Gonul Thursday 5/25/17 #13

Expert opinion

Hilmi reviews Gonul’s case with his doctor friend, who seems to be a psychiatrist. Doctor Friend says if she’s trying to hold on to her identity as Yulide, it could be devastating for her to be told she’s not. Hilmi’s trying to figure out what will happen if they just sit her down and explain who she is, what she’s like, etc.

The way they did in Stockholm (aka, the only place he doesn’t vacation)? Did it do any good then? Hilmi says he doesn’t even recognize that as him and he still doesn’t remember that night. He still doubts that it happened–maybe it’s just a trick of his mind.

Doctor Friend laughs and then gets serious again–Hilmi’s friend’s case is much more delicate. She could go into shock, or even lose the baby which would be an additional trauma. Doctor Friend doesn’t think he should test her resilience. Has he never read about people who lose their mental equilibrium and commit suicide?

Doctor Friend is amused, though, that for the first time Hilmi’s mixing his emotions with work. Hilmi denies it. He just promised he’d protect her and he’s keeping his promise. Doctor Friend calls him generous and Hilmi says “I know.” (Heh.)

He calls Yusuf on his way out of the office and tells him he just talked to a psychologist and they can’t tell Gonul who she is, the consequences could be worse than they imagined. Oh no, Yusuf’s ripping off the Band-Aid TODAY. Hilmi warns him that she could lose the baby. Yusuf hangs up on him and Hilmi hopes he doesn’t do anything stupid.

Then he marches back into his friend’s office. (I assume the “SIGMUNDO” on the sign is more of a joke than the guy’s name? “Psikolojik danışma hizmetleri” is Psychological counseling services.)


When Gonul opens her eyes, the first thing she sees is Yusuf…and she’s alarmed. He explains she was in the hospital, she’s recovering, the baby is fine. She keeps screaming at him to stay away from her in between questions and picks up a hammer to defend herself with.

Yusuf gets her attention with “You’ve been here before.” I’m not sure “We’ve slept here” was the best way to follow that up, though mentioning the painting seems like a good idea. He says they had dinner once–eggs on bread. She said she liked it. And she really liked that sofa over there. In his mind, he’s asking why she doesn’t remember.

And then he lays a righteous smooch on her and thinks “You’re Gonul.” So…are we fairy-taleing it here? She’s got tears falling down her face…and then she slaps him and leaves.

Outside the workshop, she makes a run for it, but stops quickly. Yusuf thinks at her “Try to remember, please. Gonul, try!”

She starts to turn around and look at him, but the rest of the dude crew have arrived and when she changes her mind and runs again they grab him and hold him back.

As she hops into a taxi and it drives away, Yusuf keeps yelling “Gonul, don’t go! You have to remember!” The taxi turns the corner and he stops struggling.

The ‘burbs

Ahmet checks the house again.

At the salon, Figen is worrying. She’s got all those missed calls from Yulide and she’s the only person Yulide knows. And what if she remembered everything?!

“Then she’d enjoy her father’s money. But if she didn’t she’d still have a good husband who loves her like crazy.” (Um…ok, neighbor, whatever.) Figen tells her not to get her hopes up–he’s a married man. Oh, neighbor thinks she’s got a shot.

The fruit guy from the stand across the street decided to come over with fruit. For the beautiful flowers of the neighborhood. And what happened yesterday? Figen says she was sick. He was just wondering because of the trouble the other day…that strange guy came in and he heard a lot of shouting.

Figen says it was a thief, but she took care of it. She, uh, gave him a good beating and he won’t dare come back! Fruit Guy reminds her he’s right across the street if she ever needs to close up late. He can give her his number. He wants to be at her service. Neighbor giggles. Figen thanks him and takes his card. She shoos him away with her towel.

She’s about to work on neighbor’s feet when Tekin calls, complaining that he can’t find Yulide and someone took her out of the hospital. She either yells at him that she’s busy or tells him to hang up in case she tries to call him, but either way Yulide walks in right then.

He asks where she was, but she’s more concerned with his face and what happened and going to the police. He brushes all that off and gets back to her–when he got to the hospital, she wasn’t there. Yulide says she doesn’t really know what happened. She woke up and wanted to walk around and she left.

Ahmet starts asking if she was with a man. Who was he? “I just want to thank him. Do you know who he is?” Yulide says he drives a taxi, that’s all she knows. He asks why she seems uncomfortable and Yulide grabs him and says she was so scared for their baby. He looks annoyed and breaks off the hug so he can tell her the doctor said she was fine and needed to rest.

Yulide agrees to stay home, but he can’t leave her alone. Tekin seems a little gratified by the way she’s clinging to him, but it seems to annoy him too.

Team Save Gonul

Yusuf really thought Gonul remembered for a second there, but then she got scared. Doctor Friend came along with Hilmi. He explains that Gonul’s sanity and the baby are at risk. Yusuf has to remember that he’s a stranger to her. But he doesn’t want to be.

Everyone rolls their eyes at Sabit when he suggests sending an anonymous letter to tell her. Mahmut sarcastically says he’s got an even more brilliant idea–they could put a gun to her head. Hilmi explains to Doctor Friend that Mahmut wasn’t serious. Yusuf doesn’t get it–what’s he supposed to do, just let her live with that “bastard”?

Well, he’s her only truth. If Yusuf causes problems for her, she’ll run to him. And he is the father of the baby. Yusuf says that’s impossible–she can’t keep living under the same roof as that loco. Hilmi tries to keep Yusuf from running off again as the doctor patiently explains she’s not going to want to live with Yusuf either. It’s dangerous to alter her perceptions of reality. He could seriously harm her and she wouldn’t recover. Is that what he wants?

Hilmi begs him to calm down. Mamut is similarly angry–he can’t believe Tekin and Alper cooked all this up. Hilmi thinks there’s more to it, but he has to look into it. Yusuf can’t wait. He has to rescue her.

“You won’t be able to get Gonul back. If she can’t remember who she is, then Gonul doesn’t exist. You’ll have to gain Yulide’s confidence. That’s the only way.” Yusuf stops and thinks about that for a second.


Yulide can’t stop thinking about Yusuf kissing her. Ahmet brings her some food on a tray and a little flower he plucked. She sniffs it and keeps staring off into space.

Yusuf thinks about what Doctor Friend said. He has to gain Yulide’s confidence. And she may never remember him. She may not even choose him. She’s a wife and a mother now. Women can put up with anything for their children. The child will have the opportunity to grow up with their father–she’s not going to take that away from them.

Yulide picks at her food and Ahmet gets impatient and takes her tray. If she wants something different, he’ll get it for her, but if she doesn’t eat she won’t be strong. Yulide says she’s just not hungry. He gives her a glass of water and her pills.

She doesn’t want to take them. She thinks they caused her pain. He promises they don’t have side effects…so she takes them. She encourages him to get some rest too–he looks awful. He climbs into bed. He’s about to kiss her when his cell phone starts ringing.

It’s Nese. When he says he can’t talk to her, she says she knows all about Yulide. She’ll meet him at his house. Tekin’s, not Ahmet’s.

Ahmet says he’s gotta go do something…important…that was Metin. She asks him not to take long. She’s just going to sleep.


Lale visits her doctor, who just happens to work at Mazhar’s hospital. They have one of those improbable conversations that violate ethical rules but look good on camera. As he’s walking her out of whatever wing they were in and into the main hallway, he tells her not to exert herself so much and that they still have to wait. In the hallway, she says she doesn’t want her husband to know… He tells her not to worry, he won’t.

Selma walks up. She just got out of a 4-hour meeting with Mazhar. Well, she hopes everything went well because she does worry. Selma assures her they reviewed everything and there’s nothing for her to worry about.

And what’s she here for–a checkup? Lale says she’d like to ask her a question…over lunch maybe? Selma takes her up on the offer.


At Tekin’s house, Nese starts in on him, telling him to look at himself and asking if this is worth it.

Of course, to Tekin, the important thing is that Ali blabbed. Nese says it’s way too big a secret to keep. He tells her to stay out of it and stay away from her lives. Nese hugs him and says she loves him. She knows he suffered and she knows he doesn’t want to lose Gonul, but she begs him to stop doing this–think of the baby! Look, she knows they’re not good people, but they don’t do this.

He says when she falls in love and wants to give of herself completely she’ll understand him. (Um, no.) Gonul’s absence tortures him and when he’d lost her, he couldn’t stand it.

And now he’s gotta go. She’s waiting for him.

Nese watches him walk out and thinks “I’m in love too. I know what you’re talking about.” (OK, but you’re not saying you would do the same thing, right?)


Lale really likes Selma. She’s only known her a couple of weeks but she thinks she’s a strong, determined woman. They agree to have coffee out on the terrace.

Lale’s getting involved in an experimental infertility treatment. There’s something about it being international and all the doctors sharing their results. But so far they haven’t found a solution [implied: for whatever is causing Lale’s fertility problems]. Selma tells her to be patient and she’ll do some digging on her own too.

But there are other ways to have a child, like adoption. Lale laughs–Nese said the same thing. “Nese is Tekin’s sister, right?” Selma’s never met her, just seen her in the tabloids. They’re all obsessed with Tekin’s fiancée or something.

Lale agrees the relationship between Tekin and “that orphan” was big news. But no one cared about the girlfriend he had before, right? (That sounds like a clue.) Lale says Gonul was the only one he ever introduced them to. They never met the others.

Lale asks Selma how it’s going with Tekin. She says he’s a good guy, they’ve had some good times, but that’s it.

Lale gets up to answer her phone and Selma makes a frantic phone call to someone. She complains they’ve been ignoring her calls and they have to talk.

Lale tells Mazhar she’s got big news for him. And Selma’s here, asking questions about Tekin. She thinks they’re going to make it official. At least she hopes so, because she really likes that girl.


Figen comes over to scold Yulide for not answering her phone. Friends don’t do that! She’d better not ever do this to them again!

She sees the sofa all made up and asks what happened. Are they not sleeping together? Yulide explains about the refugee boy. Figen can’t believe she brought him home. She could get in trouble!

Yulide mentions what he said about someone wanting to hurt him, but Figen doesn’t know how they can help, or how to even find him. And Yulide doesn’t know his name. Figen says all they can do is wait for him to come back.

The boy is in a warehouse/basement with several other children his age. The guy who took him out of Yulide’s house appoints an older boy to watch them and hit them with a club if any of them try to leave.

Team Save Gonul And Our Own Asses

The dudes review copies of all the fake paperwork for “Yulide” and “Ahmet.” Something about “Ahmet Çelebi” sounds familiar to Sabit and Hilmi adds “Hezârfen.” (Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi Wikipedia page)

Hilmi explains they’ve got ID’s, passports, and he even bought a salon. Sabit laughs at him being a pharmaceutical rep. Mahmut begs permission to kill him, but Yusuf’s doing that on his own. Hilmi reminds him that he’d be taking a huge risk using a gun.

Yusuf demands another option. He can’t talk to her, so what can he do? Hilmi says in the morning he’ll go press charges and hand over the copies of all the falsified documents.

Now, as for their inadvertent photo shoot…Mahmut says they sure look real. Even he’d think they killed Alper. Sabit wonders who took them. Hilmi says if they do anything to get Gonul back, those pictures will be handed over to the police. And they don’t have the body, so they can’t prove he was shot.

Yusuf complains that Hilmi told them NOT to involve the police. Hilmi admits he made a mistake. He didn’t think about it until Sabit called and said the body was missing.

Sabit sums it up–if he goes to the police they’ll all end up in prison. Yusuf says that means they’re going to have to resolve this on their own, no matter how far they have to go. Mahmut says it’s all up to Yusuf. And if they end up in prison with Tekin, he’ll make sure he gets hit twice a day.

So, ok, tomorrow Hilmi’s going to the prosecutor’s office.

Casa Çelebi

Ahmet comes out of the shower and catches Yulide writing in her journal. She hides it in the pages of a magazine. Ahmet asks about the sofa being made up and Yulide explains…but it’s like he can’t hear her or he’s not listening. Her lips are moving, but there’s no sound and she’s blurry. She takes his hand and asks if he’s listening. Did something happen?

He walks over to the bedroom and says he thinks he forgot to ask her something. She asked him who Sermin was and who Gonul was and he explained in detail, but he didn’t ask her…why can’t she remember the answers? He thinks those answers hold the reason she always rejects him.

She knows this upsets him, but he needs to put himself in her place. He says he’s going to bed.


Nese’s packing and talking to herself. She finally slept peacefully with someone. For the first time she felt sure of herself with someone. She does love him–he’s not the only one who’s in love. It’s not fair to have to choose between her brother and the man she loves. Tekin took away the only good thing in her life.

She remembers all the best moments with Hilmi. She wishes he were here now. She feels terrible and she doesn’t know how she can just go like this. She steals one of his shirts…and a tie…. (*sob*)

Hilmi gets home and sees her bags. Nese says she’s going. “OK. Why?” She puts on an act and says she can’t keep living this homebody life. She’s had enough.

“Excuse me? Just like that.” She avoids his eyes and asks what more he wants. A better excuse. He asks her to tell him, and he won’t stop her.

Nese says she’s just bored. She told him from the beginning–she’s not used to this kind of life. She doesn’t even have a social life anymore. It’s all just work. She’s tired of it. It isn’t what she wants. She doesn’t feel like she fits. She has other things to do.

Hilmi grabs her arm and quietly asks her not to go. “I already decided.”

Behind the closed front door, Hilmi says she doesn’t know what she’s just done. She wounded his pride. No one has done that before. She broke his heart.

Nese breaks down outside the gate and cries that she doesn’t want to go. She doesn’t want to leave him.

Hilmi sees his suit jacket laid out, tie missing. “Maybe this was never what it seemed.” He thinks to himself that he doesn’t have a family anymore and if Kursat hadn’t protected him he wouldn’t be here. “I thought I’d found someone who loved me.”



Yusuf climbs into bed with Yulide and strokes her face. She turns toward him and he rubs their noses together. When she opens her eyes, she’s facing Ahmet. She sits up with a start.

He thinks she had a nightmare and strokes her face, saying he’s here. (That’s the problem, you creep!)

He hugs Yulide while she stares at her reflection in the mirror.

Yusuf holds Gonul’s scarf and mentally tells her not to be afraid. Soon they’ll leave here.

Yulide wakes up in Ahmet’s arms, thinking that he really does love her and wants to make her happy. He’s broken down her barriers and he never gives up. He deserves to be happy. She should try harder. He depends on her. She feels calm and loved. Maybe she can get used to that. If she kisses him, can she get used to his lips?

Instead, she thinks of Yusuf. Awkward. She turns away from Ahmet and grips the pillowcase, trying to stop her tears. She gets out of bed and stops in the doorway to look back at him.

Ahmet opens his eyes, but he just lies there, looking…I dunno, bitter?

Yusuf keeps smelling Gonul’s scarf, sitting in the workroom.

The show attempts to make up for earlier disappointments

Mahmut takes Aylin out for breakfast or coffee or who really cares, because he finally asked her out! She’s talking about what a pretty place this is. When she was working here, she lived in Istanbul for a while. They used to come out of the city, her and Gonul. But she’s not here anymore. Mahmut looks extremely guilty.

She asks if he’s been following Tekin. “I don’t want to talk about Tekin.” OK, is there news about Gonul? “We don’t have to talk about that.” Well, what are Yusuf and Hilmi up to? “I don’t want you to mention them either.” (OK, this is a terrible date, but I’m still laughing.)

Aylin says she’s tried–now it’s his turn to ask her a question. But he doesn’t have any questions, or answers. This might be their last conversation. He’s leaving and it might be for a while, but he wants to tell her something…

She’s an excellent woman.

Aylin doesn’t want to hear any more. He’s just going to say he’s not interested. She’s gotta go.

He doesn’t understand what just happened. Aylin snaps that she’s not interested in him, so he doesn’t need to explain to her!

He begs her to wait. He doesn’t know what she wants, but they’re not going to see each other for a long time and now he thinks she doesn’t even want to listen to him. “I’m listening,” she gripes.

You lit the fire in me and that confuses me too. What I feel is very strong, but it’s inevitable that I have to say goodbye. I’m sorry.

Aylin’s like “Inevitable? After everything that happened I have to say ‘hasta nunca’?” (Yeah. Worst date ever.)


Yusuf calls and catches Hilmi before he talks to the prosecutor. He doesn’t want him to hand over that paperwork. If Tekin gets arrested, he’ll just tell Gonul everything. And right now she thinks he’s her husband, so she’ll be devastated.

Hilmi says she’ll find out one way or another–and this is the only way they can get rid of Tekin.

Yusuf won’t let her get hurt. He won’t hurt her. He’s not like Tekin.

Hilmi tells him to calm down, he’ll do everything he can.

Yusuf picks up the paperwork lying on top of the medical file and reads that, according to the ultrasound, the fetus is at 14 weeks of gestation….

That’s right, Yusuf, 14 weeks…. Still on the phone with Hilmi, he says that’s more than three months.

He remembers making love to Gonul at the cabin, the nurse telling him she’d just had a threat of miscarriage, Cem, Cem’s grave, kissing Gonul on the bluff overlooking the ocean, Doctor Friend saying women are capable of surviving anything for their children.

“Yusuf, are you still there?” Yusuf tells him not to do it–Tekin might hurt Gonul. They have to be prepared. He grins. “We have to protect her and the baby. It’s my baby. Gonul is the mother of my child. I’ve been through this before and I won’t do it again. I won’t lose Gonul and my baby.” He says he’ll make Gonul remember him, a little at a time, without hurting her.

Hilmi stops at the door of the prosecutor’s office, raises his hand to knock, and walks away.

Yusuf runs right over to Mama Hatice’s to tell her he found Gonul…but she lost her memory. Those messages? Tekin sent them and he’s been lying to Gonul. He’ll tell her everything, but then he needs a favor.


Yulide and Figen almost bump into each other in the back hallway in the salon. What’s Yulide even doing there? Didn’t the doctor tell her to rest? “I did. I’m bored.” (As someone who’s not good at “resting” I feel you, sister.) She needs a distraction from the stuff in her head.

Figen wants to hear all about it. Was it the dream guy? Yulide’s about to answer when Mama Hatice appears in the doorway. She starts to faint and Yulide and Figen both grab her and help her into one of the chairs outside.

Yusuf watches from his car parked down the street as Figen brings her some water. He tries to send vibes over to Yulide to get her to remember Hatice.

Figen leaves Yulide combing out Hatice’s hair while she goes to get lunch. But before she can leave, Hatice starts talking about how Yulide reminds her of her daughter. “Do you have a picture?” Figen’s suddenly very interested. Hatice has a picture of Gonul as a little girl…Figen relaxes and leaves.

Hatice explains that her daughter is an adult now. She grew up in an orphanage. “How sad. But why? Where were you? I hope the question doesn’t make you uncomfortable.” Hatice explains she worked at the orphanage. She raised a lot of kids, but she was different. She was a very strong girl. She’s a nurse. She was getting by on her own, but then her life started to crumble. “You said she’s a strong woman. She’ll be fine soon, I’m sure.”

Yulide wonders if she’s alone or if someone’s supporting her…a fiance or a husband? Hatice says she got engaged to a famous doctor, but he’s made her life miserable. He hit her and cheated on her. Then she fell in love with someone else and wanted to run away with him, but she couldn’t. Things got complicated.

Yulide is moved by the story and thinks it’s sad. She starts to cry. Hatice says her life was completely ruined. No one knows where she is–she disappeared. Yulide’s so sorry. She hopes Hatice finds her and they can be happy together. Hatice hopes so.

Yulide suddenly gets up to replace Hatice’s cold tea with hot. How very Gonul of her. Hatice watches her walk away and begs her to remember.

Hatice thanks Yulide for listening. Yulide would like to see her again. Hatice says she’ll be back. And she’d like to give her some advice–be careful. Try to find out when people are being authentic. Never trust everything someone says, even if they seem like a good person. You can almost never notice a person’s evil.

Yulide looks a little confused, but ok, she’ll never forget it. Hatice holds her arms out for a hug and Yulide obliges. She likes the smell of Hatice’s perfume. “It’s lavender.” It reminds her of something, but she can’t remember what. Anyway, they’ll see each other later.

Figen gets back just as Hatice is leaving. She sends Yulide home before her doctor or Tekin can get upset.

In the car, Hatice tells Yusuf she did what she could, but Gonul didn’t remember. She’s someone else. Yusuf begs her not to cry. He promised they’d find her and now he promises they’ll get her back.

They watch Yulide walk out of the salon and head down the sidewalk.

Casa Tekin

Ali comes over for his beating, or at least that’s his attitude. Tekin wants to know what he did. “You know what I did.” And now he has the results of what Tekin asked, right? “You’d really do it?” Tekin starts beating him, saying he didn’t want anyone to know, Ali shouldn’t have told anyone, he’d better not do it again.

Casa Sermin

Metap enjoys a professional styling session. And I mean she really enjoys it. Like, she is the role model for how to enjoy things. I wish she wasn’t such a horrible person.

Sermin gripes that they might as well just embalsamar (embalm) their bodies and stay young forever. Metap doesn’t get the attitude–she’s got bodyguards, money, power. What is she worried about? Um, all of this is Gonul’s. Hilmi could destroy her. Metap is on again about how Hilmi’s so…intelligent.

A maid announces the arrival of Tekin. From downstairs, he shouts that no one followed him. He brought her some decoration for her house. Looks like an urn to me.

So, to what does she owe this visit? “One of the rules of this game. If you want to win, you have to risk losing something valuable.”

Tekin looks for a good place for the urn as he mocks Sermin and Metap about the visit by The Dudes. He says they’re not as rough as they seem–they just wanted to scare her.

Sermin says this is dangerous–what if someone who’s loyal to Hilmi tells him Tekin was here? “Tell him I was asking about Gonul.” Metap likes Tekin. She thinks they’ve got the same (utter lack of a) heart.

Tekin assures them the guys don’t know anything and soon they’ll give up. Sermin says he has to be careful–they’re looking for him, too. He has to keep them from suspecting anything.

Tekin ignores her and hands the urn off to Metap to find a better place for it. He goes over to Sermin to pontificate. His main point is she needs to make “them” fear her. And maybe she should help her mother find a spot for Alper.

Uh…too late. Metap just spilled him all over the furniture. And this was not their plan–he was supposed to keep Alper in the morgue. Nah, Tekin thinks it’s better this way. Alper is dust and they can’t get his body back. “Excellent! Right, partner?” (Is he high? I mean, seriously, he’s acting like he’s high.)

He saunters out and Metap tells her she should have been more afraid of him than of Yusuf.

Crack den

Mete calls Tekin to tell him he needs his payments. It’s been two weeks. And Aylin sent another message. He threatens to tell her the truth–she’d probably be very interested to find out where he friend is.

He asks what she wrote. “Gonul, I’m falling in love. Strange things have happened lately. Please call me if you get this message. He surprises me all the time, he’s an incredible man. I think I’ve found the one! No one else interests me. He makes me feel butterflies in my stomach!”

Tekin dictates a response. “Dear friend, I think you should take your time. You don’t know him yet. Try to get to know him. Uh…Sincerely, Gonul.”

OK, he’s got it, but he wants to see the money in his account before tonight or Aylin will be getting a different message.

Tekin tells him to be grateful he’s still alive…he could be dead soon.


So, um, Yusuf’s basically stalking Yulide now. He watches her take the trash out. As she’s looking up at the sky, he either whispers “Remember” or she hears it in her head.

She wonders what she’s supposed to remember. What happened.

Yusuf starts to approach, but Figen comes down the sidewalk, telling her she’s supposed to be resting. And where’s Ahmet? Did they fight again? Yulide scoffs that they’re not fighting, they’ve given up. Figen jokes that it’s because they don’t have to make peace anymore, right?

Yulide could have lost the baby–she can’t go on like this. Yulide snaps that Figen keeps telling her the same thing, but she can’t be with him! She feels terrible. She doesn’t want to be with him. She can’t even stand to have him touch her. Figen says the risk to her pregnancy will help–he won’t try to touch her and everything will be easier.

Yulide says none of this is easy. Something is wrong. Nothing is right. This isn’t a marriage–there are secrets and lies. Figen asks what she’s talking about. What secret?

“It’s nothing. I’m confused. I should probably rest.” She invites Figen inside where it’s warm.

The dudes

So, just to clarify, they’re not going to prison. Mahmut curses. (I laugh. I assume he’s feeling stupid after making a big deal in front of Aylin?) Sabit’s relieved. Mahmut admits he is too.

But, Gonul and the baby are in danger and the baby’s father won’t be able to take care of them…which isn’t good. He gestures grandly at Yusuf and Yusuf’s like “It’s my baby” all shy. Mahmut says he lost one child, but now he’ll have another one. Now he has hope. Yusuf just grins.

So Hilmi’s thinking that no one knew Gonul saw Hatice, and she knows Gonul better than anyone, so what they need to do now is NOT tell Aylin. She works with Tekin, so they need to keep this a secret until they’re sure. Got it…Sabit? (Were we not all aware that Mahmut would be the once accidentally giving it away?)

Sabit goes over to Yusuf to congratulate him and say he hopes he’ll see his son grow up. They’re all hugging when Aylin shows up.

She wonders what’s up and Yusuf says Mahmut and Sabit are going to be roommates. They were just celebrating. Aylin asks to speak to Mahmut…for a minute…even if she’d rather they didn’t…she just…wanted to ask something about Gonul. She shows them a printout of the email Gonul sent. They can read it later…

Because it starts with Aylin’s outgoing message talking about how she thinks she’s in love…which Yusuf reads OUT LOUD. Mahmut looks up all hopeful. (I’m dying laughing…this is the best!)

Aylin feels the sudden need to leave. Sabit, bless him, suggests Mahmut take her home. “Oh, no, that’s not necessary!” But Yusuf gets it now and he thinks it’s definitely necessary. Mahmut fiercely declares he won’t leave her alone…uh, he can take her home, no problem. They’re still arguing about whether she needs a ride home or not as they head out the door.

Hilmi pockets the email to check it out as Sabit and Yusuf grin at each other.

Never not awkward

Aylin all but jumps out of the car before Mahmut can even properly park. She insists she wants to walk, thanks. How can she even consider walking alone?! She’s pleased by him asking, but she turns around and snaps at him–does she need his permission? “No, but I care about you!”

“You care about me?” They worry briefly about someone in the building they’re standing next to hearing them, but why let that get in the way of a good passionate argument?

Mahmut says he needs her to tell him what’s going on. Why wasn’t she talking to him in the car? So, she wrote to Gonul? Aylin says it didn’t mean anything. She wrote it a long time ago, but Gonul just read it and sent a message months later.

Mahmut grins. “OK, there’s no problem.”

He really wants to explain what happened this morning. He insists on talking about it now, about their “problem.” Well…they have a problem and he’s staying here until they talk.

She keeps trying to get him to agree to talk LATER, but he keeps pulling her back. He begs her to look at him for just one second, look him in the eye.

He moves the hair out of her face and closes half the distance between them…then kisses her on the forehead.

Aylin: “OK. Good night.” She walks up to her apartment in a daze and he suddenly notices a no right turn sign and laughs, saying he didn’t see it.


Selma comes over to Tekin’s house and catches him packing a garment bag. She wants him to go out with her tonight, it’s an important event. And he agrees to go.

The “event” is at his dad’s house. Lale invited her.

While Mazhar pours drinks. Selma talks about how Tekin’s been escorting her around so she doesn’t get bored here. Mazhar talks about how Tekin was such a mischievous child. He was always hurt, always running around.

Lale sits everyone down. Mazhar asks if Selma’s getting settled in. She talks about her family’s house in Balat that she was remodeling before she left for America and now that she’s back, she’s decided to live there.

Nese keeps playing with her phone, trying not to glare at Tekin. She sighs in annoyance when Tekin starts talking about Selma’s place and praising her talent for design. She’s gotta go–she had plans. Lale begs her to stay, but Selma says she shouldn’t let them interrupt her plans. Tekin says Nese’s just rude like that–she can’t even wait for them to finish dinner.

Nese ignores him and says she’s happy to meet Selma. And Selma should run and save herself. Tekin isn’t what he seems–he’s a dangerous person. Selma laughs. Tekin says Nese loves being sarcastic, that’s why he loves her.

Nese heads out the door while Tekin glares at her.

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3 years ago

Another great recap, Kat! Thanks so much. So Gonul didn’t remember even when Yusuf kissed her but she didn’t rat Yusuf out to Tekin either. Since according to zap2it, this novela is going to at least June 7, I guess nothing is going to get resolved that quickly. I’m a little confused about why in her conversation with Selma, Lale would say that she was having infertility treatments but when she was with the doctor, she wanted reassurance that her husband wouldn’t find out. What’s to prevent Selma from mentioning these treatments to Mazhar? Asking about Tekin’s former girlfriends is… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Jean

I think they are flying birds. If I didn’t think it would hurt like he’ll I’d add something like it to my own tattoo collection 😀 I love Selma’s style.

She’s definitely looking like she’s out to avenge a loved one.

3 years ago

Re Selma’s plan: What former girlfriend of Tekin’s do we alredy knew about? The one who warned Gonul & died under mysterious circumstances. Her brother is still working for Tekin.

3 years ago

Thank you, Kat! I loved your take in the worst date ever. Those two crazy kids better end up together! Am I the only once who noticed Mahmut’s long lashes during that kiss?

Maybe it’s because I’m the viewer, but doesn’t it seem odd that none of the dudes have suspected Sermin of more? Especially after the pictures and the threat to stay away from Gonul. I just can’t believe Hilmi hasn’t considered that she’s someone with the means to kill Alper…. WHO WORKED FOR HER.

3 years ago

I continue find myself clinging to the few cute and happy moments. I also lived Mahmut’s joy about the baby.

Good point about them not being diabolical enough.

I forgot earlier- I loved your ALL CAPS damnation of Tekin. He totally deserves a bad end for breaking up Hilmi and Nese. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they get a happy ending too.

3 years ago

I totally pictured it.