Guerra de Ídolos Monday 6/05/17 #19

I have no idea what the plans are, or if there even are any, for a release schedule, but here’s a link to Episode 19: Jugada Sucia, or you can find it on the Telemundo Novelas app (not the Telemundo Now app–or at least not yet).

*UPDATE: This episode is now available on the Telemundo Now app.

So, what’s it gonna be?

Manara doesn’t answer so much as she makes a face and Bianco can tell. No worries, he knows how to knock Rafa out.

The meet

Jiménez and Renzo are stressing while Amado’s still trying to get an answer from Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells Carmelo to spill it and Carmelo says their guys are in a container nearby (looked like “on top of a container” to me, but OK). Amado tells him to send them in and make sure they kill everyone inside. Yes, Fierro, EVERYONE.

Renzo and Jiménez wait too long to go for their guns, so I don’t know if all the crossfire is from someone shooting back or ricochet off the metal building or what. Amado tells Fierro to make sure everyone inside dies, ESPECIALLY Renzo and Jiménez. (My snarky take on this is Renzo had to die because now we have a Lorenzo and it’s just too confusing.)

The morning

Rafa is soooooo massively hung over. He complains about Manara ditching him. Sure, after the third bottle.

She distracts him by showing him their social media mentions and requests for interviews that she’s not answering. He tries to touch her leg and she moves out of reach. She thanks him for yesterday, but he makes a big deal about them being honest with each other–did she say something to Bianco?

Nope, they barely talked. And oh, look, the car’s ready. She suggests he sleep on the way back–he’s looking a little rough.

Rafa talks about them needing to get to the meeting with Moisés and the board. He keeps grabbing at her talking about “Hey, we have to work together.” And he’s sure they’re going to win because *significant glance* Rafa doesn’t like to lose. At anything.

While she goes to the car, he checks in with Lucho, who says it all looked good, but Rafa wants to hurry up with the Isaac smear campaign.

Lucho and Leti

Lucho tells Leticia it’s time for her to get her revenge.

Leticia knows way more about Isaac than what she already told Lucho, but she doesn’t want to get killed. Eh, Lucho thinks what she told him was enough to make his own mother stop loving him.

Leticia whines that she’d rather be famous for being a singer than for chisme. Oh, Lucho’s going to back her as a ranchera singer–and he’s friends with the Zabalas, you know–as long as he gets a cut from now on.


Mateo pushed the meeting back a little to give Rafa time to show up. He’s watching video of Rafa and Manara in Mexico when Moisés calls to say he’s made it to town.

JC Records

Moisés is making a big deal about how nice it is to see the bros working together. Isaac stops downstairs to call Elena, bugging her about not taking his calls. She’s not in the mood–they’re done. She’s tired of him treating her like she’s worthless and she never wants to hear from him again.

Radio station

Selva thinks something happened last night. If Lorenzo needs to tell her something about Amado, now’s the time, before she goes to hit him up for more money. He says there’s nothing. Selva takes off as Elena arrives.

Lorenzo proposes writing a book about Amado–an authorized biography. Elena starts making faces immediately. She doesn’t like him, doesn’t believe him, and doesn’t want to help him. Maybe she shouldn’t have taken this job….

Lorenzo stops her right there. He doesn’t want to help Amado either. This is all a cover for a second book that will air all of Amado’s dirty laundry. Is she up for it?

The first book will make Amado look good. The second one will tell the truth, and they’ll release it right before the election (you’ve gotta remember early voting, Lorenzo). He explains he wants revenge on Amado because he believes he killed Gabriel and faked the autopsy results.

Plus he wants to run for governor, and he’ll launch his campaign by bringing down Amado.

He lets her know Selva isn’t in on the book thing for now. Elena’s interested in helping, and yeah, she’d vote for him.

JC Records

Everybody arrives for the meeting…and that includes Itzel. She drove the boys over.

Mateo announces her new role with the label and gets a round of applause for her. He and Itzel play around a little, being vaguely flirty and touching a lot. Manara and Rafa are steamed.

Moisés shows off the new lounge and explains he wants to try it out by having Manara and Isaac perform their songs and get a little feedback. The board member with the glasses, who is apparently “Ms. Guzman,” declines, because “we wouldn’t know.” (That’s one of my pet peeves–you don’t have to know about music to have an opinion about what you like or don’t like or what you think sounds good.)


Fierro took care of all the bodies and he’s making grumpy faces about it. Amado says they knew too much and they messed up with Gilda. He has to clean up his image AND his entourage. Fierro hopes he won’t have to go one day–he knows more than anyone.

Alexis arrives and shows Amado the phone with the photos of Santiago and Fernando.

So, next steps. Amado wants Fernando to break up with Santiago and start blackmailing Neto. If anything goes wrong, it’s on Alexis.

Fer is reluctant about breaking up with Santi, but Alexis keeps harping on that “You want to be famous, don’t you?” thing. So Fernando calls Santi (who keeps sneaking out of the “meeting” to check his phone) and says things have gotten worse. He’s fallen in with seriously bad people who want to hurt Santi and when Fernando’s somewhere safe he’ll call again, but for now he wants Santi to be careful.

Selva and Amado

She asks what happened with Lorenzo last night and Amado claims they just don’t get along. And Lorenzo knows Amado likes her and he’s jealous. He reels her in talking about how much he likes her or something, I wasn’t really listening because he skeeves me. But Selva was listening and she kisses him. Gross.

Next thing we know, they’re horizontal on the couch. My eyes!

But wait! Selva calls a halt. It’s still too soon for her. She’s mourning Julio César. She wants them to slow it down. Amado starts talking about how they compliment each other but he makes it sound like he’s thinking about the professional…and by the way he wants a family. Ah, now that looks like it appeals to her.

JC Records

Isaac and his guys perform Ángel con Colmillos.

You know, I really don’t think Isaac and Valentín sound good together. Rafa objects that Valentín’s voice is better than Isaac’s and it’s sticking out too much. He thinks Valentín shouldn’t sing on the single. It’s supposed to be Manara vs. Isaac.

Moisés doesn’t think it’s that big a deal, but Rafa refuses to continue if Valentín stays. He starts complaining about how he’s paying for Manara’s single and they’re backing Isaac and so it’s like a whole “family” favoritism thing. When he puts it that way Moises agrees. Isaac tells Mateo not to worry about it.

Manara and her guys perform Un Dia Sin Reloj. It sounds way better. But Mateo snarks about it being an arrangement from 1983 and it’s too bad Manara doesn’t have a real producer. Yikes.

At three minutes to air

Elena finds Selva in the booth and proposes the authorized bio of Amado. She claims the idea is all hers.

The more pressing matter is that Alexis is missing and it’s three minutes to air. Elena agrees to take over for him.

She starts off the hour with Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar. The implication is that the label paid to have this song on the air–Selva mentioned a list. (Is this a hint about why radio always feels so repetitive to me?)

Alexis shows up at Fernando’s hotel. He figured Fernando might be running and it looks like he is. Alexis pulls out a gun and starts threatening Fernando. He tells him to turn the radio up, presumably to cover the sound of shooting him…so then why does he look so surprised when he actually does shoot Fernando in the gut?

JC Records

Santi is not looking forward to having his parents working together and arguing in public now.

Itzel pulls Manara into the conference room to start hassling her. Manara starts right off saying she didn’t have anything to do with the photos and she respected Itzel’s marriage.

Itzel doesn’t believe her. Poor Manara, having to choose between “interes o corazón.”

Manara says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She never slept with Rafa. Itzel asks about Mateo and yeah, she can tell by the look on her face. She proposes a deal–take Rafa off her hands and she’ll keep Mateo.

Look, Manara is here to be a singer, so the last person she needs to deal with is Itzel. Itzel declares them enemies, but Manara says they’re both victims.

Rafa pulls Mateo aside to gripe at him. He took Itzel’s hiring personally. Mateo says mildly insinuating things about Itzel and Rafa gets jealous. Mateo keeps pushing–how is he hanging on to Manara? What does he have going on with her brother?

Moisés interrupts before things can get ugly…er. Yeah, Mateo’s gotta go work with Isaac anyway.

Itzel doesn’t think Manara’s a victim. She’s a manipulator. Again, Manara insists she’s not with Rafa. But Itzel can tell she’s been with Mateo–she can see Manara’s jealousy.

Manara goes running out of the board room and the building. Mateo catches up to her and she accuses him of hiring Itzel to get to her.

Rafa whines to Moisés about Itzel getting hired. OK, Moisés gets that Rafa’s upset, but he shouldn’t take it out on Isaac.

Now Rafa turns on Isaac, saying he’s no saint and Moisés should open his eyes. Wrong move. “Don’t mess with my kids or you mess with me.”

Rafa counters. If Moisés wants this to be strictly business, then either Itzel goes or Rafa and his money go.

Mateo jumps into Manara’s car and starts bugging her about the photos. Oh, she gets it, he’s jealous. No wonder he hired Itzel. Mateo challenges her to just tell him she wants to be with him and he won’t ever touch another woman.

How can he get her back? Manara sticks to her story–she’s working on her career and if he keeps behaving like this, things are going to keep going badly.

Uh huh, and is this coming from her or her brother?

Manara remembers Amado’s threats and tells him to get out of her car.

Rafa finds Itzel and the boys and starts picking a fight about which one of them knew and didn’t tell him. Nico says he knew and BTW, they’re on mom’s side. Itzel asks them to let her talk to Rafa alone.

Right away he wants to know if she’s with Mateo. No…not because she didn’t want to be, but he turned her down.

Dylan’s in the studio ready to let Mateo listen to some stuff, but not before Chalino gives Mateo a hard time for causing a scene earlier. Mateo’s still convinced Manara’s brother is manipulating her.

Itzel’s not quitting. And does Manara know what he did to Mateo’s brother? If Rafa’s innocent why can’t she work here? She assures Rafa she has no plans to tell Mateo anything. He’d only go after Rafa and, well…he’s her boss and she needs this job.

Fernando’s not dead yet. His phone keeps ringing. Itzel catches Santi in the hallway and tells him to quit hiding things from her already. He admits something’s going on with the guy he told her about. He needs her help.

Radio station

Alexis gets back, telling Selva he had an emergency with his nephew. Has he missed more than just this one time? Because already she’s hassling him about needing to decide whether he’s going to be committed to the station or not. She’s pissed he didn’t call her. And she’s not going to talk about it right now because she has a meeting.

Alexis sees Fierro and asks where the boss is. Signing contracts, why? In that case, Alexis needs Fierro’s help.

Selva joins Lorenzo, Elena, and Amado in the office and proposes the idea about the book, to be published by Treviño Publishing. Amado needs to think about it.


Rafa calls Neto and tell shim he wants Itzel out of the house. Neto’s confused–he can’t go back on what the reports by Lucho said after they paid all that money for them. What happened?

Rafa whines that Mateo hired her and made him look stupid. Neto laughs. He thinks it was a good move on Mateo’s part. Rafa starts talking “war.” After he hangs up with Neto, he calls Lucho and says he wants to talk to his informant.

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3 years ago

Thank you for your recaps. I discovered this gem of a show and been faithfully watching it via YouTube and some streaming sites all the way from Nigeria. Please keep up recapping cos I watch every episode in Spanish without understanding a word . Your recaps put much needed words to actions I see playing out. I love this show so much. Thanks once again. *patiently waiting for Tuesday’s recap*

3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Lol! Finding a complete episode with great english CC is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, International audiences can watch excerpts of the episodes (with great CC) on YouTube Telemundo channel. Watching an entire episode with great English CC is the challenge. is blocked down here so I usually hunt for the rest of the episode (without English CC) on YouTube or some streaming sites that cater to telenovelas.

Once again, thanks for the much needed recaps. Oh! Thanks for the timely recap of #20!!! I just pray Telemundo Africa airs this great novela *fingers crossed*