La Reina de la Canción Tuesday 5/30/17 #22

Tonight, someone who was previously eliminated is coming back. And the Reinas are not happy about it. They don’t like the idea of someone who hasn’t been around, working as hard as they have been, getting to come back. I say if they’ve missed out on all the prep work, what are the chances they’ll do as well as anyone else? Chill–they’re totally at a disadvantage.

Also, today and tomorrow are dedicated to Juan Gabriel.

The judges are all decked out and ready to do their thing. Ale asks for any last-minute advice. Poncho tells them they need to be sure of what they’re doing. Vicky tells them to control their nerves and breathe. Lucero tells them to have a good time and the audience will too.

So, half the performances first, then two contestants go up for elimination.

This week’s performances will be up for sale as a digital album on Friday. They got the announcement back in the Pre-Mary’s-Leaving days and recorded the album in the studio, but we get to hear them live.

Beatriz Montes – Te Lo Pido Por Favor

I don’t have a lot to say about her performance. I don’t think I like this version. And I don’t get the boots. But she’s happy, the judges are happy, the audience was happy.

Beatriz Delgado – Ases y Tercia de Reyes

That was a really energetic performance, but something was off right at the beginning. Poncho noticed. Lucero noticed she fixed it. Marisol agrees, but she also felt like Beatriz unleashed her inner Beatriz. Yes, yes, Vicky noticed the notes were off.

Deyra Barrera – No Me Vulevo a Enamorar

This is the first time I think I’ve liked the way the song was arranged. I love that she went over to dance with the judges. So far, this is my favorite performance, but you know how I feel about Deyra and I think this is the first song I’ve really recognized.

Poncho’s glad people saved her. Lucero wants her not to abuse her volume, she can turn it down sometimes. Marisol and Vicky both think this was a great job.

Lluvia Vega – Hasta Que Te Conocí

Lluvia found it emotionally difficult to sing this in the studio. She’s singing it to Death. I feel like it was a little too quiet at the beginning but then when she really got going there was kind of a funk sound with the band that I really dug.

The judges are speechless for a second. And then they have nothing but good things to say. And Marisol gets to resurrect the joke about wanting Vicky to give the feedback so she can point out that Lluvia gave Vicky feelings…she does have feelings!

Verónica Rosales – Te Sigo Amando

You know how I love a good mopey sad song and she’s getting to do this all melodramatic. Lucero loved the whole thing. Vicky feels like now she’s really getting to hear what’s so special about Vero. So Poncho gets to say he always believed in her. And he thinks this is her best performance of the show.


Olivia’s back! Dudes! I’m so stoked! And I totally think she can do this!

She comes out and sings Es Mi Madre and there’s not a dry eye in the house. I think the other contestants will be ok with this. They come pouring onto the stage to interrupt Ale’s solo hug with a group hug. Seriously, it’s like y’all go on with your little show, we’ve gotta say hi to Olivia.

They get tonight’s contestants lined up to hear who’s at risk of elimination and Poncho takes this moment to remind the contestants, w/r/t the things they said before they knew it was Olivia coming back, that his daddy always said the words coming out of your mouth should be sweet, because you might have to eat them later.

Ay, Poncho! Too harsh, dude! I mean, seriously I don’t think they needed to hear that right now and you can’t ALWAYS be not saying what you really feel just in case you might be wrong about it later.

And Lucero dramatically nods along with him and Vicky and Marisol agree it’s good advice.

Anyway, eliminations. Poncho has Deyra and Lluvia step forward and they’re both safe because, duh.

Vicky and Marisol have Beatriz step forward…it wasn’t her night and she’s up for elimination.

Lucero announces that Beatriz M is also up for elimination.

Aw, hell no, I can’t do this! And there’s no time!

*grumble* OK, you know the drill by now. You’ve got an hour on the phones and until 10am Eastern on Twitter or the Univision Conecta app. And you can cast up to 10 votes per method.

To support Beatriz D call 1-866-918-8802 or on Twitter use #BEATRIZDELGADOVOTA

To support Beatriz M call 1-866-918-8805 or on Twitter use #BEATRIZMONTESVOTA

And can I just suggest that even if you’re conflicted, voting lets them know we like this kind of show and want more of it, so split ’em if you’ve gotta.

Tomorrow: more Juan Gabriel songs.

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3 years ago

Thanks, Kat. I made sure I voted this morning. I didn’t feel conflicted, but thanks for the suggestion. I may need to use it later and I definitely want Univision to know I like this kind of programming.

I cannot express how happy I am to see Olivia is back!