La Reina de la Canción Tuesday 6/13/17 #30

That dress Alejandra’s wearing is art. Marisol’s working the Marilyn look again tonight. Ale welcomes the judges and asks what’s more important to them at this point–vocal skill or a good performance. The answer, of course, is all of it. And Lucero, as we know, cuts people slack for a good performance. Poncho agrees. You know Vicky still hears all the wrong notes, though…just saying. I don’t think she can help it.


Once again tonight, the three contestants with the least votes are at risk of elimination.

Alejandra calls Yohanny and Deyra up first–one of them is safe and the other…is too. Ha! Nice fakeout.

Lluvia…is up for elimination again.

Veronica…is also up for elimination.

That leaves Sandra and Carmen. The person up for elimination is…Carmen.

So now it’s up to the judges to decide who’s going home–Lluvia, Veronica, or Carmen. Lucero says like every night, they’ve all had to agree. To the ones who are safe–congratulations. Lucero’s going to save Lluvia. Poncho says it’s difficult for them to decide who’s staying and going. They’ve seen incredible growth and talent from both Veronica and Carmen…but this is a competition. Poncho’s going to save Carmen.

Veronica gets a chance to thank God and the public. She also thanks the judges, Univision, and the production. She believes more in herself than before she started and this isn’t the end for her. She goes off to hug the other contestants while they run some clips from earlier in the competition.


The lines are already open.

To support Carmen call 1-866-918-8807 or on Twitter use #CARMENVOTA
To support Yohanny call 1-866-918-8808 or on Twitter use #YOHANNYVOTA
To support Lluvia call 1-866-918-8810 or on Twitter use #LLUVIAVOTA
To support Sandra call 1-866-918-8806 or on Twitter use #SANDRAPADILLAVOTA
To support Deyra call 1-866-918-8801 or on Twitter use #DEYRAVOTA

They flipped the remainder of the list upside down, to be fair, I suppose.

Yohanny Rodriguez -Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

It’s a Selena song. Maybe they need to just not give these to anyone.

Poncho and Lucero were debating whether something was off at the beginning, like she came in wrong. There was so much embellishment that Lucero felt like she couldn’t find the melody. There was just too much going on. But she could tell Yohanny was having a good time. Vicky warns everyone that when you have a song that usually has audience participation, you CANNOT count on it. Poncho, because of the embellishment felt he had a hard time connecting.

Yohanny argues with him, and with whoever picked this song, that it’s not appropriate for this close to the end. Uh, OK, I know I just said maybe they shouldn’t give these out, but I meant because it’s too iconic and too demanding. As in “don’t make someone sing it on a night when they only have one day to prepare.” I don’t know what she’s trying to say.

Whoa! That was not a flattering clip during the commercial. Yep, she’s complaining that she couldn’t do anything with the song. Excuse me…I need a moment….

Deyra Barrera – Por Qué No Le Calas

I’m already cracking up at the little intro: What do I want the biscuits for if you’re already gone, you dog. Damn. The words. And she lost a little nerve after that.

Lucero’s furious about the words because it was SO GOOD. Vicky and Marisol agree. Poncho scolds her for that and for not moving her left hand. He could tell she was nervous.

Deyra admits she was nervous and she has to concentrate.

Lluvia Vega – Malegueña Salerosa

She wins me over with those long held notes.

Poncho thought she did a good job, it was a good performance, she had good vocal control–this was exactly the kind of performance they need at two days to the final. Vicky liked her falsettos, the way she was really caressing the words. Lucero says she’s shown what a great job she can do despite being up for elimination earlier.

During the break, Lucero says she couldn’t find a single thing wrong with it.

Carmen Rios – A Dónde Vamos A Parar

Meh? I wasn’t convinced, but I can’t put my finger on why.

Vicky said it was pretty, but none of them could remember if that’s how the song ended. Carmen says she mixed up the verses. Lucero said she sounded nervous and shaky and not confident on the low notes. Poncho thinks it’s important to respect the songs as they are, as they were written–and he means that for everyone. Aw, man…his face. He’s angry, but he looks so disappointed, which is almost worse.

Sandra Padilla Cervantes – No Llega El Olvido

She gives it a nice slow build and then brings it back down. I’m glad they had her end the night.

Lucero says it was perfect. Poncho says she’s the authentic and he likes that about her. Marisol praises her charisma.

Vote, vote, vote!

We get one hour after the end of the show to vote and until 10am Eastern on Twitter and Univision Conecta.

Tomorrow: Semifinals.

Thursday: At 7pm/6c Finals. Natalia Jiménez, Bronco, other guests, and Lucero sings.

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I agree with you about Selena songs. They really are iconic. That’s got to be tough during a competition.

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