La Reina de la Canción Wednesday 5/31/17 #23

And tonight, it’s time to do it again. But first…

Aida Cuevas – El Pastor

Ooh, someone did this song for their audition and it was a video of Aida Cuevas that I found online so I could hear what it was supposed to sound like. And again, we’re getting a guest performer with her own style, her own sound. She goes up into her head voice a lot.

She was a good friend of Juan Gabriel, so she talks a bit about his funeral and what an honor it was to say goodbye to him with his music.

Opening patter

Ale reviews Olivia’s return yesterday, the performances, and the Beas going up for elimination.

And at the end of tonight, two more contestants are up.

Poncho’s extra sparkly tonight. Ale asks Las Horoscopos about having to say goodbye to Olivia, which was bad, but she’s back and they’re happy.

Carmen Rios – Ya Lo Pasado Pasado

Nope, that opening did not sound in tune. I’m not sure about the rest of it either.

Oops…Lucero said she was out of tune the entire time. And for Lucero to mention it when she usually doesn’t care…. Marisol wonders if she couldn’t hear the band. Vicky agrees if it wasn’t for her being a semi-tone off the entire time…. Poncho agrees with everyone else.

Sandra Padilla Cervantes – Ya Lo Sé Que Tú Te Vas

I have nothing to say. Sandra’s got such a rich voice, I could listen to her for days. I don’t know what tuning problems the judges are talking about.

Yohanny Rodriguez – De Mí Enamórate

I think she’s doing a great job with this song, but the song itself just isn’t grabbing me. The audience liked it. Lucero had a great time. Vicky and Marisol are hearing some intonation problems and they’re wondering what’s going on tonight. Poncho thinks it’s nerves. He and Lucero agree it’s also the pressure of singing Juan Gabriel songs.

Olivia Calderón – Mi Fracaso

She just got back yesterday and was rushed into rehearsal, so she thinks she’s at a disadvantage compared to the others who have had experience on this stage.

I think her start was rough and there might have been some words lost in the middle? I’m waiting for Poncho to say so. Alejandra’s all “Let’s just hope the judges don’t say anything,” but yes, they noticed.

Lucero says the end was really great. Marisol says the end made her hair stand on end. Vicky’s…not disappointed, but everyone’s nervous today! They need to get it under control. Poncho understands that she was at a disadvantage tonight, yes she messed up the word but at least she didn’t just stop singing.

Ale asks if the things the others were saying yesterday might have been what affected her to night. I glare. Olivia says she needed to focus more.


After a quick recap Ale starts with Vicky and Marisol. This was a rough night for everyone and they hope that gets better. For now, Yohanny is safe.

Poncho calls Olivia forward and says he scolded the others yesterday for their attitude about someone coming back. And Olivia has had better nights. She’s up for elimination.

Lucero knows both Carmen and Sandra have great voices, and they both had pitch problems tonight, and the one at risk of elimination tonight is…Carmen.

You’ve got an hour on the phones and until 10am Eastern on Twitter or the Univision Conecta app. And you can cast up to 10 votes per method.

To support Olivia call 1-866-918-8803 or on Twitter use #OLIVIAVOTA

To support Carmen call 1-866-918-8807 or on Twitter use #CARMENVOTA

Tomorrow: Pepe Aguilar visits.

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I voted!

Thanks for the rundown on everything.

stealth cacophony
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stealth cacophony

My only comment/complaint is sometimes I couldn’t hear the singer very well because the band was so loud, I kept telling the tv’s sound guys to turn down the band’s mics so I could hear what the singer was doing. Is is my tv or was the band kinda drowning out the singer for real? I’m thinking especially Olivia.

Autora/ Author

Word. There are definitely times when I can’t hear the vocals.