Gonul Tuesday 5/30/17 #16

Casa Selma

Tekin ends up asleep on Selma’s couch, talking in his sleep about being sorry. She carefully gets out from under his arm to search his jacket and finds his…er, Ahmet’s wedding ring. It’s engraved with Yulide’s name. Selma starts to wonder if Tekin is married.

When Tekin wakes up, Selma’s lying on the couch facing him. She wonders what upset him so much–he was talking in his sleep. He said he was sorry. Whatever it is is eating up up inside. Tekin says he just babbles when he’s tired. It’s nothing.

Selma rearranges them so he’s resting his head on her chest (and thus can’t see her face). She does a variation of his usual schtick and says he knows her secrets. He can trust her. He doesn’t have to be hurt by what he’s holding inside. He can free himself from that pain.

Tekin sits up abruptly and says he knows he did something terrible. “I caused the death of a person.” And then he says he has to go. She’s a little to eager, asking him to tell her, but he says they’ll talk some other time.

Everyone’s on the move

Yulide comes out of the house again and gets into a taxi just as Figen comes around the corner.

Sabit is annoyed that Sermin’s moving so quickly all of a sudden. Hilmi supposes she knows they’ve found Gonul and Sermin wants her dead to guarantee herself the inheritance.

Sabit must have heard of The Butcher–he says there’s no way to stop him. But Hilmi says they have to, especially if he’s after Gonul.

He gets a call on his cell phone from some angry dude who says this is what Hilmi wanted–he’ll die in prison. He hears the sirens and realizes Sermin gave the pictures to the cops. He pulls one piece of paper out of a file and they make a run for it.

He calls Yusuf to warn him that the cops are on their way. He and Mahmut go out the previously-unseen back door to the workshop.

Aylin calls and Mahmut stops at the back door to chat with her about the dream she had last night that he was in WHILE THE POLICE ARE GETTING READY TO BUST DOWN THE FRONT DOOR.

Yulide’s cab approaches the warehouse, but the police tell the driver to back out–the street is closed. They start yelling at Yusuf, telling him to come out, he’s surrounded.

Yusuf does his best to casually walk away. Yulide’s taxi starts to pass the alley where he’s walking and she says she’ll get down here. Ozlem approaches from the opposite side in her car and seriously can we not have a romantic misunderstanding right now because I really don’t think I can take it!

Well, at least when he gets into Ozlem’s car, Yulide asks the cab driver to follow it.

Puzzle pieces

Selma starts searching through all her tabloid clippings, trying to figure out who Yulide is. Tekin left his phone behind. When it rings, she sees Gonul’s picture with “Yulide” (or Jülide, but I’m not changing it now!).

Her doorbell rings…Tekin realized he’d forgotten his phone. Selma nervously babbles about not having seen his phone. Did he leave it upstairs in the bathroom maybe? Is he sure it’s here? She shuts her folder of photos and “finds” his phone.

She says he still looks awful–can she make him coffee or something? No, but he’d like to wash up. He leaves his phone on the kitchen counter and she gathers up her folder and notebook…and Gonul’s photo falls out.

Selma watches Tekin’s face as he comes back downstairs and checks his phone. Didn’t she hear it ringing? Um…no…she was in the bathroom, why? Was it a hospital emergency or something? He says it was just a friend calling. Then why did he ask?

Tekin says she’s so determined to find his flaws she might have searched all his stuff. “Oh, then I should look in your phone to find your secrets?” She thought they were going to tell each other. She looks down and notices the picture of Gonul that’s nearly under her feet. She scoots it under the couch.

Tekin starts trying to walk back his “caused someone’s death” story and Selma goes along with it, saying she thought he was talking about a patient. He’s a surgeon. They lose patients. He doesn’t have superpowers, right? He agrees he doesn’t have any.

She tries again to get him to stay for coffee, but he won’t.

Uhg. Ozlem.

Ozlem wonders what they’re going to do now, but there is no “them.” Yusuf has some “pieces” to put together and then “they” can do whatever they want with him. He tells her to hurry up and get inside. Yulide watches them go inside and the driver asks if she’s getting out.

Yusuf’s worried about Mahmut, but all Ozlem wants is for him to stay at the gallery. Yulide watches from the door as Ozlem gives him a creepy dead-eyed hug while staring out the window at her. She stands out there waiting as Yusuf pushes Ozlem away to take a call from Hilmi.

Ozlem goes outside to yell at her and tell her this is all her fault. The cops are after him because of her. He nearly died for her and she’s still asking what she did. She’s the worst mistake “they” made in “their” life and she’s just trying to get between Ozlem and Yusuf. They had plans! They were going to start a new life and she came alone and stole their happiness! And she was with another man!

Yulide says that can’t be her. Ozlem accuses her of captivating Yusuf and then betraying him. She tells her to get out of their lives and go back where she came from. She’s tired of “her” getting involved in “their” relationship.

And Yusuf missed the whole thing. But he heard the yelling. When she asks why he didn’t tell her he found Gonul he shoves her out of the way to get out the door. He shouts after Yulide while Ozlem’s shouting after him.

He catches up to her and she wants nothing more to do with him. He says neither one of them cheated on anyone. She doesn’t know anything and what she thinks she knows are all lies. He’s sure she can feel it. Her heart knows the truth.

They hear a police siren behind them and he drags her around a corner, telling her they’ll talk, but right now she needs to be quiet. She asks why the cops are following him, what did he do. Nothing, he swears! She pokes her head around the corner and calls for help and he slaps a hand over her mouth and pulls her back. He doesn’t care if they catch him, but he’s trying to protect her and the baby.

The sirens get closer and I thought he was going to pull a classic “make out so the cops can’t see your face” but instead he just puts his back to the street.

Casa Mazhar

Omer tells Lale more about the woman in the picture. Nese comes in with a hamper full of old toys that Lale claims are Mazhar’s way of showing his love–he could never throw them away. Nese notices the pictures and Lale says Omer was just telling her he’d met Gonul….

But Omer insists her name is Yulide. That explains it all for Lale–he’s just confused. But she asks him not to talk about this in front of Tekin. He’s finally gotten over Gonul and she wouldn’t want him getting upset over Yulide. She leaves Nese and Omer playing while she makes some calls.

Omer wants Nese to go to the salon and get her hair colored so he can watch. Nese pulls a Pinocchio puppet out of the basket and asks if he knows what a secret is…. (Ummm, I guess that’s better than insinuating that he’s lying? But for a second there, I thought that’s where she was going with this.)


Fingen’s finishing up a client’s style when the client shares the gossip about strange men in the salon at night. And since Figen just said Yulide doesn’t have any family and she was thinking that’s who it might be…. Figen says it must be Ahmet. A man can’t visit his own wife?! She decides the client is all done and no need for any hair spray, if her ‘do comes undone she’ll refund her 20 lira.

After the client leaves Figen says it’s not like she had ten guys in here. And she knows exactly what THEY get up to behind closed doors.

A client shows up for a leg waxing, but gets scared off by the arrival of Tekin. Figen complains she barely has clients and he’s scaring them away! People are talking like there are a lot of men who come to visit. “They know who I am.” Well, people like to talk. She blames the Fruit Guy for the rumors.

Tekin changes the subject to Gonul. Has anyone been around her lately? She’s remembering things. Figen swears she didn’t touch her medication! Tekin’s sure someone told her something. Someone’s reminding her of things. Figen says she doesn’t have any idea.

Tekin grabs her roughly–she should know, otherwise, what is she doing here? Watching Gonul is her only job. OK, Figen says there’s a woman who keeps coming to talk to her, saying she sees her daughter in Gonul. They just sit there being emotional and talking all day. She’s not from around here–she’s visiting a family member.

Tekin doesn’t like this at all. Something strange is going on. What does she look like? Figen says fifties, “well-preserved,” looks like a retired teacher. Tekin says there’s no way it’s her…she couldn’t have found her on her own…and if she didn’t do it alone….

He walks out without answering Figen’s questions and she grabs her phone and calls Yulide. She even stands in the doorway with the phone as he drives off, but he doesn’t even look back at her. As he drives off, a pair of shiny shoes step off the curb across the street and turn back to walk away from the salon.


Yusuf keeps dragging Yulide down the street as she complains he can’t force her to go with him. Yusuf angrily says there was never any force between them. She had people in her life who did force her to do things, but he wasn’t one of them. They’re going somewhere they can talk. Yulide complains that someone she knows might see her and it could ruin their reputation.

He stops again. He knows her and he knows she can’t go on with this many questions in her head. She complains she’s had enough answers for one day, but he won’t let her go. “Why not?!” “Because I love you!”

They hear sirens again. Like she says, the police are everywhere. He promises he’ll tell her what happened. They end up standing in the middle of an intersection while he calls and tells someone he needs their help.

Nese visits Hilmi’s office and sees the police buzzing around the place, carrying out boxes. She says she’s here visiting her friend Jazemin…aka, Hilmi’s assistant. Jazemin doesn’t know what’s going on, but they’re taking everything out of his office. He and Sabit left before the police got here.

Nese doesn’t understand–he’s a lawyer, he can get out of anything legally. Jazemin’s not so sure this time. He and Sabit are being accused of murder. Nese drops the bag she’s carrying and starts to sway on her feet. Hilmi can’t be a murderer–it’s unimaginable. She knows he doesn’t even have a gun. This can’t be true.

Jazemin doesn’t want to believe it either, but after all he is Kursat Buyuksahin’s lawyer. People are afraid of him. And the man who was killed was one of Kursat’s men. Nese says she’s going to his house, but Jazemin tells her not to bother–the cops didn’t find him there.


Ah, Yusuf resorted to daddy. Some of his guys picked them up in one of those ubiquitous black SUVs and drove them out to a little house in the country. Yulide’s thoroughly confused–is he mafia or something? Yusuf says these aren’t his guys. And he’s really not in the mafia. He’s just a carpenter. With a degree.

Inside the house/cottage/cabin there’s food laid out on the table. Yusuf tells one of the guys outside to have his “boss” bring blankets and clothes–it gets cold here at night.

So, he’s not going to keep her here, but they need to talk without interruptions. They need to resolve her security situation. She asks what the police have to do with this and what she has to do with this….

But a car arrives and he goes back outside. Yulide looks out the window as Ensar talks to Yusuf. He wants to barge in there and ask “Kursat’s daughter” where she’s been, but Yusuf explains about the amnesia. Her heart totally remembers him, though…and her mind will too.

What he wants Ensar to do is track down this guy Sermin hired to kill her…Nuri. Ensar makes a face. “Nuri The Butcher?” Yusuf starts griping that of course Ensar knows him and I’m like “Shut up, Yusuf, did you not see his face!” Ensar says he’s heard of him and hey, if Yusuf wants this, he’ll drag Nuri out of hell if he has to! Sermin can’t send assassins after his son.

Uh, he’s less enthusiastic about helping his “enemy’s” daughter. Yusuf says she’s carrying his grandson. Yusuf couldn’t protect Cem, but he’ll protect them. If Ensar wants his forgiveness, then he has to stop Nuri. Oh hell yeah, Ensar’s all over it! “May Allah protect your child.” Yusuf doesn’t need to worry about a thing. Yusuf asks him to pull his men back so she’s not uncomfortable.

Ensar stares at Gonul through the window as Yusuf walks back inside.


Hilmi got into Nese’s house again. She’s about to hide him in her room when he says the house is empty.

Hey, wait a sec! Everyone’s looking for him! The cops were at his house and they’re talking about a murder! He says there’s been no murder…well, there is, but he didn’t do it. Someone set a trap for them, but he’ll fix it. She knows that, right? She believes him?

Of course! But she wishes he hadn’t gotten into a situation like that. He kisses her forehead and her nose. “Let’s forget about me…where’s your brother?”

Seriously?! He says it’s serious, someone’s after Tekin. She thinks he means the guy who was here the other night. Hilmi had better warn that guy she’ll kick his ass if he comes to this house again! She had to bribe all the employees to keep them from telling her dad!

Ah, yes, and he had a wonderful evening in jail. He’s never been on that side of the bars before. She smirks and says he had it coming. Well, she had no mercy on him. “I got you out in the morning.” She claims she would have gotten him out sooner, but they wouldn’t let her in.

Hilmi gets serious–the guy who’s after Tekin is dangerous. He needs to warn him, but he’s got that restraining order. It’s up to her now. Just tell him if he wants to live, he needs to run. He’s not the only one this guy is after, so he shouldn’t play the hero.

And Nese should also stay away from her brother. He wants her safe. He’s going to go hide out for a few days. “They’ll never look for you here.” She really means it, but he says it’s impossible. She tells him to be in her room in five minutes. (You cannot resiiiiist!)

Ridvan is just leaving Mama Hatice’s when Tekin arrives. He remembers attacking him at the workshop. He assumes if Hatice went to the salon that Yusuf lives with her. He must be involved. Everyone knows now.

He remembers Yulide telling him she’d cheated on him. He stands there in the street, down the block from Hatice’s gate, ranting to himself that after everything he did for her she left with Yusuf.

His phone rings. Nese tells him he and Gonul are in danger. Her dad’s lawyer…what was his name…yeah, him, he told her to call. Tekin thinks this is all a trap and Hilmi’s using her. (I love how his trademark arrogance is biting him in the ass now.) Nese insists he looked worried and said it was best for them to disappear for a while.

Tekin snaps that everyone knows now…and behind him a pair of shiny shoes approach…it’s only left for the police to find out. He hasn’t played his “best” cards yet. Nese begs him not to do anything stupid and be careful. Tekin tells her never to love anyone the way he loved Gonul. Nese looks up at Hilmi (girl, no, you don’t “love” him like that) and asks if Tekin is ok. He doesn’t answer, just gets back into his car.

Hilmi comforts her. He says he should go, but she doesn’t want him to. Well, last time she threw him out, so what’s changed? Uh, the police are after him. What if they catch him?

He sits her down and explains it all legally. If he can’t prove he had nothing to do with Alper’s death, they’ll sentence him to life in prison, or to death. She begs him to tell her what to do to keep him from leaving. He can’t hide here–there are people around. What would she tell them? She says they don’t have to tell them anything. (Kids, how about y’all run away together? Just a suggestion.)

He changes the subject and asks why she left him. Is it because he didn’t grow up in a house like this? Surrounded by high-society people? What happened? She says leaving him was like dying. “It was worse than death watching you leave.” They hug. She thanks him for helping her brother. “I’m not just helping him.” Yeah, she knows.

Talk already!

Yulide tries running away while Yusuf is making tea. He catches up to her easily, but she doesn’t want to go back to the house, this was a mistake, blah blah blah “I’m afraid.” Well, he is too. He doesn’t know what to say to her and it makes him nervous. They’ll figure it out. He takes her arm, but she shakes his and off and walks back with him on her own.

So now it’s finally night and Yulide wants to know how much longer he’s keeping her here. She complains he’s not telling her anything. Well, they could’ve talked earlier if she hadn’t been so busy trying to run away.

He says this is a long story and he doesn’t know where to start. She can ask him questions if she wants to.

OK, who was the man with the white hair? He admits that’s his father.

And he’s powerful. He set this place up quickly, with armed men. Yusuf agrees he has power, enemies. He lives with his own rules and Yusuf didn’t want any of that. He wanted to be free and his father wanted to keep Yusuf by his side. He promised that once he left his house, he’d never come back. “Why? What did he do?”

He showed Yusuf the filth in the world. But Yusuf thought he could start a new life and not have to follow in his father’s footsteps. His mother died when he was young and he never met her. He just wanted a normal life, but that was impossible.

And now he doesn’t care if his life is normal or not–he cares about her.

Casa Ahmet

Tekin reads Yulide’s diary and rips out the pages, complaining that she hurt him again. She tossed him aside again. This was going to be their second chance. He’s been two people just to try to make her happy and she just…forgot him…erased his memory…got rid of him. And she’s carrying his baby. But she’s his!

The bird doorbell rings and he answers, thinking it’s Gonul. Sorry, no, it’s Figen, someone who actually likes you. Ain’t that a shame for you both.

Anyway, Gonul’s not taking his calls because she’s with “that man.” Figen doesn’t understand why she would be. She could be alone.

Nope, everyone knows about everything–the salon, the house, that he turned Gonul into Yulide. They know. Figen asks who exactly he means by “everyone” but he just says “they found us.” Figen starts talking escape, but nooooo. He wants to find Gonul and get her “back.” Yulide screams at him that the cops are on the way! Where are the car keys?!

She starts searching the house for them while he sits down and tries to think of where they could be–not the workshop or Hilmi’s or Hatice’s. Figen tells him to tell her what to do. He flips the table, tells her to shut up, and says everyone’s looking for him and he’s doing EVERYTHING HE CAN to evade them! (Beg to differ….)

And then he’s back to “I have to find Gonul.” Figen tries to calm him down. She rights the table, tells him to sit down, and starts trying to soothe him. They should really leave here, though…right now.

Oh, no, because the baby is his and he has to protect his girlfriend who’s pregnant by the man who’s following her. Figen says Gonul’s not pregnant by him and Tekin just does this “Whatever” head tilt.

Figen tries to get Tekin to sit down and have some coffee and they’ll think of a solution. He leaves the phone on the bed. He sits at the table, but he won’t drink the coffee. Figen says they always understood each other. He never had to lie to her before and she always accepted him without judging him. He can trust her. They should go away together.

He smiles his smarmy smile and says he gets it. He could work and then come home and maybe she’d wait for him. They’d go to sleep together and kiss, right? Would she like that? Yes, he’s sure she would, she never stops thinking about stupid stuff like that.

Figen is wounded–why is he making fun of her? He snaps that Gonul left, everyone knows the truth, Sermin sent an assassin after him, and all she can think about is romance. (Dude, we could say the same to you.) The assassin thing got Figen’s attention.

Bits and pieces

“How did we meet?” He says they met when she broke her finger. “How did it happen?” He remembers the psychologist telling him not to alter her perception of reality, so he just says she helped him even though she was hurt. He’d hurt his shoulder and she was there. She examined his shoulder–he rubs her arm, then puts her hand on his heart. Does it always beat so fast? Ever since came into his life.

Gonul pulls back. Where did this happen. “Istanbul.” But she thought she lived with her husband in Izmir. She springs away from the table and says she doesn’t know why she did what she did, but it was a mistake. She’s married. She’s going to solve this problem with her husband because she’s giving birth to his child.

Yusuf says he needs to protect the child in her womb. “Why would you protect someone else’s baby?!” He says it’s not someone else’s baby. He remembers what the psychologist said again–Tekin is her only truth. If he causes problems for her, she’ll take refuge in him.

Yusuf says it’s her baby and everything to do with her is beautiful and worthy, got it? He goes to get more wood.

Yulide checks her phone. She has missed calls from Tekin (yep, not Ahmet, that was an oversight) and Figen.

Yusuf chops wood and complains about Tekin putting them in this situation. That’s HIS baby. He wants to tell her that Tekin used to hit her, but he can’t. He wants to tell her Tekin lies and he can’t. She wants to go back to her “husband.” How could she handle reality.

He looks up and notices her looking out the window at him and asks when she’s going to remember him.

Yulide calls Ahmet, but his phone rings in the bedroom and Figen is ranting so loud he apparently can’t hear it. There’s an ASSASSIN after him?! And she was worried about prison! They’re coming to kill them and he’s sitting here being calm. “Hey, it’s not easy.” He says they won’t kill them. Figen snaps that he may be smart, but it only takes one bullet to take his life. All his confidence can’t save him this time.

So what does she suggest? He doesn’t have a gun or bodyguards like Yusuf or Sermin, and she wants to call the police? Or does she? They’d arrest them. She says this is all his fault, goes to the bedroom and starts packing his clothes. He tells her to stop, but she says they have to go. They’ll stay with a friend of hers. “You go. Gonul’s coming back. I’ll wait for her.” She screams at him that their lives are in danger so quit talking to her about that maldita!

He throws his tiny cup of coffee at the wall and tells her to shut up.

Yusuf comes back with the firewood, cold, and Yulide insists on helping. She warms up his hands and he says he loves her. She insists he has another woman. He hugs her during the day and then says he loves her. It was stupid of her to come here for him to fill the holes in her memory.

He says Ozlem is his partner and his friend. And yes, she has feelings for him, but there’s nothing between them. “Right, so that’s why she said all that stuff to me?” Yes. Ozlem knows how much he loves her and he never would have let her go. She knows it too and she can remember it. She’s sure to remember it soon.

Yulide says she’s been trying to remember for months. She has some memories…all about him. Obviously there was love. He asks what exactly she remembers, but she says just images…fragments…of them together. He says she forgot everything but them, because their love is pure and true. That’s why she remembers how it felt when they touched. She insists it doesn’t change anything. They cheated on people.

He tells her again they didn’t cheat on anyone. He hugs her and she lets him for a little while, but then moves away.

Dinner at Mazhar’s

Omer has a little trouble handling his silverware. Mazhar gripes that he’s doing it wrong. He goes over to show him how to hold the fork and as he moves away, Omer kisses his cheek. He gripes that Lale had better teach him some manners. He can’t go around kissing everyone. He’s not going to tolerate that! (Coming from anyone else, that would be funny.) Lale says when he’s used to living in the house, they’ll deal with it.

Nese wanders by with her tray of dinner and says she has to get back to studying.

Mazhar goes back to griping about how he’s not always going to be a kid and that’s why they should start teaching him manners now or who knows how it’s going to go. Lale says the good thing is one of them has experience raising a child.

Mazhar ignores her and snaps at the kitchen staff to bring more bread. Omer hands him the piece that was sitting on his plate. Lale just grins at them both as he accepts it. Omer grins, too.

Nese takes the tray to her bedroom…and Hilmi is waiting for her. Hmm, yes, he’s hungry. He grins and looks around. He says he found something…the reason she doesn’t miss him…he pulls his tie out from under her pillow. But tonight she gets to hold on to him. Nese says he’s stupid…and they can’t do that here. She’s very serious. If he tries anything he’s sleeping on the floor. End of discussion.

He tells her to put a pillow in the middle of the bed. But if he’s supposed to be in the same room without touching her, he’d rather sleep in the yard. Nope, she wants him here and following her rules. “Don’t look at me like that! You like rules.”

Yes, and she likes breaking them. She says she won’t this time. Hilmi starts on dinner.


Tekin has Figen by the throat up against the wall, reciting all her promises to him. She’s here for him, she’ll do whatever he wants, she’ll never turn him in, she’ll always be loyal. He starts to pull his hand away, but she asks him to wait. Now that everyone knows and the police and a murderer are following them, they should be the ones to pull the trigger.

That gets him all turned on and he backs her into the bedroom…but then he notices a missed call on his phone from Yulide.

She’s asleep in the cabin, with Yusuf stroking her hand, when her phone rings. Yusuf lets it ring. She wakes up and looks at the phone, but she doesn’t answer it.

Tekin is frantic because now she won’t answer. If he hadn’t wasted time with that stupid coffee he would have answered and he could have talked to her. Figen tells him to calm down. If she calls that means she wants to talk. He’s back on his delusional talk about how she called because she belongs to him and she needs him and Yusuf is just confusing her like before. He’s the only one getting between them. He should have died in the accident. Yusuf owes him every breath he takes–he has to die. Soon.

He grabs his coat and goes running out the door and Shiny Shoes sends Sermin a text–He sees Tekin and Gonul’s not with him. Does she want him taken out? He gets a text back telling him not to kill him until he finds Gonul. (I kind of hope we never see Nuri’s face. Just because he’s supposed to be so near-mythical.)

Surprise visitor

There’s a knock at the cabin door. Ensar wants to come in and check on them. He complains that this place wasn’t stocked for more than one person–he should have fixed it up better. It’s cold. Why isn’t the stove on? Why didn’t they call? They’ll freeze! He tells his hench to go find them a better place and Yusuf snaps at him that he doesn’t have to do that. It’s going to raise suspicion.

The henches start coming in with TONS of food…they could throw a party for twenty people. Ensar says it’s better too much than too little, right? And she needs to be taken care of. They should take care of her and the baby. Yulide’s annoyed that he knows about the baby and Yusuf tries to kick him out…but she thinks they should have tea. He’s been so helpful. Ensar whips off his cap and gives Yusuf an innocent look.

Tekin parks on the street of yowling cats with Shiny Shoes, aka The Butcher, aka Nuri, following. He spins around like “Aha! I caught you” feeling all smug, but there’s no one there. “Whoever you are, I heard you! I know you’re there! Kill me now if that’s what you want or I’ll kill you! Sermin paid you, didn’t she? Tell her there’s not a lot of time left.”

He keeps walking and looks in the window of Ozlem’s gallery, but no one’s there.

Back at the cabin, Yulide’s curious about their relationship. She knows Yusuf doesn’t really talk to him, but he knows about the pregnancy. Ensar says they don’t talk much, but he knows everything that goes on in the life of his only son. He keeps an eye on him.

Yulide says she can’t imagine what he thought of her. Ensar remembers hearing about her from Mahmut, he remembers saying he wanted to kill them first. Yusuf has to get his attention. Ensar says karma tests them for their actions and he thinks they have to pass the tests.

So, uh, has Yusuf been hiding himself away in places like this? They could go to one of the safe houses without anyone knowing. They could go in his plane. Yusuf asks to speak to him in private for a second.

On the front porch Yusuf asks how he knows about the police. “Because they picked up Mahmut for the murder.” (I literally gasped “Oh no.” Such is my affection for Mahmut.) Inside the cabin, Yulide hears “murder” and starts freaking out. Yusuf tells his dad to tell Mahmut he’s going to get him out and if he can’t, he’ll kill Sermin and join him.

Yulide picks up her phone as Ensar tells Yusuf to let his men take care of Sermin. The plane is ready and they’ll leave tomorrow. They can come back when the problem is resolved. But Yusuf won’t leave while Mahmut is imprisoned. Besides. Sermin sent an assassin to kill Gonul.

Now she sees them arguing, but she can’t hear them as well. Something about a killer. Yusuf isn’t a killer, but the police are after him. She wonders what she’s doing here.

Ensar says they all have to protect their children. Ensar will protect him and he’ll protect his son. Yusuf looks over and sees Yulide looking out the window. He’ll accept, to protect Gonul and his child, but that won’t change things between them.

Ozlem gets to her shop and Tekin follows her in. She says she’s having a glass of wine but, uh, I don’t think it’s her first. He asks where Yusuf is and she laughs and says he’s wherever his lover, Gonul, is. She’s such a unique woman–she left him for Yusuf and then left Yusuf for the man she’d left to be with him. None of them can forget her. What a woman!

Tekin grabs her and slams her up against a piano, demanding to know where he is. Ozlem giggles and tells him not to bother, he won’t find them. Yusuf knows how to hide. They won’t be anywhere he knows about. Plus…she whispers…the police are looking for him.

Tekin says that’s why she’s so calm, then. He demands to know where, but she says she has nothing more to tell him, so he should go. She never should have trusted them and she’s not going to do it again.

So now he tries to choke the answer out of her. She says she won’t talk and tells him to get out. His phone starts ringing and he puts his hand over her mouth, asking Yulide if she’s ok.

She says she’s somewhere with Yusuf. Did he know about him? She’s sorry, but she just wanted to remember. She wanted to know why she had a relationship with him.

And does she know now? He walks out of the gallery as he’s listening to her answer, nonverbally telling Ozlem not to follow. In the street Tekin tells her he’s dangerous–he caused the accident. She should run from him. He’s a criminal! Meanwhile, Ozlem is locking the door.

Why did he stay with her even if she cheated on him? He says he couldn’t forget her. He screams that he loves her like no other man. No one will love her like he does! He begs her to tell him where she is and he’ll go get her before something bad happens.

She’s not sure. She doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

So he says the reason she won’t touch him is because he made her suffer and it was his fault he met Yusuf and his family. They’re all criminals. She doesn’t have anything to do with those criminals. She can’t be with them. Where is she?

Yulide sees Yusuf walking back in and says she doesn’t know where she is, but she needs to hang up now.

Yusuf hangs up his coat. He says he knows she heard, but this isn’t what it looks like. Someone set a trap for them and they’re in trouble. He begs her to trust her heart if she won’t believe him.

Her phone rings and Yusuf says she can answer, but he’d like to speak to “him” first. He knows him. Tekin assumes it’s Yulide answering again and starts telling her to describe where she is and he’ll go pick her up. Yusuf asks “Ahmet” how he’s doing.

“I’m going to kill you!” He demands to know where they are so he can get Yulide.

“Calm down. She’s safe. Sermin sent someone to kill her, but they won’t find her here.” Tekin screams at him that he’s suspected of murder, so how can he protect her when he’s running from the police? If anything happens no one will be able to save him from Tekin. Yusuf tells him not to worry–everyone who hurt her will get their punishment. He hangs up and gives back the phone.

Ozlem watches Tekin pacing in the street and yelling at Yusuf after the call ends, saying he should have left him there to die…and then he turns to look at Ozlem. He sarcastically knocks on the window, but she backs away.

Yulide asks about Sermin–long dark hair? Attractive? Her husband died a few months ago? Is that the Sermin he was talking about? He asks how she knows Sermin. “She’s Ahmet’s boss.” She tells him about going to dinner together. Why would Ahmet send an assassin to kill them? What’s going on here?

She starts getting panicky about not knowing what’s happening and wanting to leave. She bolts for the door and Yusuf blocks her way and tells her to calm down. He’s been cautious, but it just ends up confusing her further…so he’s going to tell her, but she has to calm down….

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3 years ago

Thanks for the great recap, Kat. I think Tekin is going crazy – I mean more crazy than he has been so far. He’s really losing it. Some random thoughts: I am interested to see how Team Find Gonul gets out of the murder rap. I think Sermin would have to confess that she killed Alper. Yusuf still doesn’t know daddy was responsible for killing his son. The only way he can find out is for Gonul get her memory back and tell him. It was interesting that Tekin knew where Hatice lived. When Gonul ran away from Tekin and… Read more »

3 years ago

Ah, ok. I had forgotten about Tekin being at Mama Hatice’s place.

3 years ago

Thanks Kat! I can’t believe there are only 3 episodes left. It feels like there is still a lot to wrap up.

Mahmut + Aylin=TRUE LOVE

“I love how his trademark arrogance is biting him in the ass now.”
Yes! Now please take his arrogant butt down a peg, show.

3 years ago

ME TOO! I was like “please just shoot him in the kneecap”