La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 1/24/17 #50

Nobody can know what???

Oh just about Mateo and Sagrario, cuz her husband is back and going all over town, and how ppl would talk. Oh, ok, well I was so worried b/c there was blood all over the house.

And Sagrario acts like she didn’t know what happened at the house and maybe the burglar cut themselves.


ML confronts Nisa about what necklace, and Nisa breaks down and tells Maria Laura all about the very expensive family heirloom that just got stolen. ML practically has a heart attack when she learns its worth several million dollars, but Nisa says the sentimental value is worth more. So ML asks the logical question, why were you carrying something so valuable around with you, did you borrow it without permission? Nisa tells all about how she was gonna pawn it to make Cuchi’s dreams come true, but Cuchi turned out to be a pig. But why bring it here? Nisa tells her plan to plant the necklace on Marcela b/c her parents already think Marcela took it. ML is impressed w/Nisa’s deviousness, but Nisa gets all hysterical again as she’s telling how she planted it in the office and now its gone waaaahh.


In the waiting room Mateo tells Ale how worried he was about Sagrario and Marcela comes out and tells em Sagrario’s ok and they’re gonna let her out of the hospital.

In the hospital room, Emil tells Sagrario he’ll help her cover up, even though he doesn’t agree with her, and really thinks she should make Severo pay for what he did. Sagrario knows if Marcela and Mateo find out they’ll do something rash and she doesn’t want Severo to keep hurting her family. Emil explains to the hospital doc that they’re not gonna tell the family or anyone what happened and gets the doc to agree, and then Emil tells the fam Sagrario can go home now.


Cris sends Alba red roses at work (*facepalm*)


Sil and Luc discuss Alessandro ruining his life by staying married to Marcela. (I’m rolling my eyes too hard to take notes because Luc is still stuck on the Marcela is a thief narrative)


Oct kicks Mauro out of the trailer so she can rest and won’t even let him have his cell phone back.


Timo waxes poetic to Eulogio about how he’s head over heels for Octavia.
Severo comes in and after some preliminaries Timo offers to pay him for the land now, even though they don’t have the documents proving his ownership, just to help an old friend out. Severo shows Timo the file with the documents and don’t kid a kidder.


Marcela worries to Ale about what his parents must think. ML calls to find out what’s up and when ya comin home. Marcela tells her Sagrario’s gonna be ok, but they still have to report the crime. Mike comes running up, he heard about reporting a crime and wants to know if he can help out with something after all he’s an abogangster (hahahahahahahahahahah Freudian slip much?) um he means lawyer.

‘Nope we got it all under control. ‘
‘All? Oh, what happened?’
‘Oh we got robbed and Sagrario got hurt in an unrelated accident, but she’s ok.’

Mike is so relieved to hear Sagrario’s ok he’s practically giddy. Marcela gives him the side eye wondering why.


ML tells Nisa they found Sagrario and she’s ok, Nisa breathlessly says what if yr mom and Mateo conspired together to steal the necklace, so they can sell it and run away together, someplace with beaches and beautiful sunsets. Even ML isn’t going for that story. Ok what about Rosa – Nope. Its gotta be somebody who broke in looking for something else, since nobody knew the necklace was here, and just found the necklace by chance and took it.


Don T tries to take the documents away from Severo saying how dare you go through the town archive and those documents are government property but Severo isn’t having any. Then Don T tries to lowball Severo on the price for the land, but Severo reminds him he’s got competition and goes to find Oct. Timo and Eulogio discuss competing w/Octavia
Assertive knock at the door and Eulogio announces Marcela and the prince consort.

How’s the marriage? – gonna get church married – oh good, when? – haven’t set the date yet cause we got lots of other things to deal with, like the robbery at the ranch.

Oh don’t worry, Ale says sarcastically, we don’t actually expect anybody to do anything about it, we know the police in this town are just part of the scenery here. Eulogio suggests they make a list of what’s missing as a first step. (there are some fun word games here between Don T and everyone else that are just too hard to translate, ex: you want us to make an inventory now? No don’t invent anything, I want the truth)

Marcela realizes this is gonna take forever and get them nowhere, they leave but not before warning Don T and Eulogio that if they don’t get on the ball they’ll just have to go to the police in the city. Thanks for visiting San Bartololandia, come again soon. (I swear I saw Eulogio choke back a laugh)

Timo figures it was Severo who burgled the ranch and that’s where he got the paperwork for his land.


Interlude in the hotel restaurant; Alba plays the piano, Cris watches her and Nuria watches them both.

Later Alba and Cris walk and talk together and Nuria follows and watches. They talk about Alba’s talent and how much they both like the internet and email and how its easier to say things that way than in person. (*double facepalm*) Nobody notices Nuria creeping around behind them, hiding behind pillars and plants even though it’s a fairly busy restaurant.
Then Cris turns around while still talking to Alba and sees Nuria peering at them thru a window, or he thought it was Nuria, and he’s gotta leave.


Mike worriedly tells Severo that Sagrario is alive, he’s worried she’ll tell on Severo and then Severo will tell on Mike (With how happy Mike was to hear Sagrario is alive, I expected something different)

Severo says Sagrario better keep her mouth shut or he’ll have to pay her another visit. Mike says No! No more visiting, he’s worried about Sagrario getting hurt, but also worried about Severo getting caught hurting Sagrario and then getting him in trouble. Severo, in the creepiest and most menacing way tells Mike to man up. Mike recognizes the threat and hurriedly assures Severo he’s on side and they’re together till death.

Severo likes the sound of that and shakes Mike’s offered hand really too hard and leaves, he’ll see him a little later for a bidnez meeting. Mike’s all shaken up and needs an ice cream to calm himself down as he mutters to himself about Severo being totes nuts.


Mauro calls the hotel and learns Inez was fired and Nestor escorted her out. So then he calls Nestor and learns that Octavia fired her.


Marcela apologizes to Silvana and Luc for not greeting them properly, tells them about finding her aunt and invites them to stay at the ranch and giver another chance. Luc keeps saying cryptic things about robberies and valuable antiques that go over Marcela’s head but get him reproving looks from Sil and Ale. Luc would also rather stay at the hotel in town. (I say let him) but Marcela talks him out of it. Amadeo says their drinks are on the house, since they’re honored guests and they head out as Don T comes in. Amadeo gets his first look at Don Timo’s new look and is shaken. Then Don T learns that Ale’s folks are loaded and own a hotel chain and he’s shaken. (w/his hair spiked like that and all the black leather he looks like the devil.)


Severo and Oct talk bidnez. She thinks he’s asking too much for the land, he says he’s got other interested parties, she says ok go see what Timo’s willing to give you for it and I’ll give you more than that.


Don Timo bangs on the trailer door, disturbing Oct’s rest, he demands an explanation, why didn’t she tell him los Castelo were her bosses and mega rich. He’s sure she’s buying the ranch for them and the whole going into business w/Timo thing is just a lie.


Getting back to the ranch, Marcela calls Rosa to show Ale’s parents to the guest room, but Rosa has something important to tell Marcela in private and doesn’t want to go. ML and Nisa come and and they show them to the guest room. Marcela asks Rosa if the burglar took anything. – Um…. No, actually they left something. What? – Camilo’s here. WHAT?!? Ale rushes in and grabs Cami and shakes him, not noticing all the bandages and casts. Marcela follows and Cami starts telling them how he got hurt. Ale pulls off the blanket and they can see the cast. Yeah but why are you Here?

The clinic discharged him and Cami has nowhere else to go, boo hoo. He’s really playing it up, but Ale is still skeptical and wants him out. Just ask your sister Cami moans pitifully


Out in the guest cabin Luc and Silvana and ML and Nisa can all hear the shouting from the main house. Luc starts speculating Ale is yelling because Marcela is the problem. Sil is embarrassed to be talking about Marcela in front of her cousin, but ML agrees w/Luc, and starts telling them how Marcela runs the place with an iron fist and everyone cowers in fear of her. And also Marcela’s ex is staying at the ranch, and ML implies its Marcela’s idea. Nisa goes back to the house to see what’s up.

When she gets to Alba’s room Ale yells at her for bringing Camilo back to the ranch, he wants to send Cami right back to the clinic. Nisa says better not, he got hurt on the ranch, and he could sue. Cami says he would never. Ale doesn’t care if he does, just let him try it.

Marcela puts her foot down. Cami’s staying.

(I get her wanting to cut through the crap, but I’m kinda uncomfortable with the way she just unilaterally decides, when she knows the problems its gonna cause, and she knows her husband wants him out. Hopefully they’ll have a chance to discuss it in private later, but I’m still not liking the way it looks like he doesn’t get a say. )

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! Aw, Mike and his Mike-isms! He cracks me up. Poor guy’s so nervous I don’t even know if he knows what he’s nervous about. I just want to tell him to have his ice cream and try not to think about anything. “Luc would also rather stay at the hotel in town. (I say let him)” Me too! Silvana can stay at the house, but let him fend for himself. Every time I think I can’t dislike Maria Laura any more than I already do, she makes it happen. Backing up Luciano and making up all the crap… Read more »