Gonul Friday 5/26/17 #14

Casa Mazhar

Tekin pretends he’s going to go apologize for upsetting Nese. Instead, he threatens her.

Inside, Lale and Mazhar pretend Nese and Tekin have this great relationship and Nese’s probably telling him all about whatever’s had her down the last few days. They decide to head out to the terrace, but Selma just wants to check on Tekin first. She’d hate for him to be fighting with his sister on her account. Mazhar assures her Tekin’s known for his ability to resolve things amicably. (Good thing Mazhar’s rich enough to buy fireproof pants.)

In that case, Selma will just go watch his technique.

Nese can’t believe Tekin’s dragging her and Ali into this with him, but he doesn’t think he’s doing anything so terrible. Gonul is happy and living the life she always wanted and he’s the one giving her everything.

Now Selma has the door open. She hears Nese telling him not to bother with the excuses. She knows what she saw–she looked so empty! He’d better not make her go to the police. “What police? What’s your problem? You’re acting jealous, like when you were a kid. You want us to spend more time together?”

No, she wants him to realize the women around him aren’t his toys. He’s hurting all of them, including her.

What? She’s his sister! He would never hurt her!

Nese walks off without telling him he already did. Selma shuts the door.


Yulide and Figen snack and watch TV. Figen says they always find the most beautiful houses…can Yulide believe people actually live like that? What would she do if she were rich? Like…if she got an inheritance from an uncle in Egypt?

Yulide’s skeptical that something like that could happen. Figen says she’s ruining the game! What if…she got a big inheritance and became the richest woman in Turkey? What’s the first thing she would do?

She’d find the boy who ran off and help him. Figen gripes at her to do something for herself for once! Isn’t there anything she wants? “I want to remember. My parents are dead, but I want to know If I have other family, old friends….” She’d like to fill the house with their conversations and laughter. The three of them are so alone.

Ahmet calls and says he’s working late. Of course he’s coming home tonight! He’s just a little busy. He says he loves her. She says “Good night.” (Oh yeah, Tekin, she’s like, totes happy.)

She tells Figen he’ll be late again. “But we’re ok, we’re imagining we’re millionaires, right?” Seriously, forget the tea! They’re millionaires, the servants will bring it. Yulide laughs.

OK, if she were a millionaire, she’d paint this house. “You lack imagination! I’m telling you you have a fortune and you’re talking about paint?! I’m the one who’s gonna paint your dreams! Let’s see if we can give them some color!” A commercial comes on and now Yulide’s really going to go make tea.


Nese takes a taxi down to the water to meet Ali. She called and asked to meet him, but she’s horrified when she sees his face. She knows Tekin’s the one who hit him. She thinks it’s her fault, because he found out Ali’s the one who told her. She’s sorry, but she thought she should talk to him about what he’s doing.

Ali thinks she did the right thing, and that’s why he told her. Nese’s glad she’s not dealing with this alone.


Hilmi comes over to hang out with Yusuf. “I forgot the way home. I had a reason to go home before, but now I don’t.” (*sob*) Yusuf asks Hilmi if he can fix him a drink. “Sure, but you’ve gotta have snacks with that.” No worries–that’s all he has. I’m not sure if he’s drinking some clear alcohol or the joke is that all he has in here is water and snacks.

Oh, yeah, that’s booze. They’re doing shots. Hilmi doesn’t want to talk about it, so Yusuf suggests they sing instead.

Montage: The guys sing; Yulide drapes a blanket over Figen on the couch; Yulide thinks about Yusuf, then Ahmet; Figen looks at Ahmet and Yulide’s wedding picture; Tekin stands out on the terrace while everyone else is inside listening to Lale play the piano; Nese comforts Ali; Yusuf drapes a blanket over a sleeping Hilmi; Yulide lies in bed, awake; Yusuf sits at his desk; Ahmet comes home….

Casa Ahmet

Figen confronts him about where he was tonight. She thinks she has a right to know. She starts trying to seduce him…she knows he hasn’t had sex in months…she’d rather he not go to anyone else.

Yulide dreams about Tekin breaking Gonul’s finger.

Figen reminds Tekin that even though he sent her away, she’s still here.

Yulide dreams about Gonul running from Tekin in the woods.

Figen still burns for him. Tekin asks if she’s gone crazy–what if Yulide wakes up? Figen tries to do what her harasser did to her–she’ll let him go for now, but if he doesn’t come to her she’ll tell everything–he shoves a hand over her mouth.

Yulide sits up in bed. She comes out of the bedroom to find Ahmet sitting in the living room. Figen’s gone. He says she left when he got here.

Figen walks away from the house thinking that Tekin should quit fooling himself–he’s hers.

Ahmet asks why she’s awake. Yulide says she had strange dreams…someone chasing her in the woods…it was very strange. He says it was just a nightmare, but it’s over. Did she take her medication? “Of course.” He says they should go to bed. There’s no need to be afraid. He’s here.


Mete bangs on a metal door. The guy inside tells him to get lost if he doesn’t have the money. Oh, but he does. And he trades his sizable wad of cash for a tiny plastic baggie. He ducks behind the closest dumpster to partake of whatever’s inside.

Meanwhile, not half a block from where Mete’s getting high, the refugee boy slips out a window and starts running down the street. He hides with Mete.

The guys inside pour into the street, shouting about how he could have gotten away. When they get to Mete he tells them he’s soooooo high. They get back to their search while Mete pulls the boy out of the dumpster and tells him to make a run for it. The boy wants to go back to the woman he liked…he asks Mete to help him.

Mete’s no role model but he offers sound advice–if the boy goes back to where he was before, the men will look for him there. He has to be smarter and find a different place. Mete takes off and the boy just sighs.

The boy follows Mete. “So you’re my punishment for what I did? OK, then, come on.”

Mete takes the boy to his place and says he can stay for today–he’s no guardian angel. The boy stares at him until Mete offers him food. “Ay, Allah, what is this test about?! I know you want to punish me, but sending a child?!” He finds a pizza box with two slices left in it and offers that to the boy.

He gets a call and says he’s on his way. He tells the boy not to leave the house.


Ridvan comes over in the morning, amused at Hilmi sleeping on the couch. Yusuf says he drank too much last night–just let him wake up on his own.

Looks like instead of sleeping, Yusuf carved a little bird. He sticks it into his pocket and says he’s going to go give something to someone.


Selma fills her bookcase and hides the mystery painting behind the bookshelf…but the paper rips…and it’s a framed photo. She rips off enough of the paper that we can see Ilknur’s face (with accompanying flashback of Ilknur at the dress shop for confirmation) and maybe half of Selma’s face? She turns it around so the ripped part is facing the wall and not the books and then goes downstairs to answer the door.

It’s Mete. She leaves him to shut the door and walks upstairs ahead of him.

She can tell he’s been using. “Did you really call me just to scold me, sis?” She tells him he keeps using because he keeps going to the same places. She’s sending him to rehab in the US. This is over, got it? “But I’m not using. I’m not an addict. I can stop when I want to. I’m only using because I want to.”

She slaps him and grabs him before he can retaliate. She says they’ve already lost one sibling and she doesn’t want to lose another one. “Don’t worry. You won’t lose me so easily.”

Selma blames Mete for hassling Ilknur for money while she was away. She wouldn’t be dead if he’d been looking out for her and knew who she was hanging out with. He says she wasn’t killed–she committed suicide. “Do you really believe that stupid story? Or does your brain not work after all that stuff you took?”

Mete remembers telling Gonul about Ilknur’s “history,” threatening Tekin, getting hauled off to rehab.

Selma can’t believe she’s doing all this–she moved back here to investigate the guy who attacked her sister, she’s working where he works, where she’s a partner–and Mete’s doing NOTHING! “You’re investigating Tekin? Why? Have you gone mad?! I told you he had nothing to do with her death!”

Selma doesn’t believe that. She doesn’t believe the police. And she sure doesn’t believe him! She talked to Ilknur a few days before she died and she didn’t sound like she was going to commit suicide. She was fine!

Mete says she was sick. She got treatment, but she’d end up back where she started. She was paranoid. But Selma doesn’t know this because she was off in America while he was with Ilknur.

Selma angrily pulls out the portrait now and unwraps it to shove it in his face. It’s the three of them–Ilknur, Selma, and Mete. She took them everywhere with her. She never forgot she had two siblings with problems. They ruined her life! Mete screams that they never wanted anything from her. He slams his hand down and breaks the glass. She enjoyed everything alone and she never came to her own sister’s funeral. She’s selfish!

Selma screams that she couldn’t come! She puts down the photo. Mete picks up his backpack and tells her to go back to her life and not get herself into trouble. Selma says she’s not going anywhere until she finds out what happened to Ilknur and gets him treatment for his addiction. And it’s happening soon.

He runs out of the apartment and Selma goes back to look at the photo.

Casa Ahmet

Yulide wakes up in bed with Yusuf and asks him who he is. “Remember.”

Ahmet wakes Yulide up. “Were you dreaming?” She says she doesn’t know. Did she say something? “You asked who I was. Is there something you haven’t told me?” She angrily says she tells him everything, but he only hears what he wants to.

“What didn’t I hear?” She says she told him there was a boy in the street and she brought him home and he was sick, but then he disappeared. Apparently he didn’t listen to her! “Is that who you saw in your dreams?” She says she has no idea what she saw. He says she was dreaming? Well, she knows that boy wasn’t a dream.

His answer to that is to give her a smarmy smile and say he’ll be working late. They can talk about that boy early, ok?

She stomps out of the bedroom.

His idea of “talking about the boy” is to scold her over breakfast about bringing the boy home without consulting him first. “You were working.” He says she could have called. Just because she doesn’t remember doesn’t change that she has a husband. Well, if he remembered he had a wife at home, he would have seen the boy. “I called you, but you were busy. You’re ALWAYS busy!” He can take that however he wants to.

Yusuf sneaks up to the house in time to hear them arguing. Ahmet’s trying to blame her mood on her hormones. She’s acting like a child. She didn’t used to be like that. “What was I like? Did I just accept everything you wanted me to do?” He complains that he’s WORKING and he only got home late twice.

Oh, wait, he knows…she just hasn’t had her medication. He offers her a pill as Yusuf watches through the back window. Yulide takes it.

Ahmet’s getting ready to leave for work when Yulide comes barreling out of the bedroom, dressed, insisting on going to the police to get them to look for the boy, since he and Figen don’t care. He says she’s not going anywhere. Yusuf’s still watching them as they struggle. Yulide throws something at him and he tells her to calm down or she’ll hurt their baby.

Yusuf sneaks in the back door.

Yulide doesn’t care what he says, she’s going to the police. “No, you won’t, because I said so.” She asks what he’s going to do–tie her up? Lock her in? He grabs her and quietly, menacingly tells her not to make him…or…. “Or what?!” She demands he answer her. That he tell her he’s tired of her and tired of the problems she caused by losing her memory. She tells him to show his real feelings. What is he afraid of? Who is he?

“What kind of man do you want? Because I’m trying to be the kind of man you deserve, the man you’re looking for. Isn’t that what you want?”

She doesn’t know. It’s all complicated and she’s full of doubts. He knows it’s difficult, but she’ll get over it. He’s begging her to stay and rest. He’ll go to the police. He’ll ask around and look for the boy himself if he has to.

Yulide pulls her hands away from him. Why is he being so nice now? He says he isn’t, he just loves her. Doesn’t she feel the same? She pulls her hands away again.

Ahmet insists something strange is going on with her that she’s not telling him. He gives her a hyper-reasonable “Whatever it is, we can handle it like adults.” Then he starts guilting her about how she won’t tell him. She won’t even tell him she loves him. She’d better not ask later why their marriage is like this–she’s the one making it this way.

Yusuf starts to duck into the bathroom as Ahmet walks out of the living room, but Yulide starts talking. She says the day she went to the hospital she fainted and when she woke up…. Ahmet is very interested in what happened next, but his phone starts to ring….

In another party of town…Mete gets home and finds the boy passed out. He vomited and Mete can’t wake him up. Mete assumes it was the pizza…but he’s not going to let the boy die here. He wraps him up in the blanket so he can throw it over his shoulder.

He calls Tekin, interrupting Ahmet’s emotional manipulation and potentially Yulide’s confession that her dream lover took her home from the hospital. He demands that Tekin drop whatever he’s doing and meet him at the hospital, or he’ll tell the police Tekin was involved in his sister’s death.

Ahmet wants to get back to their conversation, but if he’s got something urgent going on at work then they’ll talk later. She’s firm about it and sarcastically tells him to go deal with his urgent matter. He says he’s going to the police on his way–she should stay home and rest. She glares at him as he walks out and mutters sarcastically about an “urgent” matter for a pharmaceutical rep. (Maybe he should’ve given himself a promotion to management.)


Selma ponders photos–she has copies of the ones of Ilknur after Tekin hit her, plus tabloid clippings of Tekin with Gonul. His relationship with Gonul ended a week after Ilknur died. She thinks Gonul must know something about Tekin, something dark. And now she’s going to tell Selma so she can carry out her revenge.

“But first I have to find you.”

Sneaking around

Yusuf waits for Yulide to fall asleep and peeks in her diary. (*glare*) He gets all warm and fuzzy reading that he’s as much a stranger to her as anyone else, but when he holds her in his arms she wants to stay there…and run at the same time. She doesn’t know what to do.

He starts writing and whispers to her that he found her and now she has to remember that he’s her true love. He leaves the bird on top of her journal.

Yulide wakes up and thinks Ahmet moved her journal. She sees the bird immediately and flips to the last page where she was writing. Yusuf’s note says “Listen to your heart. Remember.”

She remembers Yusuf telling her about the workshop where he said she’d been before. She’s a little alarmed. “What did I do with that man?!”


When Tekin arrives, Mete explains he brought him a patient. He wants TEKIN to take care of him, not just any doctor. He needs a doctor and a place to stay. Tekin, being the kind soul that he is, tells Mete to get the kid out of there. Mete says he doesn’t have anywhere to go. Mete the Hero saved him from bad people, but he can’t do anything else. Tekin should do his part–any corner of his house would be enough.

“You have to do something good for once in your life.” He walks out.

A nurse comes in to check on the boy and Tekin asks her what happened. She gives the all purpose “he had an intoxicación” (poisoning, food poisoning, being intoxicated).

Mazhar found out about Lale’s fertility treatments from her doctor, “by accident.” He’s furious with her for trying to get pregnant in secret. She screams at him about not caring if she’s happy and not wanting to have any more children.

And now, NOW he tells her he had a “procedure” and he CAN’T have any more children. Lale’s furious with him for keeping something so important from her. She knocks stuff off his desk, calls him selfish and a desgraciado, and walks out of his office. (And hopefully, his life. Come on, Lale, you can do way better than this jerk!)

Aylin heard Ali wasn’t coming in this week. Something about an accident? Does Tekin know what happened? Tekin says he hasn’t seen him since yesterday. She goes over to the boy and starts asking about his case and comforting him. She assures him he’s going to get better fast–they have the best doctors here.

But why is Tekin taking care of him? Does he know him? Tekin says he doesn’t have any family–someone dropped him off.

Now Lale comes in, asking to speak to Tekin about his father…but she can see he has a patient. She’ll talk to him later. As she walks out, Aylin asks the boy what his mother’s name is and he says he doesn’t have a mother. Lale stops and smiles.

Mazhar is trying to send Tekin to a conference in Antalya. It’ll only be for a day. Tekin tells him to send Ali. (Dude…after you bashed his face in?) Mazhar says he’s not an Altinel. Plus, he had an accident. He can’t go.

Look, he’s already in a bad mood today, so he’s not going to argue–Tekin’s going and that’s that. He’s not asking him for so much!


Yusuf goes out to the water, still talking to Gonul in his thoughts about how he isn’t going to leave her. A couple of children come up to ask him for money for food. There’s a whole group of them and he asks if they aren’t all hungry. They should all go to a restaurant.

“What are they going to give us at a restaurant?”

“Do you want salad?”

“We’ll eat salad, really? We’re not that hungry, sir. Better you don’t bother.”

Yusuf agrees with him and starts walking away. “I was kidding. We’ll get kebabs.”

Casa Sermin

The guards aren’t paying attention to her anymore–they know this all belongs to Gonul. Metap doesn’t seem to understand how things work. She wanders around saying stupid stuff to the servants and dreaming and pretending all this belongs to them.

But it’s Gonul’s. Sermin can’t do anything about that and everyone knows it. “But she’s not here,” Metap whines.

It doesn’t matter that she’s not here right now. They can’t declare her dead until it’s been five years and Sermin won’t be the owner before then. Metap can’t believe she’s going to wait. Sermin says if they take Gonul out, Tekin will kill them.

Metap tells her to forget Tekin and get rid of Gonul and that will be enough. Sermin’s face is somewhere between “Could that work?” and “I can’t believe I have to put up with you.”

Missing you

Nese walks off campus, looks up, and sees Hilmi standing across the street. She stops breathing.

Hilmi thinks “I took the first step, now you do it. Don’t let your brother keep us apart.”

Nese’s friends call to her, asking if she’s coming with them or not and Nese starts walking with them.

She thinks “I miss you so much!” A classmate asks if she’s ok and pulls her along with the others, saying he’s hungry.

Nese keeps staring at Hilmi, thinking “You can’t love at a distance. You have to be close to the one you love and protect them with everything.” She keeps walking away.

She didn’t even notice until they get to the restaurant that her classmate had his arm around her. She tells him to cut that out and quit touching her. Hilmi stands outside the restaurant watching this creep saying she must have woken up cranky–they’ll talk when she’s calmed down.

Hilmi walks into the restaurant and says her name and she turns around and stares. “Are you ok? Was that guy bothering you?” She rolls her eyes and tells him to leave her alone. He didn’t do anything. She can take care of herself.

She tells him to get back to his missions and stomps off angrily…in the wrong direction. She turns around and goes the other way, marching right past him.


Yusuf and Mahmut watch the house. Mahmut begs for permission to tell Aylin. She keeps asking about Gonul and he doesn’t know what else he can tell her!

Yusuf says he can’t tell her. He can’t believe they’re stuck like this and Mahmut’s wasting his time with women.

“I’m not wasting my time! She’s good. And I don’t see her like that.” Yusuf starts laughing at him–he can see he’s in love. This will be good for him. Mahmut thought he was really angry. Uh, how could he be angry at Mahmut when he’s camped out in front of Gonul’s house waiting for her?

“What if she doesn’t remember you? Or if it takes her too long to get her memory back.”

They watch Tekin’s car pull up. Yusuf says he’ll make sure she remembers soon.

Yulide sings and folds laundry. Ahmet comes home and says he talked to the police on the way home and told them about the boy. They’ll let them know if they find anything. He gets a text from his dad saying the flight reservations have been made for tomorrow.

Yulide offers him dinner, but instead he puts on his earnest face and reminds her she was saying something earlier about what happened at the hospital. She says she was worried about the baby and she went out to walk and think.

“What did you think about?”


Tekin starts quietly flipping out. Didn’t she say she wasn’t going to leave him. Yes, she did, because she was scared–she and the baby need him. He says he’s here for them.

“That’s the problem! I need a break!” She apologizes, but she needs some time alone, a few days. They both need it. He says he’s fine, but if she needs it then he’ll set something up for her…maybe in Sile? And then he can catch up to her and maybe being away for a while will be good for them. That could be good for both of them.

Yulide agrees. She goes off to make dinner. Tekin looks out the window angrily.

Yusuf says it won’t be long now. Gonul is starting to remember him and soon she won’t need any help remembering them. Mahmut hopes so.

Yusuf forgot, he filched one of the pills Tekin keeps giving Gonul. He wants Mahmut to have it analyzed. “But he loves her, doesn’t he? He wouldn’t dare hurt the woman he loves.” Yusuf says Tekin would rather kill Gonul than let her be with someone else. What he’s doing can’t be love. Mahmut puts the pill in his pocket and says he’ll look into it.

Casa Mazhar

Lale wants to keep the boy, but Mazhar refuses. She thinks he doesn’t get a choice, since he never bothered telling her he couldn’t have children. She’s adopting that boy.

Nese pulls out her earbuds as Lale walks into the house. She’s never seen her like this before. Lale says she’s fine. Nese was right–there are too many orphaned children who need a home and she met one today. After she found out she could never have a child with Mazhar, she met him–that’s a sign, right?

She wants to go see him, find out if he has family and see if she can adopt him. Nese says she’ll go with her.


Nese and Lale get ready to go in and talk to the boy. Lale’s worried she won’t be able to convince him to come live with her.

Nese says she’ll come in and meet him and then go…she recognizes him from the salon. Lale’s already tearing up. Nese walks out and runs into Selma in the hallway. Selma says it’s serious, then, about the adoption? She invites Nese for coffee while they wait.

Half-asleep, the boy calls out to his mother. Lale tells him her name is Lale. What’s his name? He doesn’t answer.

She brought him a toy car, but he asks if there isn’t a smaller one. If he can’t hide it, they’ll take it away. If it were small he could hide it better. “And what if you didn’t have to go back to the street?” He says they’d find him. Lale says she can take him to a magical place where they’ll never find him again. Would he like to have a new family?

It looks like he would.

Nese apologizes to Selma for how she behaved last night. Selma says it happens to everyone–does she really think anyone survives love without suffering? Maybe they could start over. She introduces herself and Nese laughs and does the same.

So…was she angry at her brother? Nese says she wasn’t. Or maybe she was. But even so, she loves him. Selma gets it–sometimes she wants to kill him, and then she realizes she’d die for him. That’s how it usually is with siblings. Nese says it seems like there’s also “usually” one problem child.

“That’s Tekin,” Selma guesses. Yeah, Nese thought it was her until recently. “Was it because of Gonul?” She read in the papers Tekin had a tough time with their breakup. But where did Gonul end up? What was she like?

Nese says she doesn’t know. Gonul just disappeared


Yusuf watches as Ahmet and Yulide get into the car. He’s on about her remembering her pills and is she sure she doesn’t want Figen to go.

Yusuf follows them.

After he drops her off and changes, Tekin calls Yulide from the car, whining about how much he misses her. But it’s a nice hotel…he wishes he could have walked her to her room. Yulide tells him to quit acting like she’s incapacitated. She’s just here to rest and clear her mind. He tells her to take care of herself. He says he loves her. She tells him to take care.

Yulide goes out to the water near the hotel and asks about a boat ride. The guy at the dock says one of his coworkers will be along in a minute. Yusuf pays the guy off, gets in, and starts rowing. Yulide never turns around.

Out in the middle of the water, she starts talking to him. When she turns around and realizes it’s him, she freaks out. He reminds her to be calm or they’ll end up in the water. He tells her not to be afraid.

She testily says she’s not afraid of him. She knows he’s not going to hurt her, it’s just… “You can’t remember me. I know.” He knows it’s confusing, but maybe she wants to ask him something? Maybe he has answers?

“Who are you?” He says he’s Yusuf. She tries out the name, but…she doesn’t remember. He says she will. He’d like to help her. He starts rowing the boat again and Yulide goes back to her spot, sitting with her back against his…but she can’t help turning around to look at him.

He rows the boat back to the dock, helps Yulide out, and she takes off. The boat guy says it doesn’t look like she liked the surprise, but Yusuf says she got excited.

Back in her room, Yulide keeps saying his name and trying to remember who he is. Maybe he can help her remember. She doesn’t know. In her head she says she’s kidding herself. A part of her past? Then why is she having so many feelings.

Ahmet calls to check up on her. Yeah, she was out at the river. No, she’s just tired now. (So much for “alone” if he’s going to be calling every five minutes!)

She wonders if she should go home…but she wants to stay.

She walks over to a little bar and takes a table outside. Yusuf shows up and asks if he can join her. He ordered an appetizer, is that ok? It shows up right then. (Hey, free apps, might as well, right?) Without waiting for her to answer, he starts digging in. He catches her staring at him. She grumpily accepts a piece of bread.

Looking over her shoulder, he sees Mahmut with a cardboard box and winks at him.

Yulide’s enjoying the food, if nothing else. She tries to grab something with her fork and sends it flying. When she tries to pick it up again, it falls. She laughs.

Inside the bar, the phone rings. The server takes a message that Mr. Ahmet called for Mr. Husein…but Mr. Husein’s not there because his wife is sick. Who? Yulide? She doesn’t know. There’s only one couple here right now.

Yulide gets testy again when the initial rush of eating is over and Yusuf leans back in his seat. She complains she’s lost her appetite, but he says it looked like she was enjoying it. She starts laughing at herself, but gets serious again. She should go. She stomps off and Yusuf laughs.

Out near the water again, Mahmut comes up with a bunch of balloons and asks if she can hold them for him. Then he walks away. “What am I supposed to do with these?” He tells her to keep them.

There’s a note attached telling her to let them go along with all her problems and doubts. She looks up and sees Yusuf standing there. She lets them go and Mahmut takes a picture and scolds himself for only getting sweets for Aylin. (Hey, it was baklava…don’t knock it!)

He sends her the picture, saying he can’t be with her right now, but he sent some balloons up for her. Aylin starts talking to herself and the other nurses roll their eyes at her. She wishes Gonul could see this.

Yusuf walks up to join her and she asks if this should remind her of something. “No. I just wanted to see you smile. And it worked.” She agrees to walk with him.

She thinks it’s beautiful here. Everything is just as it should be. He agrees–everything is in its place. The birds know when to sing and when to fly to get back to where they belong. “Because they know where they belong.” He says some people are like that–they have wings so they can be free, but they come home.

“And if one gets lost and doesn’t come back?” He says it can happen, but there’s an invisible path in the heart. Yulide starts walking again.

He asks her out to dinner, but she turns him down. She’s really tired today. She walks back to her room/cottage.

Inside, there’s a bunch of daisies on the bed with a note that says “smile.” She remembers him saying he wanted to see her smile. She starts arguing with herself…of course she’ll smile and she’ll enjoy it. What’s wrong with that? She keeps laughing at herself.

At this point, it looks like we only have five episodes left with the Gran Final scheduled for Friday, June 2.

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Author: 5ftLatina

Kat is 5ftLatina. She is really 5' tall (and probably shrinking) and Latina. She is not actually a cactus, but she is both prickly and cute. Mr. 5ft is actually married to Kat, but is not 5' tall or Latina. He is also not a form of plant life.

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Visita/ Guest

Thanks again for another great recap. I don’t how you do it. I loved, “(Good thing Mazhar’s rich enough to buy fireproof pants.)” I think Lale is going to win this one. She and un-named kid were very cute together. It was nice of Mazhar to make Tekin go out of town so that Yusuf can continue his campaign to get Yulide to remember. I was rooting for Nese to surrender to her desires and go back to Hilmi. How could resist his face? Yusuf and Hilmi were cute bonding in their misery. Does Selma have a plan or is… Read more »

Autora/ Author

Thanks, Kat!

I was starting to wonder why we had the boy waif story going but I like how they tied it all together.

I was almost disappointed that those balloons didn’t remind Gonul about Tekin and that locker surprise. Drat.

Yusuf is being romantic and all, but it still felt a little stalky to me. Didn’t the doctor tell them that it could be traumatic that Gonul learn the truth too quickly? What’s to say the creepy ever present Yusuf doesn’t freak her out? Am I over thinking?