La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 1/21/17 #49

Ugh, with the land already

Octavia’s so pleased to be meeting Severo and Severo keeps giving her that smarmy grin. I don’t think there’s anything he can do at this point that’s not going to gross me out.

At Timo’s place, he offers drinks. Lencho wanders off, looking guilty, and Octavia gets right to the point–if Severo owns some of the land of El Vendaval, she wants to buy it. She keeps interrupting Timo, who keeps trying to interrupt her. The important question is, does he have the paperwork or not?

July is searching in the last binder….

Octavia can’t give him a figure until she sees paperwork showing the extent of the property. She gives Severo her card and takes off for the trailer.

Having failed to keep Octavia away from Severo, Timo changes tactics. She’ll probably try to shortchange him, but Timo will give him a better price. Plus, he wants his grandkids to grow up out in the country.

Uh huh…and why did he lock them in? Oh, that door just locks by itself sometimes–remember the time Lencho was locked in with a scorpion?

July found the paperwork! She lurks outside the cantina as Mike and Severo drink inside. Mike still can’t believe how cold-blooded Severo is. He wants to go take a walk around town and Severo reminds him not to open his mouth. If Severo goes down, they’re both going down together. And he gives Mike that weird, goofy smile.

July comes in with the paperwork and hands it over.

July makes it clear she’s the one who found this, not Timo. And she wants Severo to promise he won’t tell Timo and he won’t sell Timo the land.

Octavia and Mauro have been out shopping. They run into Timo and Eulogio in the square and Timo starts babbling about partnership. Eulogio offers to help Mauro with the shopping bags while Timo talks to Octavia. Timo suggests he buy the land and Octavia build the spa.

Um, no. Octavia insists on owning the land. And BTW do Marcela and Alessandro have plans to marry in the church? Timo hasn’t heard anything about that. He also hasn’t heard that Alessandro has money. When Octavia realizes that, she doesn’t tell him. She just mentions they made the bank a repayment offer.

The plaza

Ilse splits and leaves Valeria and Luciano talking alone. Or, well…Luciano flirting and Valeria telling him she’s not interested. Except that he’s convinced she feels “the same way.” He can see it in her eyes. O rly? ‘Cause what she sees in his eyes is fear of Silvana.

Al tells his mom he does want to get married in the church. That’s why he wanted them to meet Marcela. Even Silvana thinks it would ruin his life. He tells her he’s doing it with or without their permission.

As much as Valeria keeps raising the possibility of Silvana seeing them talking, it’s Alessandro who comes out of the café. Oh, yes, they’ve met. Al tells Luciano his coffee’s ready and invites Valeria to join them, but she begs off. Alone again after Al goes back inside, Luciano’s treating this whole thing like Valeria’s just doing it on purpose to make him “suffer.” She’s like, you’re the one making yourself suffer, because nothing’s going on here outside your own head!

Back inside the café, Silvana promises that she wants what’s best for Al and if that’s Marcela, then so be it.

Luciano begs Valeria to meet him somewhere. Dude…she’s just not into you! She makes sure to give him a kiss on the corner of the mouth and a “See ya…or not” and he still won’t let her go. It’s been less than five minutes of this, I’m sure, and I’m already sick of his smug insistence. Plus it’s repetitive. Stop it, Luc!

Silvana finally wonders what’s taking Luciano so long. Al says he saw a friend outside. She goes to get him.

I totally thought he was busted, but by the time Silvana gets out there, it’s not Valeria he’s talking to. Still, she’s looking around suspiciously and wondering who the “friend” is that Al mentioned. Oh, Ilse, Octavia’s friend saw him and said hi.


Alba hits the boutique for work duds and asks the sales associate what Al’s like. Basically, he’s super nice, everyone likes him, he acts like just another coworker.

Cristian tells Nuria they’re staying in and watching movies…except when he goes to the Toscana to hear Alba play. And no, she can’t come with him, because she has to rest. She teases Cris that she’s going to get jealous. He seriously sends her upstairs to rest while he finishes cooking the fish.

But that gives her a chance to call Alba and let her know she won’t be able to come hear her play today. And oh, could she maybe not mention their breakfast? She wouldn’t want people to think she’s just hanging out with Alba because she’s the boss’ wife’s cousin. Not that anyone knows she’s the boss’ wife’s cousin, but ok, Alba will keep it quiet. Alba says to herself that she thinks Nuria’s weird.


Marcela and Mateo end up running into Dr. Emiliano carrying a little pig and Marcela grabs him so he can check out Sagrario. The four of them squeeze into the truck and keep heading for the hospital.

By the time they get to the hospital, Emiliano has declared that while Sagrario doesn’t look too seriously injured, he still thinks it’s best to check for any internal injuries. He, Marcela, and Mateo all insist she let the doctor examine her, then stand around in the lobby agreeing that they don’t believe the “fall” story. Emilio especially doesn’t think the wound at her neck was made by a rock, but some kind of knife.

The hospital doc tells Emiliano he’s sure about what happened, and they should probably tell the family. Emiliano wants to see Sagrario first.

Marcela tells Alessandro they found Sagrario and took her to the clinic. He abandons his parents to go check on her. They’re amassing coffees…first the one with the chocolate sauce and whipped cream, and now Amadeo’s serving them Americanos.

Emiliano tells Sagrario he knows she didn’t get those injuries in a fall and the other doctor confirmed it. No, she isn’t “fine,” in fact he thinks she’s on the verge of falling apart. He knows she was raped and she needs to tell them what happened so they can go after the person who did it.

Sagrario denies it and begs him not to repeat it. She just wants to go home. He keeps insisting the one who did it has to pay. Sagrario keeps repeating that it didn’t happen. (Clearly, continued insistence is not an effective strategy.)

Al gets to the hospital. Marcela and Mateo haven’t heard anything about Sagrario yet. Emiliano’s in with her now. And pressing charges? Al says he couldn’t. They couldn’t find Timo. Marcela’s worried about what his parents must be thinking of her.

Emiliano encourages Sagrario to cry and get it all out and make a decision…. Nope, she still insists nothing happened. She doesn’t want them telling Marcela and Mateo anything. Emiliano warns her she’ll be doing more damage if she keeps it to herself. So ok, she says it out loud, she was raped.

He asks if it was the thieves and he’s already trying to fill in the huge blanks instead of just letting her tell it. Sagrario says it was one thief with the blackest heart and soul she’s ever known–her husband, Severo Morales.

Emiliano insists she press charges, and he says if she does she won’t be married to him anymore. Sagrario doesn’t want to put Mateo in danger. When Mateo finds out, he’ll kill Severo and she can’t take another tragedy in her life.


Nisa’s stressing about them calling the police to report the theft, but ML insists nothing was taken. Even Al’s computer is still in his room. As soon as they find her mother, she’ll tell them what happened.

Nisa’s now freaking out to Camilo. The thieves must have taken Sagrario as a hostage. It happens, right? It happened to Camilo! Riiiiiight, but wouldn’t it be a weird coincidence if it happened to two people in the same family? Nisa admits they stole something from her–a really expensive necklace that she needs to get back so she can resolve something for good. Camilo begs her to stop crying…it’s giving him a headache. Nisa offers to give him a massage…of everything that’s injured. Ouch!


Valeria has decided not to completely shut the door on Luciano. She’s now decided to take up with both Luciano and Alessandro. Ilse’s all “Wait…what?” (And lemme get this straight, she wants revenge on Silvana because Luciano “chose” Silvana over her? Get over it!)


Lencho tries to remind himself that he’s in love with Maria Laura. He realizes he’s going to have to tell her he never got the sponsors for her calendar launch and she’s going to be pissed off.

Lencho goes out to El Vendaval…without having his story prepared yet. Ay, Lencho. He says they’ll have to postpone the launch until next year. Um…it’s a calendar. He babbles about how no one will give him money, not even his dad, and she starts screeching–is he trying to say NOBODY wants to see her in a bikini?! Well, no, they totally do…but no. She sends him away until he comes back with good news for her.


Rosa comes into Alba’s room to clean. She had no idea Camilo was here. And when ML says Marcela doesn’t know yet either, she rushes to hide the shotgun! Camilo says Rosa’s right–when Marcela finds out, things are going to get ugly. Especially after the robbery. She’ll be looking to take it out on somebody.

Did Nisa tell her about the missing necklace? Maria Laura has no idea what necklace he’s talking about.

Nisa prays to God for the necklace to be found…just as Maria Laura comes in and asks what necklace she’s talking about.

Sagrario doesn’t want anyone to know what happened–not Marcela, not anyone. But Marcela walks in and hears her. What is it she doesn’t want anyone to know?

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Nuria is weird Alba, steer clear I keep telling myself though that she’s just been through chemo, she lost all her hair and apparently a lot of weight and she’s probably not really feeling herself yet and it can be hard to keep your mood up when you’re not feeling well so I’m trying to cut her a lot of slack Also when I saw Luc at the whatever they call the thing they show just as they’re coming back from commercials I just automatically rolled my eyes, it’s just a reflex now. :p Severo looks more like what I’d… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

It Is weird, but the actress is making it believable for me, it’s like this isn’t healthy but this is her personality, I’m already imagining her pretending she was ok even when she knew something was wrong before she had cancer.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

I mean before she knew she had cancer