Gonul Wednesday 5/31/17 #17

Casa Mazhar

Hilmi and Nese are sleeping head-to-foot, talking stuff over like they’re having a slumber party. She asks how “we” are going to get out of this. Hilmi says “we” aren’t, “he” is. Nese wants to help, but he never mixes business and personal. Uh, if he doesn’t, “personal” is going to be nothing but visiting days at the prison.

He grumpily says that won’t happen. Nese gripes that he won’t let her help, he’s angry that she made a joke…what does he want?! “You know what I want.” Ha! Nope. She’ll hold his hand, though. But can he sleep holding her hand?

Sure…however, since he hasn’t seen her all day, he’d rather stay up and watch her sleep. “How am I supposed to sleep with you watching me?!” If she’d known, she would have given him a sleeping pill. He laughs and says she’s missing his entire point. He reaches under the covers and slides her down towards the other end of the bed and she laughs…

And Mazhar knocks on the door to see if she’s ok. Yeah, she’s just…on the phone. He wishes her a good night and she goes back to laughing with Hilmi. And no, she will not go over to his side with her dad out there! In that case, he hands her back his tie. She gets comfortable and asks for his hand again. He asks if she’s suuuuure she won’t come over?


Yusuf starts with the basics–she’s not Yulide, she’s Gonul. And he’s not Ahmet, he’s Tekin. She’s not married–he was her fiance. He hurt her and that’s why they broke up. When they met, she was running from Tekin. They fell in love and found peace in the chaos, they were going to run away together, but they had an accident.

He was in a coma for three months and she lost her memory. When he woke up, no one knew where she was, but he found her. He begs her to remember.

She thinks it’s ridiculous and impossible. Gonul is Ahmet’s ex-girlfriend and she’s already dead. Yusuf just stares at her. She remembers asking “Ahmet” about Gonul. She says this is impossible, he’s lying. Yusuf gets that this is difficult, but if she thinks, she’ll see it all makes sense.

He’s really ripping off that Band-Aid, telling her Yulide doesn’t exist. She’s Gonul, his beloved.

She remembers arguing about the date on the watch. She insists this is someone else’s story. She’s not Gonul! She’s Yulide!

He says again it’s difficult, but he’s here to help her. He can take her to the places she knows, he can take her to meet her friends, and she’ll remember. She’s not alone–she has friends who love her and are waiting for her to come back. And she has him.

She screams at him to get out. She doesn’t want to listen. She starts sobbing and curls up on the bed.

She dreams about “Ahmet” and Yusuf telling her conflicting things about each other and wakes up gasping. Yusuf tells her it was just a nightmare, go back to sleep.


Ozlem wakes up on the floor at Tekin’s house, tied up, with duct tape over her mouth. What…how…? She locked the door! How did he get in? And he’s still insisting she knows where Yusuf and Gonul are. He won’t let her go until she tells him. (I hate to feel grateful that he’s so convinced he’s right he’s not looking anywhere else. If I hope this also gives her the opportunity to whack him over the head with a heavy object does that make me more of a bad person, or less of one?)

Ozlem goes for the gut punch of “You’ll never break them up. Even if you find her, she’ll run away again. They’re together, Tekin.”

Oh, no, he thinks it’ll be different this time…but he won’t tell her his secret. She says she’ll kill him if he touches Yusuf. “And where is he? Tell me?” She doesn’t know, of course.

He starts unbuttoning her blouse and I think we’re both thinking the same thing…but instead he talks about how fragile the collarbone is, how easy it is to break, and how slow it is to heal. It hurts when you breathe…so she should tell him where Yusuf is.

He doesn’t really give her a chance to answer before he leans on the bone and breaks it.


Yulide wakes up suddenly. Yusuf is asleep in his chair. She has a hard time thinking Yusuf is a killer. But did Ahmet really lie? Yusuf shows her respect and she can tell he’s dying for her. But does this mean her husband isn’t her husband?

She takes her coat and purse and sneaks out of the cabin.

When Yusuf wakes up, Gonul is gone and Ensar’s men are there to pick them up to go to the airport. No worries, though, one of the guards watched her leave and followed her.

Plus she wandered back on her own. Yusuf hugs her and asks her not to leave again without telling him. He asks her to wait for him inside. The other guard assures him she did just walk and he followed her and she turned around on her own–he didn’t do anything.


Omer and Hilmi are sneaking out at the same time. Once they establish they’re both leaving, Hilmi asks why. “Mazhar doesn’t want me living here.” Hilmi says Mahzar doesn’t like him either. If he finds out he’s here, he’ll be upset.

So where will Omer go? “Somewhere the bad men won’t find me.” Hilmi thinks Omer should give them another chance. The bad men won’t come here. It’s a nice place. He could go to school and fight bad guys. “Like a hero?”

“Like a lawyer. You’d be the best. And there’s a pretty girl who lives here…if I were you, I wouldn’t leave her.”

Nese tromps loudly down the stairs and asks what they’re doing! OK, now she and Omer have a second secret–no one can know Hilmi was here. And Hilmi needs to get his butt back upstairs! They’d better not make her yell or the guards will hear her!

She starts walking back up the stairs and Omer says she’s pretty. Hilmi agrees she’s a very nice person…she just doesn’t like mornings. “Hey, shut up already and hurry!” Nese snaps, and they both traipse up after her.

Casa Tekin

There’s a knock at Tekin’s door. He nervously looks around before deciding the best way to deal with this is to turn on the record player and turn up the volume before answering. It’s Selma. She’d accept his dinner invitation for later, but she has plans, so can they just talk for two minutes?

Tekin reluctantly lets her in and asks her not to turn the music down. He’s relaxing.

Okaaaaay…so why is he avoiding her? He’s not answering her calls. And she thought the things they had talked about would bring them closer together. He says he just…needed a breather.

Selma assures him she doesn’t care what he did. Even if he did cause someone’s death. Or if he did it himself. She doesn’t care. He gives her a suspicious smile and tells her not to be ridiculous.

What? He’s never thought about it? Maybe she’s not a very good person either. She gives him a little shrug and eyebrow raise.

Despite her pain, Ozlem inches on her back over to a large chest of drawers and tries to kick it over with her legs.

The music continues to blare as Tekin says now isn’t the right time to talk about this, it’s not easy to talk about. The song ends and Tekin looks nervous. As he goes over to the record player, Selma supposes this is his way of telling her to wait. OK, she’ll wait.

Ozlem manages to knock a metal object off the chest of drawers. The crash isn’t as satisfying as I would have expected (I thought it looked like a little gong) but it’s enough to be heard downstairs. Tekin insists he left a window open. “It’s not windy.”

He says he has to get dressed.

OK, she gets it, he doesn’t want to be pressured. She starts to leave…

And upstairs, Ozlem manages to rub her face on the carpet and dislodge her gag. She screams for help and Selma clearly hears her..

Tekin gives her a warning “Selma” and she ignores him and runs right up to his bedroom. Ozlem screams that he kidnapped her, but Tekin shuts the door and begs Selma to let him explain.

Instead she knees him in the groin and runs downstairs.

He catches her at the front door and gives her a deadly “Calm down.” She wanted to know his secrets, well there’s one. If she wants to know the rest, she’d better sit down. He’ll tell her everything.

He tells her about Gonul, Yusuf, and the accident and he says these are “all” of his secrets. “Welcome to the dark side of Tekin Altinel.” Selma asks how he could do all this. He doesn’t know. He just solves every problem that comes up.

So here they are. Only one other person knows this. She’s the second. He doesn’t know why he trusts her. We see that Selma’s holding her cell phone so it’s peeking out of her purse. She asks if this is what he meant by “causing someone’s death.”

He says he finished Gonul. Yulide is someone different. Selma says he killed the woman he loves…does he see someone else when he looks at Yulide?

He insists he even loves her shadow. He can’t live without her. He didn’t want to keep lying to Selma. He was tired and needed to be around someone different. He’s sorry if he hurt her.

Selma puts the cell phone in her purse and says there are lines you shouldn’t cross–and he’s crossed most of them–but he should let the girl upstairs go. If she knew anything, she would have told him already.

Selma says she isn’t going to say anything to anyone. She picks up her bag and her coat and says she understands him. She doesn’t know why, but she does. Loving someone like that must be terrible. She doesn’t make it to the door before he takes her hand…but he lets her walk out.

Upstairs, he unties Ozlem, who scurries to get away from him. She sobs that she swears she doesn’t know where they went. He tells her to get out, but grabs her in the doorway…to drag her back into the room and hand her her coat.

A nice civilized chat

Figen has given up. She’s cleaning out the salon…and Nuri comes in.

Thought 1: He’s kind of handsome.
Thought 2: No way is he old enough to be the famous Nuri The Butcher.
Thought 3: I’m definitely not thinking I thought he’d be taller.
Thought 4: If he doesn’t kill her, could this relationship work?

Figen reaches behind her for some scissors and Nuri says she doesn’t need them. He just wants to talk.

He means it. They sit there in the salon and he says he understands why Tekin did what he did, but why did Figen? He’s not judging (and if anyone would be non-judgmental I guess it would be him) he just wants to know. He finds her interesting.

Figen says everyone’s always shoving her to the edge and all they want is for her to die. No one asks how she’s doing or stays with her or spends the night. They all come and go and she can’t hold on to anyone. She’s just trying to survive the life she was given.

Nuri thinks living en la cima del acantilado (at the peak of the cliff) gives you the power to do what others can’t.

Oh, please, he can save his pretty words. If he’s going to kill her, she doesn’t care, but she won’t tell him where Tekin is.

He already knows. He’s not dead. Because what Nuri’s really interested in is where Gonul is.

Figen says she broke her ropes. She won’t be coming back. She always gets free. Even Tekin doesn’t know where she is.

But Figen is Yulide’s best friend. She must have said something. She trusted Figen. Figen says Tekin trusts her too, and if she knew where Gonul was, she’d tell Tekin first.

Nuri gets up suddenly and she gets nervous. He points out that with Gonul gone, Tekin is all hers. If she tells him, her chances go up. Figen says she’s the only one who knows everything about Tekin. He tells her everything–not Gonul, not anyone else. Because she understands him. She loves him. And Tekin can’t live without Gonul.


Hilmi sits up in Nese’s room, reading. She begs him again not to leave, to hide there for years if he has to. He says he wasn’t really hiding, he just wanted to spend one last time with her. He’s off to resolve this problem, but they have to be prepared for anything. Although, then he says nothing is going to happen.

They trade “I love you”s and he tells her to shut her eyes and count to ten. “If I close my eyes you’ll leave.” He says he’ll be back when she opens them again. Nese opens her eyes at “nine” and sighs that he’s gone.


Yusuf and Yulide stop at a gas station. He calls his dad, asking about Sermin’s man, but Ensar hasn’t found him yet. He tells Yulide they need to get going again, but she refuses to go with him. Yes, she knows there’s a killer, but she’s not the only one they’re looking for.

He yells at her that Tekin did terrible things to her and even stole her life. Yulide agrees that he could have done everything he says, but Ahmet isn’t. She’s lived with Ahmet for months and he’s not a bad man–he would never dare hurt her.He’s reasonable and merciful.

“Ahmet doesn’t exist! He’s a fraud! Tekin and Ahmet are the same person!”

Yulide says he isn’t the way he was before. She doesn’t know what Gonul would do, but Yulide can’t leave the father of her baby with some killer and run off with someone else.

Yusuf snaps that HE’S the father of her baby. She just shakes her head at him and says that’s a lie. It’s impossible. He told her to trust her feelings and that’s what she’s doing.

Yusuf’s patience is gone. They’re leaving together whether she likes it or not…but she starts to gag and they run for the bathroom instead.

She sends “Ahmet” a text telling him she’s at a gas station in Polonezköy, heading for the airport and someone is following them. She tells him to be careful. Ahmet replies that he’ll be there as soon as he can.

Yulide looks at herself in the mirror and says there have been too many lies and she doesn’t know what’s true. Is she Gonul or Yulide? Should she live with Ahmet or follow her feelings for Yusuf? Maybe she should leave here and go somewhere alone…after asking Ahmet who Gonul and Tekin are.

Tekin comes out of his house yelling at someone about how much longer he’s going to have to wait. He wants this dealt with today.

Nuri’s waiting outside to follow him.

Tekin is too busy looking for the gas station to notice Nuri following him down the highway. Figen calls, but he ignores it.

It’s getting late. Yusuf has one of the guards call his dad and tell him to keep waiting for them while he goes in to check on Yulide. She really did throw up, apparently. She tells Yusuf she’ll come out when she feels better. OK…he’s here if she needs anything (a toothbrush and toothpaste maybe?).

Yulide’s worried because she hasn’t felt this sick before. She tries calling Ahmet…yes, she’s still at the gas station and she’s feeling sick. He tells her he’s close and she should go out the back. He’ll wait for her there. He promises he’ll protect her from those men and their child will be safe soon. Tekin and Nuri both increase their speed.


Hilmi walks into a restaurant and borrows their phone. He calls Nese and asks her to do something for her–no, nothing that’s going to put her in danger. He wants her to take some files from his office to the prosecutor. It’s something that could save him.

She tells him to send the address.

He walks over to the prosecutor, who apparently has always had a habit of having lunch at this restaurant. The prosecutor asks if it’s a good idea for Hilmi to be here. They have evidence against him. Hilmi says there’s evidence in his favor, too. Something serious is going on behind Alper’s death and if he has some time, he can prove it.

The prosecutor says he’s going to the bathroom. When he gets back, the police will arrest Hilmi and take his statement, got it?

Nese is about to climb up on to a shelf and get the file out of something on the ceiling when a police officer walks in. She runs upstairs to hide as the officer takes a binder out of a drawer and walks out.

Nese comes back down and pulls a rolled up piece of paper from whatever that thing on the ceiling is. But she also knocks over a photo of Hilmi and Kursat that has a key taped to the back. She pockets the key and gets out, leaving the broken frame on the ground.

Nese’s already thinking about how this file can save Hilmi, she can move back in and she’ll go to school and he’ll go to work and then…. And out loud, she finishes “Then he’ll go back to chasing my brother.” All he wants is to give Gonul her inheritance and put Tekin in prison.

In the middle of some random street, she opens the packet, hoping this isn’t about her brother.

But it is. It’s the fake ID’s. He’s going to turn Tekin in. She can’t do this! How can she give this to the prosecutor? Nese remembers Tekin saying he loves her, Hilmi saying he might get life in prison, Tekin saying when she falls in love she’ll understand why he does these things. (Come on, Nese, your own brother is practically giving you permission!)

Nese begs Allah to tell her what to do.

No, you’re not.

Selma reviews the audio recording and all the photos. She asks the pictures of Ilknur if he killed her. A man who is capable of doing those things for a woman “for love” would be capable of killing.

Selma remembers Ozlem calling for help. She calls the cops to make an anonymous report, but changes her mind.

She asks herself why she can’t just tell the police that Tekin has gone “crazy” and kidnapped Gonul and tortured and killed a woman to find her–why can’t she do it? She looks in the mirror and asks herself if she loves him…she beats herself and says she’s an “idiot” and no different from her siblings. She decides she’s in love.

Everything happens

Yusuf explains to someone that Yulide’s sick. They’ll be there in about half an hour. But now she’s not answering him when he goes to the bathroom door and she’s not inside…but the window is open.

Yulide starts walking away from the gas station and “Ahmet” pulls up in Tekin’s car with Nuri right behind him. She says she still feels sick and wants to leave.

Yusuf runs out the back and sees them. Nuri gets out with a gun in each hand and Yusuf yells at her to be careful.

Somehow, I thought Nuri would be more subtle than this, but instead it’s pew, pew, pew all over the place. He gets hit. Yulide and “Ahmet” get into Tekin’s car. Yusuf yells at his guys to follow.

In the car, Ahmet’s not being very forthcoming about why they want to kill her. He just focuses on driving. I’m worrying a second accident is what gets her memory back, but ow, her poor brain!

Oh, no, instead, it’s Ahmet’s frantic driving and the squeal of the tires that brings it back to her in reverse…the accident…the chase…Tekin telling her if she left Mazhar’s house, she’d be causing Yusuf’s death…Tekin trying to rape her at the cottage…Tekin chasing her through the woods…Yusuf making love to her in front of the fire…waking up in the workshop in Yusuf’s arms…meeting Figen…Tekin breaking her finger….

She sits in her seat, in shock, and “Ahmet” asks Yulide if she’s ok. But she doesn’t answer. She’s too busy watching the film of her life in reverse.

Nuri says to himself that they’ve been lucky, but they’re not getting away this time. He’s bothered by the sight of Yusuf’s car behind him and wonders what relationship Ensar Ozkara’s son has with Gonul.

Yusuf yells at the guy driving to catch up to Nuri, but the guy in the back tells him to keep it steady–he’s going to shoot. Not that it does anything but annoy Yusuf.

But it’s got Nuri thinking–shooting at and killing Ensar Ozkara’s son was never part of the deal.

Yusuf snaps at the guy in the back that Gonul is in the car in front of Nuri’s, so cut it out!

Nuri decides he’s out. He takes the next exit, thoroughly confusing everyone in Yusuf’s car–did he just kidnap Gonul right in front of them? Should they follow Tekin’s car? Yusuf tells them to hold on…they should go after the killer. Gonul is in danger if he lives.

“Ahmet” tells Yulide they’ve lost them. See, they’re all going to be fine. He’ll take care of her. Yulide says this whole situation is bad. She tells Ahmet to stop the car–she can’t breathe. He says he will later, but he wants to make sure they’re not being followed. He tells her to relax–they’ll never catch up now.

Yusuf’s still trying to catch up to Nuri, but there’s an accident or a police checkpoint ahead and Nuri stops. Yusuf’s driver insists they have to go back–the police are after him.

“Ahmet” finally stops the car and Yulide walks out into a field. She remembers everything now.

Tekin asks if she’s ok and she whispers “Yulide is gone. I’m Gonul.”

Yusuf and his guys find that fork in the road. They’re hopeful they can catch up. Yusuf calls her and Tekin backs off when she answers. Yusuf asks if she’s ok, did he hurt her, are they still on the main road. She says she’s fine, don’t worry. She’ll call him later. Stop following her, she’ll be fine, he shouldn’t worry.

Tekin glares at her suspiciously. Yusuf tells the guy to just keep driving.

Now Tekin tells Yulide she went off with Yusuf. She says she just wanted to remember. He hugs her and tells her not to do it. It’s painful. What she’s trying to remember will hurt her. They can start a new life far from here, far from all these criminals. And they’ll be fine.

She just gives him a vague look…but then she motions with his eyes toward the car. He claims it’s his boss’ car. She loaned it to him to go look for Yulide. “And where will we go?” He holds his hand out and tells her to come with him.


Sermin’s packing and Metap doesn’t understand why. She just wants to avoid all the mess that’s about to go down. They’re going to disappear until all of this is hers and no one can hurt them. Metap wants to go somewhere quiet they can enjoy.

Sermin remembers Alper and the plane tickets and wanting to enjoy the money. Sermin says she should have left a long time ago, before things got complicated. Before she lost important people.

Metap tells her to quit getting emotional and fight for what’s hers. Since she was fifteen she’s been fighting for that. She has to think.

Sermin says she’s not stupid…but she’s not happy either. She killed the one good thing in her life. She killed her happiness. And she made that decision all on her own. She can’t trust anyone and she never will again. It’s time they disappeared. “You reap what you sow, sooner or later.” She’s taking what she can carry and later they’ll come back for the rest.

Metap reminds her to bring all her jewelry. And she’ll shut up now.


Ensar calls Yusuf. He’s changed the time of the flight three times! Yusuf explains that Tekin kidnapped Gonul after they had a confrontation with Nuri. But he knows Gonul is OK. He just has to rescue her before that infeliz hurts her.

Ensar tells him to just get on the plane and his men will rescue her. Um, no…not with the killer on the loose. Ensar’s worried about the cops catching him. He begs Yusuf to just once let him take care of things. Yusuf says it’s his job to protect them, but thanks.

Ensar tosses his phone and complains that Yusuf doesn’t understand. He picks up a pair of baby booties and says it’s his job to protect his grandchild, not just sit here doing nothing. He knows he screwed up with the other one, but he’ll do things right this time.

Torches and pitchforks

Figen’s still packing when Fruit Guy arrives with some membrillo (quince fruit). He seems surprised she’s closing the salon. Figen says she’s moving.

Oh, right. Because people bug her just because she’s attractive.

Figen says it has nothing to do with that–she’s going somewhere there are more clients. He offers to help her. “What are you talking about?”

He tells her not to be fooled because he has a small business–he has two other stands and a farm, so he could pay her a lot. They get along well, don’t they? He could be very generous.

Figen snaps at him not to talk to her like that! He’d better get out of here now!

Fruit Guy asks if he’s not as good as her other clients. He knows there was a man there last night and another one two days ago and one last week. They all “know” what she does. “What do you mean by that?”

He says she’s pretty and single. He’s seen her and he knows her well. They could have a nice time together.

Figen shoves him and tells him not to come near her again. He can’t do whatever he wants to just because he’s a man! She’s a decent person and he has no right to come here and insult her. He has a daughter! What would he do if someone talked to her like that!

He tells her to shut up and not bring his daughter into this. “Oh? How did it feel?” She tells him to get out and hope that no one ever treats his daughter that way!

So he stops out of the salon yelling that she’s immoral. All he did was offer his help. She throws his fruit on the floor.

And that creep tells all the neighbors that she approached him while he was praying with the intention of making him sin. He was just warning her that this is a good neighborhood. He warned her about her filthy conduct and she tried to seduce him.

And his little crowd of small-minded holier-than-thou hypocrites gasp in shock.

He has a wife and kids and that woman tried to seduce him to make him sin with her!

Figen screams that it’s all a lie. He wanted to seduce her! He’s a lying hypocrite!

“See how she keeps defaming me. You all know me. I’ve never behaved badly with anyone here.”

And now the neighbors are joining in on how they don’t want her here. “Why do you believe him? He’s a liar! He’s only trying to take advantage of me!” They all know her because they’ve been coming to her salon to get their hair done, what’s wrong with them? Why do they believe him?

He yells that he won’t let her bad-mouth him again and starts to attack her, but the neighbors hold him back.

And now one of the other neighbors says they sure do know what happens in her salon. That girl’s husband has come to see her at night several times. Isn’t she ashamed that she betrayed her?

Figen’s old neighbor comes up through the crowd as Figen screams at them–who do they think they are? They’re all hypocrites! She’s going to start talking about all the things she knows about them. They’re all going to be judged the way they’ve judged her. Her old neighbor drags her inside, yells at the neighbors to go and asks Figen what happened.

She says they started insulting her. She’s packing up to leave–that’s why she called.

But what about Tekin? And her plans? It’s all ruined now, she supposes. She’s got money, right?

Figen tells her to forget about that. There’s an assassin after Tekin and he came here asking about him. He came to threaten her!

OK, then, she has to go! Does she think that guy will come after her again?

Figen thinks he will. He warned her he was looking for Gonul. They all know the truth and now she’s going to have to decide whether she’s going to die or go to prison. And if anything happens to Gonul, Tekin’s going to rip her to shreds.

The neighbors start throwing rocks through the window and yelling at them to get out. Figen starts screaming about killing them. Her friend tells her to be quiet. This is what they do. Just leave the stuff and go. Figen won’t leave the stuff she paid money for so they can take it and leave her with nothing. Her friend tells her to quit being stupid, grab her bag, and go. Figen stuffs a few things in her bag and hands her friend a hair dryer.

The friend goes to the door and tells Figen to stay quiet. She shouts that they’re coming out now. The mob is still outside shouting at them to leave. They make their way down the sidewalk…until Fruit Guy tells her to get out of here and calls her a disgraceful prostitute.

“Even if I was, I’m way better than you, Mr. Mehmet. You have no morals and neither do any of them!” Conveniently a taxi pulls up and they get out without getting hurt. The grumbling neighbors continue to grumble about how horrible that woman was, how she wanted to sleep with all their husbands. I flip the bird in their general direction.

Casa Kursat

Sermin looks at a photo of her and Kursat. They had some good times. He was a good man, not just a bitter old man. But Gonul ruined everything. When Gonul came into his life, he forgot her completely. Soon, they’ll be reunited–wasn’t that his fondest wish?

Metap calls that it’s time to go and Sermin sets the photo back down on the desk.

A guard announces that Tekin is coming with Gonul. Sermin tells him to let them in, but stay alert–and her name isn’t Gonul, it’s Yulide. Metap complains about them being there. Sermin says at least this way she won’t have to keep looking for her.

Gonul does a convincing job of looking around in confusion, while she’s actually remembering the first time she saw the place. “Why are we here?” Tekin says it’s his boss’ place and it’s a safer place than anywhere else.

But didn’t Sermin send the man who nearly killed them. Tekin says that was a misunderstanding. He can tell her all the details later. She gives him a trusting nod and agrees.

Tekin tells Sermin he’s just there to return the car. He states the obvious–Yulide is with him. Uh huh…well, she knew Ahmet was going crazy, but she doesn’t know why. Gonul thanks her–Ahmet would never have found her if she hadn’t loaned him the car. People do strange things to avoid sharing with others.

Everyone twitches.

Tekin asks if Sermin would let him and Yulide stay for a few days, if they’re going somewhere. They have a big problem to resolve. Metap snaps at him to go to a hotel…uh, because they’d be more comfortable here.

Sermin says she’s going on a short vacation, but they can stay here–the staff will be at their service.

Gonul says it’s a pretty house. Was it Sermin’s husband’s? Sermin gets pissy–it’s her house too. Gonul just nods and smiles.

Metap tells Sermin they need to hurry–they can’t miss their plane. Oh, that’s too bad. Gonul wanted to have some coffee and talk to them. Sermin thinks there’s time for that. How does she take hers? With just a little sugar. Sermin asks Fatma to bring the coffee.

Tekin says he’s just going to go home for some of their stuff, so he can’t stay. Gonul agrees that’s fine. He whispers to her that they’ll see each other tonight and she says that’s fine, yes.

As Gonul and Metap walk back into the living room, Sermin tells her guard to call The Butcher and tell him to get over here NOW.

Gonul just keeps looking around curiously.


Nese still hasn’t come to a decision. And now it seems like either Hilmi or Tekin is going to go to prison because of her. She burns the documents and mentally apologizes to Hilmi, but she’s not sure who it hurts for her to do this.

Hilmi remembers stealing Kursat’s wallet with his little gang. He wanted the money for Emir’s mother’s medicine…but she died last night. He tossed the wallet in anger.

Adult Hilmi sits on the same overturned box and tells himself he can’t save everyone. He made a mistake. He looks up suddenly and one of the guys from the car is there–Yusuf sent him. He’d been waiting at Tekin’s dad’s house and he followed Hilmi here. He has a cell phone for him.

Yusuf is back at Ahmet’s house. He’s picking up the fallen daisy when Hilmi calls. Hilmi tells him to get out of that house, but Yusuf says the killer will come looking for her and. Gonul ran off with Tekin.

“Get out of there now!” He says he handed over Tekin’s file and the police will be there soon. He did that today? Because Yusuf has been there for hours and no one has come over. Hilmi says he’s on his way.

Hilmi sighs. “Tell me why, Nese? Why didn’t you just do what I told you?”


Gonul gets up to look at the pictures in the room. “Was this your husband? He looks like a generous man.” Sermin agrees, he was. Before he got sick, they traveled the world.

Gonul remembers Kursat telling her when he thinks of his past, he sees all the things he let pass him by. His penance has been losing the opportunity to be with her. He wanted money and power, not to soothe his conscience, but to protect her. And he failed. He failed her mother by listening to what others said about her.

Gonul asks what Sermin’s husband was like. Metap snaps at her for asking questions. Why does she care about the husband of her husband’s boss? Sermin shushes her and tells Yulide to forgive her.

Gonul says everything in this house is interesting. She’s never seen a place like this. Sermin says Kursat’s taste was very refined. He liked to live will. “And did you have children?” Sermin says they didn’t, unfortunately.

Gonul asks to use the bathroom…the baby…she has to go a lot. And where IS the bathroom? Sermin gives her directions.

Metap thinks she’s asking too many questions. As if she already knows everything! What if she remembered? Sermin says she wouldn’t be here if she did. Metap agrees now.


Hilmi and Yusuf hang out at Ahmet’s house. Yusuf reads Yulide’s diary. Hilmi can’t imagine Tekin living in a place like this when he’d been surrounded by servants all the time. “Love makes you change,” he snarks.

Yusuf tells him that Gonul remembered. “But she went with Tekin?” Before she got into his car, her mind was in chaos. What he told her contradicted everything she knew, so she ran from him.

But when he called, she said she’d call him back and that was it. He’s sure she wasn’t Yulide anymore–her voice, her attitude, her confidence. He’s sure it was Gonul.

Then does Tekin know what they did? Yusuf says Tekin knows they’re after him. He won’t go to his house or his father’s house. Yusuf doesn’t know where they are. All they can do is wait.

Hilmi says they’ll wait, then–for Gonul. Or the police.


Gonul sneaks into the study, she sits behind the desk and remembers Kursat saying he would never lie to her. He just wanted to be close to his only daughter, but her security was his main priority. She should forgive him.

Gonul looks through the desk and finds a gun in a little box. She thinks “I had bad luck, dad, but I’m back. I told you that day–I can protect myself. And I will now. I will if I have to–you’ll see.”

She takes the gun out of the box, hides it in her purse, and walks back into the foyer….

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3 years ago

Another great recap, thanks, Kat. So glad Gonul got her memory back without the need for another bump on the head. Too bad it happened after she decided to run off with Tekin. Tekin knows that Sermin sent the Butcher after him and Gonul, right? Why on earth would he bring Gonul to Sermin’s house and then leave her there alone? It’s not clear to me why the evidence that Tekin created a false identity and kidnapped Gonul would have any bearing on whether Hilmi was guilty of killing Alper. I think Nese made the wrong decision, of course. Why… Read more »

3 years ago

I am looking forward to today’s capitulo, too. I watch the first hour or so when I’m home from work for lunch and it’s sometimes quite difficult to turn off the TV and go back to work!
I suppose that Hilmi might be thinking that if Tekin were arrested for what he did to Gonul, he could try and get a deal by incriminating Sermin about Alper’s murder. But he would be incriminating himself, too since he dug up the body and had it cremated. It is also to his advantage with Gonul to have the police looking for Yusuf.

3 years ago

Thank you so much for all these recaps, Kat. I have enjoyed this show so much (if “enjoy” is what I mean….it’s weird expressing it that way.)

I was so disappointed in Nese’s choice. Dammit! I’m most scared about this outcome.