Guerra de Ídolos Thursday 6/08/17 #22

Episode 22: Matón en acción

Leticia sings Que Pase la Siguiente while Neto plays the guitar. He actually looks happy, which is throwing me off.

They take a break and Leti’s being all touchy feely with him and giving him the big eyes and “My mom and I used to watch all your movies.” Neto says he never had a double to do his stunts…or his love scenes. He wants Leticia to get to know him as he is so they have a good connection on stage…because you know, music is all about connection. Leticia says it makes her feel so alive.

Paulino, Neto’s assistant, interrupts with his phone and Neto asks him to show Leti to the stables–they’re going riding.

It’s Rafa calling to ask how it’s going with Leticia. Neto says she’s being rejega (reluctant), selling him the “good girl” persona, so he’s just playing stupid because it’s more fun that way.

Uh huh, hey about that union support for Amado, it’s reeeeeally urgent.

So now Rafa’s the one who needs Amado? OK, Neto will do it, but he’d better warn Amado that Neto will be calling him to talk about his cut of the deal. (Seriously? Just like that?)

JC Records

Mateo runs into Manara in the hallway. She’s all set to record. There’s some banter about winning/losing. Mateo says no success of hers will ever be a failure for him.

Rafa comes up and she goes into the studio. Now it’s the boys’ turn to banter. Mateo’s free to date Itzel since she’d rather be with a loser. Mateo says losers take risks, unlike boring, spoiled daddy’s boys. He thinks Manara’s getting bored too and looking around right in front of Rafa’s face. Well, she’s not looking at Mateo, except that she feels sorry for him. But Rafa’s going to take her to places even Julio César didn’t get to.

“What did you just say?!” Rafa’s already walking away. Isaac comes up the stairs and Mateo says he wants to break Rafa’s face. Now he’s taking JC’s name in vain! Isaac agrees with him, but it’s like he’s barely listening.


Itzel tells Elena that Rafa changed recently. Maybe it’s his midlife crisis. He started to feel like his career was sinking and he’d do anything to stay relevant–even sacrifice their 20-year marriage.

Elena saw the photos of him with Manara. Did Rafa meet her or Amado first?

Itzel doesn’t know. She supposes Rafa’s with Manara because she’s younger. She doesn’t know what his relationship with Amado is.

“Wouldn’t you like to find out?”

“Would you?”

Elena says if Itzel helps her she can get her some good press AND a good defense lawyer, at no cost.

Itzel says she’ll think about it, but she’d be risking a lot.


Manara records Un Dia Sin Reloj, with Rafa in the booth grinning and gloating. (And either the tech guy in there with him is like “Whatever, dude” or I’m just imagining it because I can’t stand Rafa.)

Then it’s time for Manara’s photo shoot. Meh. What’s a bikini got to do with her music, I ask you?

Now, with Isaac’s photo shoot there’s a definite concept. Hats, money, guns, and girls. The problem is, Basi and Valentín look like legit tough guys and Isaac looks like a kid playing dress up. And his version of Ángel con Colmillos just sounds flatter and flatter every time they play it. Ugh! That “con” is killing me!

A few days later

In the JC Records lounge, Chalino passes out the foam-board-mounted photos to Rafa and Mateo and Moisés tells them to pick the one they want for promotional stuff. And tomorrow’s the presentation, so do they have any issues they want to bring up?

Rafa doesn’t and he’s got stuff to do. Oh, Moisés knows–they do too. The family’s coming in from Houston. Rafa just whatevers and gets his grumpy ass out of there.

Moisés tells Mateo things are getting ugly. When they’ve got the money he’s going to start working with the lawyers to buy Rafa out. Mateo says that won’t be enough. They have to win and make Rafa look ridiculous. If he wins, the investors will like him and they won’t want him to leave. Well, Moisés is trusting in Mateo and Isaac to shred him.

Unofficial campaign kickoff

In Amado’s back yard, Agustina passes out drinks to creeps in suits. One tries to grab her. These are Neto’s union “friends.” Amado puts on his fake “man of the people” act and Neto introduces everyone. I have no idea whether their names are actually important, but the creep who hit on Agustina is Collins, from TV and radio. The trash guy is Juan Rivers, formerly Rios, but he’s gone all Americano now. The cleaning guy is Kevin and the transport guy is John LaPute(?). On his side, Amado’s got Frank Canseco from the police union.

Rafa shows up and starts shaking hands and Neto leans over and tells Amado he’s only doing this for Rafa (yes, but WHY?!). He calls for a toast to the next mayor. (*barf*)

Julia sneaks into Manara’s room with a tray full of desserts. What? She burns a lot of calories! Manara’s avoiding going downstairs. She already has to deal with Rafa all day tomorrow.

Julia’s been thinking about Manara’s plan to get her out of the house…but if Manara wins, their situation is going to get worse. Amado will be mayor and she’ll be famous. Manara disagrees–they’ve been locked up because she’s a nobody, but now she’s going to be more famous than Amado and more powerful. She’ll be able to give Julia the life she deserves. “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

Amado needs to fire whoever made the graphic for the front of that information folder. SO CHEESY! And their swag is gold watches. Boring. This is supposed to be his plan, including a bunch of free events for their workers (to win them over, I suppose).

Rafa pulls him aside and says he’s got a lot of dances on that schedule. Yep, and Amado’s putting Rafa in charge of those. Ohkaaaaay…and Rafa has some investors he wants Amado to convince to go against Moisés. Amado’s back in “support my campaign” mode. Yeah, yeah, Rafa’s going to make him popular.


Mateo’s in his room getting dressed when Itzel comes in to show him the interview with Elena. It’s posted online already. Elena respected everything Itzel told her off the record. (Way to score points, Elena!)

You know, she thought at first Mateo was just doing this to bug Rafa, but now she can see he’s a good guy. Seriously. If he ever needs anything, he can count on her. Mateo gives her a friendly hug, bordering on something more, and a kiss on the top of the head…and breaks it off when he hears the family arrive. (There’s something endearing about him walking out with the tag sticking up out of the back of his shirt.)

I guess Celestina and Gilda haven’t seen the house before. They’re really impressed. Celestina gives Dylan a big hug. He and Gilda pretend they’re not dying to snog each other. Itzel thanks Celestina for treating her like part of the family.

Mateo comes downstairs calling out a welcome to his beautiful family. “And Dad.” Ja ja ja. He calls Gilda “cisterna” which I think he’s done before–it’s a play on “sister” but a cisterna is something that holds water, like a cistern…or a toilet tank. Siblings. Gotta love ’em.

Gilda makes a remark about not actually doing any work until AFTER the presentation tomorrow. Celestina’s exhausted. Belinda says they’ve been up late talking a lot. She’s doing ok, growing that baby. She complains that she feels fat. She mentions that she loves what she’s seen of Itzel’s designs and Itzel asks her to help with wardrobe tomorrow.

Gilda sneaks over to Dylan to ask if he talked to Isaac. He says he didn’t tell him or Mateo “anything” but Isaac’s looking at him funny. (Uh…that’s a lie, isn’t it?) He starts getting flirty, saying now that she’s here no one’s going to touch a hair on her head ever again…except him.

Isaac comes downstairs and mom says she’s proud of him and hugs him.

Mateo asks Valentín and Básico what they saw but they say they didn’t see anything. (No clue what this is referring to.) They say they’re ready to win, but it all depends on Isaac. Mateo’s going to have to inject some confidence into him. Mateo calls for a toast to the new principe of corridos.


Moisés gets everyone in the lounge to talk through the event and who’s going to be where. Rafa wants Manara to sing first and Mateo makes a stupid sexist “ladies first” joke that includes the rest of the team.

They’ve got two hours to get ready. Rafa says if there’s nothing else…he gives Isaac a meaningful look before taking his team off to wherever they’re getting ready.

Mateo tells Isaac to just ignore him. Moisés is off to the house to pick up their mom. Chalino says the dressing rooms are ready and the guys wander off.

New creep in town

If I’m getting this right, Amado wants Canseco, the police union guy, for chief of police. He’s waiting to see if his new friends approve or if they have a counteroffer. Neto’s acting as a go-between.

Canseco gets a kick out of Neto acting so respectable, when he loves being a mafioso. Amado smarms that artists like to be treated well. He’ll let Neto feel like a hero, name a street after him and stuff.

So, did Canseco do what he asked? Oh yeah, it’s all ready. He’ll see him there.

Fierro’s in the warehouse supervising a shipment when Amado calls. He needs the shipment to go to Guerrero, but he also needs him to take some guys to East LA to finish a job. Fierro’s running low on people, but he’ll get them.

He gets off the phone and next thing he knows Alexis walks in, which should not be happening. Alexis says Amado told him to be there. He starts to pay Fierro and Fierro pulls him aside. (Right? Not in front of everybody!) Did he find Fernando? Nope. But with that bullet wound, he should be dead.

Suddenly shooting starts and it looks like the warehouse is getting raided by the police.

Canseco walks into the warehouse and tells one of the officers where to take the guns. He calls someone and asks if he’s on his way….

It’s Amado. Alexis is relieved to see him. Amado snaps at Fierro–doesn’t he have anything to say? “Just kill me like you did everyone else who was faithful to you.”

Ah, but Amado knows they tried to trick him! That kid disappeared and Fierro’s been taking money from Alexis to hide it from him and put him at risk.

Alexis doesn’t get how this puts Amado in any danger. Because he no longer needs to pressure “the old man” so what happens if Fernando tries to blackmail him on his own?

Alexis swears he won’t and begs Amado to let them live. Nope, he needs to clean house. His friend Canseco here wants to use them as scapegoats for something Amado did. So…can they give him one reason not to kill them?

Fierro says he should have told Amado. He admits he was angry because of Jiménez. Amado tells him to get up so he can get in his face and say he’s always admired his guts. He’s going to let Fierro live so he knows he’s valued. Fierro appreciates the gesture. (He’s such a perfect toady.)

And Alexis gets to live too. (I’m offended on Fierro’s behalf.) When he talks to all those famous artists, he’s going to convince them to say good stuff about Amado. And he’s going to help Amado with his public presentation skills. He’ll let Selva know. Alexis thanks him for the opportunity.

And now they need to send everything to the other warehouse and clean up this one. And if either one of them screws up again, they both die. That’s what they get for making deals behind his back. Fierro says they’ve got it. (I swear he’s looking at Alexis like he’s going to kill him first chance he gets so Alexis doesn’t get him killed later.)


Nicolas should be getting ready, but he can’t think about anything but Fernando. He’s tried calling a bunch of places, but he can’t find him. Itzel reassures him that bad news travels fast. He would have heard something by now.

She’s hugging him when Mateo comes in. Nico apologizes for being in there, but Mateo says it’s fine–they’re not enemies!

He just came down to check out the dressing room. Itzel says she and Chalino worked on it together. (Right now the only thing Chalino’s working on is his hair.)

Isaac should be down here getting a final fitting, but nobody knows where he is.

He’s sitting in a restaurant somewhere, drinking tequila and ignoring Mateo’s call. He remembers Rafa telling him what he knows and demanding he lose the competition. He has another tequila.


Rafa feels the need to go taunt Itzel about the interview with Elena. He’s sooooo glad she’s happy with her job because she’s sure not making enough for rent! “That’s my problem.” Oh, you bet it is, because he’s not giving her money for anything–not even a lawyer. And she’d better get a good one because that dead woman’s family is angry at her.

Itzel says she didn’t kill anyone and he doesn’t need to worry about her asking him for money, because she won’t. “Well, I’m not giving you any.” (SHE JUST SAID SHE’S NOT ASKING! He’s such a spoiled brat!) He tells her to get a lawyer because she’ll need it–she’s going to jail for a long time.

Itzel pulls herself together after he walks away and calls Elena. She’s decided she wants to meet that lawyer Elena recommended. And if he agrees to take her case, she’s willing to help Elena.

Mateo comes into the dressing room saying they still can’t find Isaac. Itzel’s in there crying. She tells him she ran into Rafa and he always reminds her about Mirta and the trial. Mateo wants to go smack him around, but Itzel’s like “Seriously? He’s TRYING to provoke something!” Mateo needs to control his temper because going after Rafa will NOT help her. She doesn’t want any more problems. Mateo hugs her.

Casa Mateo

Dylan sings Todo for Gilda. He’s got it all finished now. She gives him a big excited hug and says it’s going to be a hit. And she loves the way he sings. But where’s her bank? (Ha! That’s one of the things on the list of “todo” the song says he’s giving her.)

They start snogging, but Gilda feels a sudden pain and starts looking for her calmantes (painkillers, though also apparently sedatives or tranquilizers). Dylan asks when she’s telling her family about that trash Isaac.

“Hey, don’t call him that!” Yes, he’s trash, but he is her brother.

So is Mateo, and Dylan doesn’t like hiding things from him. After everything Mateo’s done for him–and this is how he repays him? Gilda says he knows how Mateo gets. She thinks it’s better if they wait. “But he’s my best friend!” Yeah, and Gilda’s his girlfriend. She starts kissing him again, but ow! And she still can’t find her pills….


Isaac has them. And he’s taking them with his tequila at this mystery restaurant where he asked Belinda to meet him. At first he says it’s nothing–he just likes to be alone before a concert. This is the first time he’s been indispensable. Belinda asks why he’s drinking when he needs to be on top of his game.

“Can I trust you?” No he means really trust her. Because there’s something he wants to tell her.

Belinda doesn’t understand why he’s so nervous–he’s been on lots of much bigger stages.

But this time, he’s the leader and he feels like everyone’s expecting too much from him. He has a weakness, an addiction…he’s done bad things. Belinda thinks he means drugs, but he tells her it’s gambling. And he’s lost a lot of family money. If they find out about it, they’ll hate him–the family, the public. Everyone.

Belinda says his family is so great, they’ll help him. So Isaac blurts out that he stole her ultrasounds to leak to the press to pay his debts, even though it risked his mom’s life. (Wow…wasn’t expecting him to be honest.) He says that’s not the worst thing he’s done.


Rafa makes a nuisance of himself in the lounge, telling the crew to make sure the stage and the cables are clean for “my artist.” (*barf*)

Lucho watches the video of Rafa and Leti in his office. (Disinfect your desk, dude.) His assistant comes in and asks what he’s watching. He says it’s his life insurance. Uh huh. She shows him her tablet and he barely looks at whatever she just asked him if she should send to print.

Rafa calls. Lucho makes a crack about him and Leti and Rafa reminds him to be discreet. If his dad finds out, he’ll let her go. “You want me to hide information from the person I practically owe my career to?”

Rafa says what he wants is for him to relax. He’s busy with some political negotiations that are going to bring in a lot of money for Lucho. So keep Leticia close, because Rafa’s going to need her. “Today is a very important day.”

Lucho tells him to relax. “You can count on me.” He says this as he’s apparently copying the video of Rafa and Leti to a USB drive.

Leti and Neto are hanging out again, having breakfast at the ranch. She asks what they’re doing after–rehearsing or what? Neto jokes, “Or what.” He’s going to introduce her to his musicians so he can hear her with the whole band before he decides. She doesn’t think it will be that difficult. She says she’s been waiting all her life for this opportunity and she won’t waste it.


Itzel tells Mateo she used to be like him. So open, showing her feelings. Then she realized it doesn’t help. She needed to be cold, calculating, strategic. Mateo wonders if it’s possible to do that and still be yourself.

Oh, she’s not telling him not to be himself, just not to show his temper. Manara’s getting what she wants, but does he really think her heart is in it? She’s not like them. She’s like Rafa–capable of doing anything for success.

Anyway, she’s off to look for Isaac. It’s getting late.

Mateo remembers Manara challenging him to beat Rafa if he wants to win her.

Bianco surprises Manara in her dressing room with flowers. Candelaria leaves them alone and goes to check on Rafa.

Manara asks him for a favor. She knows he’s Rafa’s friend, but this isn’t just a presentation to her–it’s an audition. For him. He’s the best artist at Megavisa, the Artistic Director, and she wants to work for him.

“You know you’re Rafa’s great hope. He’s invested a lot in you.”

Manara bitterly says she needs to get away from this label and everything around it. She wants to be with the best.

Bianco knows Rafa will consider it a betrayal. Manara says she’s in his hands…she says it all flirty. She says ever since she’s met him she’s trusted him. Then he’ll need to see a copy of her contract. She’ll get him one, but not a word to Rafa.

Just then Rafa walks in, saying he heard his name. Bianco says they were just saying how much they both admire him. Look at this label! It’s the envy of all artists who want to go independent. Rafa thanks him for the praise.


Gilda and Dylan come back from getting more painkillers. She’s laughing and telling him not to make her laugh because it hurts. Moisés sees them walking in arm-in-arm and starts snapping at them that the doesn’t want Gilda close to Dylan. Not after what happened to the hospital. He wants Dylan to stay away from his daughter.

Celestina comes in and tells him to calm down. Dylan excuses himself and Gilda tells him to wait for her. Before she walks out she tells her dad if he wants to work with her, then he needs to respect her.

Celestina asks what that was all about. Moisés says he’s nervous. He’s afraid he’s screwed everything up with the thing today…all of it. He accepted Rafa’s money thinking when they were back on their feet he could buy him out. “But now Rafa’s turned against you.” Moisés agrees. And if his team wins, he’ll have more influence with the investors. Moisés could end up out of the family’s own business.

More revelations

Belinda can’t believe Isaac did this to them, used them this way. He says he’s asking her to listen, not to judge. The people blackmailing him want him to lose the competition. They know everything and they have proof.

She realizes this means it’s “the other team.” Isaac says he has to lose, there’s no going back.

Well, Belinda disagrees. This is his chance and his family’s chance. No matter what they say, his family will understand.

But will she understand?

Belinda says she will. Admitting your mistakes makes you human. He needs to get up on that stage today and win. “Do you think I can? And people will buy my songs?” She says of course they will. He has everything he needs to be a star, he just has to believe in himself.

He asks if she believes in him. “Absolutely!” Isaac kisses her and she freezes, with a confused look on her face.

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Yay! Your recap is finally here *dancing for joy*!!! Thanks. Sweet Lord!!! Isaac and Rafa are not good for my blood pressure. Even Amado doesn’t get me as worked up as those two spoiled Daddy’s boys. Ugh! For a moment I thought Isaac was on the cusp of being a better man but then he had to go and kiss his late brother’s pregnant ‘woman’. Oh Isaac!!! *sigh* My face looked like Belinda’s at that uncomfortable moment. Oh! I feel like with Isaac’s confession, everything will soon come to light. Question:How will Mateo react when everything comes to light? Right… Read more »