La Reina de la Canción Monday 6/05/17 #25

Yay! It’s Monday!

OK, look, I’m really trying to be enthusiastic here, because every episode brings us closer to the end of the show.

Alejandra’s still going with the fringe theme…this time it’s beaded. I’m jealous. I can’t wear stuff like that…because I have cats. What? What did you think I was going to say?

Oh, good grief, she calls Carmen up there to prove she’s still alive. And we’re going to talk about it. Or they are. I might not. The whole thing annoyed me. Yohanny’s annoyed face in interview amused me, but after that all the “was it real or fake” thing was just…I’m over it. It was Thursday. That was, like, forever ago. Ya hombre, get on with the singing!

Los Horóscopos de Durango – No más falto yo

Oh! Oh! Oh! We get to hear Vicky and Marisol tonight! I think this is that beat a lot of the contestants struggle with and they’re just up there like NBD. And that is why they’re captains. This is a brand new song. Vicky says they haven’t even recorded it yet and she was as nervous as a contestant.


While they go change, we get to review Faintgate again. I really just have to ignore this before I start snarking like a contestant. Carmen’s face after the footage of the other contestants…she is furious. She thanks the people who sent her POSITIVE messages.

And yet…we go back to “Not everyone believed you.” Hey, if Poncho believes in them not saying things they might have to eat later, why isn’t he putting a stop to interviews like this?

And if the other contestants think she’s faking for attention, hello, best way to deal with that is not give it to her.

Oh, so Carmen invokes “Poncho says,” but Poncho has nothing to say. And it JUST KEEPS GOING. Drop it already!

Hey, remember that time there was underwear on the floor? Anybody else missing that time?

NO, I do NOT want to hear from Evelyn about what people online are saying!

Singing? Please?

OK 4 contestants will sing tonight, 4 tomorrow, and 1 more goes home on Wednesday.

Carmen Rios – Te Amaré Toda La Vida

She’s totally channeling Jessica Rabbit with the outfit and the hair. And she’s still being sloppier with her pitches than I would like. There are nice moments, but in general it’s just…ok. I appreciate the way they’ve got the backdrop and the dress and the song all going together like that.

Oh, Poncho, come on! She came to sing? Then why are we getting “just ok” from her? Even Lucero’s like “well, some of the notes.” I swear, she’s giving her points for not being completely overcome by the drama. That’s just the job! That’s not something you get a cookie for! Marisol noticed the Jessica Rabbit thing too 🙂 but did she have to go for the “not here to make friends” thing. Vicky thought it was elegant.

Sandra Padilla Cervantes – Mi Último Deseo

This is such a good song for her! And the words just keep going and going and going. I think that’s the only thing I don’t like–I love listening to her do those long held out notes and there aren’t any in here.

Ale says her parents are here tonight. Lucero loved it, she loved her breath support. Poncho says she gave it her personal touch. Vicky also brings up breath support and Marisol says she’s got such good stage presence.

Olivia Calderón – El Amor De Su Vida

Oh no…the words. *facepalm* And compared to Sandra she sounds out of breath. And I feel like that dress is trying to fall off her and it’s not helping. This is not the usual Olivia.

Alejandra says she was having problems with the song even in rehearsals. Poor Lucero doesn’t know what to say. She has such a great voice, but the words. Vicky says they know what she’s capable of, but they needed to hear more from her. And Marisol brings up that it’s her birthday. Aw, man. Poncho tells her she has to keep reminding them about why she’s back. Vicky says she has fan support, but she can’t relax.

Yohanny Rodriguez – Como Quien Pierde A Una Estrella

Yohanny feels like she has something to prove to Poncho tonight. She says he’s never had a good thing to say about her? I’m not going to go back and check. And I hate the idea of trying to get someone else’s approval for…anything.

Nope, nope, nope. Already out of tune right at the beginning. Poncho says she’s convinced she’s going to win, but she needs to keep working. I don’t think that’s quite what she was looking for. Lucero also mentions her conviction. Some intonation? Some notes? Oh, come on! I’m sorry, Lucero but to me “bringing it” includes technique too. Vicky liked it.


Let the torture begin.

Vicky and Marisol say they can’t let obvious mistakes slide. Olivia’s at risk of elimination.

Poncho gets to be the one to announce someone who’s staying…Sandra. (Whew!)

And Lucero gets one of each. She reminds them they’re looking for the full package. The one staying tonight is…Carmen.

OK, it’s our turn. You’ve got an hour on the phones and until 10am Eastern on Twitter or the Univision Conecta app. And you can cast up to 10 votes per method.

To support Olivia call 1-866-918-8803 or on Twitter use #OLIVIAVOTA

To support Yohanny call 1-866-918-8808 or on Twitter use #YOHANNYVOTA

Tomorrow: the other four finalists sing.

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Thanks Kat. I was so relieved when Sandra got saved.

I’m also bummed that we’re getting close to the end of it, so in a way it’s good they keep harping on Faintgate (kudos) because it’s just annoying enough that maybe I won’t miss the show as much.