Guerra de Ídolos Monday 6/12/17 #24

Episode 24: Amargo triunfo

In the studio, Itzel suggests that maybe Isaac isn’t ready to be a star. Maybe there’s too much pressure on him to be Julio César. Maybe Julio César’s shadow has too much weight. But Mateo did what he could.

Mateo feels like they were connecting in a way they hadn’t since they were kids. And he got his hopes up.

Itzel tells him to leave it in the past and get back to who he is–a great producer and an excellent songwriter. The best songwriter!

Mateo just thought he could bring some glory back to the family and prove he could put another Solar where he’d put JC…but he can’t. He thanks Itzel for being there for him.

And then they kiss. Like, for real. Both of them.

Itzel seems a little confused. They hug and she says they should get back out there. People are waiting for him.

The secret deal

Candelaria tells Manara that Bianco could pick her up about a block away if she wants. She just has to figure out what to do with Julia….

That’s easily solved by telling Julia to get a ride home with Nicolas. She’ll just tell the guards to follow them. For bonus points, that puts Julia in a really good mood.

Bianco picks Manara up at a garage. He congratulates her on the performance, saying he’s watched it a bunch of times on video and he’s already a fan.

He talked to the label and the other execs are OK with giving her a contract, but it’s really up to him. And of course, he wants to…but she already has this contract with JC Records and the only way for her to get out of it is to lose the contest. He doesn’t think that’s likely to happen.

Manara gets a little tense. They want two more albums from her. She tells him to just tell her what to do and she’ll do it. Bianco says for starters, they need to see what happens with the contest. Maybe she’ll lose. Música regional is popular.

He starts leaning over, being all flirty, talking about celebrating that at some point, he’s going to get her for Megavisa. But right now, her eyes are saying she’s tired. Does she want to go home and rest? (What WAS that? Is he messing with her because she flirted earlier?)

What happened to Isaac?

It’s the question on everyone’s mind, starting with Lorenzo. Elena has no idea. She introduces him to Mateo and Itzel when they come over. Mateo gives Lorenzo a suspicious look. It doesn’t help when Elena asks him to come with her to find Isaac and say hi to him.

So. He’s the lawyer Elena recommended? Lorenzo thinks they’ve probably met before. Itzel agrees–maybe at one of Neto’s parties. So…what does she have to do to get him to defend her? Lorenzo says he needs help with an investigation, but this isn’t the best place to talk.

Isaac’s drinking in that office/memento room at the label. Elena comes in to check on him and says Mateo and Gilda are worried about him. He complains that his parents didn’t come talk to him. Then he gripes at her for showing off Lorenzo.

Elena tells him to cut the crap and tell him what he saw–who was she? She saw that woman standing with Rafa. He stopped singing when he saw her.

When Rafa gets to the hotel, Leticia’s having a bubble bath. She wraps herself in a towel and tells him she didn’t like the way he was with her today, being so rough.

Rafa demands again that she tell him what she knows because Isaac panicked when he saw her. Leticia says she had to do some ugly things…she knows who stabbed Gilda and she didn’t do anything about it. Is that enough information for him? Rafa remembers asking Amado about it and Amado sidestepping the question.

Isaac insists there was no woman. What is she talking about?

Hey, Elena knows what he gets up to. She just never said anything because she didn’t want to lose him. Things like…using her computer to send that pirated song. And charging her under the table for Belinda’s interview. Sooner or later this is all going to blow up in his face and she hopes she’s not around for it.

Leti says Renzo’s the one who stabbed Gilda. Maybe because Isaac owed him money or something. She doesn’t know. Rafa still demands to know what else and Leti begs him to give her time. She needs to know where she stands and then she can tell him.

She starts distracting him, telling him they should relax and celebrate his triumph. He accuses her of trying to dorar la píldora (gild the pill; suck up to him). She begs him to at least let her be the person she always wanted to be with his dad…but with him, he can do whatever he wants. If Manara won’t “take care of” him, she will. She can even sing to him like her. She does a scary imitation of Manara as she takes off the towel. Rafa tells her to shut up but his actions say he liked it. (*shudder*)

Casa Matamoros

Amado shows Selva the video of Manara. She likes it…but she sure feels bad for Isaac. Now when Julio César got on stage…he just shone.

“Yeah, yeah, you loved him a lot.” (Wow, he’s drunk.) Amado feels pathetic for being jealous of a dead guy. Plus he feels like he’s not worthy of Selva. She shushes him about that and says the thing she likes best about him is the way he is with his sisters. He says he used to work for her. That’s always going to be there.

Yes, but he got ahead and he has a great family, which is the most important thing for her. She kisses him.

Nico and Julia park in front of the house. He asks what’s with the guards. Why is her brother always watching them? Oh, he’s just always been like that.

But what about the song–when are they going to rehearse? Nicolas asks her to listen to it first and plays No Es Normal through the car speakers. He doesn’t know if they’re going to add anything to it, but that’s what they have. Julia thinks it’s going to be good to choreograph. Nicolas says it doesn’t sound like any of his family’s music, but Julia says they’re all so talented…and handsome.

Nicolas starts to kiss her, but then he turns and looks out the back window at the guard. He wants her to know the only reason he’s not kissing her is because he’s being respectful. In that case, Julia won’t be–she plants some righteous smoochies on him and says she’ll see him at rehearsal tomorrow.

Missing again

Moisés, Celestina, Gilda, and Belinda get back to Mateo’s house. They have no idea where the boys are. Isaac was already gone by the time Moisés went looking for him. Belinda says she saw him leaving by himself. Celestina wishes they’d talked to him before the reporters.

Well, Moisés is going up to bed. He’s going to have some decisions to make tomorrow after they find out the results. Celestina waits for him to get upstairs and asks Gilda what happened. Gilda says Isaac must have gotten up there and realized he doesn’t have the charisma or the talent Julio César did. Oh well, at least they tried.

In the morning, Mateo and his posse meet in the lounge. They have beer, because hangovers. Mateo proposes a toast to Valentín and Dylan jokes that it’s because he’s not a groupie virgin anymore. But where’s Isaac? Mateo’s like “I dunno…did you check under the tables?” Básico says maybe he’s lost again like he was on stage. Did he say what happened? Nope and Mateo has decided to take an…amiga‘s…advice and bet on people he believes in.

Like Dylan and the primos. They are going to do a badass album with Valentín and Básico. And Dylan’s going to have to sing in front of the press–is he up for that? Dylan says he isn’t going to let him down. Good, because Mateo’s serious, they can’t let him down!

Básico gives him a faux-innocent “Dude, who have you been working with?”

Isaac is in Lucho’s office. Just…in there. Back in his file room, looking through the filing cabinets. When Lucho comes in, Isaac says he figured Lucho was the kind of guy who was always armed so he checked and yep, he found his gun. See, he’s been drunk all night trying to figure out how to solve his problems and it’s like a divine light brought him here…

So where’s Leticia? Because he figures she told Lucho everything and he told Rafa.


Itzel meets with Elena and Lorenzo at Lorenzo’s place. She tells them Rafa forced her to sign the divorce papers while she was in prison, then he kicked her out of the house. She’s been living at a hotel. Elena asks about the division of assets, but nothing is in Rafa’s name. It’s all in Neto’s, except for the label.

The only thing she wants is not to go back to prison. Lorenzo says if she helps him figure out the connection between Rafa and Amado he’ll take care of both the murder trial and her divorce. He can’t do it directly or people will know they’re working together, but he has friends who will do it for free.

Itzel agrees. If he helps her with her defense, she’ll tell him what she knows, what she suspects, and she’ll help him get proof.

Casa Matamoros

At the breakfast table, Julia giggles over big tough Amado hiding out in his bedroom with Selva so they can’t see him.

Uh huh, the way Julia was hiding in the car with Nico? Manara makes kissy faces at her..but wait, seriously?! Julia explains that he was too nervous to kiss her in front of the guards, so she kissed him. Manara declares her “more lanzada than me” (daring).

Hey, Manara’s the one who was snogging Rafa in the dressing room. Manara says it was just a hug.

So if Manara wasn’t with Mateo last night and she wasn’t with Rafa, then who did she go to see? Manara says she went to look at some clothes with Candelaria.

And now she’s off to JC Records to find out who won. Julia decides to come with her.

Agustina brings the breakfast tray in to Amado and Selva. She’s too embarrassed to eat downstairs with his sisters wearing Amado’s robe (that matches his pajamas). Amado snaps at Agustina to serve breakfast already and Selva gives him a look. He adds a “Please.” Selva tells him not to talk like that–she really is going to have Alexis come help him. As Agustina leaves Selva gives her a very pointed “THANK YOU” and Amado echoes her.

The big announcement

Everyone’s gathered in the board room by the time Manara and Julia arrive. Except Isaac. Moisés decides not to wait for him–Mateo’s here to represent him.

He announces that Gilda is going to be working in their financial department. Today is her first presentation for them, on the sales of the singles.

Gilda starts off by congratulating all of them on doing a great job–Rafa, Manara, Mateo. They had higher sales than they expected. The competition was quite reñida (close) but they do have a winner. And the winner is…*big dramatic pause*…

Commercial break.

Well, first she wants to give them the numbers. (*snort*) The videos got millions of views and nearly half a million singles were sold. Isaac sold 180K and Manara sold 320K. Manara does not look happy. Mateo and the guys congratulate her.

Gilda also says they got a lot of comments that people want to hear Valentín sing that corrido. (YES!) Mateo says they’re going to be working on that.

Moisés welcomes Manara to the company. Hers will be the first album released by JC Records and at the next board meeting they hope to get her to sign for two more albums. Manara says they can talk about that later.

And now he’s got some reporters in the lounge to do interviews, so whenever they’re ready they can go on in. He leans over as people are milling about and asks Mateo where his brother is. Mateo has no idea.

JC Records Lounge

A couple of reporters get shots of Valentín and Básico. (I wonder if Itzel will re-style them.) Some guy comes up to congratulate them and says he’s a manager and he’d like to talk to them about booking some concerts. They immediately call Mateo over. (Good boys!)

This guy says he’s been trying to reach Isaac, but he never got a response. From the last name, he’s guessing Mateo’s related to him? He hands over his card, saying he’s from Davis Representation.

Mateo takes it and says Isaac’s his brother and thanks, but they represent their own talent. “We also do promotions, and we’ve got these concerts coming up….” Mateo thanks him again, but they’re not looking for anything like that right now. When he can’t get the guy to back off, he says he has to discuss it with his partners and he’ll let him know.

After he walks off, Mateo asks where that guy came from. Did they look at the card? He hands it over, but I don’t know what they’re supposed to be noticing.

Manara and Ms. Guzman take a selfie before Ms. Guzman wanders off. Mateo says this sucks–now not only is he not going to produce her first album, she’s going to do two more with Rafa? He congratulates her, but he wonders what’s up. Is there anything she wants to tell him?

Julia and Nicolas tell Itzel they want her to do wardrobe for their video. Julia loves her designs. Itzel agrees of course, but excuses herself to talk to Rafa. He says he doesn’t have time, but Itzel tells him she’s moving back into the house until she’s recovered financially.

“We’ll talk about it later.”

He can talk to her lawyers. He can’t separate her from the kids. And also, she’s doing wardrobe for their single. Rafa asks if that’s it, says “thanks,” and rushes off.

Rafa gets up on stage and gives a big speech about how he’s proud to be Manara’s padrino, like he was for Julio César–the inspiration for this label, and may his light be with her. Rafa’s a singer and now a producer and he’s leaving his old label, Megavisa, and doing a tour where he’d like Manara to be his telonera (opening act). What does she think?! (Uh…help? Get me out of here?)

The problem with Leticia

Leticia comes over and Isaac comes out of the file room. He locks Lucho in, using the nice sturdy deadbolt on the door.

So, what did she tell Rafa. Leticia swears she only told him about the gambling. Right, so when she couldn’t get anything more out of him she went for Rafa. He calls her mediocre and says she’ll go for anyone.

Well, what about him? She knows Isaac’s a coward and he doesn’t have the…pantalones to shoot her. She backs that up by moving herself closer to the gun and insisting that’s all she told Rafa, but Isaac knows she knows more than that.

At the Matamoros house, Selva leaves Amado with Alexis to go to a meeting at the station.

Amado’s glad they don’t have to hide their meetings. Alexis says they’re going to start with a simple routine to polish his vocabulary…and then Fierro interrupts. (They got me all excited for nothing.)

It’s the cell phone thing–only now he has Leticia’s record and her mug shot and he knows her name and that she’s Renzo’s cousin. Amado tells him to find her.

Leticia starts spilling the frijoles to Isaac. Renzo stabbed Gilda, maybe for the same reason he killed Julio César. It wasn’t a fan. Does he remember giving her the address? “For your friends!” No, to find him without his guards. That makes Isaac an accomplice to his murder, so she’d calm down if she were him because they’re BOTH in this up to their necks. And she keeps sarcastically calling him “baby.”

Lucho bangs on the door, but Isaac tells him to shut up. Leticia says “they” asked her to get the address and Isaac was so hot for her that he handed it over. Isaac remembers. He asks who else she gave it to. Nobody–just Renzo. He said Isaac owed him money.

Isaac doesn’t believe her. Renzo would have said something. Leti tells him he’d have to ask Renzo, but he disappeared. She thinks he’s dead.

Lucho starts screaming again and Isaac tells him to shut up. Leticia says that’s why she was nervous when he asked about the address, Renzo threatened her. Isaac remembers asking her and her insisting the address was for her friends. He calls her a liar. Leti asks if he’s really going to kill her in here with all these people.

Amado tells Fierro to find Leti before she talks to the press. Alexis postpones their lesson and says he’s going to go to the station–Lorenzo’s in town. Amado asks to be kept informed. He tells Fierro to have Canseco give him all the information he can about Leticia and Fernando. He doesn’t want any loose ends.

Where were we?

Agustina gets the call from either Manara or Julia that Manara won the competition. She passes the news on to Amado. He agrees it’s good news–they need to throw a party, get the press there, have someone write up a story and take pictures. Agustina says she’ll go get to work on that…

But Amado stops her at the door and starts teasing her about being mad at him. She knows he has to be like that in front of Selva. She knows how things are…how he feels about her. They start some major league snogging and Amado suggests they move it to her room.

Worst day ever

Rafa’s still on stage, laughing about how a total newbie sold more singles than Isaac, a recognized artist. He calls Moisés, “the president of my label,” up on stage to talk. Maybe it’s just the lights, but Manara’s eyes look red. Everybody looks a little embarrassed.

Moisés says they support talent, and on Rafa’s suggestion, he’d like to offer Manara not just a debut album, but a longer contract for additional albums if she agrees. Everyone bursts into applause. (Greeeeat. Two bad proposals in one day.) Julia asks if she got Botox or something, she can’t tell if Manara’s happy. Manara snaps that she’s happy. Well, go tell them!

Manara goes up on stage and says it’s an honor to be part of a label like JC Records and it would be a pleasure to be Rafa’s opening act. More applause. Mateo…definitely not wearing a happy face.

Moisés talks to a little crowd of reporters, saying the label has Julio César’s name because it was his dream. One of them says JC’s figure has grown since his death–is Moisés thinking of a tribute album? Moisés says they sure will. JC’s one of the biggest musical legends not only in the US, but Mexico and Latin America. The album will have songs by great stars and new artists. (I swear he just made that up after she suggested it.)

Isaac did what?

Lucho keeps banging on the door as Leticia asks Isaac to put the gun down. Isaac agrees, maybe now isn’t the time to shoot her, but if she or Rafa tries anything “me meto un plomazo” (he’ll shoot himself) but he’s taking Leticia down with him. And she’s responsible for Lucho. If anything happens, he’s coming for her.

He walks out and Leticia unlocks the file room door and tells Lucho Isaac took his gun.

Lucho fumbles with his video camera, which he’s probably kicking himself for not having running before, as Leti freaks out in his office. If she tells him what she knows, it’s suicide for her. Lucho promises not to publish anything she tells him. Hey, she can trust him! If he told what he knows, even the President would be arrested by now. He knows it’s better for him to keep his mouth shut than talk.

When Leticia says she can’t, he grabs her, calls her a zorrita (little slut) and says if she doesn’t tell him everything, he’ll withdraw his support and this town will eat her alive.

So Leticia spills. Her cousin killed Julio César and she’s the one who told Renzo where to find him.

What? What about the fan? She’s talking nonsense!

Leticia explains that Isaac gave her the address–that’s what she told him just now to get him to leave.

“So Isaac killed his brother?”

Not exactly. He told her where Julio César would be without his guards. And maybe because he was jealous of JC he didn’t care that it might put him in danger. Lucho mutters that he always knew Isaac was Cain.

The announcement stuff is over. Nobody knows where he is. Moisés asks Gilda to send him a copy of the results, which she says she doesn’t have to because they’re everywhere.

Isaac stumbles into Mateo’s remembering what Leti just told him. He gave her the address. That makes him an accomplice. He takes another swig from a bottle of something that’s starting to run low.

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Isaac! Isaac! Isaac! What was he thinking, wielding a gun in an office and threatening to shoot? Can he take a moment to think of anyone other than himself and his quest for fame? He is such a bad egg but I think redemption is round the corner for him. Maybe he’ll be the catalyst to bring Amado and Rafa down. If there is any justice in this novela, all 3 need to crash and burn to crisps. Wow! I did not expect that mutual kiss between Itzel and Mateo. Though it was nowhere as passionate as Manara+Mateo, I found… Read more »