Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 6/14/17 #26

Episode 26: Negocios son negocios

Mateo’s curious about some religious artwork Davis has. She says you need a little help in this “business” more than in any other.

She pours tequila and asks if Mateo accepts the money–he’ll write the song, Valentín will sing it. Mateo says if she wants him to write and produce a song, he needs more. And he’s not talking about money. He wants information.

She runs with criminals who want to be rock stars and he needs to know about a certain narcissist who intrigues him: Amado Matamoros. He wants to know what he does, who he does it with, and where he got so much money. He wants to know everything about him.

Davis says she’s not much of a detective, but if he wants information she can get it from the Pope. What does this guy do anyway? Mateo says he’s in construction, but he wants to get into politics. Davis laments that everyone wants to be famous now. The world’s going down the tubes and no one has any “escrúpulos” (scruples).

“Escrúpulos…that’s one of the Greek islands,” Mateo jokes. He pours her another tequila and asks if she accepts.

Mateo’s still trying to talk Davis into the deal. Information on Amado in exchange for a corrido. Well, Davis is used to paying in cash, but she’s familiar with his work and now that she’s met him and she likes him…and they don’t have a lot of time, so he’d better get to composing and she’ll start doing research.

She hands him a guitar and says she hopes this will do–El Azul gave it to her. Mateo’s heard of him. Well, El Diplomático wants to be more famous than him…than all of them.

Mateo asks her to talk about him. She says he’s her best client, he’s truly powerful, he’s well-connected with both God and the Devil, not a lot of people know who he is, few have seen his face. Mateo starts throwing out ideas…they call him El Diplomático because he’s at peace with God and the Devil and he’s inmune (immune, impervious) like a ghost…. He stops and asks if she sings. No? Hm. Most managers are frustrated artists. She says she isn’t. She likes money, not fame–but she can recognize talent and Valentín has it. His video went viral and El Diplomático liked that. He’s the one who picked him.

“So Valentín has a padrino already.”

Mateo halfway knows two chords and he’s talking more than singing. “No one has seen his face and you don’t want to…he’s not a myth, he’s a ghost…because that’s how he wanted it…and if he ever appears to you, you’ll regret it.” Davis is pleased with his progress so far.

The party

Elena calls for a pause in the interview–the music’s kind of loud. She tells the camera guy to quit filming.

Rafa goes over to where Amado is watching Neto and Leti perform Que Pase la Siguiente and brags that he was right–with his dad nalgas (butts) beat neuronas (brains). Fierro asks to speak to Amado and shows him Leticia’s mug shot. (OK, now I’m impressed that Fierro recognized her. I can’t stand the guy, but he’s a damn good hench.)

For a second, Amado looks alarmed, but then the wheels start turning…Neto sure seems to like her. He tells Fierro to keep an eye on her. He’s getting some ideas. It’s going to be an exciting night. Amado goes over to pull Rafa aside.

Manara watches Neto and Leti while Elena watches Manara. Ah, there we go–I can hear Leti right at the end. Neto thanks the band and his new backup singer: Leticia Bravo. Fierro’s not applauding.

Amado tells Rafa he’s got a problem with Leti. Rafa cracks a joke–does her singing suck? No, Amado’s serious–they’re going to have to kill her. Now Rafa really thinks he’s joking, until Amado says she’s the cousin of the guy who killed Julio César.

Rafa doesn’t know how this can be possible! He met her through a journalist–she was Isaac Solar’s lover. Well, Amado doesn’t know what the connection is (you’d think he would want to know) but they killed the cousin and kept his cell phone and she keeps sending messages. He’s sure she knows something and if she opens her mouth, they’ve got serious problems.

Dinner meeting

Lorenzo made dinner for Itzel. Or at least he’s slicing bread. Before they talk about her case, he wants to know what she knows about Rafa and Amado.

Well, Rafa hired Amado to build the label offices and he wants to take over the label and leave the Solars in the street, like he did to her.

Lorenzo says he wouldn’t mind that–he’s not exactly a fan of the Solars. Well, mostly it’s Mateo he has a problem with. He burned down the publishing house and then Gabriel died…and they had a gunfight outside the radio station. He’s not the saint she thinks he is.


Neto comes over for a photo with Manara. He introduces her to Leti, who tells Manara she likes her song. Manara compliments Leti’s singing. Neto takes a photo with both of them. (Match their makeup and in a dark room they could pass for each other.)

Rafa whines that Amado can’t kill Leti! His dad would get upset. Amado says he’d never know it was him! Right, but Rafa’s the one who introduced them, so he could manipulate Neto. “Well, find another one!” Rafa complains that it’s not that easy–is there really no other way?

Amado admits there might be another way. He has an idea that’s going to be a win for all of them.

Elena comes over to get Manara so they can finish the interview. Leticia tells Neto she’s really happy–this is what she’s always dreamed of. Neto says it’s only the beginning. Has he thought about whether she’s in the band? No, because he doesn’t need to–she’s in. He suggests they celebrate…as soon as the event is over. Rafa comes over to get Neto and Leti chats with the photographer.

The guys

Davis’ hench drops the guys off at JC and gets a selfie with Valentín before they drive off. Dylan says they’re getting Chalino.

Conveniently, he’s inside. He was just about to call them–he’s done here. They tell him they got kidnapped by some capo who wants Mateo to write a corrido–Mateo stayed behind. Valentín doesn’t think there’s anything to worry about. “Davis” is a hot chick. Básico agrees–Mateo’s probably having a great time.

Dylan wants to get the guns from Mateo’s house and go save him. Chalino’s down with that. Básico wants it noted that this time nobody had to tell him to calm down.


In Amado’s office, they give Neto the bad news. Leticia’s in some serious trouble. She’s the cousin of a guy who did some favors…an assassin. Some people Amado knows told him they saw the photos of today’s event online and they want to shut her up. They don’t want to get raspados (scraped).

Neto remembers what Leti said earlier about working in a casino and doing things she’s ashamed of.

“Tell them to slap some cream on it because they’re not touching Leti.”

Amado says this is serious. OK, then neither Neto nor Leti is leaving Amado’s house until they settle this. He’s not letting them kill her. Amado says he could intervene, but it’s going to cost him.

Well, now Neto thinks this is all a scam–they’re just trying to get something out of him. Rafa starts saying it’s true, but Amado tells him to chill. He just wants Neto to talk to his union buds about Canseco being chief of police and he can get Leticia out of this problem.

Neto says he’s friends with them, but he can’t make them do anything. And if he asked, he’d be risking his relationship with them. Amado says he has to make a choice, then–his union friends or Leticia.

Neto knew going into business with Amado was going to be trouble. This is all Rafa’s fault. Rafa doesn’t see what the big deal is–just let what has to happen happen. All Amado’s doing is warning them.

Neto asks to speak to Rafa alone. He threw Leti at him because he knew Neto was alone. And all to hand this mafioso a weapon against him.

Rafa objects–it’s his union friends who are the mafiosos. Why doesn’t he just offer them money to let Amado pick his own police chief and be done with it?

Because that would give Amado all the power in this city.

Rafa tells him not to act like he cares. If he doesn’t want to do it then just tell Amado he won’t do it. Neto tells Rafa not to tell him what to do. He sends him to go fetch Amado so Neto can talk to him alone.

Julia and Nico are commenting on how their families are spending more time together. Rafa’s over at their house all the time. She offers to show Nico the house. (Ohhhhhh, kids….)

Leticia tells Rafa it’s such an honor to sing with his dad. He says she moves fast. “You have to go for opportunities. The train only passes once.” Rafa mockingly says that’s poetic…she’d better hope it doesn’t run her over.

Neto comes over and tells Leti to go tell the mariachis they’re leaving. Rafa’s curious what he worked out with Amado–it was a short meeting. Neto tells him to ask Amado. He calls out a general goodbye to everyone, then specifically to Manara.

Manara asks to talk to Rafa alone. He agrees, once he gets the nod from Amado.

Manara brings Rafa up to Amado’s office to show him the party pictures…him with Amado, Amado with Neto, Amado with both of them. Rafa says he’s seen them…so?

So?! So she remembers that dinner the three of them had when Amado offered her to Rafa in exchange for supporting his campaign. Rafa says it wasn’t like that (Yes, it was. We were there.) and he’s not in the mood to talk about that right now. Manara says she doesn’t want to argue, she just wanted to thank him.

She’s glad Rafa and Neto are supporting Amado without her needing to be in the middle of it–at least not the way Amado had suggested. And it’s all because Rafa’s a gentleman. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and says she’s beat. She’ll see him tomorrow about the contract extension. She says she owes it all to him and thanks him. And Rafa smiles like he thought that conversation meant something I don’t think it means.

Elena tells Amado she’s uploaded everything online and she’ll see him tomorrow about the book. She gives him a kiss goodbye, as you do…but when she leans in to do the same to Rafa, he dodges and gives her a dismissive “Bye, good luck,” without even looking at her.

All he can think about is finding out from Amado what he and Neto talked about. Neto asked for time and Amado’s going to give it to him. He needs to get them used to the idea of his police chief. Rafa says he knows his dad and he’s going to get ugly.

Amado chuckles. He doesn’t care. Why does Rafa keep depending on him? Why doesn’t he take control of the unions and when his dad is gone he can have control of everything? “Grow up, mi rey.”

Agustina sighs in relief–the guests are all gone. Manara’s glad too. Agustina asks if everything’s worked out with Mateo.

Nope. Not with him or Rafa, but Manara has to start moving things in her favor. Agustina tells her to be careful. Manara says she has to stop thinking with her heart and start thinking with her head. She needs Rafa to promote her and Mateo to help her with the songs. She’s sure with his support the album will be a huge success and Megavisa will give her a contract. She’s going to get Agus and Julia out of this house and they’re walking out the front door.

In that case…Agustina tells her to get back to practicing!

The Davis situation

In the JC Records office/memorabilia room, Chalino and Básico wait for Dylan and Valentín to get back. Chalino has narrowed down the neighborhood where Mateo is being held. Básico scoffs at “held.” If Davis’ people had wanted to hurt them, they would have already. The only thing in “danger” tonight is Davis’ body. Chalino hopes so.

Davis calls Mateo “juglar” (troubadour) and says so far what she’s found online is that Amado has a construction company and he’s Manara’s brother. Mateo confirms that. Wait…so he likes the girl and he’s afraid of her brother? Mateo says he’s not afraid of anyone. Manara’s afraid of her brother and he wants to know why.

Davis looks at the party pictures. It’s all Manara, her brother, and the Zabalas. So are they her padrinos or are they involved in Amado’s dirty dealings? Mateo asks what she thinks. Well, Davis doesn’t know.

Davis looks over Mateo’s lyrics. She thinks the boss is going to like them. Mateo leaves her the paper copy–he took a picture on his phone. He’s off to the studio to start recording while she keeps researching. She asks why he’s leaving. “Because I’m in a hurry.” She asks if a woman like her intimidates him or he’s in a relationship. Mateo gives her the once-over like he’s trying to decide whether it would really be sooooo bad….

Um, no, he’s not in a relationship. And this whole “intimidating” thing…that’s cute. She laughs. She knows she can be sangrona (annoying), but when she likes something…a house, a car, jewelry, clothes, or a man, she takes them. Yep. Looks like it. (Literally, “me los llevo puestos” is “I wear them out” like when you buy new shoes or clothes and you wear them out of the store.)

Casa Mateo

Moisés and Celestina are still up, wondering where Isaac is. They find Dylan in the kitchen and he gives them the excuse that they’re all still at the label recording with Mateo. They’ll be there all night. Valentín comes in with two guitar cases. The one he hands Dylan is suspiciously heavy. Plus Dylan’s not all that subtle. It definitely got Moisés’ attention.

Celestina asks if he’s worried about Isaac. No–it’s Rafa he’s worried about. So is Celestina. He’s been acting like his HIS record label all day and if he’d leave his wife and the mother of his children out in the street, she thinks he’d be capable of anything.

Rancho Zabala

Rafa, Nicolas, and Santi get home. The boys are happy to see Itzel there. Rafa asks to speak to her alone. He thought she’d wait a few days before moving back in. Itzel had no intention of waiting, for the sake of the boys. Doesn’t he see that humiliating her humiliates them too? Can’t they handle this divorce peacefully?

Rafa agrees, he’d like some peace. He’s had a good day and he doesn’t want to mess it up with an argument. He suggests they relax and hands her a drink.

Itzel says he attacks her and then offers her a drink? He’s a gem. He must be having one of those moments when he’s feeling lonely. Rafa says they all have moments–ups, downs. Itzel agrees. But the only think she thinks about in her “moments” lately is how difficult it is to build a life and a family and how easy it is to destroy it.

She downs her drink and hands him the glass. She hopes he’ll be a gentleman and sleep somewhere else, because she’s sleeping in HER bed.


Leticia and Neto go to a hotel. She thinks it’s a little humble for the likes of him. “If you could see where I lived when I was starting out.” Leti grabs the booze and glasses and says he’s come a long way. She suggests they toast, but Neto wants to talk first.

He doesn’t care about the lies she told, but he needs the truth about her cousin and the casino where she worked. If not, he’s going to have to let her die. “What?”

Leti says that all she can tell Neto is that Renzo took the money he got when he retired from the police force and opened the casino and he offered her a job. He got into some odd business, but she doesn’t know anything else. What does Neto know?

That they killed him. “Are you sure?” He says she should be more concerned with herself than Renzo. They want her dead, and not because of what she knows, but just in case. “Where’d you get that from?” Neto says they saw her with him in the photos online. He knows a lot of people and a lot of people know him.

Leticia says she doesn’t have anyone. She’s alone. She gets on her knees and begs him to talk to them. She doesn’t know what to do–she needs him to take care of her, please. She gives him a desperate kiss. (If you’re going to be that obvious about it, drop the theater and just make a deal.)

Long night

The guys get their guns ready in the memento room. Valentín tried sending Mateo another message, but he’s not answering. He thinks they should wait before they go out there, but Básico’s got the truck….

Básico comes in and says the van with those guys just pulled up. They rush out to the street to meet the van armed, but Mateo’s here and he’s fine. He tells them to put their guns down, thanks Cafre (the hench) for the ride and says goodbye to the other guy. With a smirk he tells them Davis wasn’t a monster after all. They’ve got a song to record.

Chalino makes sure to tell Cafre he’s “got his picture in his wallet” (he’s going to remember his face.) Valentín tells him to chill. Básico laughs, saying Mateo even seems relaxed.

Davis calls El Diplomático and tells him Mateo is recording the song right now…yes, the one from the video and Mateo Solar…she gave money to some stations so they’d play it. And she’s got an indiscreet question for him–does he know who Amado Matamoros is?

In the lounge, Valentín and Básico work on the song. Mateo wants it two steps higher. Valentín says he’ll go one. Dylan jokes that now Valentín’s the exclusive musician for El Diplomático. Valentín gives him a mocking “si señol.” Dylan tells him it’s a fine line between fame and disgrace. Valentín changes the subject to what happened with the boss lady representative of the boss man?

“Gentlemen have no memory,” Mateo says. They don’t believe that answer. Básico says something about her being inspired by all the animal skins around the office.

Manara comes in, asking if she interrupted something. Who went hunting? Everyone awkwardly says it was Valentín and Básico. She was looking for Mateo–she’s got a proposal for him.

The guys clear out and Mateo starts getting all flirty. (Dude. At least shower first.)


Neto wakes up in the hotel room, but Leti’s gone.

Amado tells Canseco he’s solved their problem. He made a trade with Neto–the woman they’re looking for is his girlfriend. Fierro objects. This is like eating bread today and going hungry tomorrow. People could put it together and they could end up having problems with the press.

Amado tells him to chill. If he doesn’t get what he wants, Fierro kills her. If he does, then Fierro kills her after he’s mayor. He wants to put a stop to Neto and he needs to think about how. Fierro grudgingly agrees.

Leticia finally makes it back to the hotel room. She went out for breakfast. He says he woke up and she was gone–of course he was paranoid, after everything that happened.

Leti tells him to relax and just let her take care of him. She’s an expert, right? She’s been thinking that she got him into a lot of problems and maybe now he won’t want her in the band.

Neto says her life is more important than music. He’ll see what he can do. Leti knows this is going to sound cheesy, but after singing with him…there’s no life without music. (Aw, finally a little honesty.)

JC Records

Manara plays Sobrenatural for Mateo. He says it sounds better than he imagined. Manara tells him she needs him to write all the songs for her album. She needs more like this if she’s going to have a hit.

Uh huh. And what’s Rafa going to think about him writing her entire album? Manara says he doesn’t have to know.

Mateo says he’ll write the whole album if he also produces it. He’ll help her if they get Rafa out of this.

Gilda and Moisés come down the stairs. She asks if he likes the new songs. Moisés thinks they’re good. They run into Rafa and he congratulates her for being on board. She’s not fully–the board still has to approve her–but she’s been checking on some financial stuff.

Moisés says the lawyer is upstairs waiting for them with Manara’s contract. Rafa asks if she’s already here and Moisés says she’s not. Rafa looks worried.

Manara gripes at Mateo. Why does he always have to be like this?! He says she’s the one who said she had to choose between him and Rafa and she did choose. She chose Rafa right in front of him. It’s not him–it’s her.

Manara angrily tells him not to worry about it and grabs her purse. Mateo grabs her before she can walk out. She knows he’s not going to abandon her. He really did like the song. They’re about to kiss when Moisés, Rafa, and Gilda walk in.

He asks if they forgot to knock or what. They were rehearsing a song…one Manara wrote. She asked his opinion. Do they want to hear it? Manara gets up on stage.

Manara plays Sobrenatural for Moisés, Gilda, Rafa, and Mateo. Rafa makes faces. He says it was good, but he’d speed it up because it was boring and he’d take out those cheesy words. (Forget everything else he’s done. For THIS he must die.) He says they can talk about it. Manara tells him to go for it.

Moisés tells them to talk later. The lawyer’s waiting upstairs and he charges by the hour. Gilda smirks at Mateo on her way out.

Rancho Zabala

Itzel’s out on the lawn, sketching. There was an envelope for Santiago in with her mail. It says it’s from a “F. R.” She asks if that’s the guy he was looking for. Isn’t he going to open it? Santi says he’s not going to open it here.

JC Records

In the board room, Gilda tells Manara she’s going to be working in the financial department, so if there are any questions about her payments, talk to her. Yeah, she’s moving to LA. She really needed a change of atmosphere. Houston had so many bad memories–her brother dying in the hospital where she worked, the attack….

Moisés calls her over to the table and Manara remembers accusing Amado of being behind the attack on Gilda and Amado telling her he wouldn’t stop unless Manara did what he wanted. Moisés asks Manara to come over and sit down.

They’ve got the contract ready. It’s for two albums, on top of the one they’d previously agreed to. There’s an exit clause and she’s free to have her lawyer review it. Rafa says he’s already reviewed it and it’s perfect. (YOU’RE NOT A LAWYER!) Manara ignores him and keeps reading. He puts down a pen and tells her to sign it–they have a lot of things to get to work on. She keeps ignoring him and keeps reading. (HA! Good for her.)

Valentín and Básico are still rehearsing, but Mateo tells them they need to hurry up and record or they’ll never get done. He tells Andrew they’re going to the studio. And Dylan? Eh, he says he’ll sit in on guitar.

Gilda comes looking for Mateo and Dylan takes advantage of Mateo having his back turned to hug her. She laughs quietly and shoves him off, trying to look totally serious when Mateo turns back around.

She asks what’s going on with him and Manara. He tells her she can audit the company, but not him.

Seriously, has he thought about what he’s doing? She’s Rafa’s artist and he has a HUGE ego and he’s gaining ground with the board members. Their dad is struggling to fix their relationship. She begs Mateo not to do anything stupid–they don’t want a war within the company!

Well, if they’re being honest then is she going to tell him what’s going on with Dylan? What? Does she think she’s the only one who notices everything? He’s seen the way they look at each other.

“And if I’m with Dylan, so what?!”

Nothing! He doesn’t care! She’s an adult–but he wants her to be up front with him. Dylan’s his friend. Every time she’s around, Dylan looks at him funny. It seems like they’re hiding something.

Speaking of hiding things, Davis calls. He won’t tell Gilda who it is and she rolls her eyes at him and says she’ll see him in a while. Davis says she’s got good information for him. That Matamoros guy is quite a gem. She thinks they should talk in person, but she’ll tell him right now that his sister is right to be afraid of him. He’s dangerous. SERIOUSLY dangerous.

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