Las Semifinales de La Reina de la Canción Wednesday 6/14/17 #31

Tonight we’re getting down to the four finalists for the competition. Ale’s dress looks like it was made for dancing. Yes, yes, the judges are all gorgeous, let’s get on with it! Ale asks them what the most difficult thing has been. Vicky and Marisol say it’s been the eliminations. Lucero had a hard time letting go of Olivia and Beatriz M. Poncho says it’s been great getting to know all the contestants.


Tonight is the last time the judges have to make the hard decision. The three with the most votes are going directly to the finals, but the last one is up to the judges. The results were very close and they had a record number of votes.

Alejandra’s just going to spit out the names of the three finalists right off, in no particular order: Yohanny, Sandra, Deyra.

That means the judges have to choose between Lluvia and Carmen. Lucero says they’re taking a long view, although for most people you’re only as good as your last performance. Why do I feel like she’s making an excuse for their decision? Yes, yes, we know it’s not easy. The judges have decided to save Carmen.

OK, so. Yep, excuses. Because last night, Lluvia was so on and I’m really struggling to find the appeal of Carmen. There, I said it. I’ve been trying not to be overly horrible, but wow.

Lluvia passes on a chance to say anything. She gets a big send-off video.


The lines are already open.

To support Carmen call 1-866-918-8807 or on Twitter use #CARMENVOTA

To support Deyra call 1-866-918-8801 or on Twitter use #DEYRAVOTA

To support Yohanny call 1-866-918-8808 or on Twitter use #YOHANNYVOTA

To support Sandra call 1-866-918-8806 or on Twitter use #SANDRAPADILLAVOTA

Deyra Barrera – La Cigarra

I get the feeling she put a lot of thought into exactly how she wanted to perform this so she was giving us a little something different every time she repeated a part. And you know I’m a sucker for those notes that go on forever.

Vicky wanted more. Poncho says she made him forget yesterday. Marisol just has “Wow.” Vicky kept getting nervous that she’d run out of time. She praises those long notes and Deyra says she has to admit she’s never sung huapango before and she was scared she couldn’t do it, but she’s grateful to her teacher for believing in her.

Carmen Rios – Que Ganas De No Verte Nunca Mas

I don’t like this pick. I think it left her too exposed and she lacked precision. The “que ganas” got repetitve and I swear she was nearly cracking on “ganas.” It made me glad that when they hit the key change she didn’t repeat the first “que ganas” ’cause it’s no fun listening to someone wipe out.

Lucero liked it. Poncho liked it. Marisol liked it. Vicky says they’re not sorry they saved her, but she nearly lost it there at the key change and had to make a change. Carmen takes a moment to say she’s sorry Lluvia’s gone, thank some people, etc.

Yohanny Rodriguez – Pa’ Todo El Año

I’ve been avoiding the little review bits, but I need to speak up about this idea that in order to be a “complete” Reina or be “prepared” or show that you have “discipline” you need to lose weight. I just hate anything that pushes the idea that a woman’s body size has any greater meaning to it.

I don’t know this song, but I’m not sure some of those notes are what they’re supposed to be.

Lucero noted some intonation problems, but she says the performance helped. Vicky also enjoyed the performance, but it’s such a classic that simpler might have been better. Marisol likes hearing her sing a song that’s so Mexican. Poncho finally said he was proud, so Yohanny’s happy.

Sandra Padilla Cervantes – El Triste

I’m so glad they chose something that really let her show off her lower range. It’s such her strong suit.

Lucero loved it. Marisol says it’s incredible…she’s been so proud of her ever since they took her from Poncho. Vicky loves the way her voice on those low notes is like velvet. Poncho says it was strong, warm, elegant.


Here we go. It’s the last chance, so get on it. And tomorrow it starts at 7pm/6c for a full two hours of torture and performances and the announcement of the winner.

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