Gonul Thursday 6/01/17 #18

Casa Gonul

As Gonul is standing in the foyer, Tekin gets back. She happily greets him as “Ahmet” and walks back into the living room with him as he thanks Sermin for letting them stay.

No prob…and she and Yulide had a nice talk–Yulide likes the house. Gonul agrees. It’s a beautiful house and she’d never leave it if it were hers. Metap looks nervous and really pushes for Sermin to leave. I cackle maliciously. Sermin hopes they can get together after trip, have dinner, maybe. Oh, Yulide would love that.

Tekin walks them to the door and Sermin hisses at him. Did he bring her here so she would remember everything? She’s already asking questions as if she knows. Is he making mistakes? What is he up to?

Tekin says Yusuf and Hilmi know everything. He can’t go home, but they’d never look here. Sermin says he’ll be fine, the police will catch them soon. She wants him to get Gonul out of here, but he says everything will be fine and he’ll see her. He smirks as he puts out his hand to shake and calls her “partner.” She says she’ll see him later and hides her return smirk until his back is turned.

Her guys haven’t reached Nuri yet. She tells one that if Nuri hasn’t arrived by nightfall, he should do the job himself. And make it clean–no traces.

Ahmet joins Yulide out on the terrace, asking if they shouldn’t talk. He pauses dramatically before adding her name, “Yulide.”

Gonul says *dramatic pause* “Ahmet” looks good today. New clothes? They look expensive. He says sometimes the company gives them little perks like this and he had a meeting.

He knows she’s confused. Who knows what Yusuf told her about her past. He almost took her away, even. Gonul says she didn’t go with Yusuf–she’s here with him. So she wants to hear what he has to say. Someone was shooting at them and Yusuf said Sermin sent that man, so why are they in her house?

Tekin says Yusuf lied to confuse her. The man who shot at them was after the drugs–he’d been following them around for a while. They steal drugs and sell them on the black market. Gonul busts out laughing and Tekin laughs with her. “What a dangerous job it is to be a pharmaceutical rep!” He’s glad she’s got her sense of humor back. Oh yes…she couldn’t even laugh before…how funny! Tekin glares at the beautiful view.


In the van, Sermin complains that Gonul is in her house while she’s on the run–this is exactly what she was trying to avoid. Now Metap is the one rah-rahing that it’s only for a while. She makes up for it by complaining that Sermin’s assassin was no good and she’s got a head, but she never uses her brain. She’s letting Tekin play her and she’s going to pay for an assassin who didn’t do his job. No wonder no one takes her seriously.

A car blocks the van. It’s Nuri. He gets into the back with Sermin and Metap and they both start complaining about him not doing his job.

Riiiiight, and they didn’t give him all the details. What’s the connection between Ensar Ozkara and Gonul? And by the way, Ensar’s men are hanging around here, so they should be careful. The driver and the other guard get out to go check it out.

Sermin asks what he heard. Nothing. But he knows Sermin turned Ensar’s son in to the cops. Bold move, but Ensar’s not going to let that happen. Metap giggles that if Ensar could do anything he would have done it to Kursat. Sermin says from now on Ensar has to fear her. She’ll get rid of Gonul and everything that was Kursat’s will be hers.

She’s done with Nuri. He failed and he can forget his payment. Nuri says he’s already taken his payment. While they’re wondering what that means, he pulls out his gun, with silencer attached, and shoots them both. Then he takes a picture with his phone, gets out, and Sermin’s guards get back into the van.


Tekin whines that he’s answered Yulide’s questions–so why is she acting like that? He starts babbling about having to live through delicate moments, but she interrupts him. He had a LOT of opportunities to tell the truth. She asked him several times and he never told her. He did whatever he wanted even though he knew what she remembered was true. He lied when she told him there was someone else. What kind of man is he? He knew Yusuf and never said anything to her.

Tekin asks what he was supposed to do–talk about his pregnant wife’s affair that she can’t even remember? Gonul insists she was never unfaithful and never hid anything from him, but he lied to her, looking her right in the eyes.

She walks inside angrily and Tekin yanks her by the arm, complaining that he loved her despite that man, even when she ran away with him and spent the night. But she made one phone call and here he is–isn’t that enough? She yanks her arm out of his grip and has a sudden dizzy spell (or fakes it).

She has a flashback to the day Ahmet brought her to the fake house. He claimed it was hard to breathe in there because they’d been in the hospital for a few days. She didn’t see the “For Rent” sign he kicked under the radiator. He took her to the bedroom to lie down and told her this was her favorite bedspread. He says he thought he lost her, but now they were getting a second chance and they were going to be happy. He called her “Yulide.”

Tekin helps Gonul to the sofa, but she keeps griping at him that she’s fine and he can let go. She lies down on the sofa and shuts her eyes and Tekin mutters “What am I going to do with you? What else can I do so you stay with me?”

Casa Mazhar

Omer has found a toy stethoscope. He goes looking for Mazhar’s heartbeat. Mazhar shows him where it should be and even jokes that it beats every once in a while. So is Omer going to be a doctor?

Nese comes downstairs and looks sad when he says he hasn’t decided–he might be a lawyer. Mazhar doesn’t think he needs to decide–he could study both, but it’s going to take a lot of effort. (I know, right? Mazhar having a normal conversation with another human. Color me shocked!)


Gonul looks at her new gun. She remembers the day of the accident, when she threatened to shoot herself in front of this house and Hilmi and Ensar got everyone to lower their weapons…and Yusuf caught her.

She calls Yusuf and tells him she’s fine. He wants to go get her, but she says he doesn’t need to. Yusuf insists she’s not safe, the assassin could have followed them. Gonul tells him to deal with his own problems–straighten out this mess with the cops. She’s going to deal with her own stuff herself and she’ll find him when it’s done. Yusuf tells her not to do anything stupid. (Hey, why should you guys get to hog it all?) She hangs up on him and turns off her phone.

She hides the phone in her purse and goes back to contemplating the gun before she hides that in her purse as well.

Casa Ahmet

Yusuf goes back into the house and starts turning lights on. There’s no need for them to waste more time here. Hilmi’s worried about the assassin or the cops showing up, but Yusuf doesn’t think the police are coming. There’s no reason to hide.

Did he really think she’d send her brother to prison? Hilmi hoped she wouldn’t look in the envelope. Yusuf thinks it’s obvious she would–she knew they were after Tekin. She obviously knew what he had done. She’s made her decision. Hilmi says he guesses so. (*sob*)

Yusuf wishes he’d sent someone else–but who? Mahmut’s in jail, the police are looking for the rest of them and Hilmi’s inside man is now definitely working for Sermin. So who could he have trusted?

Yusuf says it doesn’t matter now. Gonul called and he was right–she’s decided to take care of this on her own. While Hilmi’s trying to figure out what that means, the doorbell chirps. It’s Ensar and his men. He mockingly says Kursat’s “worker” is here, referring to Hilmi, and Yusuf tells him to cool it–they’re all on the same side.

So. He’s heard nothing about Nuri, but he has news about the one who hired him. “What did Sermin do?” She died. Oh, no, Ensar didn’t do it. He was going to, but someone beat him to it.

Hilmi’s confused–if Ensar didn’t kill Sermin, then who did? Ensar thinks Sermin made a mistake trusting Kursat’s men. If their loyalty was only about money, he would’ve killed her himself, years ago. Yusuf protests, but Ensar says it’s a good thing. Men are loyal to their bosses. If some impostor tries to come in and replace or cheat their boss, this is what happens.

Hilmi doesn’t think Kursat’s men could have done this. Something else is going on. Sermin involved people who never should have been involved.

Yusuf suddenly realizes it all belongs to Gonul now. Hilmi agrees, grumpily. But isn’t this what he wanted? Hilmi just thought he and Yusuf would be there to protect her when that happened. Instead they’re going to prison and Gonul will be the richest and loneliest women in Turkey. And she’ll have a ton of enemies.

Yusuf says wherever they are Tekin can’t protect her–not from others or from himself– without help. And Gonul’s getting ready to do something dangerous. He wanders over and looks at the fake wedding picture of Ahmet and Yulide.

New Boss

Three of Sermin’s men hang out on the back patio by the pool discussing how they’re going to murder Tekin and Gonul. One of the three doesn’t like the idea of killing Kursat’s daughter, but the ringleader reminds him Sermin’s the one who pays them now.

Tekin walks out, all smarmy and arrogant and tells them Sermin’s not their boss anymore. Gonul is…but they should call her Yulide for a while. He shows them the picture of Sermin and Metap post-murder. (How the?! I really need him to die already!) Ringleader asks how (thanks for that) and Tekin has a flashback. He waited around in the street for Nuri to approach him then paid him off. (Aaaaaargh!)

The guy who didn’t even want to kill Gonul in the first place now pulls his gun on Tekin, but Tekin tells him to chill. His two coworkers are fine–they took their share and left without complaint. They can call and check it out if they like. Gonul comes to the back door and she and Tekin waggle their fingers at each other.

Tekin goes back to spinning his little web, reminding the two bodyguards not on the call that Gonul is Kursat’s daughter. This is all hers now. If they want to stay here, they work for Gonul from now on. She’ll be the one paying their salaries. He hopes they understand. (On the one hand I’m annoyed that he’s right and no one has shot him yet. On the other hand, thanks for handling the transfer of power…dumbass!) The other guard comes back and nods to his buds.

Gonul kneels by her dad’s wheelchair and tells him he’s going to have a grandchild. Reluctant Guard comes in and Gonul says the prayer beads in her hand were in Kursat’s collection. He had very good taste. Reluctant guard agrees he did. He’s just checking on her to see if she needs anything and to tell her they’re working on dinner, “Go–…Miss Yulide.” She thanks him for letting her know.

Not a second later, Tekin’s calling for her. She’s awake, he sees. She looks a lot better. Gonul says she feels better now. Tekin smarms that nothing matters more to him than her happiness. He says dinner is ready.

Casa Selma

Selma has fallen asleep on her couch after apparently drinking a bottle of wine alone. Mete comes over, saying he wants to tell her the truth. When he sees the pictures of Ilknur on the coffee table he says she’s doing worse than before. He can tell she’s obsessed with Ilknur’s suicide. It’s going to drive her crazy when she can’t prove Tekin killed her.

Selma continues to insist Ilknur was killed and Mete keeps insisting Tekin didn’t do it. If she wants to know the truth, he brought over all of Ilknur’s letters to Tekin, his replies, and her diaries. If she reads them, she’ll see Ilknur was the one causing problems for Tekin.

But Selma already knows what kind of man he is and she doesn’t need any other explanation. Mete begs her to read them so she can understand her sister better, now that she’s flirting with her boyfriend to get answers. She should read them all and see what kind of man he was with Ilknur. Maybe she’ll see something familiar.

Selma opens an envelope and reads…Tekin is a monster behind the mask of a gentleman. He gets into a woman’s heart and then rips it to shreds. First he comes looking for them and then he won’t leave them when they’re happy. But one day there will be a woman he can’t get away from. He’ll want a future with her and Ilknur will steal it. She’ll do it when he’s happy. The woman will hate him more and more and when he wants to fix things, he’ll go to the hell he sent Ilknur to. And when he’s there, he’ll feel like he’s dying more and more every day. Ilknur can’t live without him, but she’s not going to die without seeing how he suffers over someone the way she did.

Selma says this isn’t an explanation. She agrees Ilknur was obsessed with Tekin, but that just made him want to kill her. Mete points out that she’s the one who opened the envelope–Tekin never read this. He didn’t know. She looks at all the envelopes addressed to Tekin and says Ilknur must have said this to him in person–could Tekin have stood for that?

Mete says Tekin knew Ilknur had a mental illness. He never took her seriously. Selma says he’s dangerous. He did terrible things to Gonul. He even hit a woman just to find out more about Gonul because someone took her and Gonul–

“I know about Gonul.” He knows everything.

Casa Ahmet

Ozlem calls Ensar and asks to speak to Yusuf–she has to tell him something about Tekin. She admits he was right–Tekin is dangerous and he’s obsessed with Gonul. She asks him to come to the gallery, but Yusuf isn’t interested unless she’s going to tell him something he doesn’t know already. Ozlem says she can prove he committed a crime. She has evidence, but it’s best if he comes and sees it for himself.

Yusuf passes this on to Hilmi. He doesn’t want Hilmi to come with him, in case she’s making it up. If they didn’t need something to put Tekin away, he wouldn’t even be going.

In that case, Hilmi will go get the file and he’ll turn it over himself, even if it means they take him into custody. Actually, no, one of Ensar’s men will deliver it. Ensar tells Izan, the guy with him, to take Yusuf over to the gallery, then help Hilmi find the file.

Hilmi’s all “Uh…why are you helping me?” Well, Kursat and Ensar were at war for many years. Ensar always had more than Kursat, except for one thing: The Great Hilmi. Hilmi knows his enemy more than he knows his own family, but he can tell who’s on his side and now that he’s helped Yusuf, this is Ensar’s offer, in gratitude for that. (Did he just offer him a job?)

Another chance

It’s after dinner. Tekin starts to interrogate Yulide about what happened last night when she was alone with Yusuf. She doesn’t think he has the right to ask. “I’m your husband.”

She just laughs. She’ll give him one more chance–he’d better use it wisely. Yusuf said a lot of things last night that frustrated her, but now she wants to hear it from him. She’s listening–what did he do?

Tekin says he told her last night on the phone. He made her angry, she left him and met Yusuf. Because of him she’s gotten involved with people who work for the mafia. They kidnapped her, hit her, and held her against her will. She had an accident and he nearly lost her. All he did was take the woman he loved away from them. That’s it.

Uh huh–he took her so they wouldn’t kill her, but what about him? He was killing her little by little, isn’t that true? Tekin insists he treated her with honor and loved her in spite of the things she “always” did to him. He waited for her to love him. He tried to make her happy and never did anything she didn’t want.

Gonul says she never wanted anything to do with him–he “took” another man’s woman because he’s selfish.

Tekin says he let her go later and she went right to Yusuf…so what happened? Why did she call him if she was already with Yusuf? She must have seen what kind of men they are and that she doesn’t belong to that world.

She waves her wedding ring at him and says she belongs to his world, right? This is his world? She doesn’t belong here, or at that salon, or in that house and he knows it. He agrees–she belongs to him. Gonul screams in wordless frustration and says she’s going outside for air. She takes her purse with her.

Casa Selma

Selma screams at Mete, calling him a worthless animal. When did he become so filthy? Aside from helping Tekin, he made money from his sister’s death. Was it worth it?

He whines at her that she doesn’t know how difficult it is to deal with this pathetic life. Suffering was the only thing he shared with Ilknur. Neither one of them could handle it and neither one was “brave” enough to kill themselves. Selma has no idea, but Ilknur understood.

He describes it as waking up, eating, not finding any meaning in it. Sleeping at the end of the day and realizing you woke up in that same cold, empty place. All you want to do is run away, die and stop existing, but you don’t even have the energy to do that. You can’t even do it, you can’t live with it, and you go looking for a way out that gets you closer to death.

She snaps at him not to tell her that drugs were the only way he could deal with all his tragedies. She’s not his psychiatrist. Whatever he lived through, so did she. She lived in the same place. They had a normal family–their parents were normal. How did they end up like this? How?!

He says she left.

“You always make me feel bad because I was a normal human being who worked to make a living!”

Mete laughs and says she’s not normal. Neither is he, neither is Tekin. Tekin is just like them, looking for a way to go on. She hides behind this absurd character, trying to avenge her sister. He hasn’t told her anything, but the two of them are just like Tekin.

Selma says the difference is they’ve never killed anyone…right? “Yes, we did. We both did. Every death we didn’t see but we knew about is on our list. Every death we don’t know about is ours. There’s nothing normal in us. We’re not normal. We’re both guilty. We’re all killers.” Selma runs upstairs to avoid listening to him.

Casa Mazhar

Hilmi sneaks into Nese’s bedroom and I’m just cracking up–Mazhar needs to fire his entire security team. On second thought, don’t!

He sits down, avoiding her snotty tissues and she says she figured he’d come. She can’t look at him. He gets her to sit up so he can hold her. They both knew this was going to happen sooner or later. She never thought they would be in this situation. He did, though. He was afraid it would end up like this.

Now she looks at him. He hates her, right? No. No matter what she does, he can’t hate her. He loves her too much for there to be room for anything but love. (*sob*)

She thinks he’s crazy. He should be angry. She wishes he were.

Hilmi sighs–he’s angry at himself for making her choose between her brother and her boyfriend. Tekin’s her family, of course she’d defend him. When she showed up at his house for the first time, when he found out she was Tekin’s sister–

Nese begs him not to say he regrets what they had. He says he never will.

Hilmi says he has to go. Nese doesn’t want him to. He asks for the file. *cringe* “I burned it.” She says Tekin would die in prison! He has to understand what he’s doing and stop doing it, but he has to do it on his own.

Hilmi patiently says that’s not possible. He’ll never leave Gonul alone. What he’s done isn’t something a “normal” human being would do. Hilmi can’t let him go free. He’s so dangerous he needs to be locked up.

Nese asks what will happen now. He says he’ll put her brother in prison. Not because of the promise he made to Kursat or because he’s a lawyer, but because it’s the right thing to do. He doesn’t want her to hate him for it.

Nese sighs. The file doesn’t exist, but she found this key behind the photo of him with Kursat. Huh. Hilmi took that photo from Kursat’s house, but he didn’t know the key was there.

Nese doesn’t want anybody going to prison. She begs him to find a way to get everyone out of this. (OK, then, we’ll just have to kill off Tekin.) If her brother went to prison, he’d just die there. Hilmi gives her one of his trademark forehead kisses and walks out.


Yusuf gets to the gallery with two of his father’s men. And finds Ozlem slumped against the back wall. He asks who did this to her and she says it was Tekin. He wanted to know where Gonul was and he didn’t believe that she didn’t know. But even if she knew, she wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, right?

He starts to pick her up to take her to the hospital, but she cries out in pain. Just to make things even more complicated, she’s slit her wrists because she doesn’t want to live without Yusuf. He calls his father’s men and they start trying to stop the bleeding. She begs him to leave her there, saying “most” of her bones are broken and it hurts too much. He tells her to hold on….

And then they hear the sirens and Ozlem starts laughing. “They’re here for you.” She’ll die, but he won’t be happy. She either passes out or dies….

Yep, Ozlem’s dead. The cops are all over the gallery and her body’s being carried out. Ensar explains to some detective that his son couldn’t have done this. They were business partners. They’ve been friends since university. She waited three months for him to come out of a coma.

Well, she called and told the police that the two of them were in the gallery and when they showed up, she was dead. Ensar thinks it’s obvious this was suicide–she cut her wrists. The detective says she’d been hit before. Ensar says Tekin Altinel did that (and they should be able to tell it happened days ago, not five minutes before she died) and he admitted it. Uh, ok, they’ll get him to testify–but where is Yusuf?

He has no idea. He’s been looking for him, too. He came here to ask Ozlem, but when he got here she was already dying. The detective calls an officer over and tells him to start searching the nearby streets and asking everyone for ID. He’s looking for Yusuf Ozkara. Ensar just gives him a businesslike nod.

In the car, Yusuf tells the guy driving to turn around. He’s going to go talk to the cops. He doesn’t care what his father said–he just wants them to find Gonul.

Casa Selma

When Selma comes downstairs, she’s decided to turn everything over to the police. She’ll tell them about Tekin, Ilknur, Gonul, Yulide, the woman who was locked up in his house. She can’t take it anymore!

Mete says she’s not going anywhere. Selma tells him to calm down. They’ll get him a good lawyer and maybe a reduced sentence. He keeps insisting Tekin didn’t do it and she’s not going. Tekin would just get out of it. Selma says he’ll be punished–for kidnapping, fraud, murder. Again, Mete insists he’ll go free no matter what. Selma says if they think he killed a woman they’ll find out everything and she’ll convince them that he did it. Mete keeps begging her to forget it.

After endless minutes of arguing, Mete finally says he did it. He killed Ilknur. Tekin didn’t do it. Selma drops the box of Ilknur’s mementos and sits down on the stairs in shock.


Figen sits in a cheap hotel room, crying. At least she still has that one friend who still likes her. Oh…this is her place. Sorry, only friend of Figen’s, I didn’t mean to diss your place. Only Friend reminds her the cops and a killer are looking for her.

It’s all the same to Figen–you could put her in a palace and someone would insult her. Only Friend is annoyed–she knew what her snotty neighbors were like, but she’s not upset over them, she’s upset about the doctor. He still isn’t taking her calls.

Only Friend tells her he can take care of himself. She scolds Figen for falling in love with him and telling herself this was just a job.

Figen says it wasn’t just a job. They were together. He trusted her. He always shared all his problems with her. She tried to leave him, but he wouldn’t let her. He said he needed her, that she was the only one who could help him. But she knows he can’t let Gonul go…and he won’t let her go either. She’s sure something is wrong and that’s why he’s not answering.

Only Friend tells her to call again. Figen says maybe he didn’t hear it the other times.

Tekin’s on the balcony, watching Yulide. He answers his phone, asking why she’s bothering him. Figen tells him about the assassin coming to the salon and the neighbors attacking her. She asks what they’re going to do. He says there’s nothing to do. It’s over. This is the end.

He tells her not to be afraid. He’ll send her some money and she can go start a new life. Figen asks what good that’s going to do her in the grave. Tekin asks why anyone would come looking for her. No one comes looking for someone like her. They’re looking for Gonul Buyuksahin, the richest person in Turkey. He’ll transfer the money and she can take her own path.

Figen says she’ll find a house. He’ll come see her. And they’ll talk. “What do you think we’d talk about? What would we resolve? Don’t worry. You’ll get your money. Disappear. If I need you, I’ll call you.”

Figen tells Only Friend he insulted her. She only loved him and he put her down. He said he didn’t need her. She starts screaming that she doesn’t know who she is. A mujerzuela? Partner? Stylist? Dog? She doesn’t know anymore. He was everything to her! She put up with all his problems and he doesn’t even care about her! He just told her to disappear.

Only Friend has had enough. She slaps Figen and scolds her again for falling in love. He took advantage of her and pretended he had feelings for her to get her to do his dirty work. What did she expect? She wants Figen to shut up and stop crying.

Figen cries that she doesn’t care about the money–her heart is broken. Only Friend slaps her again. Figen gets hold of herself…and then she says she’ll get revenge. She’ll finish him even if it means the end for her. Only Friend asks where she thinks she’s going.

“The police station.” Figen yanks her coat away and starts picking up all her stuff, saying she’ll make him pay. Only Friend grabs her purse and chases after her, telling her to come back.

The truth

Mete tells Selma the story. He went to Ilknur’s to ask for money. He saw that Tekin was at the apartment….

In a flashback, we see Tekin arrive. Ilknur didn’t want to buzz him in at first.

Mete waited for him to leave and then went up to see Ilknur. She was upset because she’d argued with Tekin. He didn’t think it was important. When he asked her for money she started yelling at him. She ran out to the balcony and threatened to throw herself off it. He knew she wouldn’t do it, because they were in the same situation. Ilknur couldn’t be alive or dead.

She turned around to look at him from the balcony…sad, desperate. She was waiting for him to push her. He went over and she looked at him like she wanted him to help. All she wanted was for him to push her so it would be over. She put her hands on the railing and smiled at him. And then he looked at her. She looked so calm…she didn’t even scream when she fell.

Mete says she only wanted to die. And he helped her.

Selma says he’s lying. He didn’t do it–he just wants to keep getting money from Tekin. Mete says Tekin knows he saw him leaving Ilknur’s house. He knows if Mete testifies, he’ll look guilty. So Mete pretends he thinks Tekin did it so he can keep taking advantage of him.

Selma starts hitting him, screaming at him that he killed his own sister. How could he do this?! They both end up sobbing.

Mete gets up and says he’s never been sorry. He did his sister a favor. And now he wishes someone would do it for him. He steps past a sobbing Selma and walks out.


Yusuf gets to the gallery and the cops start taking him into custody. He says he wants to tell them everything–Gonul’s life is in danger. Ensar says they know and they’re already looking for her, but this isn’t necessary! Yusuf impatiently says they’re all looking for her, but it’s not enough. The detective is ready to haul him in right now and take his statement, but Yusuf keeps yelling that they have to find her NOW.

And then Ensar makes things all kinds of messy and pulls a gun on the detective. Yusuf asks what his dad’s doing. The detective tells him to put the gun down. But Ensar isn’t letting them take him in when he hasn’t done anything. Yusuf tells everyone to put their guns down and asks Ensar if he’s gone “crazy.” Why is he pointing a gun at the cops?

Yusuf already went to prison once because of him, to pay for his sins, but that’s not going to happen again. “What are you talking about?” The detective tells Ensar to tell his men to put their guns down–he can’t stop the police from doing their jobs.

A cop comes up and pushes Ensar’s arm and it’s chaos. Ensar runs to cover Yusuf and gets shot. The detective tells everybody to stop shooting and put their guns down. Yusuf asks Ensar why he did it. “For you.” Yusuf screams for an ambulance.

The detective found a towel somewhere that Yusuf can use to put pressure on the wound. He tells his guys to start hauling Ensar’s men out of there.

Ensar wants to die so he can pay the debts he has in the next life. He says he loved Yusuf more than his own life, but he has to tell him he made a huge mistake. Yusuf doesn’t want to talk about this right now.

Ensar says he caused Yusuf a lot of pain. He didn’t know it would end like that–he just wanted to protect him. He wanted to scare him into coming back. He wanted to see his grandson grow up.

“It was me, Yusuf. I sent that man to your house. It was my fault. I caused the death of my grandson.”

Yusuf is still confused/disbelieving. Ensar says it was him. He’s been looking for a way to explain it, but there is no way. Yusuf doesn’t know how Ensar could have even looked him in the face.

Ensar’s not asking for forgiveness or prayers…jut forget him, he doesn’t deserve anything. He just wants Yusuf to live his life and be happy with the woman he loves. She’s going to have his baby and her father isn’t the one who killed his son. Ensar gives one last “It was me,” and dies. The detective comes over to check on a sobbing Yusuf.

Casa Gonul

Gonul writes a note and tells one of the guards to take it to Hilmi. She knows he doesn’t work here anymore, but she’s seen him nearby. They know who she is, don’t they? Then he’d better go now, find Hilmi, and give him this note.

Tekin’s up on the balcony…but did he see that? And does he care?

Gonul comes back inside the house and Tekin asks if she’s cold. He’s been having a coffee–should he ask for one for her? He refers to her as “Yulide.” She pulls out the gun and tells Tekin the game is over.

He smiles, then turns around and laughs. He’s been missing her–she has no idea how long he’s been waiting for this moment. He steps closer and she warns him not to. He goes in to his “hey, baby, trust me” tone of voice, telling her it’s so nice to see her again. For months he’s been waiting to see a little bit of her in Yulide, and finally she’s back.

She nods and tells him he’s still lying and she can tell. He went on with this game knowing she’d remember soon.

He tells her no one’s following her. Sermin isn’t around, wanting her inheritance. He took care of everything, for her. There’s no moves left for him to make. It’s her turn now. “Do what you most want to do.”

Tekin wants some kind of answer from Gonul…yelling, getting angry, hitting him. Um, no. He doesn’t get to tell her what to do–that was Yulide. Now she’s Gonul. “I can see that.” She calls him trash. He stole her whole life–who she was, her work. He threw away everything of hers.

He says he loves her every way he possibly can and she throws up in her mouth…oh, no, wait, that’s me. He loved everything about her. She says he killed everything about her. Who did he love? Confused, innocent Yulide, who needed him?

First he says Yulide didn’t need him, then he starts bragging about what a great guy Ahmet was. If she had just given him a chance, that’s the man he would have been. The man he wanted to be with her.

It doesn’t matter who he is–he could be Ahmet or Tekin–she loves Yusuf. He’s a threat. He’s destined for unhappiness. He deserves nothing. What he calls love is just a whim. It’s not love. Much less if she doesn’t love him.

Tekin apparently has nothing more to say than “I love you.” Gonul’s sick of his games and she’s not listening anymore. His evil will never end because no one has stopped him. He just plays with their lives, but she’s had enough. He’s not going to hurt her or the baby or Yusuf. She won’t let him. She keeps staring at him and nodding, but her hand shakes. She pulls back the hammer and the screen goes dark. We hear one shot.

How did we get here?


A young woman carries a crying baby up the steps of the orphanage. She drops her shawl on the ground and lays the baby, wrapped in a blanket, on top. She cries over her for a moment, then knocks on the door and leaves.

Gonul voiceovers: “Everything started when I was a child. My mother was a victim of the same violence. They abandoned her so she couldn’t care for herself or her daughter.”

The young woman waits around the corner until she sees someone come outside and pick up the baby.

“Being abandoned was the first bit of violence I lived.”

The young woman prays to Allah and walks away.


A group of girls fight over a toy. Young Gonul draws.


Gonul walks down the street, talking on the phone to Aylin about how great it would be if they both got jobs at the same hospital. She sees someone getting beat up and tells Aylin she’ll call her back.

The attacker flees past her and she stops to check on the victim…Tekin. She puts her scarf over his wound and asks what happened. Tekin says he told the guy he didn’t carry cash and he got upset. Uh huh, well, most men are bothered by the sight of blood, so he shouldn’t look. Tekin grins and says he won’t. She tells him to keep putting pressure on it while she calls for an ambulance. She fumbles a bit and he reminds her of the number.

He watches her while she makes the call, giving the location and asking what his blood type is. She checks on his wound again, packs the scarf in tighter so his jacket will help keep it in place, and asks his name. “Tekin.” She introduces herself and assures him the ambulance is on its way. His vision starts getting blurry. “Gonul…did you say something…?” He passes out. She starts checking for a pulse and hears the ambulance.

Later, she’s in scrubs and sees him at the hospital in his coat. He sits with her in the caf. Ali comes over to sit with her and Aylin. He operates and she hands him instruments.


He has a dinner invitation delivered along with a little plant. He leaves love notes in her locker. Aylin catches them flirting in the locker room.


They have lunch in a patient room while watching a movie on the TV. Tekin’s been watching it for half an hour and he has no idea what it’s about, but there’s a man…and a woman…. Gonul jokes that it’s a horror movie, which annoys Tekin–he’s too tired for jokes. OK, she’ll cut it out.

They’re about to kiss when someone on screen gets shot and she’s startled. She finds it so strange, the thought of pointing a gun at someone. How can someone do that? Tekin says you never know. Maybe one day she’ll do it. “Me? That’s impossible. I don’t think so.”


And there she is, pointing the gun at Tekin. He says she can’t do it, she’s not like that. He keeps walking toward her and she shoots him in the side. She’s horrified by what she’s done and drops the gun. He falls over and bleeds on the couch.

The guards all come running, checking outside first. They come in and Reluctant Guard asks if she’s OK, but she can’t answer. As the other guard checks on Tekin, Reluctant Guard reaches for her and she faints.

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Visita/ Guest

Holy smackers, what an episode. At this rate, there won’t be anyone left in the cast at the end of the grand finale! Up until now, Tekin has been a super creepy, stalker, kidnapper and physical abuser (Gonul, Ozmet & Ali) and accomplice to murder (Alper, but not Ilknul) but now by hiring the killing of Sermin & her mother, he is an actual murderer. And Gonul shot him. Good for her. I still don’t see how Team Find Gonul is going to get out of taking the rap for Alper’s murder unless Tekin admits what happened. He is the… Read more »

Visita/ Guest

FORGOT to say what a great recap you did of a complicated episode.

Linda F.
Visita/ Guest
Linda F.

Thanks for this excellent recap, Kat. If I understand correctly, Ozlem sunk even lower than Tekin. She deliberately incriminated Yusuf and made sure he landed in police hands. At least Tekin didn’t squeal on Gonul for shooting him. (I can’t believe I’m defending Tekin–I don’t mean to, but Ozlem is vile beyond words!)