La Mujer del Vendaval Wednesday 1/25/17 #51

House guest

Yep, Marcela bought the “your ranch, your responsibility” argument, so…Camilo stays. And Al’s all for her taking responsibility, just NOT HERE!

Maria Laura gets Luciano all worked up. Yep, Camilo and Marcela had one of those romantic movie kind of loves and she SAID she was in love with him, but…well…now she says she’s in love with Alessandro. Ever since Camilo found out her wedding with Alessandro was fake, he keeps coming around because he’s convinced Marcela’s still in love with him and then he and Al fight and then Al fights with Marcela…. Luciano stomps off to go yell at Camilo himself.

In Alba’s room, the argument rages on, with plenty of time for Silvana and Luciano to show up. Marcela tries to apologize for the shouting, but this is a work matter. Luciano asks what “work” has to do with her ex being in her house. (Well, it’s a very big house….)

Yeah, Luciano knows she nearly married Camilo. Maria Laura gives an innocent look and a “They asked!” Alessandro wants him to stay out of it, but Luciano says Al has completely lost his will and his dignity if he lets Camilo stay in the house. Silvana apologizes for Luciano, but this whole thing is weird. Marcela admits she did love Camilo and she did nearly marry him, but that was in the past. She loves Alessandro now. But Camilo IS her employee. Silvana just wanders off.

ML tries to blame this all on Nisa and Nisa plays along…but Marcela wouldn’t be so cruel as to throw Camilo out after she’s already tossed him aside to marry Al! Marcela gives ML a stern talking-to about not being such a blabbermouth. ML and Nisa leave Camilo, Al, and Marcela to work this out alone. (That’s just mean to Camilo!)

Marcela tries to get Alessandro to sympathize with Camilo–he left here full of hope and came back to find her married. Um, no, Al STILL doesn’t buy that story, even if Ilse said it was true. Marcela insists that she DOES love Al and Camilo being in the house doesn’t change that.

But Al’s worried about his dad thinking he’s spineless (because a dude’s always spineless if he does what a woman wants in defiance of what another man thinks he should do, but if he does what another man thinks he should do then he’s, like totally spineful or something). Marcela begs him to just let her fix up the guest room and move Camilo out there, but she can’t just abandon him because she feels like she owes him. Al looks all tortured, but he agrees.


Octavia claims she didn’t tell Timo about the Castelós because she thought HE might be in league with them. She couldn’t trust anyone. She even thought they’d sent Alessandro on ahead of them to seduce Marcela, but now she can see he’s really in love with her.

Oh, Timo could never betray his love for money.

That’s nice, but…if he’s so honest, why is he trying to make a deal with Severo to buy that land?

Timo tells Octavia Severo’s menso and a liar. Timo made an offer on HER behalf so she could negotiate a better price. He wanted to try to drive the price down. Oh, she wounds him with her doubts! He babbles about his heart and she tells him to see a cardiologist. She’s here for bidness.

She starts convincing Timo they need to do something about the wedding, not that it takes much doing. He’s been working on it already, with the help of Marcela’s ex, Camilo.

Timo takes all the credit for the idea of using Camilo to bust up Al and Marcela’s relationship. Brief derail into Timo mixing up his cyclops mythology, but what he wants to say is that Octavia’s sooooo perceptive. The thing is, Octavia doesn’t think Camilo’s having any luck. She wants to check things out, but she can’t show up at El Vendaval.


Mateo brought Sagrario back out to the spot where they found her and he wants her to show him, step by step, what happened.

Sagrario sobs and says she can’t remember and Mateo keeps yelling at her. He’s sorry, but he doesn’t believe her. Dr. Emiliano said it couldn’t be a fall, then he said it was. And the highest rock around here isn’t that high. And if she can’t remember, then how can she even be sure it WAS a fall?

Sagrario sobs and says she can’t remember. And what difference does it make? He just wants to know. Well, she just wants to go home. She doesn’t remember and that’s the end of it.

Mateo finally can’t take any more crying. He hugs Sagrario and drops the questioning.


Nuria changed her outfit and is back on the couch under a blanket by the time Cris gets back to the house. Still, he asks what she was doing at the Toscana.

Cris isn’t buying Nuria’s innocent act and they’ve never lied to each other before. OK, OK, Nuria admits it–she was spying on him to see how far things had gotten with Alba. He tells her to be direct with him, so after a little more leading she gets to “I want you to admit that you’re in love with her.” (Oh, Nuria! You’re shoving him away here.)

OK, yes, Cris thinks Alba’s pretty, he likes her, he considers her a friend…but from there to being in love with her is an abyss. Nuria thinks it’s a small step. Whatever, Cris is a married man and he’s not crossing that line. Nuria says that doesn’t change how he feels. Cris promises no matter how many pretty women cross his path, she’s the only one he cares about.

“Swear.” Uh, how is he not already swearing? He tells her to cut the teenage drama.

Alba plays in the dining room and fantasizes that the piano goes on without her and Cris shows up for magic piano smoochies.


Alessandro still hasn’t gotten a response from the bank and he’s thinking of sending his proposal directly to each of the board members. Marcela’s OK with that, but she’s more worried about whether he told his parents about the church wedding. That and the fact that his dad hates her. He insists they’re here to get to know her and form an opinion. Yeah, she thinks she’s doing everything just right to convince them she’s the wrong woman.

Al says they have to convince them their love goes beyond what they think of her, or him, or their suspicions….

They think she took that necklace, don’t they? Al says they do. She didn’t even realize they knew! And here she is worrying about her manners and that’s not even the problem. Al’s sure once they get to know her, they’ll realize she couldn’t have done it. Marcela decides she needs a walk.

Luciano’s convinced he’s right and he doesn’t want to get to know Marcela any better. Silvana keeps trying to tell him they don’t know her well enough yet. And no, they can’t get involved in Alessandro’s marriage.

Nisa and ML congratulate each other on how effectively they’ve managed their respective family members.

Marcela tries to go talk to Silvana and Luc, but Luc’s out of the house. Well, in that case, she’ll apologize to Silvana for the weird welcome–they’re not big on luxuries around here, but they’re usually more hospitable! And also, she didn’t steal that necklace. She’s not a thief.

Silvana seems embarrassed that Marcela knows. Al shouldn’t have told her.

Marcela says what Al shouldn’t have done was show up at the hacienda with lies. Although, they did fall for each other after a while and now Marcela thinks they were destined for each other ever since The Night On Isla Garza Blanca.

Oh yeah, Silvana heard all about that. Marcela wants her to know she doesn’t go around having one night stands with strange men…but Al is different. Silvana heard it was magic. Marcela waxes rhapsodic about how they were so real, even though they were wearing masks. She realizes now that Al was running from his marriage and well, she was running from Camilo standing her up. Yep. “That guy.”

Luc asks Al what’s going on with Camilo. He mocks Al about Marcela “wearing the pants.” (Once again–he listens to his wife, he’s spineless, but if he listens to you he’s totes independent? It don’t work that way, dude.) Now he’s bugging him about how having the ex around is just going to poison everything, even after the guy’s gone.

Al’s like, secure in their love, but Luciano keeps poking at him about it and saying Marcela’s turning him into a puppet instead of a “real man.” (You mean, like you? Pass!) He thinks the relationship with Damiana was a failure, but the one with Marcela will be an even bigger one.

Marcela explains that she didn’t realize she didn’t really love Camilo until she met Alessandro. OK, but Camilo’s here under her roof? Silvana can’t understand that, or how Alessandro can accept it. Marcela says he’s her employee and she owes him because he didn’t actually leave her for another woman.

Damn, Luciano’s really trying to pick a fight. He’s not saying anything new, just the same stuff repeatedly. Oh, no, wait, wanting to BET that Al will find Marcela in bed with Camilo is new.

Marcela tells Silvana the story. She figures Silvana’s trying to figure out if she’s a liar–and she appreciates that Silvana’s being honest about it. Silvana says she’s just trying to figure out what it is Al sees in her. She wants to know that Marcela is what’s best for Al. So far, all she knows is that he looks at her the way he never looked at anyone else–not even Damiana.

But she still thinks Marcela could be a thief? That necklace could tempt anyone. Oh, no, not Marcela–for one thing she can’t tell the difference between real and fake jewelry. And she’s never been rich–her life is filled with worrying about things like vaccinating animals and crops and whether they’ll get rain. That’s what’s worth it to her, not jewels.

What about what she could buy with them? She could save her ranch.

But what good would that do if she were a thief? She wouldn’t even be worthy to be on this land. Anyway, she hopes Silvana will get to know her. She loves Al and her hands are clean–the only dirt she’ll find is the dirt of the hacienda. Silvana says she’ll try to give her the benefit of the doubt. The fact that she’s tried to speak to her about it directly is a good start.

Pobre Inés

Mauro finally reaches Inés. Does she really have to explain how Octavia did this in retaliation?! He tells her he’ll fix this.

Timo’s suggesting Octavia go to El Vendaval as his “date” when Mauro comes in, demanding to speak to her. How dare she fire Inés!

Luisito wants Mauro to come over so he can see his medal. Inés gets stuck making excuses.

Octavia admits she fired Inés for messing with what’s “hers.” Oh, Mauro doesn’t like it? Is he going to accuse her of sexual harassment? Mauro says he has emotional needs–oh please don’t make her cry! She doesn’t like it when her toys make her cry! And he’d better remember he’s not just her toy, he’s her accomplice too.

Mauro says he’ll continue her “game” but she needs to give Inés her job back. Nope, Octavia doesn’t share her toys and she needs to make sure that’s clear to all her female employees. He’d better get used to the idea that Inés isn’t coming back. If he brings it up again, he can kiss his career goodbye. (Wow. I didn’t think I could hate her any more than I already did.)

Casa Timo

Mike eavesdrops as Timo asks Severo about the paperwork. He didn’t happen to steal it from El Vendaval did he?

Getting ready for dinner

Sagrario’s home and wants to get cleaned up and into the kitchen. Maria Laura’s at least shocked to see her mom in this condition, but who knows how long that will last. Rosa tells Mateo about all the fuss Camilo caused by moving in.

ML helps Sagrario into bed. And she doesn’t believe the lies. She wants Sagrario to swear on the Virgen that she doesn’t know who got into the hacienda.

Marcela’s had a shower and she’s getting ready to impress Al’s mom. He’s glad Marcela talked to her. He feels awful that she’s having to prove herself innocent instead of the other way around. Marcela’s also worried about Al keeping a good relationship with his parents–especially his mom. She can tell they have a great relationship. Al tells her not to even bother trying to deal with his dad. He’s an ass. Eh, Marcela’s used to dealing with bulls. “But he’ll insult you!” So, she’ll insult him back. And she’s taking the shotgun…kidding!

Yeah, just in case, he’ll confiscate it. Marcela’s gonna confiscate his “arms” too…the literal ones. And a few other parts. *smoochies*

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

“(because a dude’s always spineless if he does what a woman wants in defiance of what another man thinks he should do, but if he does what another man thinks he should do then he’s, like totally spineful or something)” YES!! This puts it so perfectly. Why when I tell someone what to do they get out the whip crack noise but when its a guy ordering everyone around like he owns the world its ok. “(Once again–he listens to his wife, he’s spineless, but if he listens to you he’s totes independent? It don’t work that way, dude.)” apparently… Read more »