La Mujer del Vendaval Wednesday 2/01/17 #56

So much for dinner

Not that Luciano even wants to talk to Marcela, but he asks Silvana to leave them alone and Marcela agrees. She starts off with the big romantic talk, which Luciano mocks insultingly. Then she says she’ll give up everything that, according to him, she’s trying to get out of this marriage. Now she’s speaking his language!

Emiliano tries to convince Valeria to leave. Al wanders out to thank him for being there, but apologize for the scene. Eh, Emi thinks it takes guts to fight for your love. Plus, he knows from experience it doesn’t matter what you do, you end up letting your parents down anyway.

Mateo comes out of the house to confront Al about Octavia being his mother-in-law. Oh yeah. Things were busy and he never got around to it. Mat doesn’t know what happened with Al’s first wife, but Marcela’s someone you marry for life, so if he’s not prepared to do that…. Al knows.

Silvana comes over to check on Al and apologize for her husband. He gets a little “bipolar,” which here and in most telenovelas translates to “a sudden change in mood or behavior that has nothing at all to do with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.” Here, specifically, it translates to “Luciano’s an enormous ass and has enormous assy outbursts periodically.”

Anyway, Al protests for the millionth time that he really loves Marcela, for realz. He’s off to find her and freaks out when Silvana says she’s talking to his ass. Uh…his dad.

Marcela tells Luciano to draw up the paperwork and she’ll sign it. As for the necklace, she doesn’t have it and she doesn’t even know what it looks like. He’s welcome to have people come search, but it isn’t here. He shouldn’t be accusing her without proof and he doesn’t have any.

A worried Al finds Marcela. Yeah, she talked to his dad and she hopes he’ll calm (the f) down now. Zero details and certainly nothing about signing anything away. She suggests they get back to their other guests.

Cami gets a rude (literal) awakening from Don Timo. He assumes this little accident was all part of their plan? How’s that going? Because to Timo they look more determined than ever to get hitched. So Cami had better get a move on because if he doesn’t deliver he’ll lose his salary and gain an enemy. Is he making himself clear? (Dude…crystal! And is that the real Timo, because I’ve never seen him so serious!)

At the cantina…Mauro borrows the phone to call Octavia and tell her to meet him right away. There’s something he has to tell her in person. No! Not at the trailer! At the cantina. She says she’ll be there when she’s done here. (As in…not right away.)

Maria Laura complains about Octavia’s 180. First she hated Alessandro and now he’s like the son she never had and she’s supporting the wedding. You can’t even trust the bad guys anymore! Nisa agrees–she doesn’t even know if Octavia IS good or bad. Anyway, she talked to Camilo and he’s in on the plan. (O rly?)

Octavia makes her apologies to Al and Marcela, but she’s gotta go check on Mauro. She blows smoke about how happy she is for them both and makes sure to drop Damiana’s name. Al’s forced to tell Marcela that Octavia’s his ex-suegra. Um, wow. That’s news to Marcela. As Octavia continues her BS, Maria Laura and Nisa are dancing in the background, which is far more entertaining, especially with all the sparkle on Nisa’s skirt!

Since Octavia came with Timo, he insists on taking her back to town. But first, a speech. Lencho makes a “please stop!” face. Hey, bingo bailable is back on Sunday! Octavia interrupts him and insists they need to leave NOW. And that includes Lencho, who makes sure to give Maria Laura a big kiss before he goes.

Luciano’s continuing the party in his own way–telling Cris to get that “I’m not taking any of your stuff” contract drawn up ASAP. Did he just come out of the bathroom? Because this is clearly the end of the conversation so I’m like…rude!

Cris, being a lawyer, says it’s not necessary because they married por bienes separados, but Luciano wants to cut off all possible avenues. OK, he’ll do it, but Luciano needs to realizes there are still ways around it. Like, if Alessandro dies and leaves stuff to Marcela in the will. No, he’s not insinuating anything! He’s just trying to explain from a legal POV. And he thought once Luciano met Marcela he’d change his opinion.

Cue rant from Luciano about how awful Marcela is that should be loud enough to wake Nuria, sleeping next to Cristian, but doesn’t.

On the way back to the truck, Timo makes excuses to Lencho about being here “on business” and the incident with Marcela and the shotgun. Octavia’s really testy and in a hurry to find out what’s going on with Mauro. Timo bugs her about not telling him she was Al’s ex-suegra. Well, that’s ex, right?

So can they hurry up now? Where are his compadre’s lands anyway? Timo doesn’t want to talk now. Lencho takes her arm and escorts her.

The rest of the guests have some after-dinner drinks. Emiliano praises the food. Silvana praises the hacienda as a whole.

And Alessandro goes back to trying to get an actual answer about whether he can have Marcela’s hand. He doesn’t think he needs his dad here–his mom should be enough. Sagrario tries to pin her down on whether she approves, but Silvana isn’t into that. She wants whatever will make Alessandro happy and he’s been making his own decisions for a long time. If marrying Marcela makes him happy, then as far as she’s concerned–go for it! Sagrario agrees. She “and Mateo” want Marcela to be happy, so “they” approve. Mateo grudgingly backs her…but he wishes they’d take more time to get to know each other. Al declares he knows everything he needs to know, so they’re getting married at the end of the month. (Really, what’s the point of asking?)

Marcela’s also ready to tie the knot ASAP. And Mateo won’t shut up about it being to soon. ML and Nisa whine about the lack of prep time for a wedding, which Silvana agrees with. The only one backing Al and Marcela up is Emiliano–if he were in love he’d want to hurry it up too.

OK, that wins and Silvana’s willing to toast to them getting married in a month.

Silvana goes into the house and finds Valeria waiting to offer her a sarcastic toast. She hopes Alessandro doesn’t make Marcela as unhappy as Luciano made her. They bicker about who’s happier/less unhappy. Valeria doesn’t believe Silvana’s speech about how she’s happy because she’s not depending on Luciano or any other man to make her happy. Valeria is sure Silvana is much lonelier than she is. Silvana glares at her and then smiles and laughs–not the reaction Valeria was hoping for.

Sagrario directs Rosa to start cleaning up. Emiliano tries to get her to think about what he said earlier. If she needs anything, she shouldn’t hesitate to let him know. As Mateo comes up, she says she doesn’t have vision problems. He thinks a routine check-up isn’t a bad idea. Every two years at least. Mateo looks confused.

Emiliano and Valeria say their goodbyes. Valeria does her best to make the kiss on Al’s cheek seductive.

Silvana catches Nisa and asks what she’s been up to since she’s been there. Nisa talks about learning to value country people, the simple life, and hard work. Uh huh. Silvana can tell by the outfit. Nisa says she’s so much more mature now…in touch with her roots…more of a woman. Oh, good, she’ll need that when she goes back to school to finish her degree.

But…but…she can learn everything she needs to from the land! The wind! The sun! Oh, Silvana’s sure the sun has gotten to her all right.

Silvana’s ready to go to bed. She thanks everyone for the dinner and the company. She hopes Luciano the Grouch wakes up in a better mood tomorrow. She’ll fill him in on the plans.

But she also begs Alessandro and Marcela to be honest with each other and stick together–no secrets. Oh no, that doesn’t sound ominous at all.

Anyway, Al suggests Sagrario and Mateo go get some rest too and the rest of them will clean up. Maria Laura and Nisa nope right on out of that.

Back in the guest cabin, Silvana breaks it to Luciano that the wedding’s scheduled for the end of the month and his ‘tude can’t stop it. Whatever he’s planning he’d better be careful. He snaps that he’s only doing what Marcela asked him to–put her to the test.

Marcela and Al are nearly done cleaning up. Alessandro jokes about having survived the evening. Marcela can’t wait for the wedding…she’s just scared something bad’s going to happen. Al says it’s his job to make sure it doesn’t…but speaking of his job, he hasn’t been receiving his “husband” paycheck and a guy’s gotta live off of something! Marcela offers payment in kisses. Al thinks he’s made the best business deal ever.

So, ok, the bad vibes are gone for good, right? Marcela doesn’t think it’s that easy. Everything she ever hopes for ends up going bad and she’s afraid this will to. Is it really possible to be happy forever? Al thinks they should try. The best Marcela can do is be happy to day, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. Al says they’ll make their future and find their eternity.

“You know what, Cleopatra? I love you.”

“I love you, too, Marc Anthony.”

In the guest cabin, Silvana still thinks this contract thing is a terrible idea, but she wants the details. Yes, yes, “fine print,” but saying what?

That she can never set foot in a Toscana hotel or so much as look at one. (I’m sure he means that no part of the hotel will ever belong to her.)

Greeeeeat, he’s picking a fight with Alessandro again. He’ll probably drive him away. She hopes he’s happy now.

“Happy,” will happen when everyone realizes he was right and comes groveling.


Amadeo reads Alba’s email and he’s confused at her talk about an almost-kiss. He realizes she still thinks Chopin is Cristian. He has to clear this up somehow! So he writes her a completely confusing email about how she’s put someone on a pedestal and she shouldn’t be looking outside for the answers, but looking inward toward her heart.

San Bartolo

July’s seeing that rata de dos patas walking around again. She wakes Eulogio and they go down to check it out. And oh, look, they find Severo. He’s sure he hasn’t seen or heard anything weird.

A gunshot? Oh, no, it’s been completely quiet. Mike? He went home. Yep, just couldn’t take it anymore, got all homesick and drunk. Sev dropped him off at the airport.

Eulogio offers to escort July home and make her some té de pasiflora so she can rest. And he’s got some awesome sleeping pills. But naw, she thinks she’ll be ok now.

Octavia gets back to town with Timo and Lencho. Severo listens from behind a column near the trailer as Timo desperately tries to get Octavia to come in and have some barbacoa with him. He demands Lencho say goodnight to Octavia and she whispers that she’ll be waiting for him in the trailer later. She stands at the door until Timo drives off, then heads for the cantina.

At the cantina, Ramon wants more booze and the bartender’s not giving it. He throws him out just as Octavia walks in.

Mauro grabs her and looks around in a panic before hustling her out of there so they can talk where there are fewer people.

Oh, good, Mauro gets right to the point–Severo shot his lawyer. But he’s so drunk Octavia doesn’t believe him. Although, when he mentions crawling out the window and losing his phone, she realizes it wasn’t him who called her. Now Mauro’s really panicking–Severo knows who he is and he’s gonna kill him!

Octavia insists they can’t know if Sev knows that Mauro saw him. But she’s squicked out when Mauro mentions he went into the trailer. He wants to leave now, but Octavia is sure she can fix it.

Fix it how?! He shot his friend in the back–what’s he going to do with the two of them? They need to get out of here!

But Octavia is determined to find a silver lining here. Mauro having seen him gives them a huge advantage.

Sev emerges from behind a tree and glares at them, but I think he’s too far away to hear the conversation.

Timo’s still hoping that Octavia’s coming over to the house and wants Lencho to clear out of the living room so he has some privacy. Lencho’s not ready to go to bed, but he’ll gladly go find his buds and go party. Timo warns him to knock when he comes home.

The doorbell rings and Timo is sure it’s Octavia…instead Eulogio comes in with his bathrobe and news about July hearing a gunshot in the plaza.

Octavia wants to take Mauro back to the trailer and explain it, but he’s not setting foot in that trailer again…or the hotel, or anywhere else in San Bartolo. He wants out. Octavia insists she’s going to close this deal. She doesn’t care if Sev’s got no morals and no conscience–all she wants is for him to sell her his land. Mauro whines about him being a killer.

“And you aren’t?” It’s the Damiana thing again. As far as Octavia’s concerned, her coming up with the plan and him finding the guys to cut the brakes is all the same.

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