the salon, and he can be happy with Gonul.

Tekin tries giving her the puppy dog eyes and asks if she’s really going to leave him like this. “Like you care. You don’t even look at me anymore. You don’t even make me yours!” (i.e., they’re not having sex)

Tekin says she can have him anytime she wants to. She’s the only one who soothes him. He just needs more time. He begs her not to leave him alone. He knows she needs him. He needs her too. He pulls Figen into a hug and makes annoyed faces behind her back, then he slowly disentangles himself from her and goes to his car. (Oh, no, that wasn’t creepy at all.)

Yulide gets up from the couch and has a sudden pain. She gulps down a glass of water and asks the baby if they’re ok. The bottle of mystery pills is just sitting on the counter

Figen walks by a pharmacist and mutters…if only she could trust Tekin. She asks the pharmacist for pregnancy vitamins. A box of every kind he has.

Figen brings the baby gifts over to Yulide. She mentions the pain and Figen says it’s normal, but if it happens again, they’ll go to the doctor. Figen insists on making the tea so she can swap out Yulide’s pills for the vitamins that look the closest

Oddly slow-moving bad news

Alper sneaks into Sermin’s spa room to talk to her. No, not about her mother. About Yusuf. He’s awake. They argue briefly about whether they’re worried he’ll remember the accident Alper caused or the accident Sermin told Alper to cause. And she doesn’t want to have this conversation because her mother is already giving her a headache.

So Alper finishes her massage as he tells her not to worry–if Yusuf had seen him, he wouldn’t have had the accident.

Sermin grabs her phone to warn Tekin that Yusuf’s awake. “There’s no reason to suspect me. Everyone knows I’m trying to forget her. They don’t know anything. Besides, there’s someone in my life.”

Selma comes to see him and he ends the call, thanking Sermin for the information. Selma’s just been in a meeting with Mazhar. Tekin invites her out for sushi.

What now?

Yusuf’s out of the hospital. Ensar found him a place to live…. He must have been scared while Yusuf was in the hospital. “I was afraid you would die.” But he did die, when they shot Cem. He died when he saw Cem lying on the ground. No, Ensar doesn’t “know.” He’s never lost a child.

Sure, Cem was his grandson, but he only saw him twice. Ensar complains that Yusuf never brought him over, as if everything were his fault.

Yeah, even when Yusuf was a kid, Ensar had more important things going on–land, enemies, businesses. He tried not to become like Ensar, but in the end they shot up his house just for being Ensar’s son.

Ensar snaps that the person who did it is dead and their enemy has gone. “My pain hasn’t.” First the enemy took his child and then the woman he loves. He’s not losing again. He doesn’t know how, but he’s going to do everything he can to find Gonul.

He and Ensar are on different paths now. Ensar objects. Yusuf ignores him and asks about his mother’s things. Ensar says he never touched them. OK, then. Yusuf will take the money and properties she left him, but he doesn’t want anything more to do with Ensar. “Go home and forget I exist.”

Ensar says it’s not possible to forget a son. Yusuf hasn’t done it.

Ridvan walks up as Ensar and his men walk off. He wants to know what’s next. Ozlem’s selling off the workshop-since the accident, Ridvan hasn’t been able to work so well. He heads back to work now, leaving Yusuf to his thoughts.

Yusuf asks Mahmut to buy Ozlem’s workshop at twice its value, but without letting her know who’s buying it. He doesn’t want to feel like he owes her anything. Mahmut can’t imagine how Yusuf expects him to pay twice what the workshop and all the equipment are worth without his father’s backing.

Yusuf says he’s taken what’s his, so money isn’t a problem. For now, Mahmut reserved a room in a hotel for him. Instead, Yusuf walks away from the hotel.

Yusuf stands at Mama Hatice’s gate, remembering the night he met Gonul. She’s surprised to see him, but lets him in and gives him a hug. She’s glad he came.

Yusuf looks around the room where Gonul was staying. He smells her perfume and tries to inhale her scent from the pillows. He wonders where she is.

Home late

Yulide takes one of her vitamins and waits for Ahmet to come home. She falls asleep in the chair waiting for him and has flashbacks to Yusuf pushing her hair away from her face, kissing her. She makes surprised sounds and looks down at herself like she expects to see fire. She realizes her dream guy isn’t Ahmet, but she’d sure like to know who he is.

Ahmet comes home with flowers. Yulide says they’re pretty. Ahmet touches her face, but she looks up at him thinking “Those aren’t the lips.” She tries kissing him and, nope. She thinks “Who is it? Who did I kiss?” She tells Ahmet it’s nothing…she’ll go put the flowers in water.

In the kitchen she says to herself that she’s married. She has a husband. Who is that man?

Moving forward

He gets a call from Ridvan in the morning. Ridvan’s not doing well, but he can hardly say what’s happening before Yusuf insists on going to find him.

Someone beat him up. He won’t say who did it, just mutters something about his boss having warned him. Yusuf insists on walking him back to the place he was working. He starts beating up the owner and one of the workers before walking back out with Ridvan.

Back at Mama Hatice’s place Ridvan tries to pull a “nothing, I just fell” but she knows better. She’s got the table set for six–they’re having a Team Find Gonul meeting. Mahmut is next to arrive, but he’s only there to tell Yusuf the workshop is his. Once he sees the food, he invites himself in and starts kicking off his shoes.

The meeting consists of Hatice, Yusuf, Hilmi, Sabit, Mahmut, and Ridvan. She feels like they’re keeping something from her. Hilmi quietly asks Yusuf if he remembers anything about the car. Nobody will even look at Hatice except Sabit. He blurts out “The car that caused the accident.”

Hilmi insists she needs to know, so Yusuf tells her Gonul was in the car with him. Hatice abruptly gets up from the table and leaves the room.

It was the thought of how Gonul could have survived after how long it took Yusuf to recover that got to her. Hilmi is sure she must be fine, since she sent those messages. Yusuf thinks someone forced her to leave.

On the porch, Mahmut, Ridvan, and Sabit have their own meeting. Mahmut thinks Gonul must have been devastated. But if Kursat is dead…the mention of Kursat sets Sabit off. He and Mahmut start fighting. Sabit whacks Mahmut with a backgammon board and sends the pieces flying. Hilmi has to come up there and bust it up. Something about one of the dice and the way it lands on the porch steps gets Yusuf’s attention.

He remembers those stupid fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror and mutters “the dice.” He can’t remember the plate number and he doesn’t know who was in the car, but it had dice hanging from the mirror.

Sabit looks at Hilmi and says “No way!” He almost seems to be challenging Hilmi as he says “I know who did it.” But it’s Hilmi who tells Yusuf it was Alper, one of Kursat’s men. Mahmut starts cursing himself for not killing Alper before.

Yusuf wants to talk to him, but Hilmi tells him to wait–Alper will come to them.

It’s all coming back

Yulide’s been in a daze all day at the salon. She’s sorry to have to ask Figen this again, but did she ever cheat on Ahmet? She keeps seeing another man in her dreams, but they don’t feel like dreams. She feels like there was someone else, but who was he? Did she have a lover? She begs Figen to tell her.

Figen says there was someone in Izmir, but it was years ago, before Ahmet.

Yulide asks if she was in love with him, but Figen says she only saw him a couple of times. She’s getting obsessed with all this. She should go wash her face to calm down.

In the back. Figen realizes she’s remembering…the only thing she doesn’t remember is his name. Suddenly she remembers she switched out the pills. What’s she going to do now?

Tekin is in surgery.

Ali gets stuck having to do an urgent report of some kind, but he hears Tekin’s phone ringing in a drawer. He has no idea who “Figen” is, but Tekin has missed four calls from her.

A text comes in now, “She will remember everything. We’re finished. Call me soon.” Ali wonders who will remember what.

Something’s sinking

Sermin and her mom have been out shopping. Mama wants Alper to carry her bags upstairs, but Sermin pulls her aside and tells her to stop that–if he goes over to Gonul’s side, they’re sunk. Mama thinks they should be treating this like a sinking ship and throwing all the excess weight over.

Alper gets the call from Hilmi. Hilmi says he might be inclined to make changes in Kursat’s will, but he’s going to need some help. “What’s in it for me?” Well, maybe he’ll get a cut of the inheritance. Maybe he could make a deal with Sermin and Hilmi could get his old job back. Alper says he’ll be right over.

They all want to go, but Yusuf tells Ridvan to stay with Hatice. She calls out to Yusuf from the front porch not to put himself in any danger.

At that same café where Alper met Mahmut once, Hilmi is waiting. Alper teases him for being bored already. Doesn’t he have anything to say?

Instead it’s Mahmut and Yusuf who flank him and pull him out of his chair. They need to talk to him. They drag him out front, where Sabit is waiting, and shove him into the back of a car. Hilmi says they just want to talk.

Sabit asks the first question–he’s got a very fancy phone. What money did he use to buy it?

Alper tries to bolt for the door, but Sabit grabs him and punches him. Alper takes his phone back. Hilmi turns his rearview mirror and tells Sabit to make sure he can still talk.

As Alper pretends to be coughing, he calls Sermin so she can hear the conversation. Alper starts sobbing that he didn’t do anything to Yusuf. Why are they getting on this bridge? Are they going to the other coast?

Sermin starts writing down his clues.

Are they going to Riva? Why are they in the forest? “Where are you taking me?”

Sermin’s men are gathered in her office, trying to figure out where Alper is.

Alper manages to stash the phone in his jacket as they drag him into some building.

Mamá notices the flurry of activity and gives Sermin a pitying look.

Alper says they’re not going to scare him bringing him into an old factory.

They sit Alper on a chair and surround him.

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Visita/ Guest

Thanks for another great recap, Kat. I take back my prediction that Selma is Gonul’s mother. She sure makes interesting choices in work clothes. Yup, Sermin’s mother is a piece of work. I think this is the first time I have ever seen someone on a telenovela come out of a long coma and have to be taught to walk again, which is, of course, what would happen in real life. Also in real life, the pills Gonul has been taking for the first 3 months of her pregnancy would have already harmed the development of the baby if they… Read more »

Autora/ Author

Wow what an episode! You captured it all perfectly. Even the lighter parts. Thank you! “Mahmut sees Aylin walking out the front entrance and hurriedly checks his hair and mustache. (YES!)… Mahmut puts his “I am a serious bodyguard” face back on and heads back to his car. ” Right? I loved the whole scene. Mahmut and Aylin are becoming some of my favorite characters to watch together. “Team Find Gonul” YES!!!! I love this team. Aylin’s little “why do you think I’m here?” and the four men striding out of Hatice’s yard to go meet Alper were awesome. This… Read more »