La Reina de la Canción Thursday 6/01/17 #24

Aw, it’s the last episode of the week. I was iffy on Ale’s green lace with fringe last night, but tonight’s white lace with fringe gets a big thumbs up from me. Somebody’s going home, which is a bummer. Vicky and Marisol tell them to watch their lyrics and their pitch.

Pepe Aguilar and Ángela Aguilar – Tu Sangre En Mi Cuerpo

Duuuuuuuuuude…daddy/daughter duet. Her sound goes a little into pop, where he’s a lot more traditional, but they blend so well. That was so sweet!

Pepe’s advice for the contestants is to be authentic. If they get up there thinking of anything other than what they’re doing, they’re not real artists.

metroPCS challenge

Write a 1-minute corrido telling the story of their lives. Eduardo Magallanes was on hand to give them advice and choose the winning team.

Eduardo’s advice: learn from your mistakes. That’s your best and only teacher.

Eduardo thought Team Recodo did the better job. The full videos are available on

Oh. Goody. Poncho gets to cause more drama. He tells us the person with the best corrido, according to Maestro Magallanes, is up for elimination and he’s going to save…Beatriz Montes.

During the break, Deyra has to explain to Beatriz what Poncho said. I guess when the blood’s rushing in your ears, you can’t hear a thing.

I thought we were done with drama?

So, Poncho scolded the contestants on stage about what they said before they knew it was Olivia coming back. And then he did it again at the house. I’m gonna have to agree that it’s one thing to be upset about the situation before they knew who it was, and another to be upset that it was Olivia. Which, clearly they weren’t–they were happy to have her back.

Uh, they’re living together again and sniping at each other. I don’t really know what any of that was about besides the general tempers running high, close quarters, and people being tired and cranky.

Eliminations – Part 1

The person who got the most votes this week was Olivia, so she gets to stay.

Once again the two remaining contestants–Beatriz D and Carmen–have to sing a “surprise” song chosen by the judges. Beatriz D will be singing Tres Veces Te Engañe; Carmen will be singing Detras De Mi Ventana.


I’m skipping this part in protest. It’s possible I was eating cookies while I watched it. Or doing leg lifts. You never know.

Carmen Rios – Detras De Mi Ventana

Tuning. And who decided on that platform thing?! Stop it with the platform! I’m too busy worrying about people falling off! Damnit…lots of pitch problems all over the place. And she’s being all shouty. Seriously, people, Alejandra’s having to help them down from the platform. DITCH THE PLATFORM!

Poncho liked it. He says this is the Carmen they wanted. OK, well, like I said, I’m just a weirdo in the Internet.

There was a snippet of Carmen chatting with Ale…complaining that she didn’t like singing lessons because she was worrying about her pitch all the time and that made it not fun.

OK. Well. I tend to have more fun when I’m singing in tune, but hey, that’s just me.

Beatriz D – Tres Veces Te Engañe

LOL…I guess they heard me about the platform. Thanks! I do love Beatriz down in that low range. And she’s being flirty.

Vicky says Bea’s voice reminds her of Lucha. She got a little ahead of the beat in one spot. But she loves the way Bea sings and it’s like if she were drunk she’d want Beatriz there singing. (Me too!) Lucero thought she had a little pitch problem right at the beginning, but she loves the color of her voice.

Elimination – Part 2

I feel like the judges are stalling. Yes, yes, it sucks to be you, having to make these decisions.

Beatriz D says she never thought she’d get this far or that people would love her voice and not pay so much attention to her appearance (Yep, I’m totally overlooking that you’re gorgeous). This is all a dream come true for her.

Carmen thanks all the judges and the people who have been voting for her and she wants her son to know she’s always going to fight for him.

Lucero gets to deliver the news. Carmen is staying. And it looked like she fainted during group hugs for Bea.

Next week: two more contestants are at risk of elimination, but after next week it’s all popular votes, no more of the judges putting people up for elimination.

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Autora/ Author

I really have enjoyed these recaps. Yesterday I was a little disappointed that you didn’t mention the fringe, but today I am thrilled that you commented on it (was that creepy?)

So…what do you think of the platform.

*sigh* Another of my favorites is going home.

I hope Carmen is OK.

stealth cacophony
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophony

I WANT MORE SINGING! LESS DRAMA!! Ok sorry for yelling, but do they think we’ll get bored with just watching ppl sing or what. I don’t care about the contestants’ BMI I don’t want to watch them fight. Unless its a singing duel. I could go for one person sings a line then another person sings, then another person sings. cause singing is what its all about. Thanks Diva all your comments about when Carmen was singing made me laugh. I heard someone talking about when they were hosting a competition reality show and she said when she had to… Read more »

Autora/ Author

May I shout with you? Because AMEN! Make the drama stop! JUST SINGING. One thing I love about La Voz Kids is no drama. Just singing.