La Reina de la Canción Monday 5/29/17 #21

OK, seriously, I wasn’t looking forward to watching this because I knew someone was going home and what does Alejandra start out with? Way to rip off the Band-Aid.

Wait, why do we only have 3 potential people leaving?! Mary went home. And they’re just going to tell us, just like that?!

“Now the real competition starts.” Uh, then what have we been watching for the last month and a half?! (Damn, y’all might be getting cranky Kat tonight.)

The Mary thing

So, last week after people found out they were up, Veronica and Deyra were kind of bummed. Jazmin threw an “I shouldn’t be here” tantrum.

And then Mary kept complaining about her song not letting her show off her voice. She complains to the music director, who swears that they picked the songs so the contestants would sound great, not sound bad. And she DID sound great, but her attitude…. He says some of this to us and some of this to her and in the end, she walks off and says “Don’t vote for me.”


So now, Ale greets the judges and I feel like I’m in some weird alternate reality because Marisol’s got a huge bun and Vicky’s hair is straightened and Lucero’s hair is all kind of casual, which they’re all gorgeous as usual, but it’s just like…where did these looks come from?!

OK, yes, we know, Mary left. Got it. And Ale’s STILL going to give us more details?! She wrote a letter. She’s a big letter writer. I swear Yohanny was falling asleep while everybody else was having their “Mary left” convo.

And now the judges get to have Opinions. What difference does it make at this point? Oh, right, it’s the educational segment. Life lessons and all that.

  • Poncho: Respect the show. Whatever else is happening, the show must go on. (I’m paraphrasing.)
  • Lucero: She’s missing out on an opportunity.
  • Vicky: There are lots of sacrifices in this life. (aka, the biz.)
  • Marisol: If you’re gonna be La Reina de La Cancion, you’ve gotta be able to deal with shit. (Again, paraphrasing.)
On to the show?

Poncho had his prize and this affects Deyra and Veronica. I guess it’s the same prize as always? Save or switch? Poncho’s deciding to let the public decide who’s going home.

But we’re not going to find out who yet because we have to check in with Evelyn, who’s monitoring what people are saying online. She’s suggesting we not tell it to the TV, but Tweet it. Because they can’t hear us when we yell at the TV.

Ale announces that the prizes include a contract with Universal Music, a 2017 Honda CRV, and the crown.

Reinas in NY

I’m just sticking this all in one place because it’s a few minutes here and a few there.

They’re showing a lot of footage of when the contestants got to NY, which means Mary’s still there. They have hot dogs. Yohanny takes them to Washington Heights for Dominican food.

They participated in a Cinco de Mayo festival, which gives you an idea of how long they were in New York before they started the live shows. And it’s weird to see this footage of Mary, with everybody telling her she’s their favorite. Like, seriously, and you walked? The contestants got to do a performance together.

They walked the red carpet for the People en Espeñol howevermany Mas Bellos. And there’s Mary again, saying she could get used to this. SMH.

Shakira came to hang out with them. She has some interesting things to say about wasting time chasing after perfection instead of just enjoying. Now that she’s a mom, her music is more of an escape. She agrees with Carmen that it can feel like she’s being selfish when she’s away from her son, but kids need to see their moms being fulfilled. And it sets an example about working towards your dreams. Lluvia shares that Shakira reminds her of her sister, because her sister used to imitate her all the time. Big group hugs. (And still, Mary left. I’m sure I’ll get over it in another week, but damn.)

And there was a shopping spree, courtesy of Univision Mastercard. Yes, it’s product placement. And they all did very well with the verbiage.

In addition to setting them up with voice coaches, they also sprung surprises on them. Like some sort of spa/temptation day. As in, a table full of people’s favorite foods and shirtless men. I mean those two things, like, separately.

And then they met their official personal trainer…and the shirtless guys are part of his team, not masseuses. He thinks it’s his job to make them love exercise and nutrition. Beatriz M asks what they have to do to get his body. Um…that came out wrong. She knows.

Alicia Villareal – Te Quedo Grande La Yegua

Hello, special guest performer! I want to translate that title as “Too Much Filly For You.” Her voice is different from some of the others we’ve been hearing lately. It’s very sweet, almost pop-y, and she doesn’t go so much into those really low notes.

After she sings, Ale asks her for her advice. “Know how to manage your emotions and your ego. If you’re already sure you’re a great singer, then you’re learning to be a great performer.”

The elimination – Part 1

Alejandra announces that the person who got the most votes will be safe…and that would have been Mary.

Dude. I’m looking at people’s faces. There are going to be some awkward reunions of contestants on this show.

So, um, the runner up is automatically safe, then. And that’s Deyra. Gracias, Virgen, I can breathe again!

And to decide whether Jazmin or Veronica will go home, the judges picked a song for each them to perform, but they don’t know what it is. Once they find out, they’ll have a few minutes to prepare. *gulp*

Lucero announces that Verónica will sing Como Tu Mujer. Vicky announces that Jazmin will sing Me Vas A Extrañar.

Ale hands it off to Evelyn, who’s with a very relieved Deyra, who promises to give hundreds and thousands of percent more so she doesn’t let anyone down, including herself.

Verónica Rosales – Como Tu Mujer

That platform would freak me out. And after all this “own the stage” stuff…how’s she supposed to move on that thing in skinny heels without falling? Hello, and Ale has to help her down after…those stairs are not wide enough to walk on!

It’s an ok performance, especially for only having a few minutes to prepare. I think there are spots where she covered a tuning problem by doing a bit of a scoop. The audience was happy. Lucero was grooving along. Poncho thinks her voice has personality and lots of control and he congratulates her.

Jazmin Lopez – Me Vas A Extrañar

I’m not hearing a lot of support under those notes until the second verse. And then the pitch is really…not always there

Again, the audience seems pleased, Ale helps her down off her platform. Vicky could hear the pitch problems. She liked hearing Jazmin playing with the quality of her voice. Marisol jokes with Lucero about “Can’t we keep them both?”

Elimination – Part 2

Ale asks for any last words before they face the firing squad. Veronica is full of gratitude to the production team, Poncho, the people in the audience, it’s been a wonderful experience. Jazmin thanks her captains, Vicky for every out-of-tune note she picked on, the other contestants, the audience.

Lucero gets to speak for the four suckers…uh, herself and the captains. And the one who’s staying tonight is…


Jazmin’s going home. Ale’s sure this isn’t the end for her. She lets the others come down for a group hug.

Tomorrow: A Juan Gabriel tribute, voting lines will open, and an eliminated contestant returns.

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3 years ago

I don’t even know what I watched last night. Thanks for taking one for Team El Cohete.

Look, I know nothing about music, voice quality etc but I never felt like Mary was the strongest contestant. Frankly I find it hard to believe she got the most votes.