Gonul Monday 5/29/17 #15

Before dinner

While Yulide delights in the real daisies, Mahmut sends Aylin a picture and a text. It’s like 2-for-1 wooing! He says the flowers remind him of her. She’s so pure and fragrant. He likes the way she dresses and it’s nice to be with her. “But I wear a uniform!” (Shh! Just go with it!) She’s just like the nature near his hometown. Her lips are like roses. “At least the flowers are pretty.”

Selma has a surprise for Tekin and he can’t turn her down. She knows he’s tired from running off to his conference. No, she didn’t hire a detective–she can find out anything she wants to. Like, that he’s hungry. She’s prepared the most delicious food in the world. He’d better hurry up before it gets cold. Tekin agrees, but the smile fades from his face.

He calls to check on Yulide, who says she went for a walk, but that’s it. She just woke up from a nap. She’s going to go get some dinner. And then that creep says “I’m going to come see you tomorrow, because remember you said you wanted to be alone.” And I’m like “What do those two things have to do with each other?” Yulide just says ok and she’ll see him tomorrow.


It’s after dinner at Selma’s and Tekin wants to know what her plan is.

“OK, I’ll confess. I followed you because I’m doing undercover work for the Soviets.” He thought there were no Soviets anymore. Oh, she’s sure they’ll rise from the ashes soon enough.

“So you’re an agent and they’re investigating me?” Oh, yes, they want to make him a tsar. “Are you sure you’re drinking water?” Oh, fine he’s not a tsar, but certainly a party pooper! What’s the good of everything she’s doing to entertain him?

In that case, Tekin will stop ruining it. They can play a while longer.


Yulide looks at herself in the mirror and says she’s not doing anything wrong. They’ll just talk. And maybe he’ll help her remember. So she’s doing this for her health. (You could kiss him again for your health. Just saying.)

On the welcome mat outside the door, there’s a rose and a note that says it’s worth it to wait and he’ll be waiting for her his whole life if he has to. “Allah, help me!”

It’s a nice dinner setup. Big low benches and a table in front of the fire. Yulide asks Yusuf to understand she’s only here because she wants to remember. It’s nice hanging out with him and she hasn’t smiled like this in a long time, but…she’s married and she’s going to have a baby. He just grins at that and agrees with her when she says it’s impossible for there to be anything between them.

Then what does he want from her?

To remember.

Now she gets agitated–what happens if she remembers? What is he expecting? He says he’ll accept whatever she decides and he’ll wait for her if he has to. Yulide barely notices that he’s holding her hand, or maybe she notices too much. He tells her to relax. When she’s ready, just say what she wants and he’ll accept.

Well…it’s too hot here. OK, so they can go walk.

They end up at the beach, with a bonfire between them, looking out at the ocean, with the full moon shining down. (Visit beautiful Turkey….) Yulide’s worried about never being able to remember. What if the memories never come back? “Then we’ll have new ones.”

“Can we fill an abyss?” Yusuf thinks so. They can fill it with things that feel good. “This day will end. Tomorrow will be the same. I’ll pick up my life where I left it.” Yusuf disagrees. It won’t be the same–because they’re here.

Back in her room, Yulide tries to pull herself together as she sighs Yusuf’s name. She picks up the note again, about “waiting” and leans against the wall.

Yusuf leans on the other side of the wall, assuring Gonul that he’s here with her.

They both get into bed.

Out on the beach, Mahmut warms himself by the bonfire and tries to take a picture of the bonfire to send Aylin…but his phone battery is dead. He wishes she were here, looking at the sky with him.

Change of plans

Yusuf checks with the front desk and finds out that Yulide left this morning.

She gets back to the house, carrying one daisy, which she puts in water. She thinks to herself that maybe lying is bad, but she didn’t betray her husband. She doesn’t know what happened or how she felt or who her heart belongs to. But she’s sure if she doesn’t remember what happened with either of them or how she feels about them, she’s betraying herself.

She needs to figure out who she is, but without breaking anyone’s heart.

Ahmet comes home. He’s surprised to see her. She says she’d had enough and wanted to come home…but where’s he coming from? Oh, he was on his way to get her, but he forgot something, so, uh, good thing he came back for it.

Yulide tells him she had a good time, it was all great. He says he’s jealous! So…dinner tonight? She agrees, but she wants Figen to come and his friend Metin and his boss–Yulide was so weird to her and she wants to apologize. Ahmet awkwardly says he’d rather be alone with her. “But I want to be with our friends.” She wants things to be different. She wants to hear some different conversations.

He agrees and pretends he thinks it’s going to be fun. (For us maybe.)

Give up already

Yusuf gets back to the workshop and expects to find Ridvan there. Instead Ozlem’s waiting for him. She’s annoyed that he didn’t just tell her he was buying the workshop so he wouldn’t have had to pay so much. Eh, he thinks it was worth it.

Anyway, how’s her arm? Did the police ever find out anything about the people who broke into her shop? She claims they’re still looking.

And did he find Gonul? He says he hasn’t yet, but he won’t give up.

Then why did he tell her to give up on him?

Hey, he gave up on his vengeance gig to protect his beloved. What did SHE do?

She whines that all she did was tell Tekin where to find her. It’s not her fault that Gonul never came to visit him in the hospital, so why is he taking it out on her? Ozlem admits she may be begging for his love, but it’s out of her power. She’s in “love” and she’s lost her logic and her pride. She begs him to let her stay. She’ll just die if she can’t have him.

He says that would be a great honor…if her love were real. But it isn’t. He knows how to love someone despite what happens. She whines that she saw him first! She looked him in the eyes and she knew! And he never realized it. He STILL “decided” to fall in love with Betul.

He tells her not to bring up Betul, but SOMEBODY doesn’t seem to realize that once you’re standing in a hole you need to quit digging! She complains about Betul divorcing him while he was in prison, but here she is, still. She never left him or turned her back on him.

Yusuf tries to do this the nice way and tell her there are other men out there, she should give them a chance, give herself a chance. She complains that he didn’t give himself that chance. She waited for him to get out of prison. It was their chance! But he gave it to Gonul instead.

Yusuf denies it. He got out of prison thinking of nothing but getting revenge, but he fell in love with Gonul. He wishes Ozlem would quit suffering over him. There’s nothing to be done. (Uh, I’m not sure Ozlem is convinced of that.) She picks up her stuff and walks out.


Wow, it’s a busy day. Figen has two clients. She asks about the vacation and has Yulide get to work on one of the clients. Yulide tells her about tonight’s big dinner. Figen’s surprised. Ahmet really invited them? Because he’s not a very social person…. Yulide says they talked about it and agreed–no more depression.

Mama Hatice comes in with a budín de arroz which she just knows Yulide is going to like. Figen’s suspicious. SHE didn’t know Yulide would like it, so how does Hatice. “Who doesn’t like budín de arroz?”

Yulide starts to take it into the back, but Figen stops her, demanding to see it. “It’s just a normal dessert. What’s special about this?” Yulide gives her a warning nudge. Hatice’s answer: “I made it.” Figen imitates her.

Figen hurriedly tries to finish up both clients so she can listen in on Yulide and Hatice out on the front porch.

Hatice’s telling her stories about “the girl from the orphanage” again. In her memories, she tells young Gonul that yes, this budín is just like a mom would make and Hatice will make more for her whenever she likes. Yulide is inhaling it as she listens to the story.

Hatice moves on to talking about how she was left at the orphanage as a baby and her millionaire father showed up and tried to make her his heir, but she turned down the money because he’d abandoned her. Yulide thinks she should have taken the money and set up an orphanage. “She couldn’t think of that. She was too angry.”

And have they found her yet? Hatice says they haven’t. She squints, probably because the sun’s in her eyes, but I’m imagining that she’s willing Gonul to hurry up and remember already! Yulide asks about the fiance who made her angry. Is Hatice sure her disappearance doesn’t have something to do with him?

Hatice looks sad and Yulide apologizes. Hatice says it’s not that…she’s going to give her some advice: don’t trust anyone. Her daughter’s fiancé mistreated her. He took her away when he found out she was in love with another man. He wouldn’t let her be happy with that man. She had so many problems because of those two men–her prometido demente and her father.

Hatice is sure her heart will remind her who her real love is–she means that for “her” and for Yulide.

Yulide’s going back outside with tea when Figen stops her to gripe about Hatice. Doesn’t she have anywhere else to go? She’s just taking up space and this is a business! Yulide tells her to shush. Hatice’s her guest. Hatice starts getting ready to leave. Figen’s right–she’s pulling Yulide away from her work. Yulide complains that it’s not like she has anything to do anyway.

In that case, she can stop by Hatice’s house. She knows Yulide will like it. Yulide agrees to visit soon. And Hatice’s sure she’ll feel better. She has the impression Yulide’s always sad. Does she have problems with her husband? Yulide says it’s not her husband, it’s her past.

Is it love? Yulide looks away. OK, then. Hatice knows it’s not easy to forget things, but she needs to not look at her past as a problem. If she stops doing that, things will be much easier. Yulide insists on another hug before she leaves.

Figen gets grumpy about it. Yulide is upset that she was talking loud enough for Hatice to hear. Figen complains that they’re supposed to go to dinner. If she hadn’t said anything, Hatice would still be sitting there. “So what?!” Yulide’s upset because she looked so sad when she left.

Fine, Figen will do her hair for free next time and she’ll even do her makeup as an apology. She sits Yulide down in the chair and says she’s going to style her for tonight. Yulide says Hatice’s so pretty. Her hair is so long. “Well, tonight we’ll be like her. We have a stylist who does miracles!” Figen contemplates a side bun and Yulide says as long as she doesn’t look like a birds’ nest!


It looks stormy out at the bay. Tekin meets Ali to “talk” but he gets insulting almost immediately, telling Ali that Ali “made him crazy.”

Uh uh. Ali makes him crazy. Annnnd, Tekin didn’t turn Gonul into Yulide? He didn’t turn a nurse into a stylist and housewife? He’s a surgeon pretending to be a pharmaceutical rep, but Ali’s the one who makes him crazy. Seriously? Tekin IS crazy!

Tekin asks who’s sane. Is Ali? Tekin’s not going to explain himself. He needs Ali’s help.

What for? Did Gonul’s lover find him. What was that guy’s name? Yusuf? No, it can’t be that or he wouldn’t be so calm. Oh, wait did her billionaire dad’s lawyer find him? Which is it?

Tekin says he’ll explain, as soon as he gets a mineral water. Instead, Ali lectures him about how he uses people’s love, he thinks everything he does is right, he wants everyone to love him and never leave him. And when they leave, he won’t let them. He doesn’t care who he hurts or who has to pay the price. He can just get out of all his problems with his money and his intelligence and the help of his family.

Ali mocks his “analysis.” He’s so boring. If Ali does this favor, it’ll be the last one. Ali doesn’t believe that. And he’d have to be utterly lacking in ethics to do it.

Tekin throws it in his face that he was dating Nese, and he wants to talk about Tekin’s behavior?! Therefore, he “has” to do this favor for Tekin.

Tekin gets off his boat without waiting for an answer.

Pills and panic

Mahmut asked around and everyone told him the same thing–those pills are for the memory, but they have side effects. They’re dangerous to a pregnancy.

Yusuf’s ready to go kill Tekin, but Hilmi wants him to be patient. Yusuf can’t. He’s not going to lose another child. He’ll kill Tekin and take Gonul somewhere else.

Right, but the psychologist says she could lose her baby if he does that. Well, Tekin’s trying to make her lose the baby. Hilmi suggests they sneak into the house and switch out the pills without them knowing. Yusuf just needs to be calm.

Actually, Yusuf agrees to the plan. Hilmi wants Sabit and Mahmut on 12-hour shifts watching Gonul constantly. They need to be close by in case she needs help, but without letting Tekin see them. Mahmut’s going to find a pill that looks the same, but that’s just a vitamin with no side effects. They’ll switch them out when no one’s home.

Yusuf says he’s going out for some fresh air…and can Mahmut fix some tea? (Ummm…I don’t think he’s going out for air.)

Tea’s ready, but Yusuf’s not outside. And he’s locked them in. Nobody knows where the key is, but Mahmut found a chisel. That’s just as good, right? OK, then–Sabit’s checking Tekin’s house, Mahmut will check the hospital…I guess Hilmi gets the rest of the city. They’ve gotta find Yusuf before he kills Tekin.

Yusuf goes out to the house in the ‘burbs and starts banging on the door and looking in the windows.

Across from the salon, one of the women who just left is telling Fruit Guy that the salon is weird because it never has any customers, but it never goes out of business. Fruit Guy says there was a guy in there the other night. He doesn’t think it’s a “good” place. Well, she hopes her husband doesn’t hear anything or he won’t let her go back. (Um, maybe if you’d just not go running your mouth, that wouldn’t be a problem?)

Yusuf marches up to the salon and tries the door, but it’s locked. Fruit Guy tries to be helpful, but why is Yusuf trying to get into a women’s beauty salon. “I need to talk to one of the girls. Do you know where they went?” (Also not helping.) Yusuf thanks him for the info and takes off. Fruit Guy is convinced something weird is going on. (And you need to shut up too, Fruit Guy. Trying to hit on Figen the other day and you can’t think of a single reason Yusuf would be there?!)

Hilmi also tries the house, but he doesn’t see anyone. He checks in with Mahmut. Yusuf’s not there and neither is Tekin. He calls Sabit, but he’s stuck in traffic.


Tekin meets Sermin. She just wanted to complain that Hilmi and Yusuf are getting too close and she didn’t want to do it over the phone. He tells her to chill–if she gets nervous, she’ll make a mistake.

Sermin suggests they go somewhere farther away, overseas. Tekin insists he knows what he’s doing, but Sermin says it’s only five years. Once she’s declared dead, he can come back with her.

Yeah, yeah, he’ll do it if he has to, but when HE decides the time is right. This is HIS game. If she wants a game to play, she can go pretend to be the boss of Kursat’s company.

Also, they’re going out to dinner tonight. At seven. He’ll send her the address. (Yep, it was a statement, not a question.)


Nese comes over to Tekin’s house. She’s been trying to reach him since yesterday to tell him about the boy from the hospital. He gets all hung up on how he told her to stay out of it. He completely dismisses the idea of Lale adopting him. Nese swears there’s impending danger and he should just…let Gonul go.

Oh, no, it’s all under control. Tekin’s going to win. Starting tonight, so he can’t be late. He pushes Nese out the door.


So far, it’s Ahmet, “Metin,” Figen, and Gonul at dinner. Figen asks about Metin’s “accident.” Because it looks more like someone hit him in the face. With a meaningful glare at “Ahmet,” he says he was just being careless and this is what happened.

Figen now whines to Ahmet about how he should have taken them somewhere nicer since Yulide’s cooped up all the time. He says Yulide likes these kinds of restaurants. They used to go to one in Izmir.

Yulide asks if she and Metin met before the accident. Ummm…no. He never went to the house. He jokes that her husband keeps her away from everyone like a secret. Everyone but Ahmet thinks it’s funny. It’s really just that they’re so busy and they never have time to talk, right Metin?

Yulide says it’s her fault, then, for never inviting people over. Oh, no, like Ahmet says, they have a lot of work to do.

Sermin shows up and Figen gives her the dirtiest look. “Ahmet” gets up and introduces his boss, Sermin. She already knows his coworker “Metin.” Sermin quietly asks if this is a joke and Ahmet says absolutely, they can talk about work for a moment. Yulide asks Metin if she’s upset. Oh, no, they just don’t like to talk business at the dinner table.

Figen proposes a toast. Then she starts babbling about how if they had a restaurant, they’d do a better job of decorating. Hey, maybe they should open a restaurant! Yulide says they have enough problems with the salon. Figen jokes that they’d be fine, they’d have Allah’s help. Ali glances nervously at the door.

Outside, Sermin thinks Tekin’s lost it. She’s not going back in there. He says she is if she wants that inheritance. Doesn’t she want to be the boss? Well, tonight she gets to pretend for two hours.


Nese watches a telenovela and eats. I believe there’s a container of pudding involved. Or possibly ice cream. Or both. The maid says her dad and Lale are going out tonight. “Ah, they’re going to talk. But my dad never likes discussing these things outside the house.” Nese turns down the offer of dinner. She’s not hungry.

On the screen, the two parting lovers finish their extended goodbye and walk away from each other…and then they come running back into frame and grab each other. Nese’s eyes well up with tears and she puts the chocolate pudding back down.

She finds Hilmi upstairs in her room. Uh, are we sure this isn’t a fantasy? He hands her a glass of water, ignores her questions, and asks where Tekin is. He’s doing this for Tekin’s own good. She blames him for thinking he knows what’s best for everyone–her brother, Gonul. But what about them?!

He kisses her forehead, then her neck, then whispers “There’s not a moment when I’m not thinking of you.” (Somebody pass me the chocolate pudding, please.) Nese takes a deep breath and says she doesn’t believe him. Now get out!

He says this house isn’t her home. “Of course it is! And if you don’t get out, I’m calling the police!”

Hilmi says her brother is in danger. If Hilmi doesn’t find him soon, he could die. Nese pulls out her phone and tries to call him.


Tekin ignores the call and Ali glares at him. Yulide asks how Sermin liked the fish. It doesn’t look like Metin liked it at all. Ahmet feels the need to talk for him and say Metin prefers raki (the booze). Metin agrees, it’s the only thing that helps him deal with his transitory life. Figen thinks that’s funny. And Sermin’s necklace is so bold…but too much for a modest restaurant like this. Is it fake?

Of course not. She didn’t know what kind of restaurant they were going to. Ahmet starts talking about how he and Yulide haven’t been out in so long, so this is a special evening and he wanted to spend it with friends. Sermin snarkily says she shouldn’t have interrupted, then. But Yulide’s so happy to have them all here. Sermin and Metin both respond to that by hittin’ the booze a little harder.

Ahmet scolds Metin for drinking so much. He says he’s the top salesman in the company, isn’t that right, Sermin? She’s startled back into paying attention. Um, yeah. Metin’s the best. Figen laughs at the expression on “Metin’s” face and says she can see what all that hard work has done to him.

“Metin” wants to toast to the future and their friendship. Yulide agrees. She goes back to chatting with Sermin, asking if she’s married. Oh…she’s sorry to hear about the death of her husband. Was he sick? Sermin remembers Gonul standing over Kursat as he started dying. “It was difficult for him. Someone upset him and he had a heart attack.”

Yulide is sorry for making her remember something so painful. Ahmet sticks his oar in again–despite her pain, she became the boss and she runs the company now. And he and Metin support her and so does everyone else. They work so she can feel better.

Metin changes the subject, asking if Figen’s really a stylist. “Of course I am! Look at my hair!” Oh, he sees it, but he doesn’t believe it. Figen laughs like she thinks he’s kidding.

Ahmet’s phone rings again.

Why can’t you two kids just work it out?!

While Nese’s waiting for him to answer, Hilmi’s just…gazing longingly at her. But yeah, he doesn’t answer. Hilmi asks her to tell him where to find Tekin.

Hmph. He wouldn’t be here if not for that, right? He plays with her hair and says that’s a lie. But she thinks he’s only showing up because he needs her. She shouldn’t have listened to him! He tells her not to be so fickle. He’ll just walk out this way, ok? She shuts her bedroom door in his face and leans on it.

He opens it and asks if she’s sure. “Leave me alone!” But she cries and says “Of course not” and flops down on the bed.

Yusuf shoves past the guard on the gate, insisting on seeing if Tekin is there. Hilmi comes out the front door and collects him. “How did you get in there.” Hilmi tells him to shut up and assures the guard that Yusuf’s coming with him…but the guard is upset about how Hilmi got in here now.

Nese comes out front at about the time the police arrive and rather than defusing the situation tells the police there’s been no “misunderstanding” as Hilmi claims. These two men got into the house and they can ask the staff if they don’t believe her.

Liven up the party

Yulide thinks everyone’s bored and they should go. She thought this would be fun, but apparently it’s not for everyone else. She’d rather not take up more of their time.

Instead of leaving, Ahmet tells Figen to sing something and waves the musicians over to accompany her. Yulide tells her to sing something that will make them happy. So she sings Nihansın dideden. Ahmet interrupts and says something happier. Figen says they have to sing with her. She tells the musicians to play Ben Kalender.

“Metin” even gets up to dance with her. Sermin looks like they’ve all lost their minds. They can’t get Ahmet to join them. Yulide even gives him a little shoulder shimmy.


Yusuf. Hilmi. Jail. “So, um, are you and Nese…?” Tekin’s sister? Is he crazy?!

“A little.”

What happens if she tells Tekin they found Gonul? Oh, that she’d never do. Jail, yes, but she wouldn’t tell Tekin–her problem is with Hilmi.

Yusuf says their problem is with her. She knows.

Hilmi says she’s known from the beginning. She feels trapped and she can’t take it anymore.

So now Yusuf gets why Hilmi was like that the other night. Hilmi agrees. He’s destroyed.

Yusuf warns him that he’s going to have to answer to him if Gonul ends up in danger. Hilmi thinks he’s exaggerating. Mahmut and Sabit are at Tekin’s and Gonul’s houses. They’ll take care of things.


Yulide and Ahmet stumble into the house. She laughs that his boss’ voice turned out to be really good. Who would’a thunk it?! He says he was surprised too. And Figen, singing and dancing! And Metin was so lost! She laughs that he would have fallen over if Ahmet hadn’t held him up.

Ahmet twirls her around and says she’s very pretty tonight and her eyes are shining. And she evades his attempt to kiss her by hugging him and thanking him for tonight. She finally felt normal. She looks over at the daisy on the sideboard for a second.

She continues, saying she could finally enjoy herself and smile. Ahmet says he’d do anything to see her smile. Well, um, she’s going to go change and get ready for bed. He stops her to tell her she seems happy today. They should do this again sometime. She agrees.

She goes into the bathroom and he bites his fist. I don’t know if that’s in a good way or a bad way.


The charges against Hilmi and Yusuf have been dropped. A police officer lets them out.

From the workshop, Yusuf calls Mahmut and tells him he can stop watching Gonul’s house and come back to the workshop.

Hilmi thinks he seems way too calm. Yusuf’s planning to go to Gonul’s house and tell her not to trust that guy. He’s sure she’ll believe him. And he couldn’t have thought of this last night? Well, sometimes he doesn’t think clearly. The thing with the medication upset him. Gonul’s with that guy and he’s constantly struggling not to go out there and kill him.

Hilmi hands him a sammich, but Yusuf says he’s not hungry.

Alternate universe

Yulide’s singing as she sets the table for breakfast. She sees the daisy again and remembers the things that happened at the lake.

Ahmet tells her Sermin gave him the day off today. Yulide thinks she must have had a good time last night. She doesn’t know what to do–what did they do before? Before she had a problem with her memory? Ahmet tells her she liked walking, but he liked hanging out at home.

She agrees to stay home, but what are they going to do? Ahmet suggests decorating the baby’s room.

They paint the baby’s room yellow. When she stops to make tea, she sees the daisy in the glass and remembers Yusuf telling her to follow the path in her heart. She pastes a smile on her face and brings the cookies and tea in for Ahmet.

He reaches out to take the tray from her and she has a flashback to standing with Yusuf the same way, both holding a box in both hands and Yusuf taking it from her. She lets go of the tray suddenly and stares at Ahmet. He asks her if she’s ok, but she just keeps staring at him.

Not father material

Lale is bringing the refugee boy home from the hospital. A lawyer explains to Mazhar that normally the Association for Protection of Minors would hold on to him, but since his wife was so insistent, there won’t be any problem with the adoption. Mazhar complains that he could be sick.

When he walks in with Lale his eyes widen at the sight of the house. And then they hear Mazhar complaining that he could be a drug addict. And now they want him to live in his house?! Lale rounds the corner and the lawyer takes this as his cue to leave.

Lale introduces Mazhar to Omer and says he’s going to live with them from now on. Mazhar snaps that she got what she wanted. Lale reminds him they talked about this last night and she doesn’t want to argue any more. Azhar agrees, but he glares at Omer.

Lale asks if he wants to go upstairs and see his room, but instead he goes over to tell Mazhar he’ll be gone early tomorrow and Mazhar will never see him again. The look Lale gives to the back of Mazhar’s head….

Raised stakes

Hilmi complains that he’s a good lawyer and he has all the evidence he needs to put Tekin away, but he can’t do it. Yusuf says it’s because of Nese. No–he’s guilty. Hilmi wouldn’t tolerate what he’s doing to Gonul just because he’s Nese’s brother. They just have to be careful and think about her health and the baby’s health.

Hilmi gets a call that seems to shock him. He tells Yusuf there’s this killer for hire called “The Butcher” and Sermin set up a meeting with him. He’s the kind who doesn’t stop until he’s finished. He’s sure she wants both Gonul and Tekin dead.

Yusuf says they have to protect Gonul. They have to stop that man. Hilmi says it’s impossible. He’s dangerous. He’ll kill Yusuf.

Yusuf asks him to call Sermin. He takes Hilmi’s phone and tells Sermin he knows what she’s up to and the only grave she’ll be digging is her own. She’d better call off her hired killer or he (Yusuf) will be the one to kill her.

Sermin complains to her mother that Yusuf knows her plan and he’s threatening her. Metap tells her to use her influences and let everyone know she’s a Buyuksahin.

Sermin pulls out a photo album and says she’s going to let the police know they killed Alper and buried him in the woods. She remembers Alper saying he could fix it and giving the order to kill him. She tells one of her henches to take the photos to the police and let them “entertain themselves” with Yusuf Ozkara.

And while he’s at it, she wants to know who’s been passing information to the other side.

Mahmut gets back to the workshop. He’s never heard of “The Butcher.” What does he look like? How will they recognize him?

Yusuf says no one has seen him. Hilmi’s bringing over all the information they have.

Look, he knows Yusuf doesn’t want to do this, but Mahmut thinks they should ask his dad for help.

Yusuf says he needs to talk to Hilmi first and then he’ll be able to make a decision.


Ahmet comes outside to bring Yulide her pills. They’ll help with the nausea. She doesn’t want them.

He sits down and puts on his extremely patient attitude and says he thinks she’s keeping something from him.

Yes, there is something she wants to say. “I had a lover. I cheated on you. It was a long time. There was someone in my life and I don’t know how I did it, but I know it happened before the accident. I don’t know why I did it.”

Ahmet says she’s confused, but Yulide says she remembers bits of him and she thinks she belongs to him and not to Ahmet. It’s very strong. It scares her. And she can’t keep lying to him. She doesn’t want to keep playing with his feelings and pretending. They’re not really a couple who are in love.

He says maybe she remembered some things in her past, but now he’s the only one in her life. “You were. I’m sorry.” She says she tried to revive their relationship and make things work, but she couldn’t and she can’t go on with this. She tried to fall in love with him, but she couldn’t. She’s sorry. It’s over.

She gets up, wearing her coat and holding her purse, and starts walking. He grabs her arm and she says they’ll talk later, but right now she needs to be alone. She’s going for a walk.

Moving on?

Tekin goes over to Selma’s. He doesn’t say a word. She takes a look at his face and starts pouring drinks. And, since life is a game, they’ll play…this should help him tell the truth. She starts playing some version of “pick up sticks” where if you disturb the pile you have to make a confession.

Her first confession: I’m a bad person. Tekin laughs, “Why?” She says she went to the US to avoid taking care of her siblings. She was tired of being depressed and of her older brother attacking her and causing problems. Tekin disagrees that’s bad. “He died. I wanted him to die and he died. And I felt nothing but relief. And that’s enough for me to think I’m a very bad person.” He says that just makes her human.

Yulide comes back to the house. She picks up the wooden bird and remembers the conversation about birds knowing how to get back home.

Tekin confesses that he wants to go somewhere far away with her. “What’s stopping you?” He says he’d have to be a very different person. She asks if “this” Tekin wouldn’t dare? He says this version of Tekin should confess something.

He starts caressing her face. Selma’s starting to fall for it. She thinks “What is this? What if this guy killed my sister? He doesn’t seem like a killer. Why am I trying to justify him? Even if he wasn’t a killer,he was Ilknur’s partner.” Tekin leans in and kisses her.

We’re alllll connected

Omer plays with his toy car. He runs it into a bookshelf and gets curious about a box on the shelf. There’s a picture of Gonul inside. And one of Gonul and Tekin. “Hey, I think I know you.”

Lale comes looking for him, to tell him it’s time to eat. He shows her the picture and says he knows them. “Of course, that’s Tekin. That’s the doctor from the hospital.” No, he knows her. Lale’s sure he must be confused. Omer insists she took him home and she gave him food.

She asks if he can remember where that woman’s house is and Omer nods.

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Autora/ Author

Thanks Kat. Remember at the beginning of this show when it was like “oooo…sh!t just got real…no, no wait….*now* sh just got real.” It’s starting to feel that way again.

I can’t stand Tekin. I just shake with rage when he’s on the screen. “It’s MY game.” Jerk.

Lale is getting lots of cool points from me. What did she ever see in Mazhar?????????????????

Visita/ Guest

Thanks for the great recap, Kat. I agree that Tekin is a horrible, manipulative, etc. person but the guy playing him is a fantastic actor. His smallest expressions convey so much. I thought this was kind of a holding-pattern episode promising big things to come. It was too bad we didn’t get to see Sermin sing or dance at the horrible dinner party. I’m surprised she showed up at the restaurant without bodyguards. I wonder if Gonul needs another bump on the head to remember everything. I can’t get past the fact that Kursat said that Gonul’s mother was alive.… Read more »

Autora/ Author

I can’t get over it either! There has to be a reason for them to reveal that Gonul’s mother is still alive. Like you I can only think Hatice is Gonul’s mom.

I feel like we were robbed not getting to see Sermin sing and dance!