Guerra de Ídolos Saturday 5/27/17 #15-16

Episode 15: Todo es personal

Agustina’s stressing about Manara not being home yet. Julia, on the other hand, is having ice cream. Sure, she’ll tell Manara she’s looking for her when she gets home.

Alone, she returns a text from Nicolas and tells him she decided to go with him to the awards. Sure, her brother totally gave her permission because her grades were so awesome. (*gulp*) He’ll text her a place to meet.

Nico tells Santiago to come with them. He can bring that girl he’s been texting non-stop. Santiago says he’s not dating anyone and when he is, he’ll tell him.

Morning in LA

Agustina tries to cover for Manara at breakfast, saying she’s upstairs asleep. Late night. Did Julia see her?

Julia misses the point and says she hasn’t…then starts babbling about how hard Manara’s rehearsing and hey she has rehearsals too for the dance final and she doesn’t even know what time she’s getting home today see ya!

Amado tells Agustina that was Rafa on the phone just now, upset that Manara hasn’t shown up to rehearse. Agustina tries to keep him from going upstairs, and Fierro arrives so Amado can give him instructions to check up on what’s going on in Houston.

Mention of Houston gets Agustina thinking of her pillow talk with Amado, trying to get him to back off on Mateo and him insisting Mateo had to pay.

Upstairs, Manara’s packing. I guess I misinterpreted just what Agustina was covering for. Amado finds the door locked and threatens to kick it down, so Manara lets him in. She keeps throwing her stuff into suitcases as she says she’s leaving.

Really? She’s going to forget about her contract? She doesn’t see how she can go in there and face Mateo and his family knowing Amado killed Julio César. “It’s business! You knew that going in! I didn’t do that so you could throw it away.”

Well, she can’t do what he wants, so he’s just going to have to kill her. Amado grabs her by the face and says he loves her too much to hurt her, winning the Biggest Hypocrite award for the day. He says all on her own she’s going to get everything back to normal…soon she’ll know what he’s talking about.

On the stairs, he asks Fierro for an update on Houston. Their guy’s been watching Gilda and knows all her movements and her schedule. “At the first opportunity, kill her.” Even Fierro’s surprised at that one, but Amado insists he wants her dead. Um, OK.

Amado wants to check on stuff at the warehouse. He’s irritated with Fierro for asking what car they’re taking.

Frat House

Valentín makes eggs. Diego spills his beer in some frijoles and scoops it up with a corn chip. Dylan’s taking his sweet time getting downstairs and Diego’s stressing about making it to rehearsal on time. Isaac asks for a ride to the airport so he can pick up “Grandota,” but that plan gets nixed on account of Rafa’s assistant calling Dylan to tell him Manara’s not coming to rehearsal. Isaac had better take a taxi.

They’re joking about Manara having run off with Mateo when Mateo walks in. He tells Chalino he doesn’t know who Manara is. Yesterday she’s an incredible woman and today who knows what’s going on with her.

And it’s not Rafa, it’s Amado. He’s got her locked up or something. Chalino gently suggests maybe she just wants space. “Well, I don’t care what she wants!” (*glare*) She wants to push him away and he’s not going to let her. He’s going over there to find out what happened.


Gilda checks on a patient and tells her everything’s on schedule. Belinda, however, is not. She’s running late for her checkup–she went for a walk and felt dizzy and now her head hurts. She’s just going to have a shower and get a taxi and be right there.


Isaac’s waiting for Elena when his dad calls. He’s been doing the accounting and something’s not right. They’re missing money. He wants to call their lenders, but Isaac insists he’ll do it–no point “mixing.” Mixing what? Moisés is the president of the company. Why can’t he call them directly? Isaac just says he’ll call them and talk to his dad later tonight.

Isaac immediately calls and asks someone to book him on the next flight to Houston which is, apparently, almost immediately. Elena arrives, disappointed that he’s leaving when she rushed to get home and see him. She tells him about the job offer from Lorenzo, saying she wanted to check with him and Mateo first because she knows there was some bad blood there.

Isaac’s annoyed that she would consult Mateo at all. If she’s made up her mind, then that’s that. She can’t understand why he’s being so cold to her. He says he just has a lot of stuff going on, he’s gotta go to Houston…he hurriedly kisses her, pats her on the shoulder and says “I love you.” Uh huh. Have a nice trip.

She calls Lorenzo and tells him she accepts, she just needs to give notice. He assures her they’ll do great things together. “Un beso.” (Uh, are we close enough for that yet?)

Radio Station

Lorenzo’s getting off the phone with Elena when Selva comes into the office along with a big bunch of flowers from Amado. (Actually, it looks like a window box. I mean, that would be nice if it was…just plop it outside and keep it watered.) Lorenzo gives her a tiiiiiny bit of a hard time about it, but Selva says she’s not into Amado.

She is surprised at how much he’s changed. She met his sisters. He mentions that they’re the reason for the feud between Amado and their dad–he tried to kidnap them. Selva’s shocked. Lorenzo just wants her to know so she can draw her own conclusions.

Well, Selva would rather leave their dad’s problems in the past. (No, pues…we’ll just send out a memo to all his enemies. I’m sure they’ll respect that!) And she IS going to come to her own conclusions about Amado, but she wants to be “tolerant.” He loved their dad. She begs Lorenzo to give him a chance.

Impending disasters

Julia’s at dance class. During a break, she asks one of the other students to cover for her–this guy asked her out to an awards show and she’s meeting Nicky Jam in person SQUEE! Um, her friend knows her brother doesn’t even let her go to school parties.

Which is why she’s sneaking out. As in, now. She begs her friend to make an excuse that won’t get the teacher to call her brother.

Santiago’s really bothered by Julia’s alleged “permission” to go out. Didn’t she tell them her brother’s super controlling? Nicolas is content with the “my grades were sooooo good” story.

Yeah, but…she’s a minor. It could be a huge scandal with the press. And what about grandpa? Nicolas doesn’t see what he can do or why Santi’s so scared of him. He’s off to go get ready.

Fernando finally calls Santiago and explains he was kidnapped. He’s free now, but they gave him a beating and he doesn’t have a job and he needs to get out of Monterrey fast. He asks Santi for help.

JC Records

Dylan and Diego have a video call with Cristian. (*sob*) Diego’s complaining about them not getting anywhere. Dylan’s coming up with ideas for their new duo. Cristian’s walking to the studio to start recording. It’s the same one where they recorded that one time…he hopes it’ll bring him luck.

Dylan suggests he and Diego spend some time rehearsing while this whole thing with Manara gets worked out. Diego starts complaining about the last ones to arrive wanting to be the boss and there being no recognition of merit in this business. Dylan says he’s really going to have to drop that attitude if he wants them to work together.

Los Matamoros

Manara’s still in the house, moping in her room. Maybe that’s a little mild and dismissive…it’s more like sinking into despair. Agustina can’t get her to eat, she’s not taking Rafa’s calls. Yeah, Agustina told her to think of herself, but she didn’t mean “be selfish.” She needs to use her problems to get ahead. Amado’s never going to leave her alone if she doesn’t do what he wants.

At the warehouse, Fierro assures Amado that he’s cleaned out any evidence of guns or human trafficking. Rafa calls, griping at Amado for having told Manara the truth about JC–he complicated everything! Amado says it’ll pass. She knows what’s good for her.

The thing is, Rafa’s not sure what’s good for him.

Uh, being on good terms with Amado.

“Is that a threat?”

Of course not! They’re friends! Friends make deals.

In that case, it’s his turn. Rafa’s waiting.

Amado blows him off and asks Fierro what’s going on with the doctor. He wants it to happen today.


Fierro checks in with Jiménez, who complains about Gilda’s work ethic. She’s in the hospital all day and night and he has to wait in the parking lot because he can’t get inside without ID. And there are cops all over the place. Fierro tells him to sneak in a window and shoot her in front of the cops…or is he too scared?

Jiménez hangs up on him, which seems like an appropriate response to me. He watches Belinda get out of a taxi and go inside.

Inside, Gilda says they’ll check the baby’s heart rate and check to see if her blood pressure went up from her walk. Belinda thinks it’s worse than that…she’s bleeding. Gilda fiercely tells her everything’s going to be fine. She’s going to go get a gynecologist she can trust not to talk to the press.

Frat house

Elena shows up, in tears over Isaac and his ‘tude. But she really wanted to tell Mateo she’s taken a job as the director of Treviño Publishing. And whether she stays with Isaac or not, she didn’t want Mateo to think she’s doing this to hurt the family. He says he knows that and hugs her.

They sit down and talk. Elena’s glad he’s working with Isaac on his music. Mateo says corridos are Isaac’s thing. They’ll make him popular. “And give him some self-confidence,” Elena adds. He has lots of problems with that. Mateo says he has lots of problems, period. Well, Elena’s gotten tired of him taking his frustrations out on her. She thinks it’ll be good for her to take this job.

When she’s ready to leave, Mateo offers her a ride. He’s glad she’s doing this, he just wants her to be careful. Her job is like a weapon. She tells him not to worry…and if he needs anything, she’s there for him.

Hm. Now that he thinks about it, he’s on his way to see someone who could use a good interview to boost their image.

Radio station

Selva checks out Elena’s resume and asks if Lorenzo hired her because he likes her or because she doesn’t lie about her height. He says he checked her out and he thinks she’d be good not just for running the publishing house, but also for investigating and helping with the political stuff…like Amado’s spots…and finding out what happened with their dad. Opting for peace doesn’t mean they can’t look for the truth. Selva agrees.

Alexis comes in and Selva mentions she wants him working on Amado’s spots, but he cuts her off. He quits. He can’t work somewhere Lorenzo’s sowing terror among the employees and treating him like garbage. Lorenzo laughs and lets him walk out.

Rancho Zabala

Rafa writes a mopey “missing Manara” song. Santiago finds him in the rehearsal space and Rafa says he writes better when he’s “angry.” Oh…so it’s probably a bad time to ask him for money, then. It’s for some books for school. About $3000. (Hey, it’s not THAT far off.)

Rafa laughs and says he doesn’t have to lie. He’s been there. So is the girl famous? (Uh…what does he think the money is for?)

Santiago scoffs as Nicolas comes in and says he’s taking advantage of the cancelled rehearsal to go see Nicky Jam.

Rafa asks Santiago if he knows who Nicolas is going out with. Nope. So…should he get the checkbook? Rafa tells him to go ahead.

The escape

Amado’s “women are objects” attitude trickles down to his staff. Julia’s bodyguards are sitting in the car complaining about how boring it is and at least Manara was hotter. Julia’s too young, but maybe when she gets older.

Julia walks out with a group of other students, disguised as herself, wearing the same clothes she wore on the way in, with her hood pulled up over her face. I guess misogyny makes you stupid.


Jiménez is attaching a silencer to his gun when he sees Isaac arrive and curses him.

Inside, Isaac finds Gilda and says he needs to know what she told their dad. “Shut up! This is my work…you can’t just show up like this!” She pulls him into her office and tosses him the box of matches from El Dorado Bar.

“Why do you think these are mine and not Mateo’s?”

“Because Mateo doesn’t smoke and he doesn’t lie.”

Isaac accuses her and Mateo of ganging up on him and trying to make him look bad.

Uh, she was there? At the bar? And she saw how the waitress was hiding her face while she talked somebody on the phone…probably with him, right? She warned him she was going to find out what he was up to.

Isaac says she told all those “lies” to their dad, then. Gilda shakes off his hand and says she hasn’t told him a thing. She’s letting him recover before she breaks his heart again. But she’d love it if for once Isaac had the guts to tell her to her face what he’s hiding.

Isaac throws the matches down on her desk and says ok, he likes to gamble. It’s his favorite thing in the world. And he’s bet a LOT of the family’s money. And lost it. Is that what she wanted to hear? Gilda just stares at him in shock. Like she knew it, but she didn’t expect him to say it…or she was hoping she was wrong.

Gilda has to rush into a surgery and when she gets back, Isaac is STILL waiting for her. And she’s distraught over what he told her. How could he do this to the family?

He’s tired of answering to the family. He tells her to go right ahead and tell their dad and screw up his new collaboration with Mateo. He doesn’t care. Gilda says he’s disgusting. She hopes he doesn’t contaminate Mateo with this. She’s going back to work.

He says this had better be the last time she interferes in his life.


Lucho comes over later to meet with Neto and Rafa. Rafa has two favors to ask–one personal and one professional.

The professional favor is that he’d like Lucho to promote the single he’s doing for Manara to help her win this contest with Isaac. Isaac…yeah, that guy’s de armas tomar…or so he hears. And what’s the personal favor?

Itzel’s getting out of prison. They need a story making it look like Rafa’s the good guy in this situation. Uh huh…making it look like he’s the victim of the divorce, not her. Sure, Lucho can do that.

After another round of tequilas, Lucho has his plan. Cover and center page. Rafa’s the good-hearted guy who tried to help his wife despite her addictions and…psychological disorders. He’ll leave the kids out of it–that’s way overdone. He’ll focus on how Rafa’s such a good guy. They can use the award he’s getting in Mexico for that. They’ll take pictures of him with kids, that always makes people cry.

Their planning session is interrupted by a call from one “Mr. Collins” for Neto.

Hey, um, Rafa’s been thinking about taking a more “interesting” turn in his career. He’s so over música ranchera. It’s boring. (Them’s fightin’ words, Rafa.) He wants to start looking more elegant. More classy. (Just how many tequilas has he had?)

Lucho can see where he’s going. He wants to show off his new girlfriend too, right? Someone younger than Itzel, with no kids. Rafa jokes that he’s been giving it serious thought. But yeah, he doesn’t want to be an “old” artist. He wants to do the opposite of what his dad does. Lucho says he’ll help and they toast.

Santiago comes in and Rafa asks how it went with those “books for school.” Neto starts bragging about how Santiago’s just like him–good at rancheras, good with horses, good with the fillies *wink, wink*. Santi tries to escape, but Neto tells him to sit down–they want Lucho to get to know him. Neto wants Lucho to promote Santi as his successor.


Itzel’s surprised to find Mateo waiting for her in the visitor area. He’s here to offer her a job. When she gets out, obviously. He explains that they’re launching Isaac as a solo artist and they need someone to help…design his wardrobe, style him, all that stuff. Let’s just say he needs all the help he can get. And she’s the best, right?

Itzel is flattered, really. Seems like all her friends have abandoned her. Mateo’s sorry. But she’s talented and he’s always loved her designs. He’d like to have her on his team.

OK, but honestly–is he doing this to piss off Rafa?

Mateo tells her to leave Rafa out of it. Work is the best way for her to get out of this and that’s what he’s offering. Itzel agrees, but she wants to think about it. He says he thinks she’s a great woman and he’s on her side.

Awards show

Manara goes back to the scene of her hot makeout session with Mateo. She remembers him nearly getting run over.

Julia calls to tell her she’s still at dance class and they’re rehearsing SUPER hard and she’s not going to be able to answer her phone ok bye!

Nico arrives and she’s SO HAPPY he invited her and he’s so happy she accepted and he’s sure everyone’s going to be jealous of him for having such a pretty date. He says they should hurry–Nicky Jam will be in his dressing room waiting for them.


Alexis explains to Fernando that he didn’t really quit–he’s just pretending to be angry to get the questions to die down. Those “juniors” (rich kids) need him to maintain the station’s identity.

As for Fernando, he got Santi to send him the money so he can leave for LA tomorrow. Alexis tells him to have a great time…and document everything so his boss can do his job. Oh, no problem.

Alexis calls Amado at the warehouse, where Fierro’s explaining how he vacuum seals the smaller guns to hide them in bags of cement and puts the larger guns inside equipment. He explains Fernando’s going to get photos and video of the [bleeped] nephew of Don Neto. Amado’s like “Whatever. I’ll call you later.”

Bad news

Fierro’s sorry to have to tell Amado, but his sister disappeared. “Oh, she’ll be back when she sees the surprise we prepared in Houston.”

Not Manara–Julia.

Fierro explains that her guards watched her walk into class, but she never came out. Amado flips out–Grab the teacher! Grab another student! Interrogate them! Fierro quietly explains that might attract police attention and he didn’t think that would be a good idea….

In that case, he wants Fierro to grab the guard and go find her himself.

Change of plans

Jiménez has to get back to LA to help deal with Julia’s disappearance. This leaves Renzo to handle killing Gilda. He’s just worried about being recognized. Jiménez tells him it can’t be “today” it has to be “now” so he’d better get there, get himself some ID, and just do it–she’s been stuck inside the hospital day and night.

Leticia notices the look on his face. Well, ok, since she asked…he’s going to have to kill that girl who was in here the other day. He has to follow orders. So he’s off to get his “work tools.” She should take care of herself.

Conveniently, Isaac arrives. Renzo tells her to keep a close eye on him.

Hell hath no fury….

Leticia’s been avoiding Isaac. He loses more money he doesn’t have on cards and drags her upstairs. She’s really not in the mood to console him on his latest loss. She remembers Renzo saying he was going to have to kill Gilda.

Isaac complains that she lied to him–Gilda did see her the other day. OK, fine, she saw her…so that’s probably the end of her chances to sing, right? Isaac says her being a liar pretty much killed it for him. (*glare*) And hey, he didn’t tell her–he’s singing a corrido, so he doesn’t need her. And he probably won’t be seeing her for a while.

Leticia begs him to wait. She can’t believe after all this time with him, he’s not going to follow through on his promises. She hopes he rots. She doesn’t care about him and she doesn’t need him.

He says he always knew what kind of person she was. She can keep the money for the [pirated] song in exchange for her silence. She’d better not say anything to the press or she’ll find out who he really is.

After Isaac walks out on her, she calls to ask Lucho if his previous offer to come to LA still stands. It does, and with what he’s working on, she could be a big help to him. He’ll tell her more when she arrives.

Rafa heard Lucho’s side of the conversation. Lucho tells him the woman he just got off the phone with could destroy Isaac before his single gets out. He’ll meet her when she gets here. Lucho’s just going to need him to cough up some serious cash, but he can promise that Manara will win that competition.


Gilda’s run tests and…everything is fine. Belinda’s just bleeding because of her hormones. The baby’s heart rate is up, but it’s still not as high as Gilda would like. She wants Belinda to keep resting–no exercise or going running.

Belinda asks if she’s happy she’s going to be an aunt. Oh totally! And what’s going on with Isaac? “Let’s just say the family business isn’t doing so great.

Gilda walks Belinda out, but she’s not coming home for dinner. She has to cover someone’s shift. Belinda thanks her for everything. As they’re hugging, the receptionist tells Gilda her next patient is waiting. They make plans to have breakfast tomorrow.

Her “next patient” is Renzo and unfortunately for him, Gilda’s got a nurse with her. And those glasses? Not much of a disguise. She thinks she recognizes him, but he claims he’s just in the hospital a lot. Because of his problem. He claims he’s been having pain since his knee replacement years ago. As he hops up on the table and Gilda goes to wash her hands, he pulls out a knife.

Episode 16: Renegociando con el diablo

Before he can do anything, a nurse comes in to tell Gilda there’s been a major accident and they need her help in the ER. Gilda apologizes to “Gilberto” and says she’ll send another doctor in to help him.

Much later, she finally gets to leave. She’s on the phone with Mateo complaining about her long day as she walks through the parking garage. Plus Isaac showed up–are they really working together?

Eh, more like working against Rafa. He tells her about the competition and Isaac’s idea to hire Itzel.

Gilda thinks it’s ok if they work on music together, but Mateo shouldn’t take any advice from him. She’ll tell him more when she sees him.

Before she can get to her car, Renzo–his face covered by a mask–stabs her, steals her wallet, and leaves her bleeding on the floor of the parking garage.

Gilda drags herself to her car and calls inside, telling one of the nurses she’s in the parking garage, she’s hurt, and send one of the ER docs to come get her. Then she tries her dad’s number, but it goes to voice mail. She ends up calling Belinda and explaining what happened, but she asks her NOT to tell Celestina and not to let the press find out.

Belinda finds Moisés asleep on the couch. She tells him Gilda’s hurt and she doesn’t want her mom to find out. Belinda’s going to go out there and check on her and she’ll call him when she knows anything.


Agustina calls Manara to tell her Julia disappeared. Yeah, Manara totally bought the “dance class” excuse. Agustina breaks it to her that class is over and all the other students are out, except for Julia.

Who’s out at the Latin American Music Awards with Nicolas, watching Nicky Jam get an award and perform Hasta el Amanecer. And dancing.

Amado’s desperate and he thinks he’s called everyone he can, but he comes up with one more idea… Lorenzo. Look, he knows they don’t trust each other, so he’s only going to ask this one time. Does Lorenzo have anything to do with Julia’s disappearance?

Uh, why would he?

Because his father tried it once. So if Lorenzo has anything to do with this, Amado swears he’ll kill him.

Lorenzo gets off the phone, amused, and tells Selva her “sensitive” Amado’s already showing his true colors. He thinks someone kidnapped his sister and he called to threaten to kill Lorenzo if he had anything to do with it. She’d better be careful with him.

Nicolas and Julia dance, completely oblivious.

Manara comes home. She can’t believe with all the security and the guards, Julia is missing. Amado blames her for his “distraction.” Oh no, he can blame himself for this.

He manipulates everyone to get what he wants. And what’s he going to do when he’s a mayoral candidate? Put guns to people’s heads to get them to vote for him? He says that’s his problem. Her problem is to fix this mess she caused. And she’d better not think she can relax, because soon she’ll have to work.

He expects her to go sing with Rafa while Julia’s missing? What is wrong with him?! He says that’s not what he meant and soon she’ll understand.

Lorenzo knows Selva wants to see Amado differently, but he doesn’t think she should trust him so quickly. Or anyone else for that matter. They inherited a huge business and there are a lot of rats. She reminds him that his distrust is how they lost Alexis. He’s just caused her a crisis with the advertisers. She thinks it’s about time she fixed this, por las buenas.

Amado calls a “friend” on the police force. He tells Fierro not to worry about him going to the warehouse, he’s been helping with that for years.

Selva calls him. She heard about Julia and about his phone call to Lorenzo, but that’s not really why she’s calling. She wants to help him think…

Julia’s a teenager. Instead of coming up with dire scenarios, why not ask her friends. Or her boyfriend. Selva reminds him she used to be a teenager with a bodyguard following her around at all times, remember? She got away that one time to see a boy? She wanted to feel free.

Amado remembers finding her two hours later outside the club.

Yes, but they were the best two hours or her life at that time and she didn’t even do anything wrong. She didn’t even kiss that boy! She just wanted to feel free. (I’m waiting for Amado to remember the part where Gabriel had him kill that boy Selva never kissed.)

Amado remembers Julia asking about going to see Nicky Jam.

Backstage, Nicolas and Julia meet Nicky and Julia gets a selfie with the three of them. Nicky invites them to the after party, but Julia checks her phone and all the missed calls. She tells Nicolas she should probably go home.

Uh huh. So, she got away from her sister. Julia swears she didn’t…and it’s not like she’s a little girl, to be running away from people. He says she is a girl, and a very pretty one. He leans in to kiss her and she says they should go.

Before they can exit the building, a police officer asks to see ID.

Unas cuantas verdades

Somehow, Mateo forgot that entire conversation this morning about Manara being missing and didn’t realize that meant there wouldn’t be any rehearsal today for Dylan and Diego. And Diego is thoroughly pissed off about it. He (though he says “we”) is sick of not getting to play for one reason or another. Dylan tells him to speak for himself.

OK, then, he will. Instead of a job, this is more like a couple of roosters fighting over a hen. Mateo tells him to have a beer and chill out. He’s not in the mood today.

Oh HE’S not in the mood. So what’s Diego doing here? Being his cannon fodder? Killing off people Mateo doesn’t like? Is that why Mateo’s sponsoring him? Because he’s cheaper than a hired killer?

Dylan begs him to stop it, but Diego’s not done. Rafa Zabala’s WAY more professional than Mateo.

Mat starts swinging. The other guys pull them apart.

Valentín brings everyone beers. Mateo just can’t leave it alone. He tells Diego he needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut.

And here we go again…Mateo says they’re friends, but he treats Diego like a dog. Dylan tells him to cut it out. Diego shoves him away and tells him to back off “Aww, Cristian’s gone and now you think you’re the cutest one.” Diego says he can’t be in a duo with a slave.

And now everyone has to step in and send THOSE two to their corners. Chalino comes in and throws something to get their attention. Serious stuff is happening–Gilda’s badly hurt and she’s in the hospital.


Moisés tries to reach Isaac and leaves a message. Celestina comes downstairs complaining that she needs him to come to bed so she can sleep. He promises he’ll be right there, he just has some stuff to deal with.

She says that’s just money stuff–when they were broke they didn’t have problems like this. The important thing is that the boys are getting along and Gilda’s happy about the baby. He says she’s absolutely right, that’s what’s important and he’ll be upstairs soon.

Chalino says Belinda’s been trying to text Mateo, but he wasn’t answering. She’s on her way to the hospital and she’ll call when she finds out, but she doesn’t want their mom to know. Well, Mateo’s not waiting. He kicks Diego out of the house, tells Chalino to keep an eye on the studio after he’s dropped him off at the airport, and Diego decides to tag along.

When Belinda gets to the hospital, all they can tell her is that Gilda’s in surgery. If she waits, the doctor will come out after and let her know how she’s doing.

Gilda’s still awake on the table as her supervisor discusses what he’s going to do. She tells him she’s sure her uterus was damaged. She begs him to save it.

Belinda tells Mateo that Gilda’s still in the operating room. It looks like someone tried to rob her and they stabbed her. She hands the phone off to Isaac so Mateo can tell him for ONCE to respect Gilda’s wishes and not tell their mom. Isaac says he won’t, and he’ll keep Mateo posted.

Diego asks if Mateo thinks it’s true. Well, that’s what Belinda thinks, but he doesn’t know what to believe. He calls his dad. Mom’s asleep, but he doesn’t know how he’s going to keep her from finding out! Mateo suggests he take her out somewhere to distract her. He just asks Mateo to keep him posted.

Surgery continues.

El Dorado Bar

Renzo thinks he finished the job. Leticia looks sick. Yeah, Isaac…she got rid of him. And it’s time for her break, so she’s going to go take a shower.

Renzo hands his bloody knife off to someone to clean for him.

Upstairs, Leticia angsts. She starts throwing her stuff into a duffel bag and stops to call Lucho. She’s on her way out there, but she needs to know he’s going to help her. No, not just money. She wants to sing and if she’s going to do what he’s asking she wants a guarantee.

Oh, he promises she’ll be famous sooner than she thinks. But in exchange he wants her to tell him the absolute worst thing she knows about Isaac right now.


Mateo and Diego get there in the morning, just after the doctor comes out after surgery. She’s stable, but she lost a lot of blood. They had to give her a transfusion during surgery. Surgery was successful. The police will be taking her statement.

But there’s something they need to know. Something that’s important enough to Gilda that she mentioned it to him before surgery. The knife caused serious damage to her uterus and it’s possible she won’t be able to have children.

Gilda’s still sleeping. Mateo agrees to be the one to tell her. Isaac feels bad that they fought…over something stupid…but it was entirely his fault. Isaac mumbles something about not saying anything if she doesn’t want him to. And then he mentions how much Gilda likes babies.

Rancho Zabala

Diego shows up, babbling about being at a critical point in his career and fighting with everyone and he knows Rafa knows what he’s capable of and…Rafa’s having a hard time seeing what this has to do with him exactly. Diego says Mateo kicked him out of the house and then went on a trip.

If he wants Rafa to trust him, he’s going to need to tell Rafa what he knows. Diego says he’s not sure, but he thinks something happened to Mateo’s sister in Houston. He really doesn’t know. She was hurt and it was serious.

Rafa asks him to hold on while he takes a phone call. It’s Amado. He’s having Nicolas arrested for kidnapping a minor. Rafa’s confused.

Well, Nicolas took Julia out without Amado’s permission. Does Rafa want that scandal?

Rafa tells him to quit acting like the protective brother after he’s the one who offered Julia to his sons, AND his dad.

Well, sure but that was before they’d taken union support away from him, which they know he needs for his (say it with me) campaign.

Rafa tells him to call off the cops, let Nicolas go, and they’ll work this out. And with no press. Amado agrees, but Rafa tells him to hold on–there’s something else. One of “that filth’s puppies” is here…he mentioned something about Mateo going on a trip? Did he go with Manara? Amado says she’s at home.

Oh, in that case, he’s telling the truth. Something serious happened to Mateo’s sister, Gilda.

Amado didn’t know, but he says he doesn’t care either.

Rafa gives Diego some cash for a hotel room and says they’ll talk later.

Not according to plan

Amado summons Fierro to ask if the hit on Gilda was carried out already. And did he know she’s not dead? Fierro’s face says “no.”

Renzo just found Leticia’s half-empty dressing room. Fierro calls to complain that Gilda’s not dead, but Renzo could’ve sworn she was. What’s he supposed to do now? Really?

Gilda starts to wake up. She’s in a lot of pain. She wants to make sure her mom doesn’t know. Mateo asks who did this. She wants to know how the surgery went before she tells them. Mateo says she’s “fine.” She’s alive. “I’m not an idiot! I know a stabbing like that has consequences. Tell me if I’m going to be able to be a mother or not.”

Mateo says it’s just an initial diagnosis, but it looks like there’s a chance she might not be able to. Gilda starts sobbing and saying she knew it.

Isaac says their dad wanted her to call as soon as she’s awake. “I can’t talk to Dad or Mom right now. Are you crazy?!” She needs to take this in first and she doesn’t want her mom to know.

Mateo says she won’t find out, but he needs to know who did this. Gilda says it was so fast, she didn’t see anything.

Gilda’s supervisor comes in and says he needs to check up on her. He’s kicking all of them out. Gilda wants him to leave her alone too and he says he’ll just go find her some sedatives and be right back.

According to Jiménez (don’t ask me how he got dragged into all this) Renzo doesn’t want to carry out his orders. Fierro says he screwed up and now he needs to leave Gilda alive. Renzo thinks it’s too risky. “Why? Did she see you?” Renzo says he covered his face when he stabbed her. Fierro tells him to quit fussing in that case and get to LA so they can deal with Treviño’s son.

Renzo’s leaving some other guy in charge of the bar while he goes to LA, but first he needs that guy to come with him to rematar (finish off) someone. He’ll explain on the way.

Radio station

Selva begs Alexis to reconsider his resignation and come back to work. Alexis fake-tearfully says he’ll do it as long as el señor–he points at Lorenzo–treats him with the care he deserves.

Lorenzo starts laughing again, but Selva says he can count on that and the raise she promised.

He’s so glad SOMEBODY around here gives him the respect he deserves as the important figure he is.

When he’s out of the office, Lorenzo calls him a zángano (parasite) and a clown. She should be careful.

Selva tells him to quit being paranoid and let her make these kinds of decisions from now on. They need friends, not enemies! Oh, Lorenzo agrees she’s in charge, but she should be careful. Dad’s not here anymore–they were afraid of him, but not her.

And now he’s going. He mockingly says “To see if anyone will give me the respect I deserve.” (I laughed.)

Alexis is in the hallway when Lorenzo walks out, glaring at him briefly. He calls to check on Fernando. He made it to LA and he’s setting up a camera in the hotel room. Alexis tells him he’d better get some good footage because this station is going to belong to Amado. If Amado doesn’t kill him, Alexis is taking Fernando with him. Fernando’s face: “Yeah, no pressure.”

Rancho Zabala

Santiago’s rushing out to meet Fernando. He says he’s headed for school. Rafa asks for a ride, but he’s in a hurry.

Nicolas gets home and Rafa makes a crack about how he’s got too much time on his hands if he can run around kidnapping minors. Nicolas laughs it off. Well, he’ll leave him here and let his grandfather give him the scolding he deserves. And oh look, there went his brother. Pair of ungrateful…. He walks out.

Neto tells Nicolas his dad’s exaggerating. He’s just pissed off because he’s going to have to go bow his head to Amado, which is humiliating

Casa Matamoros

Julia’s home. She complains to Manara that she just wanted to go out and enjoy the awards show with Nicolas. Manara’s busy living her life, so she didn’t want to bother her. Sorry.

“I’m not sure I have a life.” Julia snaps at her that neither does she. They’re both watched all the time. She used to think things were getting better, but this house is the same hell it always was. She’s tired of Manara and Amado fighting while she has to deal with the consequences.

Construction office

Before they talk about Amado’s demands, Rafa wants to know if he’s behind what happened to Gilda.

IF Amado had anything to do with it, they’re not going to talk about it here. Why does he want to know? Rafa says it’s time for them to be honest with each other, isn’t it?

OK, Amado will start. He promised Rafa something and he didn’t deliver. “If you’re talking about Manara, I never saw her as merchandise.” Amado knows, but she’s fucked up (jodido) his relationships, or at least his relationship with Rafa.

Rafa disagrees. What it did was expose him. Amado needs Rafa more than Rafa needs him. Rafa can do all the promoting Amado wants, but without the unions he has nothing. “Convince your father to help me and I’ll give you 10% of everything I earn. We’ll be partners in everything.”

Rafa doesn’t care about money.

Amado says they can launder some of it through the record label and help Rafa get back on top. And when Amado wins, he’s going to rebuild the city and there’s going to be so much money.

“Then I want 25%.”

Amado offers 15% and his sister in bed doing whatever he wants. He understands no one has ever rejected Rafa like this and he’s upset at Manara and he’s angry, but it’s to Rafa’s advantage to stick with him. Amado’s going to get everything he wants and it’s best if it’s por las buenas, right?

Rafa considers…or pretends to.


Dylan asks if Mateo’s thinking that it wasn’t really a robbery.

He’s not sure, but he does know that when Gilda shuts herself off, there’s no one who can pull her out of herself. There’s something she’s not saying.

In Gilda’s room, Isaac says she’s been glaring at him since last night. He’s sorry for all the stuff he said yesterday. “You’re either the biggest idiot or the worst hypocrite. What did you have to do with this?”

Isaac is genuinely surprised at the accusation. But Gilda knows exactly who stabbed her. He’d come to her office before. She couldn’t remember where she’d seen him at first, but then she remembered it was at the casino. He swears on their mother he doesn’t know who she’s talking about.

“Oh no? You don’t know who the guy with the limp is who works there?” He had his face covered, but she looked at his eyes and she recognized his voice. So what is he involved in? He swears he’s not involved in anything. He’d never do anything to hurt her!

Does he know why she hasn’t turned the guy in to the police? Or told Mateo? She’s tired of bloodshed. Tired of sadness in the family. She wants the truth–does he have gambling debts. He says he does like to gamble, but he swears he doesn’t have any debts–she has to believe him.

Renzo hands his hench Gilda’s name and room number. “You said you had a fake ID.” Instead Renzo stabs him in the leg–that’s his way in.

Mateo doesn’t know when all this happened. It feels like no time has passed since he was with his brother. They had women, fame, everything they wanted…and all of a sudden his life is going down the drain.

Dylan tells him to focus on his music and stop fighting with people. And if it were him, he’d stop chasing after Manara, too. “That’s easy for you to say.” What are you supposed to do when a woman gets under your skin? He’s never even fallen in love. He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do!

Well, sometimes a woman can come into your life and fix everything. But others turn everything upside down. He should figure out what kind of woman Manara is and fix things before it’s too late.

Moisés calls to let Mateo know he took Celestina to the beach to distract her. Isaac’s going home to shower. Dylan fake-casually says he’s just gonna go visit Gilda if that’s ok. Bring her some good vibes and stuff. He walks right past Renzo’s hench being wheeled in.

Manara calls to yell at him for firing her musicians. Rafa sent her a message. None of this is their fault!

Uh, and who told Rafa that? “He said Diego came to say goodbye and he told him.”

First of all, he didn’t fire anyone, Diego was fighting with all of them. And Dylan’s with him. He’ll bring him back tomorrow to rehearse with her. So if there’s nothing else….

Manara asks him to wait. Is something wrong? Mateo tells her what happened to Gilda and Manara remembers Amado telling her she was going to get everything back to normal on her own and soon she’d know what he was talking about. Mateo says they think it was a robbery. But she’s stable. She’s going to be fine.

Manara’s so sorry. She had no idea. He can count on her for whatever he needs. Mateo thanks her and hangs up.

The hench calls Renzo and says he’s in the same wing as Gilda. He’s just waiting for them to leave her alone….

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Thanks Kat. I was a little disappointed in this episode since the breakup of the Boricuas is pretty much confirmed. I’m not a Nicky Jam fan either so I don’t feel like I got my music fix *pout*

Gilda is not stupid. Hell, she’s the smartest one of the bunch. I hope she brings Isaac down. I’m so done with him. I know the attack wasn’t directly his fault. I just don’t like his scuzzy butt.

What can I say about Amado besides please go die now…