La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 1/28/17 #54

In Sagrario’s bedroom she has a flashback to Severo attacking her, its horrible, but more horrible when it becomes real and Severo is there, again, attacking her, again, saying how bad luck it is for her that she survived, and threatening her and Mateo’s lives if she tells. Sagrario knocks something glass over and Severo knows someone probably heard the crash and sneaks out.

Marcela heard it in the office and interrupts her convo w/Luc to go see what happened. Which doesn’t make Luc like her more, cause he’s the most important person in everyone’s world, I mean heaven forfend she have something more urgent to do when he’s trying to insult her.

Rosa heard the crash too and they rush to Sagrario’s room where a weeping Sagrario says she tripped and knocked something over. They don’t really look like they believe her, but before they can question her flimsy story Mateo sees Severo trying to slip away outside and shouts at him to stop. Marcela hears, grabs her shotgun and runs outside to see, along w/Ale.

Stop! Or I’ll shoot!

They all peer into the dark trying to see what/who she hit

In the meantime Silvana, Luc, Nisa and Maria Laura are in the sala discussing what a savage Marcela is.

Don Timo has collapsed into Octavia’s arms – he’s mortally wounded, he says- but how since Marcela fired into the air as is her custom. Looks like Timo is ok and Oct pushes him off her and stands up. What are they doing here? Well Don Timo is taking Marcela’s troubles seriously, so much so that he came to investigate personally. In the dark. Without a light. Without calling first. At night. Yeah… They head into the house with Don T still insisting he felt the bullet.

Inside Don T introduces Oct as a very important woman in his life and Marcela learns she works for los Castelo. Don T needs to sit down and have a drinky, he’s all shook up from almost getting shot. Luc says biting things about how rusticated it is to go around shooting shotguns off.

Amadeo’s Place

Apparently Amadeo did not check with Roman before he invited his mom for dinner. When Ilse comes over and Roman finds out their plans they have another go round the I hate my mom tree. ‘Cept this time we find out the reason Roman hates Ilse is his dad used to hurt him and his mom let him. Ilse looks surprised.

Ranch Sala

Don T and Oct are invited to dinner (add more water to the beans)

There’s not much for Don T to investigate since all that was taken is Marcela’s father’s letter opener and why is anybody’s guess.

Nisa’s parents wonder if she maybe thought it was a costume ball (totally off topic – If you haven’t seen Start The Revolution Without Me you should, I can never think of the words costume ball without remembering how funny it is. )

ML takes Nisa off w/her and Marcela, Rosa and Mateo and Sagrario go to get the drinks.

Casa Amadeo

Uyyy. Roman’s dad used to beat him and he’s got the ugly scars on his back to prove it. He blames Ilse for never stepping in and stopping it, but from Ilse’s reaction she never knew till now, and Amadeo looks shocked too.

Rancho El V

Don T regales the Castelos senior with tales of all the strange goings on at and attacks against El V

Now Luc is worried about all the enemies that woman has. Ale’s got some things to say. A. Her name is Marcela, not that woman. B. Octavia should hear it from him first that he loves Marcela and has married her.

My, my, Oct didn’t know Ale would move on so quickly from Damiana, and no wonder his parents don’t approve of such a hasty marriage.

DonT asks for and gets an explanation of the relationship between Ale and Oct.

Octavia pretends that all she wants is for him to be happy; he has her blessing and Damiana’s too from heaven

Which of course leads to an argument about supporting Ale’s choices.
Ale says Marcela’s debts are his now too and proceeds to tell his folks all his plans for making the ranch pay, while Don T and Oct are standing right there listening. Silvana is embarrassed to have this discussion in front of a stranger but Don T wants them to continue, he’s learning a lot from these financial giants. Luc is incredulous that he’s ditching his VP job to waste his life trying to salvage the unsalvagable. Don T is sure Ale is too smart to sink all his capital into trying to pay off the debt, though, right.

In the kitchen, Marcela remembers Oct is the one who wanted to buy the ranch and she’s uncomfortable having her to dinner. Mateo says he thought the intruder came from the direction of the bedrooms, but Sagrario insists que no. Lets serve the drinks already.

ML assures Nisa that her guy is finding the guy who has the necklace, just leave it to her. Nisa questions the life choices that lead to her losing the necklace, again, but ends up blaming it all on Cuchi.

Casa Amadeo

Ilse protests that she didn’t know, well, she knew his father was punishing him, but she never knew it was that bad, and anyway he was his father and she couldn’t interfere. (do I really need to say it? Yes, do interfere, mothers should have some say in their child’s discipline. There, PSA over)

Roman is sure she knew all about it. Some man has always been more important to her than her own sons; first his father, then a series of boyfriends, till she just abandoned them. Roman doesn’t want her in his life or anywhere near him now, and he storms out while Ilse sobs to Amadeo, she had no idea.

Amadeo barely remembers his dad, he remembers Roman coming into their room crying, but he never said anything. Ilse says Roman tried to tell her but his father always said he was just correcting him, and Roman was always rebellious and she thought he was just exaggerating and trying to get out of punishments. Now she blames herself for everything and Amadeo understands his brother’s difficult personality so much better. They hug and cry together.

El V

The night is so nice, lets all go outside and drink some wine.

Bedroom In Timo’s House

Severo is fondling the necklace when Mike comes into the room, he doesn’t quite get it into the drawer quick enough and Mike can tell he’s putting something away to hide it, but when he tries to see what it is Severo gets rough. Mike still goes into the drawer as soon as Severo’s back is turned and sees the necklace and starts asking loudly who he stole it from, and talks loudly about how Severo steals from Marcela and now this. Severo tries to cover his mouth to shut him up but Mike says he’s sick of Severo’s cheating and stealing, he’s out, he doesn’t even care what happens to him. Severo gets a very scary look in his eyes.

The Camper In The Town Square

Mauro finds his phone and calls Inez to assure her he really is her friend and he was working in secret to get her job back, he called Cris and everything, he wouldn’t abandon her, or her kid, she’s very important to him. Inez eats it up with a spoon, he’s so sweet.

Casa Timoteo

Severo wants to know when Mike grew a conscience. Mike knows he was wrong to help Severo get the $$ out of Nazaria’s accounts but he’s done. He’s out. He won’t be an accomplice to a rapist, he’s gonna tell Timo all about it all. And Mike marches out. Severo looks thoughtful, (even if Mike does tell Timo, there’s a better than even chance Timo would be on Severo’s side IMO)

Octavia’s Camper

Mauro wishes Inez and her kid were here, there’s hot springs and clean air and stars he’d like to share with them.

Casa Timo

Mike walks out the front door, muttering to himself, gotta do it, gotta do it,


Severo shoots him in the back and follows him out to look down on him lying on the street.


Mauro stares in horror out the window.

Ranch Patio

Marcela gives a toast, she’s glad they’re all here, ranch life isn’t predictable and boring like ppl think, its crazy and wild and strenuous, but they’re good peeps nevertheless. She hopes they get to know em.

Emiliano and his sis arrive just then (and my Luc eyeroll reflex kicks in)
Val pretends to be surprised to see so many of the ppl she knows there, and Oct pretend she thought Val was still in Argentina w/her husband, who is such a good friend of Silvana. Emil tries to help but is really pretty lost in all the veiled references of the chat between Oct, Sil, Val, and Luc.

Sil takes Luc off to talk in private – did you know she’d be here? -No, and don’t make a scene. – Luc better not be lying to her.

Emil and Val say everything here at the ranch is beautiful *meaningfully looking at Marcela and Alessandro*


Mauro hurriedly closes the window and crouches down to hide, as Severo rolls Mike’s body over. On the phone Inez asks is something wrong and Mauro says he’ll call her back later.

Severo stares at the camper and smiles. So creepily.

At her house July, in face mask and curlers, heard the shot, she puts on her ruffly red robe to go out and see what happened. She runs across the street and wakes Eulogio up so he can go with her to find out what it was. (hey, what’s the difference between cutis and piel? )

Dinner at El V

Emil tells the table his plans to open a clinic in San BP partly because they don’t have one already and partly b/c he’s from there.

Don T pretends his malapropisms are just word games to break the ice.

Lencho arrives, Why?

Street outside Don Timo’s

Severo crosses to the camper and knocks on the door and listens at the door. Mauro climbs out the window on the other side and hides under the trailer as Severo breaks into the camper to search it, but when Severo comes out, gun in hand and checks underneath the trailer, Mauro is lying flat on top of it.

Severo goes and drags Mike’s body away.

Mauro is having the worst night of his life.

(So long, Mister Mike, we hardly knew ye. I’m gonna miss that guy.)

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! Poor Mike! I mean…he wasn’t a good guy, but he was the best of the bad guys? What a shock. I don’t know what I thought Sev would do, but it wasn’t that. I’m sure he’ll be missed back at the gazpacho. (sorry, couldn’t resist) I don’t even know how Mauro got up on top of the trailer, but I’m glad he did. “Well Don Timo is taking Marcela’s troubles seriously, so much so that he came to investigate personally. In the dark. Without a light. Without calling first. At night.” Talk about pressing your luck! They kept… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Well yeah, Mr Mike was the nicest abogangster ever, it won’t be the same w/o him
Ilse and Roman’s situation is just too sad, I think it was a combination of youth and a very traditional take on married life, there are some women who think they shouldn’t question their husbands. And after all we haven’t seen much of Ilse’s husband, maybe he was scary and she didn’t dare

3 years ago

Looking at those scars on Roman’s back, I hope the creep is dead.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I just assumed he was dead, but I don’t remember if they said

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Thanks so much for looking up the difference between piel and cutis I just thought they both meant skin, I had no clue there would be a different word for the skin on your face. We should all have more spa days so we can use our new word 😀