Guerra de Ídolos Friday 6/09/17 #23

Episode 23: Papelón en el escenario

Belinda puts a stop to Isaac’s unexpected smooch quickly and tells him to respect his brother’s memory and the fact that she’s carrying his child. But Isaac’s got this idea in his head that they “need” each other.

She’s just trying to get his spirits up, and that’s all. He says he knows this isn’t the time or place, but…he’s always liked her. And who could be better than him to take care of her son?!

She agrees. It’s NOT the time or the place! He needs to go get on that stage and give it his all and win–for his family and his nephew, ok?

“And for you? If you ask me, I won’t care about the people blackmailing me.” He wants her to ask like she really means it. OK, fine, she asks. Do it for her. And he wants her to promise him they’ll talk after. She completely ignores the question and grabs him and his hat to get them out of there.


Bianco hangs out with Rafa in the lounge while Rafa explains that the performances will go up online so people can compare and then buy the single and the one who sells the most gets the contract. His idea, Bianco supposes? Rafa’s so proud of himself for coming up with it.

Bianco asks what the contracts will be like. Rafa says it’s a one year contract, except he expects Manara to win and he’ll extend it for two more years. She’s the future of this place.

And are the Solars OK with that? Rafa, under the influence of ego and tequila, says he’s the one who makes the decisions around here. He brags about how they should talk more later because he’s doing some high-level political stuff.

Mateo comes into the lounge looking for Isaac and briefly meets Bianco. Rafa’s in a hurry to get Bianco away from Mateo and says they have things to do. Nobody has seen Isaac. Itzel says Belinda’s not answering her phone either.

Casa Matamoros

Selva’s in town. She didn’t want him to pick her up at the airport because Lorenzo came with her. He tries to get all lovey and she asks him to take things a little shower, please.

OK…he brags about finally meeting the union guys and how he’s going to get support and votes. She has good news for him, too–Alexis agreed to coach him, to prepare him for the debates. Amado says that’ll be good for him because he’s used to talking only to animals…and then he immediately calls for Agustina and asks her to bring them a bottle of champagne. (*shudder*)

Agustina says the chauffeur wants to know if he’s going to Manara’s presentation. He gives her an annoyed look for asking and says they’ll see how it goes–he’s busy right now. (Come on, Selva! Quit giving him polite laughs…he pretty much just showed you how little regard he has for the people around him, including his sisters!)

JC Records

Julia arrives and finds Nicolas in the board room. Itzel comes in and he introduces them. She coldly says they’ve met and barely looks at her. Julia goes off to find Manara.

Nicolas tells her to quit giving Julia attitude. The only people responsible for her and Rafa’s divorce are her and Rafa. He wants her to support him the same way he’s always supported her. Not that he’s saying she owes him.

And why does she have a problem with Manara anyway? Because of his dad or Mateo? Itzel pulls rank–she’s his mother! He doesn’t get to put conditions on her!

Isaac finally shows up, with Belinda. He tells Mateo he just needed some time alone and gets up on stage to rehearse Ángel con Colmillos with the guys. Rafa wanders by the lounge when he’s up there and makes a face. Gilda and Dylan come in and Gilda starts taking video. At least he’s singing like himself now, but it’s not a huge improvement. Fix that “con” already dude!

Itzel comes in as they finish and tells the guys they need to get to wardrobe already–the press are arriving. They wander out as Itzel complains about how late it is.

Manara comes in. Mateo says she looks nice and she mentions Candelaria, Bianco’s stylist, bringing a bunch of stuff for her. Yeah, she’s surrounded by important people now, huh?

Manara changes the subject. She liked the arrangement he did for Isaac. Mateo says they’re trying to give it some spin. It’s…going.

But what he’d really like to give another spin is her body in his bed. She grins at him.

In the board room, Valentín, Básico and Isaac chow down on cookies. (WHY ARE YOU NOT GETTING DRESSED?!) Valentín can’t resist cookies. That sounds like potentially important information.

Rafa asks to talk to Isaac. (*groooooan*) Isaac tells the guys to go get changed. Sure, Valentín can take the tray of cookies. (Itzel is going to strangle you guys with a tape measure! No food around the pretty clothes!)

Rafa wants to know if Isaac’s actually singing now to throw everyone else off or to provoke him. Well, Isaac’s been thinking about it and he thinks he could deny the accusations. Or maybe he could accept them. And then Rafa would have nothing. He’s not going to waste this opportunity. Rafa can do whatever he wants, but today Isaac’s going to win.

Hey, has Rafa heard el canto de la trucha? Pues, calla y escucha (“the song of the trout” “be quiet and listen”; a childish joke usually followed by a fart).

Rancho Zabala

Neto has indeed assembled the whole band and now he sings lead on Que Pase la Siguiente while Leti comes in on backup with some harmonies.

Neto calls for a break and offers her a drink. He makes the innuendo that first he takes a drink and then he takes whatever he wants. Whatever “taking” he had in mind is interrupted by her phone.

She pretends she’s talking to her friend “Berenice” but it’s Rafa. He insists she get down to the studio NOW and Leticia says she’s really busy. Rafa says if she doesn’t, he’ll tell his dad the truth and she’ll lose her chance to sing.

So Leti tells Neto that her friend’s dad is dying and she said she’d go be with her.

Wardrobe. Now. Please.

Belinda finds Isaac. She brought his clothes. She tells him he sounded great just now.

Yeah, Isaac’s finally starting to think he could win this thing, but he’s feeling the effects of the stuff he took. He’s worried about passing out on stage.

Belinda tells him not to think about it. Just focus! She’ll leave his clothes in the dressing room and get him more coffee. Gilda comes in to tell him he did great–she sent the video to their dad and he’s on his way over. He gets a little whiny, “See, I told you all I needed was a chance.” Gilda hugs him.


Dylan’s in the board room having some coffee. Diego wants to talk to him, but Dylan’s trying to ignore him. Diego says he feels awful about what’s going on with them and he hopes Dylan can understand him one day.

Riiiiight. Dylan thinks Diego’s starting to realize what a mistake he made. Mateo’s recording Dylan’s single, the label is going to launch him as a soloist, and Diego is losing out.

Diego disagrees. He’s not losing. He’s doing his thing and he’s clear about his decisions. He’s with Rafa and Dylan’s with Mateo, and they both stand to gain a lot. But he’s referring to their friendship.

Oh. Well, Dylan can think of one way he’ll forgive Diego–if he messes up in the show. That’s his price. If Diego wants him and Mateo to forget what happened, screw up royally. Hey, he’ll even record his single with Diego as a duo.

(Well…at least nobody threw punches?)

Almost there!

The dudes are getting’ all studly in their velvet jackets and Manara’s…wearing something. I don’t like the little pointy things all over the neck and the skirt. It’s just not a good look.

Manara asks her team to come together so she can thank them and tell them she feels lucky to have them with her up on stage and she hopes they do well and that they have a good time. (See, Amado? It’s easy to talk to people when you actually think they’re people. I’m amazed Rafa is letting her have this moment without needing to take over.)

Moisés and Celestina get to the lounge, which is full of people–including Elena, Lorenzo, and Lucho. She wants Moises to stop pretending they’re being impartial and go wish the boys luck. They have to look after what’s theirs. They don’t want to end up with nothing.

Moisés goes downstairs and asks for a moment alone with his sons. Whatever happens today, he’s proud of them. After everything that’s happened, it’s good for his soul to see them working together. Mateo hopes that can make him even more proud by winning this thing. *Solar bros fist bump*

Isaac says he knows they’re counting on him and he’s grateful to them for giving him this chance.

Lorenzo’s worried about how the Solars are going to react to him being here. Elena reminds him he had nothing to do with what happened between them and his dad. He’s here to meet Itzel–she’s willing to talk if they help with her trial. Elena’s convinced Rafa’s the key to finding out all of Amado’s dirty dealings.

She brings him over while she greets Celestina. Celestina’s so bummed she’s not dating Isaac anymore. They miss her! Right? Belinda awkwardly agrees. Elena misses them too. She introduces Lorenzo as her new boss and Celestina gives him a friendly greeting before they get a squeal from the speakers.

The Zabala brothers and Diego are up there, ready to go. Básico shows Valentín the picture of Tito he brought with him for their first big performance. (*sob* Tito!)

In the board room, Rafa’s micromanaging Manara’s look, despite Candelaria, the professional…the EXPERT…being right there. Candelaria asks if Manara’s comfortable just before Mateo, Isaac, and Moisés come in. Moisés just wanted to remind them all for the millionth time that this label was his and Julio César’s dream and he’s excited to have such professional artists helping him share this dream with the public. “So shake hands and have a great show.”

Manara and Mateo do that awkward “We’re just going to kiss on the cheek and pretend neither of us wants anything more” dance. And then Rafa grabs Manara, all possessive and I want to kick him in the shins.


Moisés is emceeing tonight. He thanks everyone for being there, including Laura Guzman and the new investors; their partner, Rafa; Mateo. He introduces Manara and Isaac and mentions they’re “live-streaming” the event and JC Records will produce the debut album of whoever sells the most singles.

Manara’s up first and Julia starts recording her own video. I’m not loving the dance moves and she should have tried them out with the weird skirt, because it’s bunching up badly. I like the song, but she’s talking about spending the whole day hanging out in bed together, so this whole glam thing isn’t working for me. It’s a messy hair and pajamas kind of song.

Itzel is heading for the lounge when she sees Rafa and Neto’s assistant (the one who was gloating about her getting thrown out) and a mystery woman in a hood (Leti) and her antennae go up.

Isaac’s up next. I’m pretty sure he won’t be trying any fancy dance moves and that’s ok with me. It comes off kind of boring compared to Manara’s…and then Rafa walks Leticia in and she lowers her hood and Isaac completely freezes up. Lucho notices her and so does Elena. Isaac remembers his and Leticia’s parting threats to each other.

After way too long waiting for Isaac to recover, Valentín takes the mic and he and Básico try to convince Isaac to jump back in. In the meantime, Valentín keeps covering until Isaac gets himself together. And I guess Rafa’s rules are out the window as Valentín keeps doing backup vocals like they’d originally rehearsed. When Isaac starts singing again, Rafa whispers to Leticia and she puts her hood back up and walks out of the lounge.

Rafa asks where she’s going so fast. Hey, she did what he wanted and she has to get out of here before Gilda sees her. She won’t tell him why that matters, but Rafa grabs her and hisses that she’s going to tell him whatever he wants her to. He tells Paulino to take her back to the hotel.

Itzel runs up the stairs, asking who that woman was. The one who was all covered up. The one he showed Isaac, who left him speechless.

Ay, Isaac. Still not getting that “con.” Gilda makes sure to start some applause, but the vibe in the room is SO awkward. Moisés announces the songs are available online now and tomorrow they’ll announce the winner.


Julia goes over to Manara. Neither of them have any idea what just happened, but Julia felt so bad for him she stopped recording.

Rafa drags Itzel down to the dressing room to tell her to stay out of his business. “Why? What are you going to do?” He already had her put in jail, had her beaten…is he going to kill her? Would he have someone else do it or do it himself? He’s probably have that girl Manara’s brother do it, that guy who’s bringing out the worst in him and made him end their marriage.

Manara and Candelaria walk in on this argument and offer to leave, but Rafa says if Itzel’s done with her “analysis” he’d like to be alone with “his” artist. Itzel follows Candelaria out while Manara snaps at Rafa that he didn’t have to do that.

Rafa pours champagne for him and Manara to toast with and then starts kissing her. She leans away from him, but she has a hard time shoving him away. When Julia “interrupts,” they both tell her she can stay. (My guess is Rafa’s trying to be polite and Manara’s trying not to get suctioned to his face again.)

Julia just wanted to tell her she uploaded the video all over the place and it’s getting tons of likes. She didn’t want to share Isaac’s, though…looks like his nerves got the better of him? Rafa asks to see the video and laughs at Isaac. He tells Manara that she’s going to be able to get not just one album from Moisés, but another three on top of that. Julia’s excited.


Mateo chews out Isaac, demanding to know what happened up there. Isaac swears he got stage fright. “You’ve done this all your life! We’ve been doing this since we were kids!” Mateo says everyone’s going to see him standing there like a pazguato (prude?) while Valentín took the mic. How are they supposed to sell a single of that?!

He might as well face it–he’s lost. Isaac tells him to cut it out! He doesn’t need this right now! Mateo’s just pissed that Rafa won. That interloper beat him.

Dylan and Gilda come in to break things up before the fight gets any worse. Mateo keeps screaming that they can’t just lose like this and let Rafa [bleeped]. Gilda tells Dylan to get Mateo out of there so she can talk to Isaac alone. She wants the truth.

Isaac says he saw a ghost. Gilda’s like “Seriously? Ghosts?” He says they’re his insecurities, his demons…he couldn’t handle the pressure. She sniffs him and asks if he’s taking something besides alcohol. At least he hands over her pain pills, but she’s pissed that he stole them. Of course it would be him!

She tells him he’s got a problem. They need a family meeting. He needs professional help. He begs her to give him another chance and let him do this on his own.

They’ve already given him chances and he’s not making an effort. He’s in danger and she’s telling him this as a doctor. Isaac says if he can’t do this on his own, he’ll go to whatever rehab facility she wants, but can she just be the one to treat him for now? He’s already had too much humiliation. He hugs her and I don’t know whether to trust him or not, but I’m leaning towards not.

Casa Matamoros

Amado and Selva come in from the back patio and their bottle of champagne, but Amado has more booze waiting for them. This time it’s a “special” bottle of tequila. He bought two bottles of really expensive tequila when he was finally able to afford them. He’s been keeping the second one for a “special” moment. He always dreamed he’d be drinking it with her.

He declares her his purpose for living. He knows with her by his side he can forget all the bad things he did in his life.

She wonders what bad things he’s talking about. He jokes that she can read about it in his biography. Selva shoots the tequila and for some reason mentions that her dad liked mezcal. Amado remembers poisoning the bottle and says he always ordered Etiqueta Dorada. He suggests they toast to Gabriel.

He remembers Gabriel showing off his private-label tequila and toasting with him. Selva says she misses him. She feels so alone without him. Amado tells her she’s not alone–she has him. He kisses her and then escorts her upstairs.

Who says the dead can’t talk?

Paulino gets Leticia to the hotel and she calls the El Dorado Bar. Gorreti, one of Renzo’s sidekicks, answers and says the cops shut the casino down. Renzo’s disappeared, Rulfo’s dead…where is she?

She says she’s far away and he says that’s good. Things are getting difficult out there and it’s better if she doesn’t come back. Good luck.

Leticia remembers Renzo asking if Isaac suspected anything, Isaac asking about the address he gave her, and Renzo saying he was going to have to go after Gilda because someone told him to and he couldn’t tell them “no.”

At the new warehouse, one of the guys finds Fierro in the office. The phones they took off the dead guys won’t stop ringing and this number shows up a lot–it’s a number from Texas. Fierro tells him to give it to Amado’s new cop friend to find out who it is. According to the screen, it looks like Leti.

Making a clean getaway?

Manara’s all packed up. Rafa invites her and Julia out to dinner to celebrate. And Diego too. Manara would love to, but she’s really tired. They can see each other tomorrow, right? Rafa pretends it’s fine. He says they have a lot of work to do tomorrow, getting those three albums he talked about.

She tries to give him just a kiss on the cheek goodbye, but he grabs her and whispers that she doesn’t have to thank him–he does everything because he believes in her.

When they walk out, he calls Paulino and asks if he’s still keeping an eye on that vieja? Well, don’t let her leave ’cause he’s all prendido (fired up, turned on) and he needs to descargar (discharge). (I haaaaaaaaaate him!)

Julia only asked Manara if she was tired because she thought Manara was tense. Is something wrong? Manara says she really is exhausted and thanks Julia for looking out for her.

The thing is, Julia really did want to go out. It’s the only way she can spend time with Nico. Manara says they’ll have time later, but not tonight. Julia doesn’t get it–everything went well, she’s getting her contract extended…. Candelaria interrupts and asks to talk to Manara alone for a second. Manara suggests Julia go find Nico and say goodbye, but Julia makes a face and bumps Candelaria on purpose as she walks away. (Jealousy? Or is she tired of having to be at the mercy of everybody else’s plans?)

Candelaria says Bianco’s waiting for Manara, to talk in private without Rafa finding out. Can she do that?

In the studio Mateo tells Dylan he knew it! He knew Isaac would mess this up! Dylan tells him to turn the page and move on. Itzel comes in, asking to talk to Mateo. As Dylan walks out, Mateo apologizes, but all he can do is say he’s sorry about the papelón (spectacle) that just happened out there. Welcome to Isaac’s life!

Itzel says Isaac might not be the only one responsible….

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Oh my goodness! What was Manara wearing? What was that horrid choreography? Ha ha ha ha ha I was slightly embarrassed on her behalf but still, I greatly enjoyed her voice. As for the frustrating Isaac, I also couldn’t get over his “con”ha ha ha ha. I was a bit confused though. It was pretty obvious that Isaac was staring at someone or something. How is it possible that Mateo and co didn’t see what Rafa the snake was up to? Hmmm is it just me or does Mateo have some chemistry with Itzel? I’m feeling some kind of way… Read more »