Guerra de Ídolos Saturday 6/03/17 #17-18

Episode 17: El nuevo Rafa

While the killer hangs out in the hallway, waiting for his chance, Dylan hangs out in Gilda’s room, singing her an a capella version of Todo…or at least what he has so far. Mateo’s supposed to help him finish it. What he’s probably not going to help with is Gilda. He’s too jealous.

Gilda doesn’t see what’s wrong with Dylan being in her hospital room. He says he thought the first time he was alone with her in bed would be a little different. She starts laughing, which hurts. Dylan says she needs a stronger sedative–he doesn’t like looking at her teeth. She laughs again.

Mateo interrupts, informing them that Diego has jumped ship and is now Team Rafa. It’s Rafa and Diego vs. Team Mateo. Dylan reminds Mateo that Manara is also Team Rafa. Gilda looks worried.


Santiago makes it to Fernando’s hotel room. He’s more beat up than Santiago thought he’d be. Fernando keeps patting the spot on the bed next to him where he’s got his camera shot lined up. Oh yeah, that towel pyramid doesn’t look the least bit suspicious….

Fernando shows Santi a cut on his side and asks him to grab some ice.

Between the ice and Fernando’s shirtless state, Santiago’s getting a little flustered. Fernando suggests there’s something else that might make him feel better and kisses Santi.

Nicolas visits Itzel at the prison. He says Santi had school stuff to deal with…but he seems a little off. Does Itzel know what’s going on with him? Itzel says they’re all a little off right now. That’s why it’s important to her to get out.

She has some good news–she got a job offer. It’s in a place that’s going to cause some problems, though, so she’s going to need Nico’s support.

Fine, you win

Julia assumes Amado’s going to punish her for what happened yesterday. He says it’s his fault for keeping her locked up like this. It worked for Manara because she was rebellious, but Julia’s different. Julia shouldn’t have to pay for Manara’s mistakes.

Uh huh, so…no punishment, then? He tells her to get packed–they’re leaving for New York in a few hours to see those musicals like he promised. He’ll just make some calls and cancel some things so he can relax.

Manara’s waiting in his office with a gun sitting on the desk on top of his laptop. She points the gun at him and says she heard about Mateo’s sister….

And then she hands it over and tells him to just kill her already. Oh, no, that’s not what Amado wants. What he wants is for her to do things HIS way. It’s become a matter of pride for him.

So, what’s his way? He says Rafa’s upset about her abandoning him. Manara needs to go grovel and then sleep with him. She needs to get him motivated again or things are going to stay the way they are.

Manara says she’ll do it, but he needs to stop hurting people! Oh, no, her word’s not good enough–he wants her to call Rafa right now, in front of him.

Amado doesn’t care what she tells Rafa, he just needs Rafa to get his dad to help him with the unions and his other contacts and he doesn’t have any more time to waste. Manara says she’ll do this for him, but no more violence! OK, then, no more rejecting Rafa. She knows what he means, right?

Rafa’s in The Closet, tossing his gold watch from Julio César in a bag with who knows what else and shoving the bag into the back of a display case. Manara calls asking if they can rehearse today. She’s feeling inspired. And can he get all the guys there too?

Rafa says it’s just his sons and Diego–Dylan’s out. Manara doesn’t ask why, she just says it’s fine and she’s got enough energy for all of them. No need to send his driver, she can get there on her own.

She ends the call and angrily hands the phone back to Amado. He says he wants results and walks out of his office.


Dylan calls Diego to accuse him of selling out, but Diego insists he’s not doing this for monedas (coins, money) he’s doing it for oro (gold) and as far as he’s concerned, Rafa’s got it. Dylan screams at him that all it’s going to do is make his coffin heavier. Gilda scolds him because, hello, this is a hospital!

Mateo pulls him outside to ask him to calm down and let it go. Dylan’s upset that Diego broke the Friend Code, and he’s upset at himself that he’s not going to be able to spy for Mateo anymore. Mateo tells him not to worry about it. He can still beat Rafa and it won’t even be that hard.

And maybe this isn’t the time or the place, but he’s been thinking they should launch Dylan as a solo artist. He’s got some songs they can try out and if they work out he can go into the studio and record and they’ll put out an album. Dylan’s got his song too, that he wanted help with. So, OK, they’re gonna do this and kick Rafa’s butt. Mateo agrees.

Mateo shows Gilda the video on his phone of the guys singing Ángel con Colmillos. I think I disagree with Mateo that this is the right sound for Isaac’s voice. It’s too sweet. He needs to be singing love songs or something. But what do I know, I’m not a fictional music producer. Besides, Gilda likes it.

So, this is what the “contest” is about? Mateo explains it to her and she gets it, but hiring Rafa’s wife sounds like they’re trying to provoke him. Is he that pissed off that Manara picked Rafa to produce her album? He’s her padrino, after all. That’s the business. Mateo says he’s going to take advantage and try to get her to pay for it later.

Eh, Gilda’s not worried. From the little she’s seen of Manara, she knows how to handle herself, so that’s not a done deal.

Creepy guys being creepy

Fierro introduces Jiménez to Amado, who ignores the hand he puts out to shake. They’ve got one more guy on the way and they’ll be ready to move on Lorenzo. But Amado’s no longer in any hurry and he’s got this New York trip, so it’s going to have to wait.

Fierro agrees and asks if they should finish off Mateo’s sister. (He acts like a butler. If you didn’t know what he was saying, I could convince you he’s just asking about place settings and what wine milord would like with dinner.) Oh, no Amado doesn’t want that–it might look personal. Better it looks like a robbery. Besides, it was all for Manara’s benefit and she understands now. Fierro nods. (Very good, milord….)

Amado asks Jiménez if he’s sure Gilda didn’t see who stabbed her. Oh, no, Renzo’s very reliable.

The oh-so-reliable Renzo takes a call from his annoyed hench. Gilda’s with two guys who haven’t left her alone for a second and his leg hurts. Renzo took it too far this time. Renzo tells him to quit whining and get the job done today, before he leaves for his trip. He sees Isaac coming in and ends the call.

Renzo tries to play it off like Isaac’s just here for a regular visit. There’s a card table getting started, but if he’s looking for Leticia, she split. Nope, Isaac’s here to ask what Renzo had to do with what happened to his sister. If he doesn’t want a beating in front of all these people, he’d better answer. Renzo complains that he’s short-handed today, so when he’s dealt with his clients they can talk.

Casa Matamoros

Manara finishes getting ready and Agustina says she looks really good–Rafa’s going to throw himself on her. Manara insists she knows how to handle him. She’s not going to sell herself or let herself be humiliated. She just needs to play the game.

She tells Agustina about the attack on Gilda. Amado’s got her trapped. She can’t keep letting him hurt more people. Agustina says it’s not her fault. Amado’s just got this huge ego and can’t stand for anyone to defy him. Manara tells her about the trip to New York to buy Julia’s affections.

About Julia–what are they going to do? Manara doesn’t want to tell her the truth, not until she’s older. For now, she and Agustina need to shield her from it. Agustina doesn’t know if she agrees that’s best, but she’ll go along with it.

She advises Manara to stop thinking of this as a sacrifice and focus on herself and on the opportunity she’s getting. She’s always wanted to be on stage.

True, but it’s turning into a nightmare.


Fernando thanks Santi for the ice…and the other. Santi’s shy smile is painful to see–poor kid’s going to be heartbroken when he finds out the truth. Fernando gets them both horizontal, but Santi’s phone
starts buzzing–he’s got a rehearsal to get to.

Before he goes, Fernando hands him a non-8×10 headshot, without his name, without a résumé attached, no longer reflecting his current look, so he can give it to…you know…someone…because Fernando wants to be a singer or a dancer or an actor or, whatever. So he can be famous. (So. Many. Turn-offs.) Santi says he’ll give it to a friend, but he points out Fernando’s different look. And he hands him some cash to pay for some more time at the hotel.


Cristian finishes his latest take of Cuando te Veo in the studio and takes a break to call Dylan. He’s been texting Mateo, but Mateo hasn’t said much. Dylan says Mateo’s upset over what happened to Gilda.

And he and Diego broke up. “You didn’t even last a week together.” Well, no, because Cristian was the glue. Cristian says Dylan’s still going to make it on his own, and Cristian’s pulling for him and Mateo believes in him…. Dylan tells him about the album. “See! Everything happens for a reason.”

Dylan’s trying to stay positive, but Gilda getting hurt is as hard for him as it is for Mateo. Anyway…he tells Cristian to focus on what he’s doing and he’s sure Cristian’s going to be a big hit and Dylan’s wishing him the best.

Mateo’s on his way home to see his parents. He asks Dylan to stay and keep an eye on Gilda. Sure–Mateo can trust him. “I trust you more than I do Isaac.”

El Dorado Bar

Upstairs in Leticia’s old dressing room, Isaac asks how much he owes Renzo.

A lot. Why? Is he going to pay up?

No, he wants to know if Renzo’s the one who hurt his sister and why. Renzo whips out his knife and sets it down, saying that’s what he used to get back what Isaac owed him. If Isaac wants to make him pay for what he did to Gilda, there it is–but Renzo’s going to defend himself. He wraps his leather jacket around his arm and tells Isaac to go for it–they’ll be even and Isaac can go. This is his chance.

Isaac picks up the knife….

Rancho Zabala

Rafa introduces Neto to Diego before sending him off to the rehearsal space. Neto’s on his way out to do a magazine shoot.

Hey, he can see that his strategy worked. He knew Manara would come back “like a beaten dog.” She knows what’s good for her. Rafa lecherously chuckles and says he hopes so. And by the way, he talked to Amado about what happened with Nicolas and Amado’s angry, but he’s not going to press charges. Isn’t it time for them to help him with the unions? It would be good for them.

Really? Neto’s not going to help Amado, for Rafa’s sake. Amado’s no good and he’s not going to get Rafa anywhere. Rafa whines that that’s what they agreed to as Neto starts walking out.

Manara comes in and Neto welcomes her to the house–he’ll get out of their way and let them rehearse.

Before they do that, Manara wants to talk about that award presentation Rafa mentioned. She’s been thinking about it and she thinks it’s a good idea to go with him, if the invitation stands. Rafa says he’ll call his manager right now and get them to start making travel arrangements. She leaves the length of their stay up to him. Rafa mentions getting his manager to start working on her publicity as well–she’ll need it for the competition. “And lots of practice,” Manara adds, to get him back on track.


Isaac gets home, upset, and Belinda hears the noise and comes to check on him. He says it’s nothing, but he remembers Renzo telling Isaac this was his chance.

Isaac picked up the knife and told Renzo he deserved to die–Gilda has nothing to do with this. Renzo said they were even…or was Gilda’s honor worth more than the money Isaac owes him? Then he should make him pay. Isaac waved the knife around until he made it to the door and said this wasn’t the end.

Isaac tells Belinda it’s nothing. He argued with Elena and they broke up. She’s sorry to hear it–but maybe if they talk, they can work it out. Isaac grabs her and lays his head on her belly, saying if he only had a woman like her…she’s so understanding….

Belinda stands there awkwardly and then unwraps his arms and says he’s been drinking and he should go take a shower and change and they’ll go to the hospital. He nods and walks out. (Yes, Belinda, that was weird.)


Gilda’s surprised when Dylan comes back to the room. Wasn’t he going with Mateo. Nah, he’d rather hang out with this Tejana doll he knows…she’s really pretty, and kind of a liar. Is Gilda sure she’s just not admitting she saw who attacked her so he and Mateo don’t go after them?

Gilda says she didn’t see anything…but she does want to confess that what terrifies her is the thought that her uterus is damaged beyond repair. That gives her nightmares. Dylan apologizes, but it doesn’t matter –she’s always going to be the perfect woman.

Why is he apologizing for that?

Because he’s being igualado (acting as if they’re equals) and there are a lot of differences between them. She’s a doctor and he’s some guy without an education who lived on the street. Gilda says he’s a great musician and she respects that. And she’s glad he’s here.

Renzo’s hench calls to complain. They still haven’t left Gilda alone, the pain’s too much for him, and he’s been discharged. Well, Isaac’s not going to turn him in because Renzo has dirt on him, but he can’t take a chance with Gilda. He’d better just go in there and kill them both. The hench says he’ll go deal with it right away.

Dylan gives Gilda a kiss on the forehead before wandering out to the hallway…but Renzo’s hench walking the opposite direction makes him suspicious. He watches him start walking into Gilda’s room and asks what he’s looking for.

Stupid hench says “a family member” as he whips out a knife. It’s no problem at all for Dylan to take him down and pull a gun on him. The problem is, weapons aren’t allowed in the hospital. The cops show up and arrest them both.

Confess already

Celestina comments that it’s been a long time since she and Moisés have been out with Mateo. Moisés and Mateo argue about whether that’s because Mateo and Julio César were always too busy hanging out with each other or because Moisés and Celestina didn’t want to hang out with the kids.

Celestina’s really feeling Julio César’s absence.

But, anyway, what are they hiding from her? Mateo’s taking her out all of a sudden, Gilda’s not answering her phone, and the two of them are giving each other looks. Something’s wrong with Gilda and they just don’t want to tell her so she doesn’t have a patatús (scare, heart attack, fainting spell).

Mateo explains that Gilda’s fine…but she got attacked and she got hurt, but she’s fine. So now instead of freaking out over Gilda, she’s freaking out about how they didn’t tell her and the fact that they can’t understand that when they don’t tell her things it makes her anxious! Mateo says he’ll call right now and she can talk to Gilda herself…but a call comes in on his phone and he says he’ll be right over.

He says it’s not Gilda, it’s Dylan, but Celestina’s grabbing her purse and her sweater anyway and starts following him out of the house.

Casa Matamoros

Julia’s all packed and ready to go, until Amado indulgently asks if she’s sure she has everything and she decides she doesn’t and runs back upstairs.

Selva calls. They’re all ready to start recording his spots. Amado explains he’s going out of town with Julia, but when he gets back they can meet. He asks to speak to Lorenzo.

He apologizes for the call the other day…and he talked to the Europeans. Gabriel did owe them money, so they’re definitely the ones who were behind the attack. When Amado gets back they’ll deal with it. Lorenzo agrees.

Amado hangs up and Fierro asks if that’s the meeting where they’re killing Lorenzo? Yes, and Amado wants Renzo and Jiménez to do it. (Very good, milord…and will there be anything else, milord?)

Julia gets back downstairs. Can he believe what she forgot was her phone?! Amado playfully pretends to be shocked–what a disaster! And they’re off.


Diego’s been working on Un Dia Sin Reloj and he plays it for Manara, Rafa, and the guys. He and Manara start rehearsing this new version.

Much later, Manara and the guys finish off another run-through and Rafa declares them done for the day. He pulls Manara aside to start babbling at her about the trip and itineraries and maybe she’d like to have a drink and review everything.

Um…yeah, she would, but she’s so tired. Maybe they can review it at tomorrow’s rehearsal? Rafa says that’s fine, but he’s already making pouty faces. Her peck on the cheek just annoys him further.


When they get there, Isaac asks Belinda to let him talk to Gilda alone first. As soon as he walks in, Gilda starts demanding to know what happened. Why did Dylan get arrested? He was fighting with some guy in the hallway who had a weapon–were they here for her? Isaac says Dylan’s a pandillero (gang member) and he probably started the fight…but that’s not important. What’s important is that Mateo and their parents are on the way.

Good, because Gilda’s thinking she needs to tell them the truth. Isaac begs her not to–he’s going to handle everything. He went looking for the guy, but he’s missing. And he paid off all his gambling debts. He begs her not to say anything.

Does he not understand how scared she is? Isaac invokes their mom–why pass the fear on to her. Gilda calls it cheap manipulation. So Isaac tries some more–things are finally going good for him, he’s getting along with Mateo, and being a solo act means so much to him. He begs her to help him.

Days later

Mateo picks Dylan up from jail. Cue stupid jokes about finding a girlfriend inside and “What happens in Las Vegas, etc.”

Anyway, what happened at the hospital? Dylan says the guy just attacked him and since he’s the one who didn’t have a permit for his gun and he doesn’t wear a suit….

He asks about Gilda–she’s still hurting. They’re getting together back at the house and then they’ve gotta go to LA to present Isaac’s song and do this concert. Dylan jokes it’s not a “concert” so much as a war. Yeah, well, Mateo’s got to win it. More jokes about whether Dylan wants a shower before they go to the house. No? A beer on the way, then?

Itzel calls Mateo to tell him she’s getting out tomorrow and she’s decided to take the job. She has some designs she’s been working on. He says he’ll be in LA tomorrow and he looks forward to seeing her. Mateo ends the call and Dylan laughs that Rafa’s not going to take this very well.


Manara works out. I’m convinced the purpose of these shots is to remind us that if anything ever happens that it would’ve taken an acrobat to pull off, we’ll know it was her. Agustina brings her cell phone.

Rafa’s calling, asking her to come over and meet this PR/press agent who wants to hear her single. He means Lucho. Manara says she’ll be over in a while.

Rafa brags that he’s not “with” Manara yet, but she’s eating out of the palm of his hand. He’s got some surprises planned for their trip. Lucho shows off tomorrow’s magazine cover, the one that brags about Rafa supporting his ex-wife to overcome her addictions. Neto gives his approval.

Casa Solar

Gilda, Belinda, and Celestina are setting the table for dinner while Isaac sits there at the table, getting in everyone’s way. Celestina says Mateo’s on his way with Dylan. She tells Isaac to get his hat off the table and he whines that he’s not twelve. (Then don’t put your hat on the table!)

Gilda asks her dad to be nice to Dylan, but he’s already decided to believe Issac’s story even though Gilda insists he didn’t start the fight at the hospital. Mateo comes in and says he’s brought the ex-convict. (Dude…you’re not helping.)

Gilda gives Dylan a…significant…hello hug. He tells her she looks good. And so does her mom. “That’s because she doesn’t know anything. About anything. About the thing.” Dylan quietly asks if she has her test results. Yes, and they’re not good, but she doesn’t want to ruin the moment. She’ll talk to him later.

Isaac’s anxious to play the song for the family already. He hands his guitar over to Dylan so he and Mateo can back him up on Ángel con Colmillos. (Do you hear that scooping? He so wants to be a pop star.)

Rancho Zabala

It’s gotten dark in the living room and Lucho’s still laying out his strategies. He’s going to talk about how Neto’s empire is expanding now that Rafa’s a producer and he’s finding new talent. Neto wants his name in all the articles about Rafa. Lucho has a photographer ready to follow Manara and Rafa around at the awards presentation.

And as for that woman who knows all the dirt on Isaac, Lucho says he’s “training” her. Flashback to Leticia calling him. As soon as she opens her mouth, the Solars will have a huge problem to deal with.

Episode 18: El despegue

It’s been a long time since the Solars have been together like this. Mateo suggests they celebrate–what song does Mom want to sing? Celestina picks La Protagonista and Mateo gets up to grab his guitar and play with Isaac. (See, this is way more suited to Isaac’s voice.)

Dylan and Gilda take advantage of the distraction to sneak off to the memento room. He’s sorry about the exam results. He hugs her…and then he asks her for the truth.

He’s been going along with the story that what happened in the hospital was just a fight, but he hasn’t told anyone what happened to the other guy in jail. He got beaten so badly Dylan doesn’t know if he’s dead. Something strange is going on here and he doesn’t know why Gilda’s not talking. Is she protecting someone?

Of course she is. She’s protecting her family from more disappointment and suffering. She doesn’t know if that guy had anything to do with it or not, but she knows what happened to her wasn’t a robbery. She was attacked on purpose. “Why?” She sighs heavily and tells him Isaac has gambling debts.

Does Mateo know?

No, and Gilda doesn’t want him to. Dylan doesn’t like this answer–Mateo’s his friend and this is serious stuff. Gilda asks him to listen….

In the living room, the singing continues and Moisés pulls Celestina up to dance with him.

Gilda hasn’t heard that sound in so long. There hasn’t been laughter in this house, they haven’t been together since Julio César died. She assures Dylan that she’s talked to Isaac and he promised it’s going to change. She begs him to help keep this secret.

Dylan says this is a huge sacrifice–why is she telling him if she’s not going to let him help? Gilda says it IS helping to be able to tell him. There’s no use telling anyone else. She asks him to help her keep this quiet…and then she kisses him. (Not that I don’t think she wanted to anyway, but I wish it wasn’t mixed up with what she just asked him to do.)

Rancho Zabala

Manara and the guys play Un Dia Sin Reloj for Lucho. Lucho says Manara’s improved a lot since the homenaje. She gives Rafa all the credit and he’s all pshaw…they should celebrate talent and go to dinner.

Ooh, sorry, no. Amado and Julia are getting home and Manara wants to spend time with Julia before their trip. As she’s heading out, Nicolas stops her and asks her to give Julia a tablet that he put a bunch of music on for her.

It looks like Neto and Rafa are walking Lucho out. Rafa says he’ll be staying at the usual hotel, but just let him know where the paparazzi are going to be so he can prepare his strategy. Lucho chuckles–he’ll send him the photos to sign off on before they go out. He thinks Manara’s going to get him the attention he so desperately needs.

Santiago gets home and Neto tells him they’re all set to do their next feature. Lucho’s going to interview them in the stable, in trajes de charro, and title it “Tras los pasos del varon de La Mancha.” Neto complains that Lucho should be calling Santiago his “successor” already.

He walks Lucho out while Rafa hassles Santiago about where he was and how he’d better not start causing problems like his brother. Santi says he was just dropping an amiga off at the airport. The one with the books. Rafa tells him to go get some rest. He still looks worried.


Fernando shows Alexis the photos on his phone. Alexis asks about video.

There’s no video because there’s been no sex. Santiago hasn’t been with anyone. Fernando has to take it slow. Isn’t this enough for a scandal?

Alexis agrees and tells him to send the photos to his phone. “This is going to make you famous. That’s what you wanted, right?” He hands over Fernando’s payment, in cash, and says he’ll let him know if he can get “the boss” to give him more work.

Casa Matamoros

Amado and Julia are home. She had a good time, but it was also intimidating–she knows she’s going to have to do a lot of work to get to that level and be able to handle singing, dancing, and acting. Amado says they saw everything and Julia was singing the whole time–he even knows all the songs now. (Lyrics or it didn’t happen, Amado.)

So how’s things with Rafa? Manara says they’re going to Mexico for an awards ceremony and coming back in time to present the new single. Julia says it’s not a presentation, it’s a competition. Julia’s sure she’s going to win. Amado agrees.

Joining the team

The frat house is a hot mess when Mateo, Isaac, and Dylan arrive. Valentín and Básico say they were rehearsing until late. Uh huh. Mateo wants it cleaned up so Itzel doesn’t see it like this–and then they’re really going to rehearse.

Chalino comes in with the tabloid cover talking about Itzel’s addiction problems. He makes a joke about her being “como la cola del perro” and wags his finger back and forth. Mateo gives him a disapproving glare.

Itzel gets to the ranch, where no one was expecting her, so no one’s home. She asks Daisy, the maid, to bring up some food for her while she gets showered so she can leave again.

The guys are still cleaning when Itzel arrives. She’s sorry if she’s come at a bad time. She explains she ran home…to her ex-home…to get the smell of prison off her. Valentín tells her not to sweat it–they’ve all been there. Dylan agrees. Itzel smiles awkwardly.

Mateo makes the introductions and then takes her outside to look at her sketches while the guys finish cleaning up.


This awards trip is going to be torturous. Rafa’s telling Manara the hotel owner is a friend and he’s got all these surprises planned for her and *grabs her and dramatically whips off sunglasses* he’s so proud of her. He keeps looking around for the cameras. Manara’s trying to go along with it, but her smile looks strained.

Rafa explains that Manara’s got a suite all to herself. Someone comes up with room keys for them and he sends her off to get some rest before they go out later. He makes a big production out of hugging her goodbye and kissing her cheek in a way that looks like something more to the camera. (I just want to yell at him to quit looking around if he doesn’t want to ruin all the shots. On second thought–keep looking around.)

Julia calls Manara. It looks like she’s having a good time.

Manara checks her phone and sees the pictures of her with Rafa under the headline “New Romance.” She tells Julia it’s not what it looks like.

Julia complains that at least Manara’s on a trip and not stuck at home like she is. She’s dying to see Nicolas. Look, she said she wouldn’t run off again without telling Manara first. And Amado’s not even home–he’s off in Monterrey.

Manara can’t imagine what Julia wants her to do from Mexico. She recommends Julia not try to escape. What’s Amado going to do if she does? He’s going to show her the real Amado, and it’s not the one who took her to see musicals.

“Then what’s he like?”

Manara, frustrated, asks her to just please not do anything stupid and trust her. Or, you know what, she’s a grown woman, she can do whatever she wants to. She hangs up on a confused Julia.

Making plans

Out on the patio table, Itzel comments that she only asked one of Mateo’s friends to get what she needed and they all went together. Mateo snarks that they’re like wild dogs–they see an open door and they all go running. She would have gone herself, but the press are all over her, trying to catch her at a bad moment. And she’s not feeling so good right now.

Why? Mateo thinks she looks good. Itzel thanks him. Her phone beeps and she says social media’s exploding today.

Oh. Right. Well, he saw that and he wants her to know he thinks they’ve gone too far. She doesn’t deserve what they’re saying. Itzel has no idea what he’s talking about, so he shows her the tabloid. She gives it a disgusted “Guau” but no, she meant THIS….

She shows him the picture of Manara and Rafa on her phone. So…they’re both jealous. She has an idea about how they could work it off. Mateo asks if she thinks it’s a good idea to risk a professional relationship on the first day just to blow off jealous steam. Oh, Itzel’s not thinking of risking anything. “Then back up because I’m not made of goma.” (rubber)

Itzel laughs that he’s not scaring her off. Has he forgotten where she came from?

Jail? No. And he thinks her feelings are confused right now and they should probably slow it down. He’ll leave it up to her, though.

Radio station

Selva brings Amado in to meet the musicians she’s hired to perform his “jingles.” She’s also going to have him listen to the speeches. She goes off to the studio with the musicians and leaves Amado with Lorenzo.

The two of them have plans to go meet with those arms dealers later. “Should I bring protection?” Amado advises just one bodyguard–they don’t want to look too aggressive. And after this meeting, he’s sure Lorenzo’s going to be feeling more free.

Lorenzo calls Carmelo to tell him about the meeting. Carmelo’s got a couple of other guys who are coming along, but keeping their distance. No one’s supposed to know about them, but I don’t know if that includes Lorenzo or not.

What now?

Despite what he said, Mateo’s now trying to convince Itzel that the best way for both of them to screw over Rafa is professionally. She agrees. They shouldn’t take themselves lightly. Mateo says she’s worth a lot more than that.

Itzel doesn’t know how she’s going to put her life together. She feels destroyed both publicly and internally. Mateo thinks the personal side is going to take longer, but publicly–Mateo can fix that easily.

He calls Elena just as she’s sitting down with Selva and Amado. He asks her to meet with Itzel and talk to her about her new job. He’d like for Elena to give her an interview and be “nice.”

“Is she out of prison?” Amado and Selva both look way too interested in this conversation…though they are supposed to be having a business meeting, so taking a call is kind of rude.

Mateo gets off the phone and tells Itzel that’s something, right? Itzel just smiles.

Selva asks what Mateo wanted and Elena, ignoring Amado, says he wanted them to interview Itzel. They’ll have to decide which magazine is best for the interview….

Casa Solar

Moisés is ready for the big presentation tomorrow for the board. Celestina asks about packing his suitcase, but he says the three of them–Belinda, Gilda, and Celestina–need to pack theirs too. He wants them to be there for the inauguration. Anyway, he’s off to call the accountant about their financial situation.

Gilda scoots uncomfortably in her chair and Celestina asks about her test results. Gilda says the doctor’s waiting for the inflammation to come down some more. She’s going to sleep–these pain pills just knock her out.

Celestina says the thing that really stresses her out is thinking Gilda’s lying to her. “What? How could I lie about something like that?”

So Belinda goes upstairs to check on her and Gilda tells her the truth. She got the results two days ago and her uterus is “destroyed.” She doesn’t want to tell her mom. She’d rather she focus on Belinda’s pregnancy and the good things that are happening.

She’s been thinking today that maybe God brought the two of them together so they could get through this together. Belinda agrees and she’s going to make sure Gilda’s involved in everything. But she wishes Gilda would accept some help instead of dealing with all her problems alone.

Frat house

Dylan works on Todo while the others talk wardrobe with Itzel. No, she’s not going to put Isaac in cashmere. He’s not a hipster, he’s a singer of corridos. That means shine and leather. Básico’s worried about the pants. They look a little tight. He doesn’t like a lot of pressure in the…um…. “On stage!” one of the guys helpfully supplies.

Gilda calls Dylan to see if he’s still keeping her secrets. He hasn’t said anything to Mateo, but it’s hard for him not to want to bash Isaac’s face in. She begs him not to do this–she calls him because it feels good to talk to him, but if he’s going to be giving her all these bad vibes….

Dylan tells her to come to LA and let him look after her. She says she’s going for the presentation. Maybe they can get together then.

Chalino comes downstairs with Mateo, carrying a mixing board and muttering about all the drama with Manara and Rafa, and now Itzel…. Mateo says whatever was going to happen with him and Itzel already happened. Chalino gets the wrong impression.

Bad chisme

Amado calls Rafa with “chisme.” Mateo called Elena and asked her to interview Itzel. It can’t possibly be for anything good, so Rafa had better not let his guard down with Itzel–he’d better find out what she wants and what she knows. He wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to him that happened to his ahijado. (OK, seriously, if you’re going to give chisme, then actually know what the chisme is. There are standards, people. Standards!)

Well, Rafa knows Itzel hired some fancy expensive lawyers, but he doesn’t know how she’s paying for them. Amado makes a big deal out of saying an angry woman is like a wounded animal and she’s coming to rip his throat out.

Rafa’s eyes get sooooo big. He tells Amado to find out what he can and let him know.

Of course he’s not going to do that. He’s done enough by telling him. He put his sister on a silver platter for Rafa. So now it’s Rafa’s turn to get him that support from the unions. “Enjoy the city. And enjoy my sister.” (Who says shit like that?!)

Rancho Zabala

Itzel gets home and briefly greets her sons before going to find Ernesto in The Closet. She says she’s staying for a few days. That’s part of her agreement with Rafa. Generous of him, after all the harm he and Neto did. She blames them for the accident and says she’s going to rise from the ashes.

“Go recite that cheap poetry to your husband. He’s the one who has to put up with you until the divorce.”

Itzel says they might think they’re destroying her with this divorce, but she thinks she’s getting the freedom she’s never had.

JC Records

I guess there’s a lounge at the record label. Chalino pours a drink while Dylan plays Todo on the makeshift stage. Mateo says it’s good. As soon as he’s done with Isaac, he’s going to have Itzel work on Dylan’s wardrobe.

The what? Well, yeah. Mateo and Chalino say his (long) shirt looks like a dress. Chalino says something about Rafa’s awards ceremony. Mateo says two things. One, that’s a dress and two, he’s not going to go watch Rafa play the martyr while Itzel’s having to flag down taxis.

Dylan says dress or no dress, doing bad shit to your baby mama is not manly. Chalino and Mateo agree.


Rafa’s getting antsy because Manara’s not ready yet. When she finally appears, she looks great, but I don’t see what took so long.

After the event, Rafa and Manara face a rather polite crowd of reporters. He tells her to be prepared for this kind of attention, but it’s the best kind of publicity. Did she like his speech?

She says he seems to have a very good idea of what people want to hear. He says it’s better in this business to be believable than sincere.

The meeting

Renzo’s annoyed at the long wait and all the fuss just to kill one guy. He and a few others are holed up in some kind of warehouse. He’s worried this is a trap, but Jiménez says this is what the boss wants and if anyone doesn’t like it they can pick out the color of their coffin.

He explains to Renzo that he’s hiding a handgun under the table and Renzo should use it to shoot Lorenzo. He tells the other guys to hide some larger guns around the place and be ready to use them.

Amado walks Lorenzo through the plan. When they meet the guy from Ireland, he’s going to tell him that he’s turning the arms business and the debt over to Amado. And that’s it. No contracts–just his word. That’s how the business works.

Lorenzo wonders if this isn’t all a trick to kill him. He thinks what Amado wants is to look like the hero in front of Selva. He knows Amado likes her and he can only imagine he likes her even more now that she’s inherited this multimedia empire. He’d be able to use it and wouldn’t that be great for his political career?

Amado agrees, he does like Selva. A lot. Enough to help Lorenzo even when he can’t stand him. So is he coming or not?

Jiménez gets the call–they’re on the way. He gets Renzo all worked up about shooting Lorenzo on his signal and telling him he’s going to meet the boss today. Renzo’s all over that–he’s going to meet the boss and he’s going to move up. (Anybody else think Renzo’s dying today?)

Amado and Lorenzo arrive at the meeting place. Amado asks if he brought a gun. “No. That’s why I brought Carmelo.”

The rest of Lorenzo’s/Carmelo’s guys are on top of a trailer, waiting.

Jiménez tells the guys inside to get ready.

Before they go inside, Amado says there’s a trap waiting for him inside. The same trap Lorenzo has set for him. Where are the people he brought?

The guy with the binoculars on top of the trailer tells the others they’ve been seen.

Either Lorenzo can tell Amado where they are or the bullets can start flying.

OK, fine, Lorenzo admits it, he’s got extra men here. So, now what?

So now, he needs to decide what side he’s on. The arms traffickers are inside and at Amado’s signal, they’re going to kill Lorenzo. Unless Lorenzo gets his men to come in with them and take out the arms traffickers.

Inside, Jiménez and Renzo are getting antsy and they can’t hear what the conversation is about outside.

Lorenzo’s confused (as am I). See, all he wants is to resolve the problems his dad left behind–not cause new ones. Amado insists this is how they solve problems–that’s how Gabriel taught him. So they can go in there and the trafficker can kill Lorenzo…or they become partners.

What does that even mean? Lorenzo’s not interested in becoming an arms trafficker.

Amado says he’ll take care of the business. All he wants is not to have problems with Selva. He wants to marry her and blood makes for a stronger partnership. (Right, but that’s marriage, not…OK, why am I even trying to understand this like Amado makes any kind of sense?)


Rafa takes Manara to a friend’s restaurant/lounge, for a surprise. Zion and Lennox are friends of his. Well, that is a surprise. They perform Mi Tesoro for her. Manara dances. Rafa manages to look like he’s genuinely enjoying himself. They take off as soon as the song is over.

Rafa brags about how he’s doing this so everyone knows how important she is to him. And he still has another surprise–he wants her to meet his friend who owns this place and the hotel. He’s not going to tell her who it is–he’s known worldwide, he’s got a bunch of songs, he’s handsome, both women and men like him, and he’s been in telenovelas. The friend shows up and they don’t introduce him, but I think Manara calls him Bianco.

(I seriously thought we were supposed to know who he was, especially after the Zion and Lennox thing, but no. He’s not a famous person playing himself. Confusing.)

Anyway, he really likes Manara. She says her sister’s a huge fan–well, she is too, but her sister is a bigger fan.

Zion and Lennox are back to have drinks with Manara and Rafa and Bianco, if that’s even his name. He says Rafa’s introduced him to a lot of singers, but Manara’s a natural beauty in a fake world. They all toast to her. Rafa invites Bianco to the presentation in LA. He’d invite Zion and Lennox, but he knows they’re busy. (That still seemed rude.)

Bianco offers to hook Manara up with a stylist, Candelaria. Rafa says they’ll get her info later, but can he have a different whiskey? This one’s corriente (common). Bianco says that’s the blue Zabala blood showing. Sure, he can go to the cellar and pick one, but they’ve been redecorating. Maybe Zion and Lennox can take him. “Cellar? It’s like a parking lot!”

Rafa heard he was also using this building as offices for Megavisa. Bianco says something about what could be better than having this restaurant to make the best decisions for his label, which makes no sense to me unless he means “Food keeps my brain working.” He wants to talk to Rafa about something, but Rafa insists they’re not talking business. He really does go off to the cellar with Zion and Lennox.

Leaving Manara alone with Bianco. He says she’s getting into the big leagues now, but is it just him or has she had to make some sacrifices? Manara says life isn’t easy. “Tell me about it–I never know what city I’m waking up in.” But seriously, the more experience she gets, the easier it will get. Manara asks if he made sacrifices. All he’ll say is that he’s made a lot and he keeps making them.

Rafa thinks Bianco’s being a little clingy as he walks them out. Oh, but see, Bianco has a surprise for Rafa. Rafa’s technically still a Megavisa artist and the Megavisa staff are waiting down there to toast with him. He promises nobody’s going to talk business tonight, but go on–have a drink with them!

Rafa grumpily says he’ll go and he’s leaving Manara with him.

Bianco turns to Manara and tells her to speak now–he can leave her alone with Rafa to spend the night the way he’s sure Rafa wants to…or he can be obnoxious so she doesn’t have to make another sacrifice….

UPDATE: So, while I did see the blurb at the bottom of the screen that said the episodes were on OnDemand and the Telemundo NOW app, somehow I missed the part where THAT was supposed to tell me that it meant they weren’t going to be airing the show on Telemundo anymore. As soon as they actually do upload the remainder of the episodes, I can work out a schedule for the remaining episodes/recaps, assuming it’s even feasible.

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