La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 1/27/17 #53


Mateo’s not happy that Sagrario’s in the kitchen, but she insists there’s a ton of stuff to do–especially now that Marcela has invited Emiliano and his sister to dinner.

And what’s he been up to? Um, cleaning out the storage room so Camilo can stay in it. He had an accident and Alessandro’s sister decided to bring him back to the house to recover. “Santo Dios!” That’s one way to put it.

Sagrario’s on to the part of this where it was all on purpose to get between Marcela and Alessandro, but she thinks Camilo’s the one behind it. Mateo breaks it to her that The Parents already know, Al’s dad was pissed off, and he has no idea what Al’s mom thinks. And Mateo doesn’t think it’s so wrong for Marcela to have let him stay–he didn’t do anything wrong, so why is Sagrario treating him like a criminal. (Uh, ’cause she can smell the bad intentions from a mile away?)

Marcela comes in, asking to speak to Sagrario and Mateo tells her the storage room is nearly cleaned out and they’ll paint tomorrow.

In the office, Marcela all but tells Sagrario she thinks she’s lying and the cut on her neck came from the missing letter opener. Sagrario gets defensive–she’s already told Marcela what happened and she’s got to get back to the kitchen because she’s got a LOT of things to do.

Alessandro suggests to Marcela that if they find different buyers for her crops, they might be able to give the bank a better offer. Sounds good, but she changes the subject to her aunt. Sagrario’s sticking to her story, but Marcela still thinks she’s lying.

Al reasons that the only thing taken was the letter opener. And if she’s covering for someone she knows, like a friend’s son, what can they do? Nothing, Marcela supposes. Al thinks they can wait until they press charges in the city and figure out what happened then…but what charges are they going to press? That someone stole a letter opener?

The #$%@#$%@#$% necklace

Nisa’s furious to see Gordo…wait, his name is Cornelio? Did we know that? She explains to ML that he told her the necklace was a fake and then turned around and sold it. Cornelio whines that he never got paid and it was all Cuchi’s idea! Like she’d believe either of them.

But look, that’s not why they’re here. Nisa brought the necklace here…. “To wear to a party!” ML chimes in. Yeah, and it got stolen and they want to know if anyone tried to pawn it. Cornelio makes a *thinking* face.

Nisa warns him he’d better not hold out on them or she’ll tell her parents what he and Cuchi did. OK, OK, there was a guy…good looking…sexy smile. Gordo attempts to imitate the smile and that’s enough for Maria Laura. She thinks she knows who it was.

Severo gets back to Timo’s and catches Mike buying a plane ticket for the day after tomorrow. Mike doesn’t realize he heard everything and tries to pretend he was just…ordering a pizza…but he couldn’t because…he doesn’t have the number…so he’s going to go get the number from the dormitorio…uh, the directorio….

Cornelio agrees to call them if the guy brings the necklace back and he won’t try to find a buyer. But Tía wants a little something for them. ML promises a hefty “tip.” She reminds them she’s the presidente municipal‘s son’s girlfriend, so they’d better not mess around with them or she’ll have this place shut down.

After they leave, Cornelio starts freaking out again because, IT’S THE NECKLACE!

Maria Laura ditches Nisa in town so she can go to talk to…someone who might know the thief.

Timo makes Severo an offer for the land…that pretty much guarantees that he’s going to accept Octavia’s offer.

In private, Mike says he thinks Severo should take Timo’s offer fast so they can get back to New York. Severo gets menacing, saying Mike seems to be panicking. He’d better not be thinking of telling the truth.

Maria Laura comes over and asks Severo to come outside. Oh, no, she’s not here for money–she wants the necklace. Severo gets menacing (I sure do seem to be writing that a lot) and tries to protest his innocence all at the same time.

When ML can’t get him to ‘fess up, she says she’ll just go to the police. She’ll share her theory that he broke in and beat up her mother when she caught him. And maybe they’ll investigate…. He whines that he would never hurt her mother. “Oh, please!” Maria Laura knows he wants to give her her merecido (what she deserves, what’s coming to her) for cheating on him and she doesn’t care about that. She just wants the necklace. If he didn’t take it then she’ll just file a report and she’ll let the cops deal with it.

OK, fine, he admits it. He took the necklace. But he had nothing to do with what happened to her mother! “I don’t care about her.” (Apple. Tree.) He won’t give her the necklace now and she tells him to give her a place and a time, and SOON. He doesn’t like her tone. Psh…well, he’ll like the police’s “tone” even less, so what’s it gonna be? Severo sets a meeting at the hot springs tomorrow morning.


At the café, Nisa sighs to Amadeo that she wishes she were just one of the common folk. Then love would be easier. He tells her love sure hasn’t been easy for him!

Well, everyone knows she’s in love with Camilo…. And Amadeo can’t figure out why. Plus, Camilo’s more into small-town girls, like Marcela. Nisa starts getting ideas.

She goes to the closest clothing store and says she wants a San Bartolo makeover. She wants to see their entire line of designer traditional Mexican clothing and it MUST be brand-name. The store owner, a little confused, says sure the designer has a name–first and last, even. “Panfilo Pérez.” OK, then, Nisa wants to purchase the entire Panfilo Pérez line.

When Maria Laura gets back to the café, Amadeo is closing up. He said Nisa went to the clothing store…and in walks Nisa with an enthusiastic yip. Maria Laura can’t believe what she’s seeing, but we don’t get to find out what that is just yet.

Hotel stuff

Mauro calls Cristian and finds out that Luciano reinstated Inés.

Mauro’s phone, which is supposed to have been turned off, starts ringing in Octavia’s purse. She’s angry when she sees it’s Inés calling and calls her a “descarada.” Takes one to know one, eh?

Cris finds Alba at the hotel. He admits it, he warned Alessandro not to get involved with her cousin. Now that he knows them, they seem like good people. And definitely Alba’s honest. “Well, you can’t think I’m a good person and my family aren’t!” (Uh…dear, you’ve met your sister, right?)

Look, Cristian hopes Marcela turns out to be who she seems and Al didn’t make a mistake choosing her. O rly? Because it seems like he and Cris think women need to prove themselves worthy, and where she comes from, it’s the woman who does the “choosing.”

Yeah, yeah, she knows what he “means.” And now she knows what he thinks of her and her family. And after they let him into their home and treated him like a guest! Cris says he never doubted her–he can tell the kind of woman she is. He’s so passionate about it that she leans into him…they come within inches of kissing and both decide they can’t do this. But he STILL doesn’t tell her he’s married. *facepalm*

Alba beats herself up for getting carried away. Now Cris is going to think the worst!

For once Nuria missed the show. She’s at home when Cris comes home. And he’s more than willing to tell her all about this necklace drama, but first he needs a drink!

Casa Em and Val

Ilse gets a dinner invitation from her sons and gets all excited. (I hope Amadeo’s not lying about this being OK with Roman.) She asks Valeria if there’s somewhere she can buy them a present. Emiliano walks in just then, headed upstairs to get ready for his dinner tonight. Valeria has no interest in going with him…until he says it’s at Marcela’s house. She runs past him up the stairs to get ready.

Valeria brought a whole collection of killer dresses with her and she can’t pick the right one for maximum impact on Al, Luciano, and Silvana. Ilse is worried that Al’s going to find out she had a relationship with his dad. Oh, no worries–he introduced her as an old friend’s widow and she’s sure his parents won’t want him finding out the truth.


Luciano gets back to the hacienda, claiming he wanted to give Silvana time to get to know the family and decide that Marcela’s all wrong for Al. Um, no, that didn’t happen. And she had to talk to Marcela and explain what happened with Alba.

“I hope you’re not expecting me to apologize!” Silvana says Al’s not going to be happy when he finds out. She thinks it’s best if he talks to Marcela before that happens.

Alessandro and Marcela convince Sagrario to go rest before dinner. When she’s left the kitchen, Marcela tells Al she wants to hurry up and have that talk with his dad. She doesn’t want to share a table with someone who thinks she’s a criminal and her entire family are gold diggers!

Wait…what? She tells him about Luciano’s ranting at Alba…and how she ended up in jail over it and his mom and Cristian had to go get her out! Al’s furious. He wants to deal with Luciano himself, but Marcela convinces him to let her do it. She’s got some experience breaking wild horses. She can handle his dad.

Whoa! There’s a formal dining room at the hacienda? Rosa and Marcela finish setting the table and Marcela sends her to bring wine and tequila. The fancy wine–the stuff her dad kept under lock and key.

Timo time

Don Timo’s all traje’d out (still with the spiked hair) and ready to woo Octavia. Eulogio suggests that a gallo always works.

No way! Not after the turkey incident!

Uh, no he means “gallo” as in serenata, not rooster.

Lencho comes downstairs and gets a load of Timo’s getup…and his talk about how wonderful Octavia is. He tries to warn his dad to slow down, but when Timo tries to pin him down by asking what exactly Lencho’s objection is to having Octavia as his stepmother, Lencho has to back off.

Mike comes downstairs and freaks out at the outfit, exclaiming “Saint Timothy, padre nuestro!” Timo tells him to cool it, he’s not his dad.

Mike begs Timo for a moment. He really needs to talk to him! It’s life or death! Timo says they’ll have to schedule it tomorrow. He’s got wooing to do! Severo spies from the stairs as Mike freaks out alone in the living room.

Timo shows up to pick up Octavia and Mauro gets a good laugh at the outfit. Octavia just looks creeped out. Mauro’s still laughing as they leave the trailer.


Nisa comes to show off her new look to Camilo. She may have tried to go “traditional” but we’re still talking sequins and satin here. She announces that she’s no longer a city girl–she’s now a woman of the plains, simple like him. She’s a new Nisa and she’s here to steal his heart. (Yes, please, take him!)

Um, he likes the look, but he’s still got a thing for Marcela…who walks in just then to let him know they’ve almost got the other “guest room” ready and Rosa will bring him some dinner. He asks for a moment alone and motions to Nisa to leave. Marcela asks her where the parade is. (Heh!)

Camilo starts out asking if the in-laws are upset about him being there and moves on pretty quickly to hitting on her again. She’s getting him settled in a chair and fussing with the pillows when Luciano comes in and takes this the worst possible way, as usual, asking if he’s interrupting something.

Rosa and Alessandro are checking out the wine when Silvana comes in. This is indeed the good stuff. Rosa still thinks tequila’s the way to go–three shots and everybody’s friends. Al figures it would take his dad ten, in that case.

Marcela’s not going to let Luciano turn this into something sordid, but she’s not going to let Camilo bad-mouth a guest either. She and Luciano go off to deal with their pending business.

Valeria is finally ready for dinner. Emiliano thinks the outfit is a bit much for dinner at a hacienda, but she insists she always dresses like this. Well, from what I’ve seen, that’s true.

Marcela sits Luciano down in the office and he tries to start in again on the innuendos, but Marcela cuts him off–her family aren’t social climbers and she’s no thief!

Sagrario starts getting ready for dinner, but she can’t help remembering Severo threatening her. And the creep comes right into her room and starts attacking her again.

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