La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 1/19/17 #47


Camilo’s in bad shape. Maria Laura looks for a signal so she can call for an ambulance. Nisa’s phone has one.

Um, I think the paramedics are going to make Camilo worse. Is that supposed to be comedy, stuffing him in the back of the motorcycle trailer? Severo watches, looking mildly intrigued.


Amadeo and Roman have a nice little house. They used grandma’s money, er, Ilse’s money, for the down payment and then fixed it up little by little. Gosh, if she’d known they were such entrepreneurs, she would have sent more!

Roman snarks about the guy she ran off with. Ilse admits he wasn’t all he was cracked up to be, since he assumed she was after his money. So now Roman snarks that she’s playing the victim.

Amadeo goes to get drinks, leaving Ilse with Roman. He figures she’s after their money. She must be broke, right?

Uh, no. She makes enough to support herself. She’s here by coincidence. She knows she wasn’t a good mother, but having the kids was the best thing….

He cuts her off–his life has been hell with or without her. That was too much for Ilse. She takes off. (Uh, I’m gonna need some further explanation, Roman.)

Obtuse love triangle

Alba’s still trying to decide if she’s staying or going. She realizes everyone she needs to talk to is away from the hotel, but oh goody, she can still reach Cristian.

Nuria spies on him as he tells Alba staying is the best decision. He’ll tell Cristobal and Silvana. And she can get her advance back and keep her room until further notice. He never did pick up The Dress–if she leaves it in the lobby, he’ll go pick it up. And he’ll do his best to sneak away to listen to her.

Nuria pretends she just got back. Cris scolds her that he doesn’t want another scare like last night. Nuria promises to take care of herself.

Luciano and Silvana are about to board their private plane when Cristian calls with the good news. Luciano couldn’t care less.

Alba checks her email and finds the message from Chopin. She answers back that she’s afraid of losing herself. She doesn’t know what to do or how to act. She’s feeling…kind of stupid. But she’s waiting for a signal. Something to tell her she’s not wrong.

Amadeo reads the email from Alba and tells her the signs show up when they’re meant to, but these moments when they’re alone on the computer are moments he wouldn’t trade for anything.

Cristian wants to rent movies and hang out with Nuria all day, but she wants to talk first…in all the time she was away, was he attracted to any other women?

Cris is offended by the question. Yes, he’s met other women, but he’s never gone after any of them because he’s married. “Married or in love with your wife?” “OK, both!” She asks if he’s sure he doesn’t just feel sorry for her. (I swear, she’s trying to talk him out of being in love with her.)

Um, no, Nuria, he doesn’t. He called her every night, worried about her every day, praying all the time for her treatment and their love. If anything had happened to her, he’d have no reason to live–and now she comes out with THIS?!

Nuria says she’s scared someone will show up and he won’t even notice. Cris says they won’t, because he doesn’t want anyone to.

Cris is still pissed off and reviewing paperwork in the bedroom. Nuria comes in sobbing and begging his forgiveness. She just feels so ugly! Cris says she’s the beautiful woman he fell in love with–why can’t she understand him? He begs her to just let him love her the way he always has. (Yea, Nuria!) He kisses her so she’ll quit crying.

Casa Timo

Lencho gets home to a grand welcome, including trumpets and drums. There’s also a prize ribbon. Uh, Timo really missed him. There’s a joke about Lencho being his only son. July: “In the colonia…uh, in the colonia they all think Lencho’s the best son a dad could have.”

Now, about that makeover….

July tries to listen in, and she does indeed appear to be jealous. Timo wants Lencho to run interference. If all goes well, the chaste maiden Octavia Cotilla will be his future mother. The dudes traipse upstairs, leaving poor July downstairs alone.

The Timo makeover is…not good. From the neck up it’s…maybe, but the outfit. Whoa, the outfit! And how can he possibly think Octavia would like that look? Lencho thinks it’s way too much, but Timo loves it.

Does anybody else? July and Mike mouth “no” at each other. Eulogio calls it churrigueresco (flamboyant?) and Mike bursts out “Jesus Christ Superstar!” (I’m trying to make “Who are you and what are you wearing” fit….) Eulogio translates that as “He says you’re like a god in the heavens.”

Timo wants to go outside and check on the RV he requested. On the lawn, he pulls July aside to tell her something important: the town has decided to give her a paid vacation. “Are you firing me?!” No…she’s still gotta find that paperwork, but her services as stylist and consort are no longer needed. Eulogio comes running up with a check.

Once again…is he firing her? Timo tells her to go hunt down her Japanese roots, find her an illuminated master up on a mountain somewhere and find the lighted path to truth. Eulogio suggests Tibet as a backup plan.

Sure, with this check that won’t even get her to Teotihuacán! Well, there are a lot of vacation packages available online…. Eulogio drags her way as she screams that he’s trading her in for that snotty old woman! And the dog runs away with the envelope.

Casa Valeria & Emiliano

Ilse comes back to the house. Amadeo was so nice, but Roman hates her! Valeria says that’s why she never had children–men are bad enough. Ilse wants to stay…and so does Valeria. She needs time to seduce Alessandro. What happened to “I’ve had enough of men.” Oh, he’s not a man…he’s a god. He’ll be the cherry on her cake.


Sagrario and Rosa get the house ready. Sagrario wants some alcatraces (calla lilies), big ones. But the only place they grow is way at the back end of the property and it’s sooooo faaaaar! Does it have to be now?!

No, it can wait for two months…yes, now!

Severo watches Rosa complaining to herself as she heads for the far reaches of the ranch.

Severo startles Sagrario in the kitchen. He was tired of waiting for her answer. Sagrario angrily says she accepts. Severo bugs her about the documents he needs. Oh, she doesn’t search through Marcela’s things? Well, he will!

He starts looking through every bit of paperwork he can find and throwing it all over the place. He complains that Sagrario’s feeling awfully sure of herself now that she has a lover. He calls her a golfa…he’s going to show her what a “real man” is. (Oh, he’s so getting his ass kicked.) He starts attacking her and Sagrario sobs and pushes him away.


The Parents have arrived. Luicano’s offended that Marcela’s not there to meet them, but she’s fixing up the guest room. No, they really don’t want to stay at the hotel… (Let ’em stay at the hotel, Al!)

And oh, look, there’s Octavia and Mauro. Octavia pretends she’s just away for the weekend is all. Silvana claims they’re here for the same thing…just to rest…for the weekend.

Octavia didn’t buy it. Even Mauro can tell they don’t want her to know what’s going on. Octavia thinks this could work out in her favor. There’s no way they’ll approve of Marcela for their son and heir.


Camilo has a fractured ankle, three broken ribs, and he hurt his hip. He’s going to have to spend some time resting. ML: “Perfect!” Once he’s got his cast on, they’ll take him back to the house.

Octavia’s vacation

Mauro and Octavia are still waiting for Timo outside the airport

He comes strutting up with mariachis. The actress doesn’t even try not to laugh.

The “camper” is a horse trailer. He had Lencho get it. His hijogenito. Because Lencho’s his son. If Lencho were his cousin, then he’d be his primogenito. (*facepalm*)

So, um, anyway, Octavia just hopes it has a/c and enough gas to see the whole town. The mariachis are playing something about wishing Octavia would be his novia. (OK, it’s La Adelita, with all the “Adelita”s changed to “Octavia”s)

What the hell happened?!

The vet took forever with the vaccines and they couldn’t even give Marcela as much as she needed. She wants to hurry home and get ready, but the truck breaks down on the way. (Though, I can see the ranch archway behind them, so what’s the deal?)

Alessandro is just getting to the house with Luciano and Silvana. She loves the house. He thinks it’s overdone. Alessandro goes looking for Marcela.

Nisa and Maria Laura come in and Nisa introduces Maria Laura to her parents.

Al finds the bedroom a complete wreck and has no idea what happened…same thing with Maria Laura’s room…and they all make it to the office at the same time to see that mess. Nisa’s sobbing about “They robbed us!” and nobody understands what she’s talking about.

Severo gets back to Timo’s house with blood all over his hands, his belly…he admits it’s blood, but not his. Mike demands to know whose and he says it’s Sagrario’s.

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