La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 1/20/17 #48

What happened

Down near the hot springs, Sagrario wakes up on the ground, coughing. She’s got a huge scratch on her neck.

Nisa keeps sobbing that they’ve been robbed and no one can get her to stop.

Marcela’s hair is way bigger than usual when she comes in, looking around all confused.

Marcela keeps calling for her aunt and Rosa, but they’re not answering. She explains to Alessandro about the vaccines after ML gets all ugly with her about not being there. She notices blood on some of the paperwork and starts freaking out. Luciano looks bored.

Sagrario sits in the water and ties to wash off…I don’t even want to know what, but we get a flashback anyway. She threatened to turn Severo in (for…?) and he said he’d kill her and put Marcela’s letter opener to her neck. But the blood freaked him out, I think.

Severo tells Mike it was her fault. He just wanted the paperwork. And if she hadn’t tried to defy him…. In his flashback, he puts the knife in his cargo pants and Sagrario is passed out on Marcela’s desk. Oh, save your one tear, you creep.

Mike doesn’t understand. Severo claims she wanted it. “You raped her?!” He says they’re married. Mike says she doesn’t love him anymore. “She should have thought of that before.” Mike demands to know where she is. She could turn him in! “No. The dead don’t talk.” He figures she’ll have bled out by the time they find her.

Luciano’s offended by Marcela’s attire. Meanwhile everyone else is worried about where Sagrario is. Rosa comes back with the flowers. Marcela wants Al to stay with his parents, but he’s going to town to file a report with the police. Silvana is understanding enough to say she’s going with him and tell Marcela everything’s going to be fine and they’ll find her aunt. Luc gets dragged along with them.

Mike’s horrified that Severo would kill someone for a little piece of paper. He doesn’t understand. Severo tells him to be a little smarter than Sagrario and not get hysterical now that he knows what happens to people who get that way with him.

Severo found that damn necklace in the chest and pocketed it after dragging Sagrario out to the hallway and before dragging her out of the house.

Nisa’s still sobbing and ML can’t understand why. It wasn’t her blood! And nothing was missing. It’s all cheap stuff anyway–the thieves probably did them a favor. Nisa keeps babbling incoherently while Maria Laura makes fun of her.

Sagrario finally struggles to stand, but she either passes out again or attempts to drown herself, lying facedown in the water.

Mateo and Marcela find Sagrario. They both think she’s dead. I don’t know what to think. She’s not waking up. Seriously? Don’t tell me after everything this woman’s been through, Severo is going to get away with this?!

Sagrario finally coughs up water. I don’t know if she’ll be happy she’s alive, but I’m relieved. Mateo thinks she was hurt by the people who robbed the house. Sagrario keeps repeating “I don’t know anything.”

Sagrario says she’s starting to remember…she went looking for alcatraces.

No…Rosa got them.

But she picks the ugly ones and Sagrario wanted to come herself. She fell into the water.

There are no alcatraces around here.

But there are other flowers. She must have gotten hurt falling.

Marcela is not going to calm down until a doctor checks her out.

What passes for comic relief

Hey, that horse trailer’s pretty well tricked out, but Octavia seems displeased. Timo even put her favorite flowers in there, once he called the hotel to find out what they were. He spouts poetry while I tune him out.

She wants to know about his makeover. He says he’s just trying to look his age. (Or the square root of it or something.)

Uh huh. Well, she congratulates him on the trailer. It’s original at least. And she’d like to meet this son he keeps mentioning, Lencho.

The mariachis are hired for the next two hours, but Octavia can’t take another two hours of mariachi. Those guys are so never getting paid. Octavia demands to know when she can meet Severo, but he claims Severo went back to NY. He was probably lying about the paperwork.

Timo continues wooing Octavia with poetry. Not…even…going there. She’s rendered speechless. Timo, sadly, is not.

Now Lencho serenades Octavia on his dad’s behalf…but he and Octavia look up and their eyes meet. *gulp*

They pretend they’ve never met before and Timo insists Lencho should hug her. Oh yeah, that’s awkward. Timo wants to know what Octavia thinks of his son. Is he not the very vision of the Greek king Apollo?

Mauro: Wasn’t he a god?

Timo: He was a god and a king. Or have you never heard of Apollo 13?

Timo wants Lencho to play one of his original songs. And Octavia would love to hear one…she says…in a daze…following it with his name. He plays “Usted” for her, but hits a sour note in his nervousness.

Octavia says he has a beautiful voice…and he’s made quite an impression. Timo thinks she looks pale.

Oh, she’s just a little dizzy…but she’s fine…she’d like to go to the bathroom. She and Lencho keep giving each other smoldering looks.

She wants to go to the house, but it’s not that close. Lencho suggests July’s house, but she’s cleaning out her desk at the presidencia. In that case, can Octavia go there? Timo has Lencho escort her. Hoooo boy….

Then he quickly sends Eulogio to the house to lock Severo up so he can’t meet Octavia. And Mauro gets a private tour.

What kind of place IS this?

July is in the process of wrecking Timo’s office when Al and his parents get there. She screams and throws things as he asks where Timo and Eulogio are. Al says they need to press charges with the police, but the station’s closed. Oh yes, July wants to press charges too! She wants to hang him and dance a jarabe loco on his carcass.

Silvana thinks they should go and Luciano agrees. Al shuts the door behind them on the way out.

Luciano can’t understand why they’re looking for the presidente municipal instead of a ministerio publico. Al explains how you can’t do anything around here without Timo knowing or approving. Silvana calls him a cacique (despot). Luc calls him a rat and says someone should press charges. Well, sure but first the paperwork has to pass his desk.

Al offers to take them to the ciberpanaderia. Hey, don’t knock it till you tried it!

He’s not going to ask what they think of Marcela yet. Silvana thinks that’s fair, given the circumstances. But Luciano…oh, he’s on. She didn’t greet them appropriately and she showed up filthy. Al’s like, she works, yo. Get to know her before you judge her.

Amadeo rushes to greet Silvana…she doesn’t remember him from escorting Alba to the hotel. Alessandro introduces them as his parents. “Are they really your parents?” Yep.

Al doesn’t want Amadeo calling him usted or any of that stuff. Amadeo rushes to get them coffee and pastries.

Alessandro explains who Sagrario is…and the thing about Sagrario’s husband running off with Marcela’s mom. Luciano’s a jerk about that being Marcela’s “example”. He can’t form a family with her! Silvana asks Al to get her a glass of water so she can scold Luciano alone. Instead he hisses to Silvana that Al needs to call off this farce.

And Amadeo steams some milk and coffee and adds whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and a cherry, which is FAR more agreeable than anything else going on the café right now.

Now they’ve moved on to discussing the inheritance. Silvana and I are both tired of listening to Luciano’s pet theories about the evil Marcela. She sends him to go take a walk so she can ask Al about the church wedding. Yep, it’s true.

Valeria and Ilse are out walking. Ilse suggests they check out the cíber…and out walks Luciano. He’s about to make a call on his cell phone when he sees Valeria.


The paramedics bring Camilo in on a stretcher. ML has them leave him in Alba’s room.

ML reminds Nisa that it’s Marcela who’s supposed to be taking care of Camilo. And Nisa will deal with Alessandro. ML tells him to just lie there and let them do all the work.

Casa Timo

Severo’s crowing over the necklace he found. He stashes it in a drawer. Mike wants to go ask about Sagrario, but Severo insists she’s dead. And nothing is going to happen.

Mike freaks out when Eulogio knocks on the door. He’s just here to check up on them. He definitely recommends they don’t go outside. It’s way too hot. And then he very quietly locks them in.

Mike didn’t like the way Eulogio was looking at them. Something weird is going on here. Severo tells him to deal with it. But Mike really thinks he should go see what’s up with Eulogio…he realizes the door is locked and freaks out…they’re locked in! They’re trapped!

Oh yeah, they sure are. Severo can’t believe it either.

Mike is freaking out about being locked in. Severo screams at him.

Plans foiled

Octavia drags Lencho into the municipal building and tells him to shut up and kiss her! July finds them in the hallway and gives Octavia a hard time about using the bathroom. Octavia drags him into the bathroom July says she CAN use. Lencho continues resisting her advances until he can’t resist anymore.

Octavia and Lencho saunter back to the square and she says Timo’s got quite a son.

And Severo and Mike come sauntering up wondering why Timo wanted Severo locked up. Yep, Mike said his name. And Octavia heard it.

That look Severo’s giving her, after he raped his wife and left her for dead…that is not right!

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Mil Gracias Diva.
My favorite parts.
“Luciano’s offended by Marcela’s attire” ungh *head shake* No wonder his son married Damiana.
“but Octavia can’t take another two hours of mariachi. ” me neither, one hour is my limit ;P
I have to admit Silvana and Luciano aren’t seeing the town or the ranch at its best, it’d be hard not to think everyone there is crazy.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

My email has a broken leg and I don’t have the first 5 min of 49 so I’ll rely on you for that one too if it’s ok. And maybe my sense of humor is juvenile but I laughed when the paramedics couldn’t lift Cami- people are heavy:D

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Thanks:) Yeah all the getting dropped probably did some damage. If I were a paramedic though that’s about how competent/strong I’d be, so I can see myself struggling like they were.