El Gran Final de Gonul Friday 6/02/17 #19


One of Gonul’s new henches flips Tekin over and Tekin starts giving instructions. He needs them to get him to a hospital, his car’s outside, no police, and take care of [vague gesture toward Gonul/the gun]. Meanwhile, Reluctant and the maid try to revive Gonul.

Tekin passes out in the driveway and wakes up on the gurney with the nurse saying she doesn’t know how long he’s been like this–he was dropped off by car. Tekin mutters “It was a kidnapping” and passes back out again.

Police station

Yusuf tells the police detective that neither he nor Hilmi nor Sabit nor Mahmut shot Alper. The detective shows him the pictures and what they say to him–Yusuf got the others together, they hit him, and they killed him. It’s clear. Why did his father get so upset if they weren’t guilty?

Yusuf says his dad made bad decisions. He died like he lived.

The detective thinks he died for Yusuf. Like that girl. How many more have to die in his name?

Yusuf says he’s trying to save people. Tekin’s the one who kidnapped and beat Ozlem because he thought she knew where Gonul was. And Gonul is with Tekin, so they’re wasting their time.

The detective says if they’re going to look for her, Yusuf has to tell them what he knows.

Yusuf says he’ll tell them…if they go find Gonul in the meantime. (Dudes…you’re BOTH wasting time!) If Tekin does anything to her, they’ll be responsible.

The detective tells him Tekin was shot last night. “Who shot him? Is he dead?” He’s in Intensive Care. Why doesn’t Yusuf tell him what he knows about it. (He was with you all night. Don’t even try to pin this on him.)

Yusuf remembers Gonul’s cryptic phone call…. The detective has to get his attention. Who shot Tekin? He knows something, doesn’t he? Where was he before he went to the gallery? “You think I shot Tekin?” Well, he hated him. (Dude, there’s a line. A long, long line.)

Yusuf says he sure did, but if he were going to kill Tekin he would have done it a long time ago. Sermin hired an assassin, Nuri. That’s who did it.


Hilmi wanders into his emptied-out office and hides when he hears a noise. It’s Gonul’s new hench, Mehmet. Yeah, he saw Gonul. She was at Kursat’s last night and she’s at Hatice’s this morning. She sent him a note. (Dear Hilmi: Do you want to be my lawyer? Please check one: Yes No. Love, Gonul. P.S. I’m shooting Tekin later, so please answer ASAP.)

Hilmi reads quietly for about a second before asking Mehmet what happened.

Sermin and her mother died and Gonul shot Tekin.

“What did you say?”


Mama Hatice finds Gonul, still in last night’s outfit, sitting at the table in her front yard. They hug while the new henches hang out outside the fence. Hatice’s so glad she’s back. Gonul’s still in shock. She finally manages to say she did something terrible…she shot Tekin and killed him.

Hatice just hugs her.

Gonul lies on Hatice’s couch while Hatice plays with her hair. Gonul says he took everything…now she’s just empty.

Hatice snaps that he could never take anything from her. She’s Gonul! She’s been through terrible things, but no one can take anything away from her again. It’s over.

Gonul says she didn’t have a choice. She had to kill him. And now her conscience won’t leave her alone.

Hatice says her conscience is clean. She showed up with a broken “wing” because of him, she tried to run and he found her, she didn’t want to go with him and he kidnapped her. He didn’t leave her any other choice.

But what will she say to her child? That she killed a man?

She’ll tell them she did everything she could to keep them alive.

The doorbell chirps. It’s Aylin! Bestie hug! She doesn’t know anything, as Hatice explains, because Yusuf didn’t want her to accidentally say something in front of Tekin. Aylin asks what she missed, but Gonul just hugs her.

After Aylin hears at least the amnesia/brainwashing/kidnapping part, she’s shocked. What kind of man is he? And to think, she was crying over him this morning at the hospital. She wishes the kidnapper had killed him. She says disgustedly that he’s not dead–they operated on him and he’s in intensive care.

Hatice asks about the “kidnapper.” Oh, yeah, he said he’d been kidnapped. They dropped him off at the door. Hatice knows she shouldn’t say this, given the situation, but when someone does bad, their path will always be the same.

Aylin asks if Yusuf knows what happened and Gonul gets up and starts walking out of the house. She has to see Tekin. Aylin thinks that’s crazy for her to go see him instead of talking to the police, after all he’s done. Hatice begs her not to–what could she say? Oh, don’t worry, Gonul just wants to go look him in the eye. He thinks he’s doing her a favor, like he’s some kind of hero, but he’s not and she doesn’t want any favors from him. He’d best go tell the cops everything.

Aylin’s got her boots back on by then and tells Hatice she’ll go with Gonul–she doesn’t want to leave her alone.


In the hospital hallway, Lale tries to comfort Nese. Ali comes over to tell her Nese’s strong, she’ll be fine…but she should go deal with Mazhar.

Mazhar is yelling at the cops for not doing their jobs. They did try, but he was dropped off by a car with no plates in a blind spot for the security cameras by a man with his face covered. Mazhar’s outraged that no one’s going to prison for what happened to his son. (Hey, you didn’t mind when they weren’t doing their jobs months ago and protecting your precious heir, so deal with it!)

I’m not sure it helps, but Lale reminds Mazhar that Tekin said it was a kidnapping. So why would they drop him off like that? Maybe it was someone he knows.

Nese comes barreling down the hallway with Ali in pursuit. I don’t know what he thinks she’s doing besides walking really fast, because she goes right past the cops. He pulls her into a room, shuts the door, and insists she knows something and that’s why she’s so “calm” and not saying anything.

Hey, all she knows is someone tried to kill her brother. They both knew it was bound to happen. Ali said someone was after him and it wasn’t the police.

So is she saying Yusuf did it?

She’s not saying it was him and she wishes he’d stop asking.

Ali tells her that he went by the other house and no one was there. And the salon was a wreck. Tekin was shot and Gonul is missing–she needs to say what she knows.

Nese reluctantly says there was a hired killer after Tekin and Gonul. She doesn’t know who hired them. Ali can’t figure out why anyone would, since “they” have bunches of armed man.

Nese doesn’t know who did it or why, but she thinks it has something to do with Gonul’s inheritance. Ali’s suspicious that she knows so much. He’s sure Tekin didn’t tell her. Nese admits he didn’t, which is why this is as much as she’s been able to find out. And now her head is exploding, so he needs to quit asking her questions.

Nese goes into Tekin’s room and pulls up a chair. She told him to stop this before it was too late. She kisses him on the forehead and begs him to wake up and not leave her alone in the world. She hopes Hilmi didn’t do this. He wanted to put Tekin in prison–he wouldn’t try to kill him. Maybe it was Nuri. Who was it?

Gonul walks in and says it was her….

Aylin finds Ali. “Did you know?” Of course he did, but he keeps acting. He’s Tekin’s best friend. And apparently Ahmet’s too. Ali asks how she knew. “Did you think we’d never find out? Did you think he’d get away with it?” Ali pulls her around the corner and hisses that Tekin planned all this. He only found out when he followed him a few weeks ago.

“Then why didn’t you tell anyone?!” He even went to eat at their house and said his name was Metin.

“Wait…who told you?”

“Gonul.” She remembers everything. Like the night he went to her house and said he was a pharmaceutical rep. He doesn’t remember any of that now, right?

Ali whines that Tekin made him do it. She knows how he is, he makes everyone do what he wants.

Yeah, she knows. But she doesn’t know Ali anymore. If he’d told them, they could have saved Gonul sooner, but instead he was saving his friend. As if Gonul’s not his friend too! What kind of man is he?! Doesn’t he have a conscience?!

Ali says she’s right. He used her to do something horrible, but he did try to stop Tekin.

Aylin says this is obviously all her fault for crying over him. But she gets it now. He’s completely worthless.

Ali mumbles that it’s true.

Back in Tekin’s room, Nese says she’s so sorry! The things that happened to Gonul were terrible and she swears she tried to stop him…but why didn’t she just turn him in?

“Don’t try to blame me for this!”

She doesn’t, but she doesn’t recognize Gonul. Her brother did something to her. She’s changed. Nese doesn’t recognize her. She walks out and leaves Gonul alone with Tekin.

Gonul stands over Tekin’s bed and orders him to wake up. She starts shaking, him telling him if he didn’t die, then he’s going to wake up now and take responsibility for what he did. He’s not going to do her a favor and say someone else kidnapped him–she won’t let him. She screams at him to open his eyes and come back.

Aylin comes in and pulls her off and Gonul keeps yelling that he’s not going to die, he’s not getting rid of her until he pays for this. Aylin swears she won’t let him die, but maybe Gonul should go take a walk. Aylin shoves her out the door. Yes, yes, she won’t let him die.

Tekin just sleeps on.

Back story

Figen has a sister! She hasn’t seen her in years. She told her sister she was going to work “abroad” and she’s been sending money home all this time, but she hasn’t been in contact otherwise. Gulden bought a house and a car and she’s been going to university. Figen saved her from “him” and then disappeared.

Figen warns her that “he” will be out of prison eventually. She begs Gulden not to get back together with him, not to take care of him. If he calls and says he’s sorry, ignore him. Men don’t change. A man who hurt you won’t ever change, even if you think he will.

Gulden has a scar on her cheek to remind her–does Figen really think she’d take him back?

Figen says Gulden is beautiful and she’s proud of her. Gulden wants her to come inside. She’s not leaving again, is she? Figen says she has to and she may not be back. But she brought more money–a huge stack of cash. Gulden doesn’t want it, she just wants Figen to stay. Figen says she might not be able to send more.

She just wants Gulden to know she loves her. She never wants her to let anything beat her. If she falls, get back up. If she gets hurt, she shouldn’t let the pain stop her. No one can hurt her if she doesn’t let them, ok? And she never wants her to let anyone hurt her again.

One last hug and Figen says she’ll see her soon and walks away, crying.

Who shot Tekin?

The same police detective who interrogated Yusuf takes a confession from Mahmut…which he doesn’t believe. Mahmut insists Alper just kept provoking him and he wanted to shut him up.

Now it’s Yusuf in the room, saying Mahmut’s just lying because he doesn’t know that Gonul got her memory back. He doesn’t know Tekin has Gonul. He’s just trying to protect them.

The detective gripes at Yusuf for trying to handle everything himself instead of going to the police. Yusuf explains about Gonul’s delicate physical state on account of her amnesia. She nearly had a miscarriage. They were just trying to protect her.

“So you killed Alper to find Gonul?”

No, Sermin did that! Because she was trying to keep him from telling them where Gonul was.

Well, it’s Yusuf’s word against Mahmut’s. Who should he believe? Yusuf tells him to believe Hilmi. He was there too, and when he hears Tekin has been shot, he’s sure to come here and his story will back up Yusuf’s.

Hilmi meets with the prosecutor. He’s sorry, but he had to inform the police. They’ll be coming to collect Hilmi.

Oh, no problem, and Hilmi will go with them, but he wants him to read something first. He never did get that evidence to him, but he has a written statement signed by Gonul that’s proof of Tekin and his partners’ crimes.

I’m Gonul Celik. I’m one of the women who’s been living with violence in this city. I’ve lived through things that go way beyond your imagination, out of the pages of a work of fiction. It started when I was a baby. My mother lived with violence before I did. She was abandoned so she couldn’t protect herself or take care of me. Being left alone was one of the first bits of violence in my life.

I’m Gonul Celik. And for the record, I declare that I’ve been a victim of violence since my birth. It was difficult to grow up in an orphanage, fighting, when what I needed was understanding and love. For the record, I declare that I was a victim of violence by the employees of the orphanage. But there were good people who did their jobs as they should. I survived thanks to them.

Then I was a victim of violence by the man who is supposed to have loved me. His family and friends closed their eyes, they didn’t say a word, they ignored it. Tekin Altinel told them he did it all for love. What kind of love is it to hit the person you love? To take away their identity or try to control them? I declare that I was a victim of violence by the man who supposedly loved me.

I have loved. I have also made mistakes. But no one else has paid for my mistakes but me.

Figen was also part of this game, maybe because she wanted to be, or maybe she was desperate, or maybe she didn’t know anything about generosity. But she kept playing, even though she was aware of what they were doing to me. She said that I was Yulide and he was Ahmet, even though she knew I was Gonul. She’s guilty.

The people who closed their eyes to what was happening and saw me are guilty. These crimes, violence and destroying a life, don’t have extenuating circumstances. I declare they are guilty.

But there are still good people in this world, people who try to do the right thing, in spite of it all. They did everything to try to do good. They gave their lives for me. Gave their lives for someone else’s, for their rights, and to be against injustices like what I was made to live. For the record I declare that Yusuf Ozkara, Hilmi Yavuzcan, and the others who have tried to help me are innocent. If they hadn’t been in my life, if they hadn’t been persistent, maybe now I would be one of the unidentified women who remain missing.

I am Gonul Celik, daughter of Kursat Buyuksahin. I’m a strong woman who grew up in an orphanage, whose identity they nearly destroyed. But I came back. If something happens to me, this is my story.

As he reads it, Gonul walks outside in the cold and has flashbacks of her past; Mazhar, Ali, and Nese cry at Tekin’s bedside; Figen testifies, then Ali; Mahmut, Sabit, Hilmi, and Yusuf give statements.


Tekin’s awake. His dad wants to know how this happened. What hasn’t he told him? Who did this? Tekin whines that he can’t breathe. Mazhar says the police are going to ask questions when they find out.

Gonul comes in. She’s here to talk to Tekin and then she’s leaving. Mazhar snaps at her that he just got out of Intensive Care. Tekin, looking far too hopeful, asks his dad to excuse them, please. “Just don’t tire him out,” he snaps.

Tekin asks how she is. Gonul tells him to shut up. Why did he say he was kidnapped? She doesn’t want this. She doesn’t want his help. Selma walks in and listens at the door. Gonul curses his help and him.

Tekin tells her not to say stupid things. What’s she going to do? Have her baby in prison?

It’s none of his business if she does.

Selma pulls out her phone and starts recording as Tekin says she’s got plenty of extenuating circumstances for shooting him, but she already has her punishment. No matter what anyone says–she shot him.

Yes, she did. She shot him. If she hadn’t, he wouldn’t have stopped. He wouldn’t have stopped following her or playing his demented games.

“Why didn’t you kill me?”

She says she wanted to, she really did. She wanted him to die and get out of her life. But she couldn’t. Fear kept her from hitting him in the right spot. This is what he’s done to her.

Tekin lets one tear I couldn’t care less about slip down his face and says if she’s leaving, she should kill him now. Without her, he’s dead.

She scoffs–he’s been without her for a long time, even if won’t accept it. He’s been living with a stupid, innocent woman named Yulide. He had Figen act as her best friend and partner. How could he do something so horrible? Why did he do this?

He tries to say he loves her, but she tells him to shut up. He’d better not date to compare love to the crap he pulled. Love isn’t a punishment. Loving someone isn’t kidnapping them. He’ll never know what true love is.

He calls her back before she leaves and asks her to hold his hand one last time.

She laughs. “How embarrassing. I feel sorry for you.” She walks away. Selma left at some point.

Tekin starts sobbing, but he gets hold of himself way too quickly and makes a determined face that I fear doesn’t bode well for anyone.

Mete calls Selma. He’s packed up all his things and he’s going to do whatever Selma tells him to. He’s tired. He’ll testify if she wants him too. He’ll tell the police he killed their sister. He’ll throw himself off a balcony like he did Ilknur.

She tells him to go home and wait for her and not do anything stupid.

She walks into Tekin’s room, but he won’t even turn his head and look at her. She says she knows what he did. “Then you know they’re going to put me in jail.”

She says they won’t, because if they do, then Gonul will have to go too. She pulls out her recording and plays it for him. If they erase the parts where she talks about what he did, they can use it as evidence. He could make a deal with her–he won’t say she shot him and she won’t tell them all the things he did.

He says he has no intention of telling Selma and he hopes Gonul doesn’t either. He asks to see her phone and plays back more of the recording…and then he erases it. Selma can’t believe he did that! It was their triumph! All they had to do was show it to the police and he’d be free of all charges.

“I don’t want to.”

So, what he wants to go to prison? OK, then, the cops are on their way.

He asks her to do him one last favor. Bring him a syringe and then leave. “Are you going to kill yourself?” He just says “Please.”


Yusuf walks out of the police station. He’s joined shortly by Hilmi and Sabit. Hilmi explains about the letter and that two of Kursat’s men testified about Alper’s death. His killer is already in prison. It was Sermin and Tekin who dug up Alper’s body.

Yusuf asks about Gonul and Hilmi says she went over to Hatice’s this morning.

Mahmut now exits. The Dudes are all free!

They stop their celebrating to watch Figen being escorted out in cuffs.

Gonul and Aylin walk up as she’s being driven away. Figen looks at Gonul for a while and then puts her head down. Gonul looks away from her.

Then she sees Yusuf. They finally get to have their reunion. In the damn police station parking lot, of all places!

Aylin runs to Mahmut. (I’m diggin’ the full beard on him.)

Gonul starts apologizing to Yusuf. She shot Tekin. She’s going to prison and they’ll be separated. He says nothing’s going to happen. The nightmare is over.

Mahmut and Aylin haven’t stopped hugging each other…but she pulls away and slaps him. For lying to her. He knew about Gonul and didn’t tell her. And Mahmut’s response is to ask Aylin to marry him. In the damn police station parking lot, of all places!

Everybody starts giggling. Aylin hugs him, which is maybe a “yes”? Hilmi jokes with Sabil that it’s his turn next.


Ali turns in his resignation. He looks down the hall and sees Mazhar and Nese, but walks the other direction….

Right past a pair of police officers. They walk up to Mazhar and say they’re here to arrest Tekin. Mazhar starts complaining. Nese looks like she’s about to say something, but Mazar asks what the charges are. One officer explains he kidnapped Gonul, falsified documents, used false identification, and committed other illegal acts. Mazhar starts in about Gonul having left willingly and she was just here and Nese sighs. All she says is “Dad, please.”

The officers walk past them and into Tekin’s room, but he’s gone. I hope those are genuine looks of confusion on Nese and Mazhar’s faces.

He’s in Selma’s car. She invites him to go out of the country with her and Mete. They can start over.

Tekin asks why she’s trying to save him. And then he realizes she mentioned Mete. Selma says Mete’s her brother. And yes, that means Ilknur was her sister.

Ilknur never mentioned she had a sister. Selma says she wouldn’t have. She left, so for Ilknur and Mete it was like she didn’t exist. He realizes she came looking for him because of Ilknur.

At first, but then….

He tells her to stop the car.

Selma pulls over begs him not to do it. He should come with her. There’s nothing left to salvage here–they could have a quiet life. A different life, away from the past. Didn’t he ask her to go away with him once?

He did, but he also said he’d have to be a different Tekin to do that. And he can’t be. He’s this Tekin and this Tekin is finished.

She says he doesn’t have to be. He could love her. She knows it wouldn’t be the way he loved Gonul, but maybe he could come to care for her in some other way.

Tekin tells her to go get Mete and leave. Forget everything and start a new life together. She keeps begging him not to go. He unbuckles his seat belt and reaches over to touch her face.

Last words

Yusuf picks up his father’s things from the hospital. The pair of baby booties are in the plastic bag. He tells Gonul his father bought them to try to make up for his mistake. He tosses them on the table.

He starts to tell her what Ensar did, but she says she knows. Her father told her before he died. They were his last words. She tried to tell him before the accident. She knows it’s difficult, but she begs him to forget.

Yusuf is angry that he nearly killed an innocent man over this when it was his own father who caused the death of his son. If he’d never met her, he would have killed her father. She says it’s ok, It’s over. All the bad stuff is gone and only the good stuff is left–the two of them and their baby. Think of their baby.

Yusuf sees two of Ensar’s man coming down the hall and tells them to take their boss and bury him in his birthplace. No, he’s not going. He takes Gonul’s hand and leaves the bag with Ensar’s belongings behind.


The key Nese found belongs to a safe deposit box that Kursat left for Hilmi a few days before he left. Apparently at this bank, a safe deposit box is like a little safe with a key and a combination.

Hilmi tries the key.


Selma gets back to her apartment and finds Mete waiting for her. She walks in and starts crying. Mete tries to comfort her. All she has to do is tell him what to do and he’ll do it.

She asks if the backpack on the sofa is all he has. Yep. And she packed too. Is she going back to America? She is, but she’s taking him with her.

What about what he did to Ilknur? She shushes him. All three of them were not well. She wasn’t there and she never should have left them. It’s her fault. He’s all she has left. The family is all gone, they’re all dead, and they only have each other.

He asks what they’ll do. They’ll be ok, that she can promise him. Ilknur left them, but they’ll be OK. They’ll get over it, for her. They’ll help each other and they’ll be OK. She hugs him and cries. Mete repeats that they’ll be OK.

Hasta nunca

Tekin goes out to look at the ocean. He remembers coming over to Gonul’s apartment, sleeping on her couch, dancing with her at a party and kissing her. He takes a picture of her from his wallet and just stands there. Then he walks back to his car, puts her picture on the center console, and apparently drives off the cliff. (Because he had to go out like an asshole, damaging the land, killing wildlife, and generally being a bother to everyone who had to deal with the wreck. Damn.)


A woman sees an article in a tabloid, “The Incredible Plan of the Most Famous Surgeon.” She touches the picture of Gonul with Tekin, then picks up her phone and asks to speak to Hilmi. She introduces herself as Gulizar, Gonul’s mother.

Life without Tekin

Hilmi meets Nese. He didn’t want this to happen. It hurts him to see her so sad. She says her dad had a heart attack. He can’t believe her brother is dead. They’re giving him a bunch of medication.

Nese can’t understand how Tekin killed himself. He always found a solution to everything. He always got what he wanted.

Hilmi says Tekin had been playing with fire for a long time. He did try to stop him, she knows that, right?

He wants her to come with him. He wants to make her happy. They can forget all the bad stuff.

Nese says she needs time. She doesn’t want to leave her father like this.

She asks about Gonul. Hilmi says she’s fine. She’ll be fine.


In the workshop, Gonul and Yusuf are fixing breakfast. He sent Ridvan out for bread because he doesn’t want Gonul to leave his side. He kisses her and she says it’s ok. (For now….)

Ridvan brings back the fresh bread and a tabloid. As she flips to the back page, Yusuf rushes over and tells her Tekin is dead. He went over the cliff in his car. He won’t hurt her again. Please forget it. It’s all going to be OK.

Later, Yusuf starts bugging her about a wedding date. They do have that baby on the way. Gonul nods in an unenthusiastic way and says that’s right. They’re having a baby. They have to get married. He can pick a date.

Yusuf just kind of said it without thinking…did she want something more?

Gonul says it was fine.

And now Yusuf’s thinking that after all they’ve been through, he should have done something special to ask her. (No kidding.) Nope, Gonul says he’s right, it’s fine. After what happened it’s not really fair to ask him to plan a romantic proposal. (Hm. I guess.)

She’s going out to get some air.

But a bunch of kids walk in holding signs…all out of order. When they rearrange themselves the signs say “Gonul, marry Yusuf.” She laughs…but now she’s confused. He goes over and asks this time–does she want to marry him. “You know I love you.”

One of the kids asks what she said. “She answered me.” Another boy asks her not to hurt Yusuf. And another one asks where the flowers are. An older boy comes running in with flowers. “So, you’re going to marry Mr. Yusuf, right?” Gonul says she is. She accepts.

Yusuf his mother’s ring out of a box and puts it on Gonul’s finger. She says it’s expensive.

Ridvan comes in applauding, to collect the kids and take them out for food.

Gonul’s still laughing. He had her fooled. So this is really happening? It’s not a dream? Yusuf kisses her and asks if it was. Nope…beautiful reality.

Hilmi comes in and says they look very happy…so he’ll come back later. Sounds good to Yusuf, but Gonul tells him to come back.

Hilmi brought a letter from Kursat.

As Gonul starts to read it, Yusuf asks Hilmi what it is. “It’s about her mother.”

The introduction is written to Hilmi–if anything happens to him, Kursat is sure he’ll give this letter to his daughter. She needs to know the truth about the things they hid.

Gonul shoots Hilmi a look and he nods at her to read on.

Dear daughter,

If you’re reading this letter that means I’m no longer alive. You’re alone now. I imagine you know that feeling, although I know someone like you shouldn’t feel that way.

I couldn’t protect your mother or you. I know that devastated her. When we found her she told us where you were under one condition that Hilmi knows.

Gonul turns to Hilmi again and asks what this is–a bad joke? Hilmi says a year ago he made a promise to her mother. He couldn’t tell Gonul she was alive.

In a flashback, Hilmi meets with Gulizar to ask her about something Kursat heard. Did she really have his child? Gulizar chuckles. She told him that years ago and he never wanted to listen. After all these years, why is he looking for her now? Is he afraid of death?

She lived in complete misery. She waited in front of the orphanage, but she never heard anything more about her daughter.

What’s he going to say when he meets her? Is he just going to smile at her?

Hilmi explains that Kursat wants to leave her his inheritance. He never had any other children. If Gulizar tells them where she is, Hilmi promises she’ll have a better life.

Gulizar agrees to tell him on one condition–if Gonul askes about her mother, they’ll tell her she’s dead. She won’t have her knowing that her mother was such a coward that she left her and went on with her life. It would hurt too much. Gonul should think she’s dead. Hilmi asks if she’s sure. Gulizar says her heart isn’t as hard as Kursat’s. Maybe he can do this, but she doesn’t dare look her daughter in the face.

Gonul angrily gives the letter back to Hilmi and says she doesn’t want to know anything.

“Your mother is outside. When she saw the news in the paper, she couldn’t help herself.”

“What the hell are you talking about?! She would have been fine if she hadn’t seen the paper? She just had me and left me.” She starts yelling at the door. “Did she think I’d be happy? That it would make me happy to see her?” Yusuf holds her and Gonul snaps that she doesn’t want her here. Hilmi ruined her day with this! Yusuf tells her to calm down, it’s fine.

Hilmi comes outside and makes a helpless gesture with his hands. Gulizar starts walking away.

Gonul runs outside and tells her to wait. “Don’t you think you owe me an explanation?” Gulizar turns around. They stare at each other for a while before going inside.

Gonul wants to know why Gulizar left her. “Because I had no other choice.” Gonul can’t believe that’s her explanation.

Instead of answering, Gulizar looks over and asks if that’s Yusuf. When he says he is, she tells them she and Ensar were engaged. They were going to get married, but Kursat kidnapped her and took her to Cyprus. She found an opportunity and escaped, but when she found out she was pregnant, she went back to Kursat.

He didn’t believe it was his child. He ran her off. She couldn’t face Ensar and she knew how she’d be treated if she went home. She was sleeping on the streets. She knew she couldn’t raise Gonul. It wasn’t humane to do it in those circumstances. That’s why she left her.

Gulizar declares that she was the reason for the war between Ensar and Kursat. She’s the one who left Gonul at the orphanage and couldn’t raise her. She prayed every day that life would bring them back together, but it didn’t work. She read about Gonul in the newspaper. She’s sorry. It’s good that she doesn’t want to see her–she deserves it. She should know that every day she’s thought and prayed for her since she left her at the orphanage. And she still does.

Gulizar takes a deep breath and gets up.

Gonul tells her to wait. She’s not going to get rid of her that easily. Fine, she had no way to support her, she understands that. But what about later? Where has she been?

Gonul tried to run away so many times to find her and they would hit her for it. Where was she to defend her? She waited for her every day under the stairs of the orphanage. She became a nurse, she got engaged, she got hit. She went through so much–where was she?! She wasn’t there. She wasn’t there when Gonul turned five or ten or fifteen. An entire life passed. Was she always poor? Gonul worked. She took care of herself. She didn’t need her money, but still she never came. She didn’t really care.

Gulizar cries, but she doesn’t say anything.

Gonul says she didn’t save her. She wipes tears away.

Six years later

Kursat’s lawn is full of snow and children playing. A soccer ball nearly goes into the pool. There’s a party set up in the room where Kursat’s hospital bed used to be.

Lale comes down the stairs to bug Omer about starting his homework when he’s done decorating. “Of course, mom, I’m not going to upset Papá Mazhar, don’t worry.” Good, because he’ll be reviewing it later.

Upstairs, Hilmi tells Gonul the last kindergarten is nearly ready. The licenses are ready and they’ll be up and running in two weeks. A little girl comes up to greet her. Gonul reminds him to talk to Lale about her plans for the dorms. What else?

The immigrant camps got their money and Sadic has a list of orphanages to renovate. A boy comes up, wanting to give Gonul a kiss. Hilmi looks up at the pictures of Kursat. Gonul says they need to talk about the renovation of the dorms–they can renovate more buildings working together.

Hilmi says Kursat would be proud of her. He wishes Kursat were alive to see this. Hilmi misses him. Kursat was his only family. He was lucky Kursat found him. And Gonul is lucky she has Hilmi to help her with this. Her father left behind a good friend. Hilmi thanks her.

He has to go. He tells her to congratulate Kaan for his birthday.

She asks how Nese is. “Better. OK. Time heals.” Gonul sends her regards. It’s been six years. She never had a grudge against Nese, she wants her to know. She was angry, but she knows Nese loved her brother more than anything. She also knows seeing her reminds Nese of Tekin. Maybe one day they can celebrate birthdays together. Hilmi would like that.

Lale’s been helping Gonul organize a project, for which she’s grateful. And Lale is glad to help. Omer likes coming over to visit. Gonul’s happy to see how Lale has changed his life. Lale says he’s the best thing that ever happened to them. He changed the atmosphere of the house.

And how is Mazhar? It doesn’t bother him that they come over to visit? Lale says it doesn’t. He’s not the same after Tekin, not the way he used to be. He doesn’t care about anything–only Omer can cheer him up. Gonul says he’s a great kid. She’d like to give him a hug and a kiss before they go. Lale sends her birthday wishes to Kaan. And of course they’re staying for cake.

Gonul picks up her coat to go out. Down in the party room, the kids swarm her. They didn’t realize she was back. Gonul says they’re having a birthday party later and everyone’s going to blow out the candles. And tomorrow Hatice will make them budín. She tells them all to get dressed up and she’ll be back.

Gonul finds Omer making a list–it’s something between him and Hilmi. OK, OK…it’s a list of ten ways to impress a girl. Seriously? She tells him to write being respectful and letting her choose, respecting her decisions, love isn’t having someone captive–it’s not forcing someone just because you want them with you. With that, he’ll win her over. Omer says he’ll remember. He sends his congratulations to Kaan.

Gonul calls Hatice and says she’s on her way to her son’s birthday party, but she’s coming over to see the kids, right? They decorated the house–they’ll be waiting to open presents. She brought them a cake, but they want budín. Gonul could have made one, but hers is better.

She’s on her way out the front door when her mom arrives with a bunch of shopping bags. Gonul scolds her for bringing stuff again, but Gulizar says it’s just little things for the kids. Gonul takes some out of her hands and hands them to the person standing at the door to take inside.

She invites Gulizar home with her for Kaan’s birthday, but Gulizar says it’s a family celebration. Gonul says that’s impossible. Aylin and her family are going too–she won’t leave Gulizar alone. If she doesn’t take her, Kaan will be upset–he’ll share his birthday with the kids, but he doesn’t want to share his grandma. Gulizar says she’s already talked to him and she’ll see him tomorrow and they have plans for a whole Grandma-grandson day.

In that case, Gonul expects her for breakfast. And they need to talk.

As her car heads out of the driveway, the narrator reads the sign: Kursat Buyuksahin Foundation Kindergarten.

Yusuf sits at a table with Kaan and Ridvan. He’s sketching a house while Kaan is painting a model. Ridvan corrects his technique and Yusuf tells him to listen to the manager. Ridvan says Kaan is used to doing everything his way, which is normal for Yusuf’s son.

Kaan asks when he’ll be the boss. Yusuf replies that he’s the apprentice for now, then he’ll be the manager…then they’ll see. “Then when can I be the manager?” Ridvan says he had to wait for Kaan to be born and to grow up…and he went to university.

In that case, Kaan wants a brother to be the apprentice, so he can be manager. Yusuf says he’d have to wait six years for his brother to grow up. “Six years will never pass!”

Yusuf sends Ridvan out for a chocolate shake.

Kaan goes over to look at the drawing. Yusuf says it’s a surprise for him and for his mom. And this time it won’t be a model, it’ll be a real one. Kaan goes running after Ridvan to ask if he knows what the surprise is.

Aylin gets out of the car and pulls presents out of the trunk. Mahmut hurries to help her, carry presents, and make sure Aylin doesn’t fall. They’re halfway up the walk when she realizes they’ve left the kid in the car. Mahmut dumps the presents at the door while Aylin scolds him for forgetting the kid!

Mahmut goes out to the car to wake up the sleeping Seynet and get her out of the car. Aylin’s all “Awwwww,” for about two seconds and then she yells at him to put her hood on or she’ll get sick!

Gonul decorates a chocolate cake with little meringues.

She goes to open the door and welcome Seynet…and Aylin and Mahmut.

Yusuf has Kaan help him wrap a present. “But dad, you wrapped my finger!” OK, then he’ll be his mother’s present. “Seriously?” They get him all untied.

Ridvan brings Kaan a present–because it’s his birthday and because he’s the reason Ridvan became a manager. He made him a carved wooden horse. Kaan gallops it on the table.

Yusuf tells them both to get their coats on–it’s time to go home. Yeah, um, Ridvan has plans. With a girl. I can’t tell if “the one who got you a dog” is a joke. Ridvan says he got her to agree to go out to dinner. “Have fun, then.

Yusuf leaves the car sticking way out when he pulls up to the house. They both greet Gonul before going inside.

It’s after dessert. Aylin tells Gonul she should open a cake shop. She’s not dieting today! Yusuf laughs–she’s on a diet? Oh, yes, it’s killing her, she can’t take it! Gonul tells her to enjoy the cake, then. Mahmut agrees, they should forget the word “diet.”

Kaan tries on one of his presents, a knit hat. He thanks his Tía Aylin. Yusuf tells him to go get the other present. Kaan hands Gonul the framed sketch. She kisses her guys. Mahmut comes over with the camera to get a picture of all three of them.


Can you believe that was only 19 episodes? I’m emotionally drained!

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3 years ago

Thanks for doing all the recaps, Kat. Reading and commenting on them made watching this a lot of fun. But I thought this last episode was a serious letdown. All this stuff about respecting women and they just let Tekin kill himself and Figen has to to prison?? The bastard should have had to serve hard time. It seemed like the writers remembered at the very last minute that they had had Kursat say that Gonul’s mother was alive so they had better take care of that because the whole thing made no sense. They had to have the business… Read more »

Linda F.
Linda F.
3 years ago

I just watched a 6-hour Gonul marathon. Kat, thank you so much for all your incredible recaps and especially for this final one that filled in several blanks for me. There was some rapid-fire dialog in this episode, quite distinct from the others. Overall, I loved the novela, but, like Jean, I was a bit disappointed in the finale. Bringing in Gonul’s mother seemed like an afterthought and rang false. I have to say that, even though Tekin deserved the absolute worst, I didn’t feel good about Gonul shooting him. Here she’s trying to send the world a message about… Read more »