La Reina de la Canción Wednesday 6/07/17 #27

I voted, you voted, we all voted…and tonight somebody goes home.

Ale welcomes the judges. I agree with Ale, Marisol’s totally doing a Marilyn impression. But more importantly, is there something about their judging that they’re going to change at this point? Basically, no, they’re just going to get pickier.

Chiquis Rivera – Horas Extras

Well, that was saucy! She’s been keeping an eye on the contestants and she thinks they’ve made a lot of progress since the last time she saw them. She can see why the ones who are still here are still here.

Ale asks her for advice managing their personal lives. Chiquis advises finding a balance and not sharing everything with the public.

Who got the votes?

Yohanny got the most votes, so she’s safe tonight.

Beatriz, Olivia, and Lluvia all have to sing.

Poncho assigns Ya Lo Se to Beatriz and she looks relieved.

Lucero assigns Tu Lo Decidiste to Lluvia.

Vicky and Marisol assign No Volveré to Olivia…oh, that was not a positive face.

During the break we get to watch them all grouped up there with Ale trying to remember how the songs go.

Lluvia Vega – Tu Lo Decidiste

The stage is back. I thought we talked about this?

I’m smiling. This is a faithful rendition. She played it safe, but she played it safe successfully and that’s better than her trying to do something different with it and messing it up.

Lucero always looks like she’s trying to MAKE them keep singing without messing up–it cracks me up. She was happy with Lluvia’s performance.

Olivia Calderón – No Volveré

I feel like she’s just slightly off-tempo, but I can’t tell if it’s ahead or behind. This song is so good in her voice.

Vicky and Marisol are both soooo glad Olivia didn’t forget any of the words. Poncho agrees, and yeah he heard some words that were not quite the right words. He felt like she was nervous. But he thought she did a god job. Lucero also felt the tension over lyrics, but she did it with soul.

During the break, we see Olivia getting congrats from the other contestants.

Beatriz Montes – Ya Lo Se

Beatriz really gets to cut loose on this one. I think I can see what that smile was about earlier.

Poncho says there were mistakes. Ale makes a face. He’s annoyed that she mixed up the words. Marisol thinks she could have made it simpler and not embellished as much. Vicky kind of agrees, but she also was really feeling it. And so was Lucero…but she also says they have to be picky about all the other stuff now.

Somebody’s going home

Lucero talks about not letting the details slide while still entertaining the public.

After making a reference to details and forgotten lyrics, Poncho announces that they’ve decided to save Lluvia.

Lucero gets to announce who’s staying and who’s going home. She says they both had problems, but one had a better night than the other. Vicky agrees they have different styles, but they have to choose the one with fewer errors. They’ve decided to save Beatriz…who suddenly looks like that’s not what she was expecting.

She and Olivia have a moment before she heads back to the bleachers. So now that’s twice we’ve had to send Olivia home, which sucks. She thanks people for the second chance they gave her and thanks the judges. She’s had a great time. And then it’s a big shiny, sequinny group hug. Which if something’s gotta end, I guess there are worse ways to go.

Tomorrow: I really have no idea, but we may have to vote again, so…be prepared!

In other news, I finally found that album!

The title is “La Reina de la Canción Homenaje a Juan Gabriel” and it’s available on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Amazon.

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3 years ago

Ooo! Yay! Thanks for the info about the album.