La Reina de la Canción Wednesday 5/24/17 #19

I am so ready to hear some singing tonight! And they don’t even make me wait…they start right off with El Sinaloense sung by all ten finalists:

Deyra Barrera (#teamrecodo)
Verónica Rosales (#teamrecodo)
Beatriz Montes (#teamrecodo)
Beatriz Delgado (#teamrecodo)
Lluvia Vega, 28 (#teamrecodo)
Carmen Rios (#teamhoroscopos)
Jazmin Lopez (#teamhoroscopos)
Mary Fredette (#teamhoroscopos)
Sandra Padilla Cervantes (#teamhoroscopos)
Yohanny Rodriguez (#teamhoroscopos)

Next up is La Bikina. Not that their performances haven’t always been impressive, but they obviously had time to work on this performance and I appreciate it. Do we have to go on with the competition? Because a 10-member música regional chorus would suit me fine.

Ale and the captains are back…and finally Lucero gets to do some judging. Ale promises they’ll be singing until they’re hoarse. I don’t need actual hoarseness, but “Yes, please!” to lots of singing!

Tonight, 2 contestants are coming home…and we get to vote on the winners. Ale promises more details later, but for starters, the Univision Conecta app is an option.

Now that we’re down to ten finalists, the competition isn’t team vs. team. Lucero’s been keeping an eye on things throughout the competition.

Not everybody made it tonight and the captains went out to give them the bad news in person. Vicky and Marisol had to say goodbye to Olivia (*sob*) and Sandra Itzel. Poncho delivered the news to Liliana.

Tonight we’ll hear the five finalists from Team Recodo and tomorrow we’ll hear the finalists from Team Horóscopos.

Deyra Barrera – Besos y Copas

Oh, right, judging. I was so busy listening I forgot we were doing that tonight. Lucero has no complaints. Marisol was feeling it. Vicky doesn’t think she was feeling it as much as she usually does, but no one else agrees. I don’t even know if I agree. At this point, I’m thinking it’s lucky for the captains and Lucero that they don’t have to decide who’s going and who’s staying.

Verónica Rosales – Afuera Está Lloviendo

I think the words got in her way and I thought it felt shaky until the beat kicked in. Lucero loved her expression, Poncho thought her diction was perfect, Vicky liked it.

Beatriz Montes – ¡Ay, Jalisco no te rajes!

OK, now, for me that was a real knockout moment. There were intonation problems, but she was so frickin’ enthusiastic and everybody kept mouthing along with the words. Vicky thought she was nervous at first, but she totally let go. Lucero got goosebumps. Poncho has always liked her focus.

Movie break

The contestants got a preview of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, plus some movie swag. Javier Bardem was a big hit. Popcorn was tossed.

Beatriz Delgado – Tú, Solo Tú

Yes, a little off near the end, and gracias to the backup band for letting her lead. Other than that…hello, gorgeous! Lucero likes the color of her voice. Poncho says her voice is velvety, sweet, passionate. He and Marisol joke about how the time at home with her husband obviously got her all revved up. Vicky mentions the way she caresses some of those low notes, and she has such force she needs more song!

Lluvia Vega – De Que Manera Te Olvido

I liked it, but at the same time, it felt like there was something missing? (Possibly the sound balance was off?) Vicky was in tears. She thought this would be too low for her, but no. Poncho thinks she handled those low notes perfectly. And Lucero thinks she did a beautiful job.


So, like Lucero said, it’s a nice problem for them to have, but every performance was so good tonight they’ve got a tough job putting up two for elimination.

Vicky asks Beatriz D to step forward. Marisol asks Beatriz M to step forward. The crowd starts complaining…but the two of them are safe. Dude…there was fixin’ to be a throwdown in there!

Poncho puts Veronica up for elimination.

We’re down to Deyra and Lluvia and Lucero’s going to decide who stays and who might go…and Deyra’s up for elimination.

OK, so, phone lines are open.

To support Deyra call 1-866-918-8801 or on Twitter use #DEYRAVOTA

To support Veronica call 1-866-918-8809 or on Twitter use #VERONICAVOTA

You can vote up to 10 times per method of voting and you only have 1 hour after the show ends to vote by phone (not sure what that means for us on West Coast time) or until 10am Eastern for the other methods (i.e. Twitter and the Univision Conecta app.)

Tomorrow: The remaining five members from Team Horóscopos perform.

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Autora/ Author

Crap. For some reason it didn’t occur to me that live shows also meant audience votes. And I probably haven’t been paying close enough attention. So of course I didn’t watch live.

I’m totally ready to watch and vote tonight though!

I’m really bummed about Olivia.

Autora/ Author

“Lucero likes the color of her voice.”

Yes! Beatriz D has such a rich voice to me.