Guerra de Ídolos Thursday 6/15/17 #27

Episode 27: Amor cómplice

Davis tells Mateo that Amado trafficks guns and people and his construction company is just a front for that and for laundering money.


Nicolas comes outside to say goodbye to his mom before he heads off to his guitar lesson. And then he’s rehearsing with Julia.

She makes a face. He knows she doesn’t like Manara, but Julia has nothing to do with that. He’s bringing her to dinner and he wants Itzel to be nice to her. “You owe me.” Itzel laughs. She says she’ll do it, but she needs time to process.

Once Nicolas leaves, she starts searching the house, remembering that Lorenzo asked what the connection was between Rafa and Amado. She finds that ridiculously cheesy presentation folder with Amado’s “proposals,” and one other.


Lorenzo comments to Elena that Itzel moved back into the house so she could try to gather evidence for them. She’s completely against Rafa. Elena says she’s despechada (spiteful), which is even worse.

After yesterday’s party, Elena’s convinced that Amado is associated with Rafa–not just for promotion, but for business too, in case he gets elected. Neto was there too. Lorenzo knows that Neto knew about his dad’s businesses. Elena tells him they were going in and out of Amado’s office all night.

There’s something they haven’t considered in all this–Selva’s getting involved with Amado. She was acting like the lady of the house yesterday. Lorenzo doesn’t think it’s that serious. Uh huh…and where is she now? She told Lorenzo she’d be in a meeting with some of the advertisers. Elena thinks they need to be careful so she doesn’t get caught in the middle. Lorenzo needs to do something to separate them.

Casa Matamoros

Selva’s at Amado’s, listening to him brag about all his press mentions. Petra, one of the maids, brings them some bread, saying that with the party going late last night Agustina asked her to fill in. Amado doesn’t like it–he wants Agustina to wait on him. He orders Petra to go get her, but Selva overrides him–they should let Agustina rest and Petra should rest too. Selva can take care of things. Petra still stares at Amado until he tells her to pay attention to Selva.

Selva apologizes–she doesn’t want to undermine his authority, but he’s so strict with his employees! Amado says it’s clear this house needs her. When can they tell everyone about their feelings?

Agustina’s in her room sobbing with…oh, please tell me that’s not a pregnancy test on the bed next to her! Petra knocks on the door and tells her the boss is looking for her. His girlfriend excused her, but she thinks Agustina should still go out there. Agustina says she’ll be there in a minute…and looks at the pregnancy test…and it’s positive.

Agustina clears the breakfast dishes while Amado snarks that he thought she was taking the morning off. He scolds her about needing to get in gear–they’re going to have lots of events with the campaign. And tonight he’s having dinner with Selva and his sisters.

Selva thinks it’s too much work for one person (I assume she means campaign stuff and not dinner). She wants to hire someone to help. Amado agrees. Selva says she’s gotta rush upstairs to finish getting ready –she has a meeting at the radio station. Amado says he’ll just make a phone call and catch up to her.

As Selva walks away, Amado says she’s so pretty…and has so much class…doesn’t she? Then he gets up and starts macking on Agustina. She tells him to stop. What does he want? He wants to know who she’s going to hire to help her. She asks if he’s going to get them from the same cage he gets all the people he kidnaps.

Amado tells her to lower her voice. He was just playing around. She can’t talk about that in front of Selva. And she’d better stop crying all over the place because if Selva notices, he’ll put her back into the cage he took her from. He says this with his hand around her throat and kisses her.

JC Records

Now Moisés is bugging Manara too, telling her she can ask the lawyer here if she has any questions. (He represents the LABEL, not her!) She somewhat snippily says that won’t be necessary. If they say it’s OK, she’ll sign it. She just wanted to look at it CAREFULLY so she’d know exactly what was involved. She thinks this is a great opportunity and she’s going to sign it.

As Rafa practically snatches it away from her to pass it to Moisés, Manara remembers telling Bianco she’d be selling her soul to the devil and him promising her that Megavisa will pay the exit fee if she proves she really has what it takes to be a star.

Valentín and Básico record El Diplomático while Dylan makes faces. Valentín calls for the guys in the booth to cut so he can ask Dylan what’s wrong. He just doesn’t like recording behind Moisés’ back and the whole deal with Davis and now there’s this mafioso involved.

Valentín says either they record or they get killed. They can’t guess with El Diplomático. Básico’s worried that next they’re going to want Valentín to go sing it for him alone. He’s with Valentín until the end, but the thought worries him.

Dylan fusses about codes and capos. He’s worried about Mateo not being back yet…and he’s got a nasty hangover. He’s going to see if he can find a dressing room and catch a nap.

Valentín tells the booth guys to start over at the first chorus–he thinks he missed a word or something. Básico says that was all him and Valentín agrees, he messed up.

Dylan whines to Mateo about wanting to get into the dressing rooms. And when he’s done resting, he wants to talk about the deal with Davis. He’s worried. Mateo says it’s all fine. He gives him the key to the house and tells Dylan to go get a shower, food, rest.

Moisés, Rafa, and Manara come downstairs, congratulating Manara. Moisés says she just signed her contract extension. Mateo congratulates her too and says he’s just working on recording Isaac’s song with Valentín. He’s going to upload it to the Internet.

Moisés says he and Rafa need to get back upstairs to authorize a transfer of funds for Gilda. Rafa asks Manara to wait for him so they can talk about the tour and her new song.

Manara tells Mateo she signed, so there’s no way to get rid of Rafa now. She guesses they should each do their own thing now. Mateo tells her to take care of her business with Rafa and then they can talk about the songs. But he really doesn’t want to talk about it now. Manara tries to get him to put it off until tomorrow–she’s got an interview that her brother set up for her–but Mateo insists they meet tonight. At the usual place. (Which is?)

In the lounge Rafa shows Manara the tour info on his tablet. It’s Mexico and South America and then back to Mexico. I don’t know what those pie charts are for. And now that they’re alone, Rafa wants to take advantage of that to congratulate her on the contract and thank her for her trust in him.

She says he has nothing to thank her for–she’s the one who thanks him for his support. He gets in a couple of kisses on her cheek before she pushes him away. He apologizes for yesterday and says they haven’t talked about what happened in the dressing room the other day. She’s sure they just got carried away in all the excitement.

But speaking of the tour, she’s worried that she doesn’t have enough songs ready. He’s glad she brought that up, because he wants her to please show him all her new songs first. “You’re saying that because of Mateo, right?” She tells him not to worry. That won’t happen again.

He invades her personal space to tell her from now on they’re going to be sharing a lot of things. “And a lot of work,” Manara adds. She goes for the guitar on the stage and says she wants to work on one of the songs for the tour. Rafa wants her to relax, but she says she’s on a schedule–she has an interview to get to that her brother set up. He can always call Amado and tell him to cancel it and that would give them the afternoon to work.

Rafa says he understands needing to do promotion. She agrees to play him a little bit since it puts the guitar between them. She starts in on Sobrenatural.

Mateo gets back to the studio. Valentín and Básico have just finished another take of the vocals on El Diplomático and Mateo says they’ll do another one. He hands Valentín a flask and says it’ll loosen up his voice.

And since they’re here, maybe they should work on “Isaac’s” corrido. It’ll give them some cover with his dad and for some reason people are asking for it. Valentín says that’s because it was written by a Vargas! Is Isaac going to be OK with this? Mateo says he’ll take care of it. They get ready for another take and start teasing Básico about not being able to hear him.

Radio station

Lorenzo shows Elena the new offices. When Selva gets there, Lorenzo asks where she was and she hesitates too long before saying she was seeing some clients. And she plays with her earring.

She tries to distract him by turning her attention to Elena and asking her to get an interview set up with Alexis for Manara now that he’s going to be doing his program from LA.

“Is that what they call it now, ‘seeing clients’?” If she’s secretly dating Amado, he wishes she’d tell him to his face. Selva complains that he’s trying to control her life like their dad did. She doesn’t get involved in his life–there’s Elena and she’s not interfering, is she?

Lorenzo’s phone buzzes and Selva walks off. Itzel says they need to talk–she found something that explains the connection between Amado and Rafael. He says they’ll meet in person and she can tell him then.

Rancho Zabala

Itzel hurries to get off the phone when she hears Neto’s voice. He’s giving Leti a tour. He’s upset at seeing Itzel in there and tells Leti to go back to the rehearsal room and wait for him. Itzel tells him she’s just here to see her sons and he shouldn’t worry, she’s making this a peaceful divorce.

He thought she signed the papers already. Oh, she did–in prison, under inhumane conditions. And she signed a confidentiality contract too. She can’t talk about them in front of the press…but she can talk to her sons. Would he like her to tell them how the accident happened? How she ended up with so many pills in her car? Neto denies having anything to do with that.

Itzel says she’ll let him go rehearse now. And hopefully this girl has better taste in music than perfume. As she’s walking out she tosses back “hijo de tigre, pintito.” (The tiger’s child has the same stripes; like father, like son.)

Casa Mateo

Has Dylan gotten any rest? He’s wandering around the house singing to himself and putting away magazines. He looks out the front window and sees Isaac arriving on a shiny new motorcycle.

Belinda sees it too and asks about it. Isaac says it’s his new toy–does she want a ride? Uh, no. She doesn’t like motorcycles and especially not pregnant. Why didn’t he answer her calls?

Isaac waxes rhapsodic about Vegas being another world…he relaxed, he bet, he won, he bought the bike, and here he is. He had time to think about positive things, solutions…and Belinda’s part of all that. She tells him not to start.

Isaac says the presentation was a disaster, but the good thing was what she said to him. She asks him not to talk like that. He wants her to think about it–who better than him to care for her and her baby? (Um…pretty much anyone?) He wants to take care of them. He starts kissing her just as Dylan walks down the stairs. (Oh, hi Dylan. Welcome to our horror.) He runs back upstairs.

Belinda breaks off the kiss and says someone could see them. This isn’t right. Isaac tells her she’s the best thing he has. He feels this need to take care of them, for Julio César. He begs her to let him.

Belinda says this isn’t good for either of them. She’s going upstairs now and she doesn’t want him to follow her.

Rancho Zabala

Neto gets off the phone with Collins and tells Leticia that until he has things settled, he wants her to stay in the house. Leti whines that she doesn’t want to put anyone out. Maybe if he tells her who those guys are she can do something. Oh, no, Neto thinks the less she knows, the better. She’s in enough trouble just because of her cousin. He sends her to go ask Daisy to fix him something for his throat.

He calls Amado and tells him that he and Collins are coming over for dinner tonight. He should get his cop friend there and they’ll see what they can work out.

Casa Matamoros

Amado starts shouting for Agustina, who is trying an entirely different brand of pregnancy test, hoping one of them will say she’s NOT pregnant with the spawn of the devil. Or so I’m guessing. She lets him into her room and he tells her the diner with Selva and his sisters is going to have to be postponed until tomorrow–but he does have a dinner tonight.

Agustina says she’ll take care of it. Amado apologizes to her for the way he talked to her earlier. Agustina can’t take this anymore–he treats her badly…then well…then badly. She thinks she should leave him alone with Selva.

Amado says she’s not going anywhere–she knows too much. She’s not leaving until he says so. And with or without Selva, “they” are going to stay the same, until he says so. She gets it, right? And dinner is early.

He walks out and Agustina weeps.


Elena shows Manara into the recording studio at the radio station and tells Manara she’d like for her to talk about herself, her music, and she can promote her brother’s campaign if she wants to. Manara says she’d like to do this her way if that’s ok.

Alexis comes in as they’re getting settled and greets Manara. They’re about to go on the air, so he tells her to put her headphones on.

Nicolas and Julia rehearse No Es Normal. They’re playing around a little with alternating lines and Julia’s still adding some harmonies. He’s worried that Santiago hasn’t arrived yet. Julia wants to listen to Manara’s interview–she goes to get her phone.

Santiago’s still looking at the envelope when he takes Nico’s call. He says he’s got too much homework, he can’t make it, he’s sorry. He’ll see him later.

He finally opens the envelope and finds some photos printed on regular paper. He realizes they’re from the day he saw Fernando in his hotel. There’s a note–Fernando wants him to know they made him do this. He won’t say who, so Santi won’t get sucked into this hell. He has a nice life and a lot of talent and he should take advantage of who he is. Fer asks him to remember him well, but this is too much for him. Santiago remembers handing Fernando money.

Julia brings the phone over so she and Nico can both listen to Manara’s interview.

Manara’s talking about how pleased she is with the reaction to her new single and how exciting it is to hear it on the radio. Alexis asks if she’s always wanted to sing and Manara says that’s always been her priority–it’s something liberating for her. She hasn’t been a professional singer for long, but she knows the importance of talent and she knows hard work makes a difference.

Amado’s been listening, but he stops when Canseco gets there. He found out what happened to Fernando–a taxi driver took him to a not-so-legal clinic without telling him. Who knows if they even tried to save him. Organ trafficking, Amado asks. “Even I don’t sink that low.”

He says that’s one less problem and praises Canseco for his work. He’s going to get back to the interview to see if Manara talks about him–they’ll see each other at dinner. He hopes Zabala sees reason.

Casa Matamoros

Manara’s heading out of the house later. She asks Amado if he liked her interview. He would have liked it more if she’d talked more about him. Where’s she going? “A photo shoot.” At this hour? He tells her he’s only giving her more freedom because she’s doing things well. Manara sarcastically thanks him and tells him to trust her–she’s focused.

He scoffs at that. He only cares about results.

He does realize the results don’t depend on her anymore. He has the support of the Zabalas. If he wants to win the election, he has to win people over the same way she has to with her music. They’ll see if he’s capable.

She slips out the door as Canseco’s arriving…again. Amado shows him into the dining room.

JC Records

In the studio, Mateo, Valentín, Básico, and Gilda listen to the final cut of El Diplomático. Gilda applauds. Mateo says it came out bien perra. Valentín jokes that even hung over and with no sleep they make hits. But here comes the one who slept…Valentín thinks he looks more like he had a nightmare.

Dylan says he ate something that disagreed with him. Mateo doesn’t look like he believes him. He tells the guys to stay at a hotel, at least while his parents are in town. The label will pay. “I’ll work it out with the finance witch later.” He goes over and hugs Gilda before he leaves…and tells Dylan they’ll talk later….

Valentín suggests he and Básico pick up their stuff. They giggle in the general direction of Dylan and Gilda. Dylan asks what she told Mateo that he’s looking at him all funny. She says she didn’t tell him anything–he just knows her and he knows there’s something going on.

Well, speaking of that, there’s something she doesn’t know about Isaac. He’ll tell her when they’re alone. He walks her out of the studio.

Mateo calls Davis and says he has the demo ready for her and her boss to listen to. She wants him to drop it off and have dinner, but he says he needs to rest. They’ll talk tomorrow.

Davis fumes at him for hanging up on her. She checks in with Cafre, in his van near the studio, but he says the guys were recording all day like they said they would. Nothing weird was going on. Davis knows–she tells him Mateo should be leaving soon and she wants Cafre to follow him.

As they wander into the lounge, Gilda tells Dylan they haven’t been very discreet. Mateo threw it in her face. Dylan says it’s because she hasn’t been able to take her eyes off him. *smoochies*

But what does he have to tell her. OK, she knows he doesn’t like to gossip, but he couldn’t keep this quiet either…he saw something in the living room. Isaac kissing Julio César’s widow, Belinda. He thinks she was trying to resist, but there’s definitely something going on. (Wow, I’ve never seen someone actually notice before that one party in a kiss they spied on might not have been 100% into it.)

Gilda swears she knew it. Dylan tells her she can’t keep taking care of Isaac–they need to put a stop to him. She can’t do it all alone, but that’s what he’s here for, right? He gives her a suggestive smile and they kiss…until she worries about someone seeing them. He teases her about how she’d better quit looking at him like that….


Manara gets to the hotel room as Mateo’s getting dressed after his shower. He asks how the interview went. She says he looks tired. “I am tired. I’ve got a lot of work to do. Launching Valentín, Básico, Dylan.” “Music for both coasts,” she says. He says music is for whoever wants to listen, so…he’s got a new one for her to listen to.

Cafre calls Davis to tell her Mateo went into a hotel alone. Then a couple of Asians went in…and a girl. “A pretty girl with long brown hair?” Yep. Anything else?

Manara starts playing what’s going to become En Plena Oscuridad while Mateo listens. He says those are the chords, but it’s faster and the words are less cheesy so Rafa will like it and she won’t have problems with him.

She gripes at him that if he’s tired she can come back later. She hands the guitar back to him and tells him to get some sleep and clear his head. “If you’re expecting me to beg you to stay….” She’s not, which is why she’s leaving. He tells her to go ahead–leave the room, the hotel, the country, but what she can’t leave is the truth.

Manara says the only truth here is that he’s a producer and a much better songwriter than she is and she needs him. If he’s hurt, ok, but that’s the way things are. She thinks this was a mistake.

Mateo agrees–he made a mistake getting involved with her without knowing who Amado was. Everyone supposes he’s a mafioso, but Mateo had no idea he was a murderer and a slaver.

He gets a hold of himself and apologizes. What he wanted to say was that he knows Amado has her locked up and all the “freedom” she talks about is what she has the least of in her life. Or is he wrong?

Manara asks how Mateo knows. It doesn’t matter, he just found out. He says he can get her out of there and give her the freedom she wants. Manara tells him if he wants to help, do it with his music and his talent. Help her become a successful singer and be able to take care of herself because that’s the only way they can be free of him.

Mateo says she already has everything she needs for that. In that case, she wants him to forget about Amado. She wants him to promise he’ll help her become the best singer she can be…but without violence.

So they make love instead. Manara tries to make a run for it after. Mateo begs her to stay. He tells her not to be afraid, but she says it’s something else.

Is it Rafa? Is Amado forcing her to be with him? She says no one makes her do anything she doesn’t want to. She’s responsible for what she does. Mateo wants her to admit she made up the whole “Rafa” thing to keep him away. “Do we really have to talk about this right now?!” Whether she’s with Rafa or not is her business. She has an objective and she’s going to achieve it.

He whines that she’s not the kind of woman to be with two men out of convenience.

“Are we going to have this conversation every time?!” If they are, then next time they meet it should be at the label and they can tell Rafa he’s writing all her songs.

Mateo says Rafa would kick him off the album and they both know it’s going to be better with him. OK, fine, they’ll leave things the way they are and see what happens. He does want to help her with the album. In that case, she says it has to be without questions. Not a single one. And she’s going. “Where are you going?!” He realizes he just asked a question and backs off…then he asks “Can I call you?” OK, that either, he mumbles.

Casa Matamoros

At dinner, Neto explains that the big problem the unions have with letting him pick his police chief is with the chief on his side, they won’t be able to control him. “I want to be mayor so no one will control me.”

Well, that’s why he brought Collins with him. (Aw, crap, it’s the guy who hit on Agustina.) Collins can soften up the other union leaders and be an intermediary.

Collins says if Amado wants to put him in a good mood before they talk business, he should “lend” him Agustina. He’s been wanting her since the last time he was here. (Run, Agus! Poison everyone’s dinner and get out!)

Agustina hands out champagne and has to pry her hand back from Collins. Neto, as if he weren’t even talking about a person, tells Amado that if he gives Collins the “gata” (maid) and some money they can have him on their side. Amado says Agustina’s not part of this. (Yeah, only because you’re selfish, not because you care.)

Neto realizes Amado’s with her…and with Selva Treviño at the same time? He tells Amado to make no mistake–no matter how much money he has, he’s always going to be at Agustina’s “level” and not Selva’s.

Amado says he’s given Neto his conditions. It’s up to him to convince them…unless he doesn’t care if his backup singer dies.

Casa Lorenzo

Itzel shows Lorenzo the cheesy-looking proposal and how much Amado has budgeted for “musical events” and the expenses for artists’ fees.

Lorenzo says Amado’s very much a “bread and circuses” guy. He wants to promote himself on the radio and at palenques. It’ll be a great way to launder money.

Itzel says the Solars’ label is the perfect front. It wasn’t created to steal, it was founded by Julio César…it’s just the platform Rafa needs for his comeback. She’s sure that’s why he’s doing this. Lorenzo wonders if they have a signed contract. She doubts it. But maybe a blood pact.

Lorenzo touches her hand as he says these documents are going to be a big help. Itzel pulls her hand away and asks if she can trust him. He says she can. What does he have to do to prove it to her?

For now, she needs his help to not go back to prison. She’s meeting with his lawyers tomorrow at court. Her life is in his hands. He says everything’s going to be fine.

Come at me, bro!

Gilda gets home and the family had dinner without her. She asks Isaac about the bike. All casual, he says he just bought it in Las Vegas. He needed a change. “Wind therapy” like they say. She scolds him, saying while he was out having his therapy they were all worried about him.

Oh, right, like Mateo. They already told him about Mateo doing the single with Valentín. He starts whining that Mateo only supported him to get in good with the family, but he didn’t put his heart into it–that’s why things went the way they did! Moisés says it didn’t go well on stage and Isaac should leave it there. He needs to think about what he’s going to do with his career.

Isaac says he’s going to stay at the label and produce an album. Gilda starts laughing and Isaac says now that she’s in finance, she’s not going to want to give him a penny for his album.

“You’re attacking me now? What’s wrong with you?!”

Isaac says nothing’s wrong with him. He knows what her job is–is she going to want to sing now too? He’ll write her a song and they can record an album. He’ll produce it.

“How dare you say that after what happened!”

“What happened? What happened, Gilda? I don’t owe you anything. If I owe you anything, put it on this table right now!”

Gilda sits there angrily keeping quiet, but you’d think from his attitude and the look on her face they’d at least have a clue that something’s going on.

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I’m trying to get caught up with this one. It’s so damn entertaining. Even when I get caught up I may stockpile because I always want more when the episodes end.

I’ve been watching and reading so much that now as I watch I catch myself thinking “I can’t wait to hear Kat’s take on this” and you never disappoint. For example “(Oh, hi Dylan. Welcome to our horror.)”