La Reina de la Canción Thursday 5/25/17 #20

I hope we’ve all done our civic duty 😉

So now, let’s move on to the second night of performances by the five finalists from Team Horóscopos

The members of Team Recodo get to relax tonight. They’re all wearing a variety of colors, while Team Horóscopos are decked out in concert black and bling.

Ale welcomes the judges. Lucero says last night was rough. They’ve gotta pick on the little details. Vicky agrees–they have to be more demanding, even though they’re all reinas. Marisol thinks the contestants are continuing to improve every day and maybe because the performances are live, they’re sounding even more polished. Ale jokes that she’s been giving them tips backstage.

She asks Poncho what’s the one thing he’s not going to let slide? Well, mistakes, obviously. They want to get the best out of everyone, but that’s up to them.

Last night, Deyra and Veronica were up for elimination and tonight another two contestants will be at risk of going home. As soon as the last person sings, the lines are open.

So, here we go with the performances, and if you read last night’s recap, you already know I’m skipping the “getting to know you” segments. It’s pretty much stuff we heard already with an extra dose of “I’m here to win” kind of stuff.

Mary Fredette – Eso y Más

I’ve never heard this song before, but I like it. I think we’ve heard her sing better than this. It’s a difficult style, because the vocal line is pretty free, but you still need to keep it in tempo and I think that was going in and out a little.

Uh, she wanted a more difficult song? OK, but it’s like going on a cooking show and they tell you to make eggs. Just because it’s basic doesn’t mean you don’t need to do it impeccably. Lucero decides she’s calling her Maria. And she loved the performance, but there were issues with tuning and other little details. (I think we’re hearing a lot from Lucero that she doesn’t need for it to be technically perfect.) Vicky heard intonation problems. No the song isn’t explosive, but she still moved them. Marisol says her voice is angelic. She jokes that when she felt goosebumps she was like “Wait…do I have feelings too?” (picking on Vicky for yesterday). And as for Poncho, he can tell when she’s not feeling it and he thinks he just saw that again tonight. She can’t let that happen again, whether she likes the song or not.

Jazmin Lopez – Nos Acostumbramos

Too low at the beginning? Or was the balance off? I wasn’t impressed. It’s like she was trying to be super fierce and I’m looking at the words to the song and I think they need more vulnerability. She was acting it instead of feeling it.

This is an Horóscopos song, so Ale’s leaving them for last. Poncho liked the way she played with her voice. Lucero heard some intonation problems in the beginning, which she attributes to nerves, but she’s like “You can’t be perfect, it’s not math” and I’m like…uh, that’s not an excuse? She liked the color of her voice, her interpretation, and she thinks that makes up for the technical problems. So…Vicky also heard intonation problems–she knows everyone’s nervous. She liked hearing Jazmin sing something different, something more romantic. Marisol says when they were learning this one…well, her because Vicky didn’t have as many problems…it was tough for her to go up and down so much.

Carmen Rios – No Me Se Rajar

It’s a very dynamic performance. Oddly, despite the bling, I thought her outfit was kind of boring.

Lucero was happy. Vicky said she had a lot of energy, she owned the stage. Marisol says that’s why they gave her the Pass. Oh, Poncho doubted them for that, but now he sees why they did it.

Yohanny Rodriguez – Amor del Bueno

Loving the dress. Once again it was either too low for her in the beginning or her mic wasn’t at the right level. I feel like there were a lot of pitch problems.

Lucero thinks Yohanny showed that she’s an artist, doing a song that’s not easy for women. Poncho says he knows her and he thinks she tried to do too much and she needs to not do that when she doesn’t have to. Vicky says it was great, no she doesn’t think it always needs so much embellishment, but Yohanny made it hers.

Sandra Padilla Cervantes – Jamás Te Dejaré

I’ve never heard this one before, but I do hope she makes good on that. I love her voice.

Lucero’s just delighted. She heard a little bit of pitch problems in the beginning. Vicky says the end was beautiful and unexpected. And at the beginning she was a little aggressive–the crowd objects–but she liked how Sandra played with the color of the song. Marisol says she can imagine Sandra singing at some of the salones de bailes where they used to perform and she’s asking herself “Am I seeing someone who could be La Reina de la Canción?” Poncho says he hasn’t seen her dominate the stage like this before.

metroPCS challenge

Wait, what?! Yeah, the finalists had a challenge, supervised by Fernando Arau. Beatriz M won Team Recodo the chance to go first.

For Round 1, they played charades with song titles.

For Round 2, they had to guess the song a teammate was humming.

For Round 3, they had to do a duet with Fernando and sing the next part of the song whenever he got to them with the mic.

Team Recodo won. On Monday, we’ll find out what Poncho does with this win. (Ohhhhhh dear….)


But right now, we’ll find out which two members of Team Horóscopos are up for elimination.

Poncho asks Jazmin to take a step forward. They all agreed Jazmin is at risk of elimination.

Vicky asks Carmen to take a step forward; Marisol asks Sandra to take a step forward. Ok, we all know Sandra’s safe, because c’mon! But still Marisol tries to go for the fakeout. As for Carmen…yes, she’s also safe.

That means either Yohanny or Mary is up for elimination. Lucero reminds them they’re looking for voice, character, and personality, so they’ve decided the other person up for elimination is Mary.

Phone lines are open.

To support Mary call 1-866-918-8803 or on Twitter use #MARYVOTA

To support Jazmin call 1-866-918-8804 or on Twitter use #JAZMINVOTA

You can vote up to 10 times per method of voting and you only have 1 hour after the show ends to vote by phone or until 10am Eastern for the other methods (i.e. Twitter and the Univision Conecta app.)

And on Monday, we find out who’s going home.

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I’ve done my civic duty!

I have to say my favorite part of the evening was Ale and Lucero’s outfits.