Gonul Wednesday 5/24/17 #12

Musical interlude

Yulide has another one of her Yusuf dreams. This time she just dreams he gets into bed with her…but there’s no one there.

In the workshop, Yusuf is remembering Gonul falling asleep on the couch with him.

Yulide mentally asks who he is. Yusuf’s disembodied voice answers “You know who I am. Remember.”

Yulide starts writing down everything she knows about herself. Her name is Yulide. Her husband is Ahmet…

Clip of Tekin and Selma dancing…

She’s expecting a baby. When her husband touches her, she pulls farther away from him. When she gives in to him, it hurts her heart. She’s having a baby and all she can think about are another man’s caresses.

Selma and Tekin go on dancing. They’re about to kiss, but Tekin pulls away. He thinks he should go. He wishes her a good evening. She tells her empty apartment she hopes it will be.

When Ahmet gets home, Yulide tells him he doesn’t need to come back here–he can go wherever he wants to.

He says he’ll always come back. (*sigh* Is that a threat or a promise?)


Nese, sobbing, walks away from Ali. What is she supposed to do now? Turn Tekin in to the cops? Ali says he just couldn’t handle it alone. Nese sobs that now she’s going to have to carry this around for the rest of her life. He should have gone to the police!

Ali says what Tekin’s doing is a crime. A lot of people are looking for Gonul–not just the police. He’s hoping her father’s men don’t find out where she is. Nese asks where that is.

Team Find Gonul

Yusuf calls Sabit. Nope, Tekin hasn’t come back to his house.

Mahmut didn’t see him come to the hospital, but he has patients scheduled. Yusuf’s coming over after he’s gone to Mazhar’s house. Mahmut tells him to be careful.

Hilmi’s looking through Kursat’s financials to figure out who Sermin’s partner is. Nese calls and says she was working on a “project” all night with an “amigo.” He gripes at her for not telling him and she says she just did. She tells him not to be like her dad.

And what’s he doing? He sounds tense. Has there been any progress finding Gonul? No, but he doesn’t want her to worry about that. He’ll see her later.

She’s parked around the corner from the house in the ‘burbs.

Inside, Ahmet is starting to clean out a room for the baby. He’s talking about where he’ll put all the furniture–including a chair where he can sit and watch her. He wants to move forward for the sake of the baby. Yulide hugs him gratefully. She wants to wait until they “know the baby’s sex” to choose a paint color.

Nese watches Tekin walking out of the house and Gonul standing in the doorway. She doesn’t know what “crazy” thing Tekin is up to or what to do for him.


Figen tries to cheer herself up by singing while she cleans her floors with that (admittedly ugly) dress she was wearing the last time she was at the salon. Her neighbor is annoyed with her for ruining the dress. Figen says she didn’t want it anymore anyway. First they give you presents, then they humiliate you, then they throw you away.

So, she’s coming back to her old life? Figen says someone always knows you, no matter where you go. She might as well stay here–it’s her territory. The neighbor objects to her missing out on her big “opportunity” with the doctor with a lot of money.

“I know I shouldn’t, but he went too far this time.”


Nese follows Yulide to work. The refugee boy is sleeping on the mat. He’s either started to talk or he’s learned to say “I’m hungry” in Spanish. Yulide throws her coat over him and opens the door.

Nese still doesn’t know what to do.

Inside the salon, Yulide orders food.

Nese walks in while Yulide’s in the back getting some water for the boy. She hesitantly asks for a style, but Yulide says her partner is the stylist and she’s not in yet. Um…could she get her hair washed, maybe? Yulide agrees to do that and introduces herself while Nese just stares at her. Nese shakes her hand and gives her name, still staring.

After they’re done with the wash, Yulide starts brushing out Nese’s hair. (It’s cool, it’s a Wet brush…no hair was harmed in the making of this scene.) Nese asks seemingly innocent questions like “What do you do?” and “What months are you talking about?” when Yulide says she was told pain in her abdomen was normal during these months. Pregnant? Oh, congratulations.

Nese says she has to run or she’ll be late. How much does she owe? Yulide doesn’t charge her.

Figen still hasn’t arrived and she’s not answering her phone, but the refugee boy is running a fever and Yulide doesn’t know what to do. She decides to take him to her house.

After a bath, his fever is coming down. Yulide wants him to sleep now. He keeps touching her face and kisses her on the cheek. She doesn’t think he has parents and asks who takes care of him. She’s ok with him not answering. They can talk later.

Hospital watch

Aylin sneaks out of work to join Mahmut in the car and startles him. He points a gun at her. Awkward.

When she gets over her surprise, she gets into the car. She saw him over here, apparently not being stealthy enough, and she just wanted to come over. But why is he out here? Why didn’t he call? The pastries were delicious.

“Yeah, it was just a gift. Do you know when Tekin is getting here.”

Ummm…he only came here for that? To see Tekin?

Mahmut says he was waiting out here in case Tekin arrived. ‘Cause he’s all shifty, you know?

Aylin starts to get out of the car and he pulls her back in…to beg her to help him out. When’s Tekin getting here? Does he have patients scheduled? Aylin snaps that she’s not his personal secretary

“What did I do? Why is she angry? She’s so pretty when she’s angry.” (You’re killing me, Mahmut! Get it together!)

Tekin arrives.

Side drama

Ridvan come bursting into the workroom before Yusuf has left for the day. Someone broke into Ozlem’s gallery and she’s hurt.

Ozlem’s gallery is a wreck. She tells Yusuf she got attacked as she was leaving last night and she can’t remember anything else. She couldn’t see them. She says they just pushed her.

Mahmut calls Yusuf to let him know Tekin arrived at the hospital. Yusuf offers to take Ozlem home, but she says she doesn’t want to be a bother. The police will deal with things. And he doesn’t need to send Ridvan over. Sure, she’ll let him know if she needs anything.

After Yusuf leaves, an officer mentions to Ozlem that the lock on the door wasn’t forced. Right, because she was leaving as they were arriving. And the security cameras don’t work? She says she doesn’t know if they were working or not.


Ali’s looking for Tekin, but he tells the receptionist who gives him the message that he’ll be resting in his office. It looks more like a patient room to me…and Yusuf walks in after him.

The last time they talked, Tekin insisted Gonul was with him. Well, now Yusuf is convinced. So, where is she? Tekin says Gonul abandoned them both. “Let me know if you find her.” He claims he now has a beautiful girlfriend who’s far less flighty, so…good luck finding Gonul.

Yusuf grins at him…and then starts throwing punches. He ends up throwing Tekin on the ground and punching him in the face, saying he’s going to show up and do this every time he thinks of Gonul’s broken finger. So yeah, Tekin had better pray he finds Gonul soon. It looks like Tekin wants to say something to him, but he never does.

After Yusuf leaves, he laughs, but he’s really having trouble getting off the floor. He gives up and just lies there.

Ali finds him after a while and Tekin says Yusuf did it. He wants Ali to help him up, not call security. As Ali starts examining Tekin’s face, he tries to figure out what happened–did Yusuf find out about Gonul? No? So he did this BEFORE he found out? Tekin really needs to stop this. He committed a crime. How much longer is he going to keep this up?

Tekin says Gonul’s falling in love with him…it’s just a little longer. He sounds like he’s drunk. He brags about the baby.

As Ali cleans up Tekin’s face, he says he can’t believe Tekin got Gonul pregnant. And then what? The baby is born while their father is serving a long prison sentence? “The same way I found her, Yusuf could find her.”

Tekin insists nothing’s going to happen. Ali will go home with him tonight and then it’ll be fine. Or he can go spend the night at Selma’s and those “idiots” will stop following him for a while. “So you’re only seeing Selma to distract them?” Tekin says that’s the idea. I’m not sure I believe him. Ali’s worried all the lies covered with lies are going to catch up to him.

Tekin says it won’t matter once Gonul loves him the way he loves her. Ali doesn’t seem convinced.


Yusuf’s in a bad mood when he gets back to the workroom, and Mahmut doesn’t see what hitting Tekin was supposed to accomplish. He’ll only get more cautious. Yusuf says he already knows they’re watching him–now he’ll make mistakes.

Ridvan hears him saying he wishes he had broken every single one of his bones and asks if he found the thieves. Oh. Right. He forgot. He wants Ridvan to go to the gallery and keep Ozlem company.

At the gallery, Ozlem wipes off her carefully applied bruises. She pays off the two “thieves” and one asks why she hired them to ruin her own place. “None of your business.”

She goes into her desk and looks at a picture of her and Yusuf. She knows his weak spot is his conscience. So if she can’t get to his heart, she has to find another way…or isn’t that why he fell in love with Gonul?

What to do?

Lale finds Nese in a storage room at the house, looking at old pictures and saying she’s not a bad person, they’re not bad people. Lale asks to look at the pictures, but she closes the album and asks what’s going on.

“My brother has problems. It’s always the same with him.” Lale thinks she’s exaggerating. He’s gotten over Gonul, and Selma is good for him. Why isn’t she happy for him.

That’s the thing–she was. For the first time in her life, she was happy.

She shakes off the conversation and says she’s just stressed out about projects and she’s got insomnia. Lale invites her to stay over and watch a movie together. “Another day.”

Nese gets home. Hilmi can tell something’s up, but she says she was just out walking. She turns down an offer of a hot shower, saying she’s going to do some work instead.

As soon as the shower comes on, she checks his briefcase, then his computer. It’s password protected. Hilmi turns the shower off and comes out of the bathroom. “The person who is patient knows how to wait. Tolstoy.”


It’s his password.

Nese says she was just going to look something up for her project. Yeah, her tablet’s sitting there, but the battery is dead and she didn’t want to look for the charger. And she’s tired, so she’ll do it tomorrow. She says they should go to sleep. Hilmi agrees, looking unhappy.

Change of plans

Yulide checks on the refugee boy before going back to her journal writing. She writes about the loneliness of being an orphan. She wonders if she also felt this way before she lost her memory. She can understand how the boy feels.

“Ahmet” calls home and says he can’t leave work. Inventory. She was hoping they could talk about some stuff. He says he has to stay. They’re having a baby. He needs this job.

Ali’s waiting on the couch for him with a glass of wine. Enabler.

Yulide thinks the refugee boy is doing better. She’s talking about getting him a change of clothes and some soup. And soon he’ll be well.

He doesn’t want to be. He starts talking about them taking out what he has inside. They did it to the other kids too. If he’s sick, they can’t do it, but if he gets better, they’ll do it to him too. He wants to stay here with her.

Yulide promises she’ll take care of him.

Mahmut reports to Yusuf that Tekin went home with his friend–he’s afraid to be alone.

Hilmi sends Yusuf a text that says Tekin is definitely planning something. Mahmut does find it suspicious that Yusuf beat him up and Tekin didn’t press charges. So now what are they going to do?

Well…he’s “crazy” and careful and he knows they’re following him. Someone must know his secrets. Someone he trusts. Mahmut suggests a family member. “No. It has to be someone who won’t ask for explanations. Someone who’s only there for him.”

Yusuf’s going out to “their” house to see if a friend visits. Mahmut comes with him.

Tekin is bored at his place. Ali says he’s gotta go. He’s sure he doesn’t need to be around Tekin all the time to get his spies off him. And don’t worry–all his threats have guaranteed that Ali will help him. He doesn’t want to go to prison.

Tekin says Ali’s his only friend…but there are limits he shouldn’t cross and now he has and they’re both in this together. Ali should forget what he knows and not get any further involved. So nothing will affect their friendship.

Selma comes over, surprised to see his face. He says he fights in his free time. She asks Ali to stay–aren’t the two of them good friends. How long has Ali belonged to the Weird World of Tekin? Ali jokes that he didn’t used to have grey hairs before he met him, but now he has a bunch.

“So…tell me one of his secrets. He only ever says good things about himself and it bores me.” That’s right, she said it bores her.

At Figen’s house, she refuses to let Yusuf in. She doesn’t want to talk about Tekin.

So he breaks her door down and says he’s not here to hurt her. He just wants to know what she knows. When was the last time she saw Tekin? Did he get back together with Gonul? He might have hurt her, because she disappeared.

Figen sticks to the established lie. Tekin couldn’t find her either and he gave up. Now he’s with someone new.

“How do you know that. Didn’t you say he hasn’t been here in months?” Figen snaps at him to get out and never come back. She locks the door after him, for all that’s worth, and wonders what’s going on. “Way to go, Tekin. Looks like your up against the ropes now.” She thinks she made a mistake with Tekin.

Yusuf is convinced she knows something.

Ali tells some story about Tekin locking another student in the morgue overnight. The guy quit med school and went into business administration. (Well…isn’t that charming.)

Selma likes their friendship. They must know everything about each other, right. Tekin nervously says he hopes not, it’s not good to know everything. Ali bitterly says that’s true. Selma would love another glass of wine, but she needs the bathroom first….

Ali says she’s going to start asking questions. “Yeah, I know.”

Upstairs, Selma quietly searches Tekin’s bedroom. She finds a picture of him with Gonul just as he’s shouting upstairs, asking if she found the bathroom. Selma quickly ducks into the bathroom to wash her hands before going downstairs and saying she has a meeting tomorrow and she’s really gotta go home.

Tekin jokes (in poor taste, given him) that if it’s for a meeting he’ll “let” her go. Selma says her goodbyes. She stops at the door and says it was really nice to see Tekin.

Tekin turns around and grins at Ali like he just got away with something.

Figen is annoyed that Yulide keeps calling her. There are worried texts, too. “Worry about yourself. You’re living with your two worst enemies. I wish you had died in the accident.” Figen can’t believe she’s jealous of a woman who needs her help. What if something bad happens to the baby?

The trail heats up

I don’t know who this guy is who’s in Yulide’s house, but I don’t like it. He shuts her bedroom door, chloroforms the kid, and takes him out of the house.

So, Sabit and Mahmut did find Alper’s phone. But Sabit has checked it over and there was nothing. He called Sermin, some friends…his mom.

Hilmi says his mom died last year. “Oh…may Allah keep her in his glory.” Hilmi snaps that the most important thing they have right now is that phone, so…hand it over.

He can’t. It fell in the car and then it got lost. Hilmi doesn’t believe him and he doesn’t believe Sabit checked the phone. Sabit admits he didn’t check the body.

And neither did Mahmut? OK, then, they’re just going to have to dig him up. (Duuuuuude, no!)

Yulide wakes up and finds the house empty. She rushes out to look for the boy.

Figen catches a taxi and Yusuf follows.

Sabit calls Mahmut, who’s staking out the hospital again and watching Tekin pull into the parking lot. He can’t believe they have to dig up a body, but ok, he’ll be there.

Actually, it’s Tekin’s car, but Ali is behind the wheel. He tells another doctor who asks that Tekin’s at home today.

None of Yulide’s neighbors remember seeing a boy with a grey sweater.

Figen gets out of the taxi at the salon and Yusuf parks down the block.

Yulide asks a couple of kids, but they haven’t seen him either. She sees a little boy in a grey sweater, but it’s not him, and she’s having pains again.

Tekin races for the ‘burbs and calls Yulide on his way. She doesn’t answer. His hand shakes as he tries to put the phone back in the console.

Yusuf approaches the salon on foot.

Yulide approaches, but she’s behind a little group of neighbors and she crouches over in pain. Yusuf gets a brief look at her as she gets into a taxi, then races back to his car to follow the taxi. (AAAAAAAAAH!)

Mahmut and Sabit are both blaming each other for not getting the phone. But, hey, good news! They don’t have to dig Alper up!

Someone else already did.

Sabit calls Hilmi to tell him, just as Hilmi’s assistant brings him an envelope full of gorgeous, full-color photographs documenting the entire evening they spent with Alper.

“Get out now!” he instructs Sabit. They’re in such a hurry, Mahmut backs into his car.

Hilmi just sits there with the photos while visions of disbarment dance in his head.

When Ahmet gets home, Yulide’s not there. He calls her phone and finds it sitting right on top of her journal. He reads the part where she’s wondering who this man is who she can feel when she closes her eyes.

As Gonul’s taxi pulls up to the hospital in Beykoz, Gonul voiceovers more from her journal. She hopes she’s not imagining him. She wants him to be real.

She stumbles out of the cab, barely able to walk, and heads for the emergency entrance.

You asked me to remember. I want to remember, but I’m afraid of doing it.

Yusuf jumps out of his car and runs to her, catching her as she passes out.

Am I Yulide? I don’t know who I am. I can’t remember.

Yusuf kisses her forehead and carries her up the steps to the hospital entrance while a nurse grabs her coat.

Tekin slams the journal shut and starts looking around the house, wondering what happened. He calls Figen, but she ignores him and closes up the salon. She can’t even believe he’s calling her after he tossed her off like trash.

Tekin throws Yulide’s diary down on the table and heads out of the house.


Inside the hospital, Yusuf strokes Gonul’s hair and waits for her to wake up. He can’t give the nurse any information about what she might have taken and she starts wondering who he is.

The doctor comes in asking about her pressure and bleeding and requesting an ultrasound. He ignores Yusuf’s questions and tells the nurse to call “Yulide’s” husband.

Yusuf snaps at them that her name isn’t Yulide and there must be some mistake. The nurse kicks him out.

In the hallway, he takes a call from Hilmi and says he found her. Hilmi asks where and gets ready to go out there.

Tekin zooms down the narrow street and honks at Figen. He snaps at her for not taking his calls. Figen’s tired of listening to his accusations. Things didn’t go the way he wanted? Well, too bad and good luck.

Tekin gets out of his car and tells her not to provoke him. “You already ditched me! Even when I wanted to help you.” She always ignored his relationship with Gonul, but she’s not doing that anymore. From now on, she comes first! She’s not just trash to be thrown in the street! And she won’t cover for him anymore.

Tekin starts putting on the suave act. They’ll talk about that later…hey, did Gonul come to see her? Figen says she doesn’t know, she was in the salon–did Gonul get away again? Tekin doesn’t think so. Maybe something happened. She left her phone at the house and it looked like she left in a hurry.

Figen admits Gonul did call yesterday, but she didn’t answer. Tekin starts to go off on her, but he gets the call from the hospital. As he drives off, Figen hopes the baby is ok.

Yusuf opens the door for the ultrasound tech and the nurse comes to question him. What’s his relationship to Yulide? Yusuf snaps that they’re confusing her for someone else. She tells him to keep his voice down–she just had a threat of miscarriage and her husband is on the way.

She checks with a receptionist who says she called the husband. Poor woman, first amnesia and now she might lose her baby. The nurse quietly tells the receptionist she won’t lose the baby. They’ve given her some medication and she’ll be asleep for a few more hours. (Oh, Yusuf…what are you thinking?)

He sneaks back into the room and tells Gonul he’s here with her and he won’t leave again. He’s found her and no one will separate them again.

Someone calls to ask Hilmi if he got the pictures. “Who are you?” If the police get those pictures, they’re all going to prison. “What do you want?” Stay away from Gonul. Don’t call her or attempt to contact her or they’ll know and they’ll send the photos to the police.

Uh huh. Sermin looks confidently at her hench who made the phone call, but that sounds like a pretty hollow threat.

Hilmi calls Yusuf and tells him about the photos. If they find out he’s there, all four of them are going to jail. Yusuf doesn’t care. Something weird is going on here. Gonul’s pregnant, everyone thinks her name is Yulide, and she has problems with her memory. Hilmi tells him to just get her address and get out.

Hilmi screeches into the hospital parking lot and looks around, seeing Tekin pull into a spot. “It was you!” He calls Yusuf and tells him to get out. Tekin just walked in. They can’t find out they’ve found Gonul. They have to deal with the photo problem.

“We’re already far away. Gonul is with me, Hilmi.” Yep. Right there in the car, sleeping in the front seat. Yusuf kisses her hand.


“Ahmet” is furious that his wife, who was given medications that knocked her out, somehow walked out of the hospital. There’s no way! She must have been taken!

Hilmi watches his tantrum from the hallway. “Ahmet” refuses to let them call the police, expecting the hospital to find her. He demands to see the hotel security videos…but the cameras aren’t working. He screams that she could die from internal bleeding! The doctor assures him she and the baby are in no danger.

“If my wife dies, you’ll pay.”

Yusuf gets a text from Hilmi saying he’s risking Gonul’s life. Yusuf calls Mahmut and tells him to get a doctor to the workshop…a gynecologist…don’t ask questions, just do it! (Mahmut is having the strangest day.)

Ahmet keeps going on about suing the hospital as he’s walking out of the room. Hilmi darts for a corner. The nurse tells Ahmet that there was a man who brought his wife in–maybe she went with him. She doesn’t know who he is. He grabs her arm and demands to know why she didn’t ask. “I thought you knew him.” Ahmet wants to know what he said, did Yulide see him, did they talk, what did he look like?

She yanks her arm out of his grasp and says he was just a regular guy.

Tekin walks right past Hilmi without noticing him. Hilmi calls and makes an appointment with a doctor, saying he’s a friend. He starts walking away and freezes when he feels someone tap him on the shoulder.

It’s a receptionist…with his “wife’s” test results. He hands her a brochure with some cash in it.

Ali comes over to Mazhar’s house. Nese’s there trying to figure out what to do. Lale comes out the back door as Nese’s saying if this gets out, it’ll be a disaster. A national scandal. He tells her to be careful what she says to Lale.

Nese saw Gonul. What happened? Ali says she can’t remember who she is. “And my brother told her all the lies he wanted to. He made a new, wonderful life for her.” Ali says he doesn’t think it’s permanent. She could remember everything. Tekin is playing with fire.

Nese says she has to do something before the truth gets out.

Yusuf carries Gonul into the workshop and sets her down on one of the couches. He notices her hair. She’s thinner. It must have been awful, what she went through. So far, he’s thinking the baby is Tekin’s.

He curls up on the couch with her and says he won’t let Tekin keep destroying them. What he feels for her hasn’t changed. She’ll wake up and they’ll leave everything behind. He kisses her cheek. Gonul sleeps on.

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3 years ago

Thanks for the great recap, Kat. It’s so exciting that Yusuf has finally found Gonul and knows that Tekin was the one who has been hiding her. I can’t wait to see if she gets her memory back when she wakes up and sees him. I am also eager to find out what Selma’s game is. It definitely seems to concern Tekin in particular. Poor Alper seems to have died for nothing since the cat is definitely out of the bag concerning Gonul now that Ali, Nese and Team Find Gonul know about what happened. Snatching the kid out of… Read more »

3 years ago

It’s always fun to read your recaps. 🙂

“You’re killing me, Mahmut! Get it together!”

He’s killing me, too! Doofus!

“…visions of disbarment… ”
*sigh* I really hope they make the Sermin/Tekin connection.

I’m sorry, but I’m done with Ali and Nese. Enabling dimwits. I guess I’m being harsh though. In real life it would be hard to see your big brother as such a villain. Omniscient viewer just has a lot of issues with his twisted butt.

3 years ago

So much easier to be eating popcorn.