La Mujer del Vendaval Wednesday 1/18/17 #46

Alessandro and Marcela make up, passionately.

Afterward in bed, Marcela asks what his wife was like, was she beautiful? cultured? Even though he doesn’t want to talk about it, she wants to know before his parents get there and start comparing her to all his exes. None of them were as wonderful and beautiful as she is.

Hotel Toscana and related environs

Silvana is apologizing to Alba and trying to convince her to continue playing at the hotel, if you leave we’ll both lose out but us most.

In her apt. Nuria works herself into a panic attack worrying about Cris maybe cheating on her w/Alba.

Cris tries to persuade Alba to stay, he’s being very charming, one might even say flirtatious if he weren’t a very married man. He tells Alba he’s included in her contract, sort of a Cristian clause, so she has to stay.

Then he gets home and finds Nuria passed out on the floor and its his turn to panic and call for an ambulance.

At the hospital worried Nuria’s mom and Cris hear first from the doctor and then from Nuria that she’s fine. Mom and Cris want Nuria to take it easy and stay home for a while, but Nuria’s stubborn, all she’ll say is we’ll see. (and as every small child knows, that always means no)

At the hotel Oct tries to convince Alba Ale is just like his dad, obsessed w/$ and controlling and overbearing, Marcela shouldn’t marry him. She also makes Alba believe she’s her friend and tries to convince her she should stay, some music world big shots come to the hotel to eat, they could hear her playing and make her career.

In the owner’s suite, Luc sits in bed and fantasizes about Val. Silvana hopes she convinced Alba to stay but Luc is still convinced Marcela stole the necklace and sent Alba in as a spy to see what else she can get out of them. Sil says he’s paranoid and she hopes he’ll behave himself this weekend. No promises, Luc is such a jerk he won’t even give his own wife a goodnight kiss.

San BP

Amadeo writes an email to his muse telling her how he had to confront the ghosts of the past, it was rough but he knows she can understand him like no-one else and that makes it all better.

El V

Nisa thinks she hid the necklace too well and plans to move it to a desk drawer, but all the drawers have been locked so it’ll have to stay where it is.

Breakfast time and Ale and Marcela are making scrambled eggs, Ale needs lots of eggs. Sagrario is thrilled Ale is sticking by Marcela, Mateo is more surprised than pleased but with some prompting by Sagrario, shakes Ale’s hand and congratulates him on manning up.

Hotel Toscana

Oct and Mauro have a spat, yes she’s jealous of Inez now lets get going for San BP… now, yep Mauro you have to go too.

Nuria invites Alba to breakfast w/o telling Cris where’s she’s going so Cris gets back from his morning exercise and can’t find his wife. Nuria meanwhile is trying to get closer to Alba, and when Cris calls to find out where she is and make sure she’s ok, Nuria pretends to Alba he’s her overprotective mother.

Nuria loves Chopin too, though she doesn’t play. And then Nuria tries to lead Alba into a trap by telling her she can tell Cris likes her and its ok if she likes him back. Alba though, just says he’s way cute and what any woman would dream of, but she’s got no reason to think that Cris has any special interest in her. Nuria keeps pushing her to admit she likes Cris and Alba keeps modestly insisting she has no reason to think Cris has feelings for her. (Trap evaded!)

All this holding her emotions in and pretending its ok with her if her husband likes someone else makes Nuria feel faint and she has to take her pills.

Alba offers to see Nuria home but she says no even though she still looks shaky.


Octavia has gotten Mauro out of the hotel w/o letting him talk to Inez and when they’re gone Nestor has to inform Inez she’s been fired.

Oct and Mauro are on their way to San BP and they’re renting a camper so they don’t have to stay in Hotel Hell.

Poor Inez cries and begs Nestor not to throw her out, she can’t understand why this is happening (because Octavia is a terrible, horrible, mean awful person, and also she’s insecure and knows Mauro can do better) Inez thinks it must be some sort of mistake, she’s got a kid, she needs this job, if she could talk to Silvana – nope Silvana and Luc are out of town, well she’ll call Mauro he’ll clear it up, but Oct takes his phone and won’t let him answer her calls. Nestor has to do his job, even though he doesn’t want to, and Inez is crying fit to burst.


From the car on the way to the airport Sil calls to see if Alba is staying with the hotel, she tells Sandra, tell her we want her to stay but if she won’t tell her we can take her back to the ranch with us, and if she doesn’t want to, give her a month’s wages and have a car take her to the bus station. Luc sighs loudly and makes noises to make it clear that not only doesn’t he want her at the hotel, he really doesn’t want her on his plane, and doesn’t even think they should do anything for her or pay her anything.

Sil says since he wouldn’t apologize they have to make it up to her some way. (I’d be willing to bet, Luciano hasn’t apologized to anyone for at least a decade)


Inez cries and carries her box of belongings out to her car, her kid is there with her waiting for Mauro, who was supposed to go watch him play. The kid thinks she’s crying cause Mauro’s gonna miss his game.

San BP

We get to see the loudest shrillest funeral procession ever.

Over the grave the main characters exchange looks and Cami, Nisa, and ML realize Ale is staying. ML also reminds Cami his horse is at the ranch and come and git him.

After the service Marcela thanks Emiliano for getting the ball rolling on telling Ale about her eyes, it all worked out, and she invites him to come to El V again.

Ale gets a call from his mom, they’re on their way.


What with the funeral and all Amadeo and Roman are opening the bakery later than usual. Roman says he won’t be around much, he’s gonna help Emil w/some home improvements, since Emil is staying in town and opening an office.

Ilse rushes in to talk to them, and Roman tries to escape upstairs but she says she wants to talk to both of them. Roman’s not interested in anything she has to say. Ilse knows she can’t expect them to forgive her but she’s regretted what she did to them all her life. Roman acts like she said she did expect them to forgive her – ‘life’s not like a tv show mom, this isn’t the part where we hug and cry together.’

She just wanted to know how they were doin. – ‘Pretty good for a couple of abandoned kids, we didn’t need you after all’

Amadeo tells Roman the money grandma left them was the money their mom had been sending, she never forgot them. Roman doesn’t buy it, grandma’s dead so Ilse can say anything she likes. Amadeo insists Roman listen and pushes him into a chair. Ilse doesn’t want them to fight, she just wants them to know she loves them and she’d like to see them anytime, she’s staying at Emils house. Amadeo offers again to let her stay w/them, and Roman looks like he’s reconsidering helping Emil remodel. Ilse just wants a chance to start again w/them, though she knows she doesn’t deserve it.


Ale’s gonna go pick up his folks at the airport, he tells Marcela to go home, lock up the shotgun, and makerself pretty… well, even more pretty, and they’ll just tell his folks the holes in the ceiling are a new decorating thing, Pancho Villa style ha ha. Marcela has to pick up chicken vaccine first and nobody told Sagrario before that Ale’s folks are comin today, when she hears that she starts making lists of things she’s gotta get done. So, Sagrario will take a taxi home now and start cookin and cleanin, and Marcela and Mateo will pick up the chicken vaccine real quick and hurry home, and hopefully they’ll all make it before Ale gets back with his parents.


Maria Laura and Nisa are already at the ranch waiting for Camilo to pick up his horse (not literally, I just got a funny thought picture of a very confused horse and Cami underneath trying to lift) ML says they’ve got to work it out so he can stay at the ranch. Nisa loves the idea but Ale’ll never let him.

‘That depends’ ML replies sinisterly. Cami comes out and saddles his hoss. ML quiets Nisa’s squeals and gets out her slingshot and she’s a crack shot, the rock hits the horse, the horse bucks Cami off and his foot gets caught in his lasso and the horse takes off dragging him.

ML squeals in triumph, Nisa squeals in horror and runs to rescue her Cami.

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Gracias, stealth! I think you’re so right about Luciano not having apologized for at least a decade. And he just keeps getting more and more obnoxious the less he gets his way. “Pancho Villa Style” ceilings was hilarious. Well, it’s probably easier than patching it up, but one day the damn roof’s going to cave in and I’m not going to be surprised! “All this holding her emotions in and pretending its ok with her if her husband likes someone else makes Nuria feel faint and she has to take her pills.” No kidding! I’m just gobsmacked at Nuria. She’s… Read more »

stealth cacophony
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophony

Well lets hope that when the roof finally does let go, Luciano is standing right under it ;P

Oh that funeral, it makes me wonder if all the funerals in that town are like that or if its just Dona Epiphania’s

Sigh Nuria, I want to like her, but she’s making it so hard.


From your lips….

I don’t think Doña Epifania would have approved of all that carrying on, but then I’m sure if she’s still hanging around shes already been so outraged a little more won’t matter.

stealth cacophony
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophony

Luc is a real jerk but he hasn’t killed anybody yet, he just treats everyone terrible. Why do I dislike him more than Octavia who has people killed (sorta)? Maybe it’s just because we’ve been seeing so much of his jerkiness lately and I’m way past saturation point


Maybe because he’s a jerk to people’s faces and Octavia just has them fired while she’s on vacation? No, she’s pretty awful too. I think you’re right and it’s a saturation thing.