Gonul Tuesday 5/23/17 #11

Interrogation gone wrong

Sermin and her guys have figured out where Alper is and they’re going to save him.

They find the warehouse, take some pictures, get a sniper set up. And Sermin keeps listening in from the SUV.

By now, I would assume the questions are getting repetitive. For me, the way Alper looked at him when Yusuf asked if Tekin made him do it should have been a dead giveaway. And then Hilmi asking if he kidnapped Gonul. He flashes his eyes up like “Seriously, how stupid are you guys?!”

I think “Do whatever you want. How much longer am I going to be here?” was more for the benefit of Sermin than anyone else.

Sermin’s guys think they can take out all four of Alper’s captors, but there’s no way she’s going to take out Ensar’s only son!

The photographer keeps working while Yusuf beats Alper’s face in. Alper’s paying so much attention to that one lapel, I’m also surprised THAT hasn’t tipped anyone off.

Mahmut has a turn with his fists, then whips out a gun. Hilmi says the cops will take care of him. And they’ll find Gonul.

Alper freaks out quietly. He puts his head down and whispers to his jacket pocket, “Don’t do it! I can fix this. You know I can. Just give me more time.” He looks up and sees the sniper.

There’s a long pause before Sermin tells the sniper to do it now. Alper manages to get out “Please, no” before the shot hits him and he topples back in his chair. The other four scatter and take cover. Alper dies quietly. Mahmut and Sabit start looking for the assassin while Hilmi and Yusuf check the body.

Sermin tells her guys it’s time to go.

Hilmi can’t find a pulse and now Alper’s blood is all over Yusuf’s hands. Sabit and Mahmut didn’t make it outside in time to catch anyone.

They’re all fussing about who did it and how they found them and nobody’s checking the body. Yusuf wants to call the cops and tell them the truth, but everyone vetoes that. As Hilmi points out, he’s an ex-convict with blood on his hands, literally. They’ll never believe him. Mahmut says he’ll get rid of the body and Sabit volunteers to help. So NOW can we find the phone?!

Yusuf and Hilmi make their way out and Yusuf stops the car so he can vent. Hilmi says they need to think. They both end up looking at their hands.

Back at Hilmi’s place, he and Yusuf wash their hands properly. They can’t figure out how anyone found them. They weren’t followed.

Yusuf’s furious at the thought that someone kidnapped Gonul. What if she’s waiting for him to find her and they’ve lost their only lead.

Meanwhile, Mahmut and Sabit are digging and dragging and complaining about Dead!Alper. Sabit insists on a good deep grave to bury him “properly.” Not in the sense of “this is a guy I liked and respected” but “this is a guy we don’t want getting dug up and eaten by coyotes.” Mahmut’s annoyed that Alper was betraying Kursat right in front of Sabit and he didn’t even notice. Well, Sabit’s annoyed that Mahmut knew about it and didn’t suspect Alper of having anything to do with Gonul’s kidnapping until now.

Sabit insists on turning him in the correct direction and praying. I’m just stressing about where his phone is. And now there are two guys watching them from the bushes, including the one with the camera.

Sermin comes home, looking numb. She asks the staff to go home. Yes, and cancel the reservations Alper made for tonight.

She remembers Alper pleading with her not to do it.

At Hilmi’s, our fabulously attractive foursome of tough guys are gathered again to debate who would have killed Alper to keep him from talking. It was too professional to be Tekin. No way would Ensar work with the guy who hurt Yusuf. Who else would mess with Kursat’s daughter? Yusuf insists it MUST be Tekin.

And finally, Hilmi thinks of Sermin. If Gonul doesn’t show up, she gets the entire inheritance.

OK, but she couldn’t have kidnapped Gonul, per Yusuf. Gonul would have escaped at the first opportunity. Sermin might know where she is, though. They’ll go to her house. Yusuf doesn’t want Mahmut to go. Hilmi offers to go with him, but not tonight.

Yusuf heads for the workshop and tries to sand away his anger and frustration. He vows to find Gonul.


Ali is playing spy tonight, following Tekin from the hospital in what should be a totally obvious way.

Yulide finds the fancy watch hidden in the closet and notices the inscription on the back. “July 2014. You are in my heart. Gonul.” She remembers seeing the watch at the hospital and asking him about Gonul…and his shifty attitude…and how he showed up drunk. (I want her to hide it, because he can’t very well ask her if she’s seen his watch that he doesn’t want her to see.)

She calls Ahmet and says they need to talk. She needs him to come home NOW. And he’d better not be talking like nothing’s wrong. In the car, Tekin gets an “Oh crap” look. His phone screen’s too bright to see who or what, but someone called and someone sent him a text. He curses and drives faster, Ali still in pursuit.

He rolls into his warehouse in one car and out in the other, and Ali’s confused as all get out, but he sticks to him.

Ahmet parks his car and rushes into his house. Down the street, Ali turns his lights back on and parks closer to Ahmet’s car.

Yulide’s waiting for him, not saying a word. She sets the watch in the middle of the table and says he lied before the accident and he’s still lying. Ahmet says he loved her and he still does.

“Have we really been married for three years? Are you bored with me? Are you having an affair?” He laughs and says he doesn’t understand where this is coming from.

Well, he said his ex was dead and that’s a new watch with last year’s date on it. So who is Gonul?

Ali slowly approaches the gate, sneaks up to the house, and looks through a window in time to hear Ahmet telling “Yulide” that it’s the truth, Gonul really is dead. He steps aside to reveal Gonul. Ali stands there on the front porch, gaping like a fish.

Yulide suggests maybe they both told each other lies that she can’t remember anymore. What kind of relationship is this? She can’t take it anymore. Ahmet assures her it’s going to be fine.

Yulide says she needs some air. When she opens the door, Ali is standing there. Tekin gives him a warning look as Yulide asks who he’s looking for. Ahmet finally introduces him as Metin, his buddy from work. Ali nods, though he looks terrified. Ahmet says he just needs to give him some medications that are out in his car. “Uh, yeah, good evening.”

Ali starts demanding explanations before they’ve even gotten away from the house. Yulide pops back outside to offer him tea, as one does, but Ahmet insists that Metin here is in a big hurry, right? Oh yeah, Yulide’s smelling the lies.

She watches Ahmet open the trunk of his car for “Metin” and wonders who they are, Metin and Ahmet both.

Ali’s out at the car laughing nervously at the drugs in “Ahmet’s” briefcase. He calls Tekin “demented” and demands to know what kind of “craziness” this is. And this neighborhood! Who is Ahmet?! What kind of game is this?!

Tekin tells him to shut up or Tekin will shut him up. Ali’s furious with himself for following Tekin. He wishes he hadn’t found out.

Tekin begs him to understand–they were all ruining Gonul’s life. She was dying! Her father, enemies, Yusuf. She was going to die because of him, but Tekin saved her.

Even Ali’s not buying that one. He knows Gonul doesn’t know who she is and thinks they’re both different people. This isn’t love. This is a crime!

Yulide watches them outside and it’s clear they’re arguing.

Ali won’t be a part of this. “I didn’t ask you to come. You followed me. If you go to the police…if you tell anyone and they find out about this, I won’t answer for my actions.”

“What are you going to do? Kill me?”

No, he’ll say they planned it together. They’ll both end up in prison. (OK, that’s a lie–Ali will end up in prison and Tekin will get himself a really good lawyer.)

In Ahmet’s jacket, his cell phone rings. Yulide has been watching him argue with “Metin” and picks it up. “We need to talk. It’s urgent.” She says Ahnet’s busy and asks who’s calling. Sermin panics and hangs up.

Tekin is trying to explain to Ali that he’s got it all under control, but Ali doesn’t want to listen anymore. He gets into his car and drives off.

Yulide looks at the phone in her hand.

Sermin’s really freaking out now and she’s in no mood to listen to Mamá gripe at her. Does she not understand that Hilmi is working for her enemy and Gonul answered the phone?! Mamá tells her to get rid of Alper. “Don’t you dare mention him to me again. Now get out!” Mamá manages to look just the tiniest bit intimidated, but not nearly enough for me. Hell, Sermin LIKED Alper and she had him killed–what’s she gonna do to Mamá if Mamá gets out of hand?

When Ahmet comes inside, Yulide’s emptying out the dishwasher. “Sermin called. She said it was urgent, so you’d better call.” Ahmet says that’s his boss. She was probably calling for work. “Then why did she hang up on me?” Ahmet says he’ll call and find out.

Ahmet babbles about how he was outside and his wife, Yulide, answered the phone. Sermin’s not in the mood for this. They’re being watched. “OK, we’ll do that. Don’t worry. You know I’m your most talented and qualified employee. We’ll resolve it, I know. I think you hung up on my wife Yulide by accident.”

Sermin snaps that that was HIS mistake for leaving the phone near her. “Uh huh.” He whispers to Yulide that Sermin wants to talk to her. “Yes, right away.”

Yulide takes the phone and Sermin apologizes. She had another call come in and she hung up by mistake. Yeah, they have some big problems at work. “I hope you resolve them soon.” She shoves the phone at Ahmet.

And yeah, she’s still angry. That was his boss and she should believe everything he says, right? Then how does he explain the date on the watch? If they were married three years ago, then why is Gonul’s name on the watch and why does it have last year’s date?! She wants the truth–they’re having a baby.

He says he’s tired. He explained this already. Gonul is dead, he loved her, and now Yulide’s mistrusting him all the time. It’s just a watch. He has no idea why it has that date. He’s going to bed. He slams the bedroom door and she throws the watch at it. “I only lost my memory, I’m not stupid!”

He sits on the bed while she furiously cleans the kitchen and yells at the bedroom door. She’s tired of this. She always listens to him! And if he thinks she’s going to forget about this…! So, Gonul bought a watch before she died and had it engraved with something ridiculous? “I’m not stupid!” She can’t believe Ahmet’s making her talk about a dead woman! “IF SHE’S EVEN DEAD!”

Ahmet emerges from the bedroom and retrieves the infamous watch. Yulide’s perched on her chair, looking out the window. Tekin kisses the watch engraving and looks sad. (Like we care.)

In the morning. Yulide is still in the chair. Did she even sleep? Ahmet did. She picks up the baby shoes Figen brought over and relocates them to the bureau outside the bedroom. She grabs her coat and purse and leaves the house, walking past shops that are just opening up.

Ahmet takes his vitamins and starts looking around for Yulide.


Yusuf’s out walking by the water when he sees Gulay and her daughter Beren. Beren was a friend of Cem’s. Gulay’s sorry about what happened. He was such a happy child. She asks how Betul is doing, but Yusuf says he doesn’t know. She left the country. He doesn’t think she’ll be back–it’s impossible for her to heal here. Beren gets bored with the grown-ups and runs for the playground. Gulay tells him to take care of himself before going after her.

A flower seller offers him daisies…and the roses are also fresh. Yusuf agrees, he’ll take a bunch…and behind him, Gonul/Yulide also sees the flowers. The seller offers her a bouquet, but Yusuf never turns around to look at her.

The seller asks why he’s smiling like that–are they for his girlfriend? He says they’re for someone special, but no, he’s not seeing them soon.

Right behind him, Yulide looks out at the water and asks Allah to show her the path. She turns and walks away from Yusuf and they never see each other.


At the salon, Figen’s trying to tweeze a client’s eyebrows when Tekin calls to ask if Gonul is there. Nope. And she has no patience for his questions while her client keeps swatting at her hands.

Ohhhhh, it’s her ex-neighbor and she knows all about the whole twisted situation. She says Tekin and Figen scare her, but apparently not enough if she can joke about whether Figen loves him. Wow, she really has heard it all–when Figen mentions the baby, the neighbor says she thought Figen said they weren’t having sex! “They don’t. It’s best if you don’t get involved. It’s too complicated for you to understand.”

And the neighbor jokes that she should come over more often–this is more drama than a movie. Figen, thread hanging out of her mouth, says she’s only blabbing because she’s so lonely, but her friend had better be more discreet! For a free dye job, her friend will consider it. Instead, Figen starts threading her upper lip.

Yulide goes to get an ultrasound and listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

When “Ahmet” comes in, the ex-neighbor makes eyes at him. Figen gets rid of her before she can say anything.

Yulide hasn’t arrived and she hasn’t called. Figen starts panicking, thinking Gonul remembered everything and went to the police. Tekin says they just argued. She got angry and left.

“You did something stupid, didn’t you? Did you hit her?” Tekin says he’s not that man anymore–he won’t make the same mistakes again.

She says he shouldn’t, because that girl isn’t who she was before. Her millions are waiting for her. Her father’s men will find him and ruin him. “What are you saying?” Figen doesn’t even know. Why did they argue?

“She thinks I’m unfaithful and cheating on her with Gonul.” Figen laughs at that. “She thinks you’re cheating on her with her? Now you’ve really driven us all mad!” He tells her to quit laughing and think. Where would she have gone.

But Figen can’t stop laughing–Gonul is jealous of herself!

Go away already

Yusuf goes to Cem’s grave and finds Ensar there. He claims the right to be at Cem’s tomb, saying he’s his grandson. Yusuf complains that he doesn’t know how Ensar can be like this. And he can’t even hate him.

“You don’t know. You would hate me. You would have killed me. Because I’m the one who provoked your son’s murder to protect you,” he thinks.

Yusuf tells him to leave already. Ensar won’t go. He can’t let them hurt his son. “What more could happen to me? I already buried my son and I can’t find the woman I love.”

Ensar is ok with not coming near him and not seeing him if that’s what Yusuf wants, but he wants Yusuf to remember he has a father. He’d burn the whole world down for him. He wants Yusuf to remember that.

Ensar leaves the cemetery. Hilmi calls. Yusuf asks him not to do anything until he gets there.


Ali thinks about telling Mazhar. He looks over at Aylin in her scrubs and remembers the four of them–him, Tekin, Aylin, and Gonul–at the old hospital. And then Gonul walking out of that house last night. The receptionist says Mazhar will see him now.

When he says he wants to talk about Tekin, Mazhar immediately starts talking about how much better he’s doing, how he’s forgotten Gonul and found himself a “worthy” woman. And he knows Ali helped, by getting him to stop looking for Gonul. He’s such a good friend!

“Is that what Tekin told you?” He didn’t say what exactly Ali said to him, but he knows it worked.

Ali remembers Tekin’s threat from last night.

“So what did you want to talk to me about?” Uh…what they were just talking about. But…he’s got a patient, so he should probably go….

Following a lead

The Dudes sneak up on Sermin’s house and take out nearly all of her men, not counting the ones she gave the day off on account of her guilty conscience. There’s one left who comes to the therapy/workout/spa room to tell her and Mamá that Yusuf’s here. Mamá starts whining about how she can’t get a moment’s peace and what sin is she paying for. She begs Allah for forgiveness.

The one remaining guard suggests Sermin and Mamá sneak out the back while he stops Yusuf. Mama doesn’t think he’s capable. SHE will stop Yusuf, or distract him anyway, while Sermin gets away.

They’re not even looking for Sermin–they’re working on the assumption that she has Gonul and checking all the rooms.

There was more than one guard left after all–they surround Yusuf, temporarily alone on the ground floor. Hilmi tries to pull rank on them, reminding them that this isn’t Sermin’s house–this is Kursat’s daughter’s house.

And Mamá comes out of the spa room in a sexy dress with hair in big curls, declaring that they should all put their guns down! Men don’t behave this way! These are her guests!

She pulls her hair off one shoulder and coyly explains that she’s Sermin’s mother. What can she do for them? She giggles that she lives there with her daughter. Sermin? She’s off on vacation for a few days. She checks Yusuf out.

Sermin is hoofing it up the hill with her guard…but Ensar’s men (I’m guessing?) roll up and grab her, shoving her into the back of a van. Oh yeah, that’s Ensar.

He and Kursat had a deal–no involving the kids. But someone hit his son’s car, so why didn’t Kursat keep his promise? Did he forget? What happened? Sermin says she has no idea–he’s dead. Ensar could ask him, if he were still here.

Ensar doesn’t need to–he’s asking her. He knew Kursat well, but he doesn’t know Sermin. He doesn’t care what she wants to do with Ensar’s daughter, but if it involves his son–which he thinks it does….

Sermin says she was married to Kursat for fifteen years. She knows the business. She knows how to resolve things. Kursat gives her a disbelieving look. She does know there are lines she shouldn’t cross, involving his son, right?

He drops her off and reminds her he’ll be watching her.

Mamá’s still trying to flirt her way out of telling Yusuf, et al, where Sermin is. Hilmi tells her Sermin is making a big mistake if she’s after Gonul’s inheritance. It isn’t going to end well. Mamá grabs him by the tie and says she didn’t understand a word of what he just said, but it’s so pretty…like a poem!

Yusuf threatens to burn the house down if he finds out they hurt Gonul to get her inheritance. “Got it? Tell your daughter?” Metap finally shuts up, but she sneers at their backs. (Well, I like the outfit, but creepy mamá flirting is creepy.)

Back at the old workshop, Yusuf is convinced Sermin ran because she knows something. Hilmi says if they want to catch her, they have to let her go. She’ll make a mistake. Yusuf doesn’t want to wait, but Hilmi tells him going “crazy” isn’t going to help Gonul.

Sabit brings up the messages to Hatice. Maybe Gonul ran away and is hiding with her. Yusuf says Gonul wouldn’t run.

Metap brags to Sermin about her useless men. Ooh, but those guys who came over! Now those were real men! Metap’s in luuuuuuuuurve. Sermin: “They came to kill me.” Metap says they wouldn’t have…and which one was the lawyer? The one with the mustache and the direct look? Is he married?!

What? Isn’t he Kursat’s lawyer? He could alter the will and that could affect Sermin. She should be using her feminine wiles to snag him and and then she’d have no more problems.

Sermin puts down her cup of tea and tells Mamá she’s not like that. “You were like that enough to sleep with the old man, though!” Sermin walks away. Metap fondles her hair and wishes to be young again…oh, the things she would do! (If it were anyone else, I’d tell her to go for it, age be damned! But she creeps me out.)

Hatice and Ridvan show up at the workshop. Yusuf said he remembered something and then they left and never came back! Yusuf admits they still have no leads. Hatice asks why that man hurt them, then. “It wasn’t him. We made a mistake.”

That’s too bad. She still had some hope left. She notices the photo of Yusuf with Cem and says he looks like Yusuf. Yusuf never thought he’d be happy again without his son, but Gonul found him when he felt lost.

Hatice begs him to find Gonul soon.


Tekin waits at the salon for Yulide to come back. Where else would she go if she can’t remember anything else?

Figen hesitantly says Gonul’s been having…dreams…strange dreams…erotic dreams. She’s convinced there’s another man in her life. Figen thinks she’s starting to remember.

Tekin says there’s no way. It’s too soon. And the drugs are so strong. Figen looks away from him.

Tekin says she’s been giving her the medication on schedule right? Figen says she didn’t know this would happen. She didn’t want to hurt the baby. She changed them out with vitamins.

He hits her and tells her to get out. “I did this for you! I lost my humanity! And this is how you repay me?!” He tells her she’s stupid…and so was he, for trusting her. She screams at him that he’s going to regret this…

And Yulide walks in, asking why the salon is closed. Tekin flips the switch and he’s Ahmet, worried about Yulide when he woke up and she wasn’t at home. He thought he’d never see her again. He went a little crazy when he couldn’t find her.

Yulide asks Figen to excuse them. She walks out silently and shuts the door as Ahmet hugs her.

Yulide hands him an ultrasound picture and tells him to make up his mind. If he wants to be with someone else, he can go, but she doesn’t want her child growing up surrounded by lies and games. Ahmet sets the picture down and asks why she insists on believing he’s cheating on her. Does it bother her to think he’s with someone else?

“What we have is dying. I can feel it. We’re not doing well, I can tell.” He says she’s just afraid because she’s going to be a mother and she doesn’t remember anything from before. He’s always at work and it’s making her nervous. But he’ll always be with her.

She asks if he really thinks that’s their only problem. Ahmet says he knows he’s been busy at work lately but he’ll spend more time with her, ok? There will be three of them. He hugs her again and Yulide doesn’t look convinced. Tekin stares at the ultrasound photo and kisses her hair.

In town

Ali’s in a weird mood and Aylin can tell. He says sometimes we just don’t know how close we are to evil. But, uh, yeah, he’s fine. He’s just…upset about the patient.

A receptionist comes up to tell them there’s a police officer asking for Tekin. Ali gets nervous and Aylin says the father of the child Tekin’s going to operate on is a police officer. Oh. Ali doesn’t think Tekin is coming in today. He tells Aylin he’s gotta go.

Oh yeah, she noticed something.

Nese and Hilmi play Wii tennis. They are the cutest thing ever. No…wait…her victory dance is the cutest thing ever. He blames the remote–it must not be working right.

She teases him about whether he’s been this bitter since he was a child and Hilmi says it’s not what she thinks. Ali calls, but she ignores the call. “You still talk to him?” Nese says she can’t get rid of him. She’s sure he’ll stop calling soon. Instead, he sends a message. “See, he’s not even calling to talk about me!” He wants to talk about Tekin.

Hilmi ponders…until Nese suggests they play again. “OK, but you use the other controller this time!”

Ali walks out of the hospital and sees Aylin talking to Mahmut. Specifically, she asks him if he’s found anything out about Gonul. He says they followed a lead, but didn’t find anything. She asks why he came all the way out here to tell her that. “Oh…it’s no bother! I came…to bring you this….” He brought her baklava.

She says she hopes she doesn’t get fatter and they have a ridiculous conversation about her weight and how the clothes hide it and seriously, do you think Mahmut CARES?! Just eat the baklava and go out with him already! Mahmut doesn’t think it’s always good to be skinny. Oh, well Aylin was never very skinny. He stands there looking confused, probably wondering how he got into this conversation in the first place. Anyway…he hopes she enjoys it.

Aylin watches him walk off and smiles, saying to herself that it feels nice to get a present and a compliment.


Back at her old apartment, Figen and her harasser exit the bedroom. He smarms that she was great and offers her money. She tells him to leave it on the table.

Wiping the lipstick off her mouth, she looks in the mirror and says bitterly that she has no one who loves her. She has no one. She’s just Tekin’s trash that he threw away. He never loved her, he just used her.

She screams at an absent Tekin to just love her and not play with her. She sobs that she’s not trash, she’s a human being. (My heart would break for her if I weren’t so furious at Tekin and the other creep.)


Ahmet is trying to be all romantic with candles and dancing in the living room and “I’ve always loved you” and crap. But when he tries to get physical, Yulide tells him to stop. He goes stomping out of the house all upset saying she can have what she wants, then.

Yulide sobs that she just can’t let go with him and she doesn’t know why.

Ahmet is taking tiny, tiny steps away from the house, probably waiting for Yulide to come running after him, when Sermin calls.

They found Alper. But he didn’t talk, don’t worry. She just wants to know–they haven’t found him, have they? Tekin looks around at the empty street. Sermin is sure she’s the one they’ll be coming after, but he should be careful all the same. Tekin warns her not to do anything that could lead them to him.

He looks around nervously as he gets into his car.

The dudes

Yusuf is concerned that no one is missing Alper. He thinks they should go to the police. Hilmi says they need to pick their battles carefully. Mahmut whines about them not getting anywhere and Sabit says they buried their only lead. What are they supposed to do now?

And oh yeah, Ridvan’s in the room. He asks what they buried. “Nothing….”

Yusuf is still convinced Tekin is behind this. Sabit says they’ve watched him several times. And Mahmut insists he’s going out with someone else.

Hilmi remembers the text from earlier…and suggests they go back over their previously-discarded possibilities. Maybe they’ll find something that way.


Ali’s drinking when Nese shows up in the park. She’s not happy about that. She’s only here because something serious is going on with her brother, so what is it?

Ali says Tekin is a very bad man. Seriously.

“You’re no angel yourself.”

Has she never thought of what would have happened between them if not for Tekin? Tekin ruined his life, he’s ruined all their lives, because he only wants to make all his whims reality. He only values his own feelings and he doesn’t care about any of them. They have to do whatever he wants and they can’t object.

“Don’t blame my brother for your cowardice. Our relationship happened just the way you wanted. You wanted it to be a secret. You didn’t want to talk about us, and we didn’t. Don’t call me again or send me messages.”

She starts to walk away and Ali stands up and says “Your brother has Gonul. They’re outside Istanbul. Even if you don’t believe it, he’s kidnapped her.”

Nese looks confused. But also sort of…not.

Moving on?

Selma listens to music and reads and drinks wine. She traipses down her front stairs to find Tekin waiting for her with a bottle of wine.

She invites him to spend the night if he wants to. He likes her loft. He notices the wrapped painting and asks if she’s not fully unpacked yet.

She is. That’s the last thing left. He says she left it last because she’s not sure where to put it…or she’s modest and it’s a nude.

Selma says it’s special. She’ll hang it at the right time.

Tekin is even more curious now.

Well, he’ll have to wait a little longer to find out what it is, but it won’t be long. He’ll find out soon.

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3 years ago

Fabulous recap.

Frustrating episode.

Loved “The Dudes.”

I am so grateful for the tiny little lighter scenes with Nese/Hilmi and Aylin/Mahmut. Not sure I could take the heavier scenes without them.

3 years ago

Ack! Interesting in a scary-as-hell kind of way.

3 years ago

Is Mahmut reporting to Ensar still?

I don’t get Ensar’s logic at all (see comment about killing Cem to protect Yusuf)

3 years ago

Oh! I forgot.

Como que “I had your son killed to protect you.” Does that make any kind of sense to you?