La Reina de la Canción Tuesday 6/06/17 #26

By now we’re all getting into the habit, right?

Alejandra reminds us we’re listening to four more contestants tonight. Olivia and Yohanny are already at risk of elimination and two more will go up tonight. Tomorrow, one contestant goes home.

Banda el Recodo – Vale la Pena

But first we get to hear Poncho perform, along with Charly and Geovanni. Since Poncho’s in the back playing clarinet, mostly all I have to say about him is that he’s moving in rhythm with the other guys and he looks like he’s having a good time.

Ale thanks the guys. Geovanni and Charly congratulate the contestants on all the progress they’ve made since their last visit.


While Poncho’s off changing, Ale talks to the other three judges. We’re talking nerves again. Gotta get those nerves under control.

Deyra Barrera – Y Ahora Te Vas

Deyra’s comfortable on stage, but the cameras make her nervous. She knows she needs to get used to it and be the Deyra people are used to seeing.

She seems comfortable tonight. Lucero also thought so, especially as she got into the song. She loved Deyra’s voice, her intonation. Marisol and Vicky don’t have much to add to that. Poncho thinks she’s getting more “mature” every week in terms of not just her as a person, but her performances.

Lluvia Vega – Por Amarte Asi

Lluvia has been working on letting her story be something that gives her strength and makes her unique.

They sped the song way up and it bothers me so much it’s hard to just listen to her. I do feel like it’s too fast for her to be able to keep up with the words and she’s having to gulp in breaths. She gets to have a few moments to shine, but mostly it feels like a non-stop barrage of words.

The judges liked it. Poncho complains about their terrible problem as all the contestants keep improving. Lucero thought she had a lot of tenderness in this song and sweetness. (Uh, at its original speed, yeah, it might have.) Vicky liked a lot of what she heard, but she did notice some issues. Marisol says she also has trouble with romantic songs. And now we get the “no feelings” jokes between Vicky and Marisol. (Aw. I’m going to miss them.)

Beatriz Montes – Quién Como Tú

Beatriz talks about not wanting to believe and not wanting to get her hopes up, but she’s feeling like she’s closer than ever to her dream.

This got off to a rocky start in terms of pitch, but Beatriz is having fun with it. I think nerves got to her–we’ve heard her do better. But even on a bad night, she’s still Beatriz.

Yeah, Lucero mentioned the pitch, nerves, and maybe she wasn’t as comfortable doing a ballad. But she did notice that Beatriz was feeling it. Poncho says the person who’s going to win this competition is going to have to be able to do it all–baladas, rancheras, every rhythm. (*sigh* How come women always gotta be doing everything?) And they can’t keep letting mistakes slide. Vicky likes it when Beatriz uses her falsetto, but yeah, tonight was an off night.

Verónica Rosales – La Ley Del Monte

Verónica has been up for elimination a lot, but she feels like she’s learned from it. She thinks her hard work is starting to pay off and she’s going to make it to the end.

That was a really solid performance. Yes, yes, Poncho, sucks to be you. Poncho…and let me see if I can clean this up for him a bit here…would like to hear a smoother transition between notes. But yes, Verónica has grown and that reflects well on her. Vicky says Verónica always surprises her, she’s sounding stronger. Marisol points out her diction. Lucero actually would have liked it a little less “big” the whole way and some more variety. I’m paraphrasing.


My least favorite part.

Poncho says they’re looking for someone who can do any genre and isn’t afraid of a challenge. He’s putting Beatriz M up for elimination.

Vicky talks to Deyra about her fear of cameras. She can’t let that get to her. Marisol says they need her to work on it. And she’s safe. (Don’t freak me out like that!

Lucero says they really needed to deliberate this week–they didn’t agree immediately. The person who’s safe is…Veronica. That means Lluvia is up for elimination.

You know the drill. You’ve got an hour on the phones and until 10am Eastern on Twitter or the Univision Conecta app. And you can cast up to 10 votes per method.

To support Beatriz call 1-866-918-8805 or on Twitter use #BEATRIZMONTESVOTA

To support Lluvia call 1-866-918-8810 or on Twitter use #LLUVIAVOTA

Tomorrow: someone goes home. Chiquis Rivera visits.

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Gracias, Kat. You’re the Reina de los Recaps.

“… Vicky and Marisol. (Aw. I’m going to miss them.)”

Me too *sniff*. I want them to have their own show.

But it was so not cool the way the gave me a heart attack with Deyra.