El Gran Final de La Reina de la Canción Thursday 6/15/17 #32

I don’t know about you, but I’m both excited and sad for the end of this show.

Bronco and the finalists- Nunca Voy a Olvidarte

I think we’re having some mic problems and I’m questioning these harmonies. Possibly it’s a balance problem.

It must have sounded better in person. The audience and the judges are excited.


Oh, Ale, don’t tell us there’s going to be drama tonight…I’m just here for the music.

After a bunch of clips, Alejandra asks for a standing ovation for the judges. She asks them to give the contestants some advice, not for the competition, but for life.

Poncho: Never lose your humility or what makes you unique, or the respect and admiration for this genre.
Lucero: Respect the public and keep your feet on the ground and your eyes up.
Vicky: Never stop fighting, never stop learning, there will always be new artists and just because people know you doesn’t mean you’ve got it made. You always have to work hard.
Marisol: Be grateful, realize a lot of people would like to be where you are so be thankful to the public, God, and life for having the opportunity.

Ale rolls some more clips. Amid the clips various artists give their opinions about what it means to be La Reina de la Cancion. Pepe Aguilar says she’d better be ready to reign, not copy anyone and give her all. Alicia Villareal says she should be sure of herself and not just sing, but perform. Charly Perez she needs have that desire to get ahead and a beautiful voice. Geovanni Mondragon says she has to shine like Lola Beltran, Lucero, Jenni Rivera. Aida Cuevas says they don’t have to be Mexicanas–she gives Rocio Durcal as an example. Chiquis says everyone knows this genre is dominated by men and she’s glad Univision is giving women this opportunity.

Shaila Durcal – Convénceme

That was just lovely. Another unique voice. It’s not a big voice, but she’s got that husky quality and she doesn’t substitute volume for feeling.

Alejandra asks for her advice for the contestants. Shaila says they need to bring a lot of passion and dedication to this profession. There are a lot of sacrifices. But above all, they need to have a good time, be happy, enjoy the stage and the audience, and leave your soul on stage.

Ale asks what you need to sing música mexicana. Shaila says it’s very passionate, it’s almost always about being in or out of love, about loss. You have to feel it. Everyone’s got stuff in their life–life isn’t easy–and those moments teach you and make you a better person. And on stage too, it’s amazing the growth they’ve had in the last few months, so she’s happy for them.

Carmen Rios – Tu Carcel

Alejandra does a short interview and shows some clips of Carmen before she does her last performance on the show.

OK, I know she’s no longer “competing” at this point, but talk about phoning it in.

Everyone else was happy, so I guess it’s just me.

Natalia Jimenez – Ya Lo Se

Natalia is really strong in her low range. There’s something about listening to someone who demonstrates that much control of her voice and yet sings in such a relaxed way that I love.

Alejandra asks her for her advice, the advice she wishes someone had given her when she was just starting out. And it’s priceless! Everyone else is saying this kind of fluffy fuzzy stuff and what does Natalia say? “Contracts are for negotiating.” Don’t sign the first one someone gives you, you take it to a lawyer and you negotiate.

Second–enjoy what you’re doing because not a lot of people get this opportunity. Whether they win or lose it’s been incredible for them and she hopes they’ve enjoyed it.

And be grateful to God and the world because being able to do what you love and being successful at it is wonderful.

Derya Barrera – La Media Vuelta

The intro was just a tiny bit off…and then I got distracted by the lighting effect on that huge skirt. It’s hypnotic. Overall, the whole thing was just magical.

Vicky says she was like a goddess. Lucero agrees, she was spectacular, her voice was spectacular. Poncho says this was a gift.


While Lucero gets ready to perform, Alejandra checks in with the three captains turned judges and asks, jokingly, apart from all the junk under the table there, what are they taking with them from this show?

Vicky says it’s been an honor and the experience and getting to spend time with the other judges and to see the growth of new talent.

Marisol says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with herself when she’s not performing. She’s going to miss Poncho and Lucero and Ale and the public.

Poncho says they can all have the satisfaction of having been part of this moment in música mexicana. That’s the biggest satisfaction they can take with them.

Ale rolls a clip of the judges. Sandra does impressions. They try to sing the theme song and Marisol keeps messing up the words.

Lucero – Tu Nombre Me Sabe A Yerba

Lucero always looks like she’s having a good time.

Ale gets some comments from her after, about why it’s so important for her to have been a part of this. Lucero says she’s enjoyed it and she could have not sung live today because she’s got a nasty cold, but they always told the girls that an artist has to deal with everything, so she got up there and did it.

She wants to find in these women that something special they’re looking for so they can get more women into music and more women into música regional. She’s grateful to the production and her fellow judges and the public so they can have this show.

Sandra Padilla Cervantes – Volver Volver

In her interview, Alejandra points out that Sandra has been enjoying herself the entire time. Sandra says maybe it’s because she doesn’t get up on stage thinking that she’s competing, she just tries to have a good time. That’s what her parents always told her to do–these opportunities don’t come around all the time.

That was sublime. And I love the stage setup. Marisol jokes, or maybe not really, that Poncho didn’t realize she was the one who stole Sandra from him and he was telling her “I expected this from Vicky.” She looks at Sandra’s parents and they remind her of her parents.


Alejandra runs some more clips of the night she took the final eight out for dinner and Emilio Estefan showed up to take them out dancing. That was the weekend before they found out Gloria’s mom died. Ale sends her condolences on behalf of the production.

Alicia Villareal is live in Houston. Her advice is that music is passion, you have to do what you want–that’s why the contestants are there. They need to be constant, work hard, and not let anyone break your hopes and dreams.

Yohanny Rodriguez – Y Así Fué

The song is already fast, and she’s singing it in this very heavy and overly dramatic way that I don’t think it needs.

Again, the judges are happy, so don’t mind me.

More Chatter

Marisela’s live at a party in LA. She thinks all the finalists matured and she just loves them all. Am I seeing Susett and Claudia in the crowd?

Deyra, Yohanny, Carmen, and Sandra – Los Laureles

Again, the balance was off. I enjoyed bits of that and I’m glad we got to hear everyone a few last times tonight, but it’s time to find out the results.


Alejandra reminds everyone that the winner gets a contract with Universal, a Honda CRV, and the title. And Lucero and her team will act as their manager.

Before Ale calls out the results, starting with 4th place, she wants them to know she admires and respects them and she knows they can get anywhere they want to, with or without the title.

In 4th place…Carmen. With no fanfare, she thanks everyone and steps aside.

In 3rd place…Deyra.

Ale’s starting to get choked up about announcing the winner. She stalls before announcing that it’s Sandra.

And Sandra immediately bursts into tears while Yohanny’s laughing her ass off. As soon as she can hand Sandra off to someone else to prop her up, she goes to join the others.

As much as Ale wants some words from Sandra I’m not sure if she’s going to get them. Sandra finally manages to get out that this has been her dream for her whole life and thanks to everyone, thanks to God. Ale congratulates her, her parents come up with flowers, there’s sparkly confetti everywhere, and it’s all over.

Except for the album, which I’m looking forward to. Though if anyone who’s in charge of these things is paying attention, I’d buy Deyra’s album too. Just saying.

Thanks to everyone who’s been watching and reading along. Especially Mr. 5ft who had to get used to me hogging the TV on weeknights again.

Let me know what you thought about the show as a whole and especially the final results.

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Autora/ Author

I was so pleased with that outcome! Though let me second your comment about Deyra… I would totally buy her album as well.

I’m really bummed that this is over. If anyone is paying attention, please let there be another season.

Did anyone else get attached to the judges? I’m actually going to miss Vicky, Marisol, Lucero and Poncho.

Natalia’s advice was priceless and so were the reactions from the judges. I swear Vicky looked like “did she just say that?”

*sniff* It’s over.

stealth cacophony
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophony

I like that this show got me listening to more songs I’d never heard before and I’m happy with who won. I loved Natalia’s advice too, but given that the show is hooking her up with a contract I’m surprised they let her say that(though how could they stop her once it was out) . And I’m gonna listen to more music this summer.