La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 2/02/17 #57

San Bartolo

Octavia figures she knows how to deal with “killers” so she tells Mauricio to pipe down and stay in San Bartolo while she deals with this.

Timo’s inclined to trust July’s ears. Eulogio says they investigated, but they didn’t see anybody until later. Timo gets all hung up on Eulogio saying they came out of “the house.” Whose house? Oh, he was at July’s, trying to help her get to sleep. Timo warns him he only has July “on pause” so Eulogio had better not get any ideas.

And then Timo gets distracted because he’s convinced Octavia’s coming over, so he tells Eulogio to get out. Eulogio never gets to tell him they saw Severo lurking about.

Octavia leaves Mauro back at the Hotel of Horrors. Sev is skulking around the courtyard when she comes downstairs to ask the owner to keep an eye on Mauro…and bring him some tea…or whiskey.

She’s on her way out of the hotel when she runs into Lencho and decides they’re going to go have a drink together.

Severo sneaks past the hotel owner–no surprise–and rattles the flimsy hotel doors. I swear the actor really had to work to pretend the door wouldn’t open!

Back at home, Valeria picks on Emiliano for not being able to hide his disappointment that Al and Marcela are getting married. When he won’t admit to anything, she asks if he’d want to be with Marcela if she wasn’t with Alessandro. Now that he will admit to.

Look, Emiliano’s not going after Marcela and he doesn’t think Valeria has any business going after Alessandro when he’s not just married, but HAPPILY married. Ilse comes downstairs in tears, calling herself the worst mother ever.

Roman finally stumbles out of the bar, calling himself worthless trash.

Ilse tells Valeria and Emiliano the story. They both give her sympathetic looks.

Severo finally kicks the door down and starts searching for Mauro. While he’s looking out the bathroom window, Mauro runs out of the shower and gets past him.


Camilo’s disappointed to hear that Alessandro proposed even though his dad didn’t approve. Yep, and they’re getting married at the end of the month. But Nisa and Maria Laura have a “plan” to keep that from happening. Nisa waves a bottle of pills in Cami’s face.

In the kitchen Sagrario, Alessandro, and Marcela argue about who’s washing up. Al gets Sagrario to go rest, but Mateo asks Marcela to stick around so he can beg her to delay the wedding. He just doesn’t trust Alessandro and he’s convinced he’s going to ditch Marcela in a couple of months like he did with Damiana. And his heart is never wrong…it’s the same heart that’s telling him Sagrario’s hiding the thief…but that’s not the issue!

Marcela says the issue is she’s not Damiana and it’s not going to be the same with her. It’s been a rough couple of days and everybody needs to calm down. And they’re going to be patient with Sagrario and she’ll tell them eventually. She goes off to bed. So I guess nobody’s washing up? Or is it just Rosa?

Luciano thinks of Valeria. Silvana does too. She could see how Valeria’s reappearance affected Luciano. He assures her it was just the surprise of seeing her, but Silvana’s worried he’ll start seeing her again.

Luciano tells Silvana they have a special love, Valeria caused them so much harm, of course he won’t go after her again! His face tells a different story.

Poor Lencho

Good thing Octavia got Mauro another place to stay, because that leaves the horse trailer for her latest tryst with Lencho and his massive sense of guilt. She assures him he has nothing to feel bad about–she doesn’t have a thing for his dad. And he’s not really serious about her. He’s lived his life and it’s time for Lencho to live his. Oh yeah, Lencho is totally won over. The balloon with Timo’s face on it looks down on them from above.

Severo sees the lights on in the trailer and assumes that’s where Mauro is hiding.

Lencho thinks he can break things off with Octavia, but she tells him she’s the one in charge here. And he’d better break it off with Maria Laura, too. She doesn’t share her “things” with anyone else. If he was trying to make her jealous at the hacienda, he did. She’s letting him go for now, but they’ll see each other tomorrow. Subtext: Because Octavia says so.

Severo listens for the sound of the trailer door shutting, watches a figure with their hood pulled up exit…and realizes he just knocked out Lencho. Annnnnd he can’t wake him up. So he gets to drag his second body of the night.

Timo’s boogieing down in his PRESIDENTE MUNICIPAL bata when there’s a knock at the door. He assumes it’s Octavia, but it’s Sev and Lencho. He claims he found him out there in the plaza.

Lencho finally wakes up. He’s at least thinking clearly enough to say he was just walking in the plaza and doesn’t remember what happened. Timo sends Severo to get the doctor.

Bad to worse

Roman made it all the way to the bar in San Jacinto so he could keep drinking. I don’t want to think about how he got there.

Valeria thinks Ilse should leave her kids alone. Emilio thinks she should work on the relationship or she’ll be sorry. Kids always need some kind of help, and a mother is always a mother. He asks her to think about what Roman needs at the moment. (A ride home, an aspirin, and lots of fluids?) He needs lots of affection. He knows, because he spent some time with him while they were arranging the funeral. He thinks he can talk to Roman and the two of them can give each other another chance.

Ramon’s fixin’ to get himself thrown out of the bar in San Jacinto. He tries to fight with people, but he’s so drunk all his punches go wild and the everyone else in the bar beats on him and each other.

Amadeo closes up the cíber for the night.

Amadeo goes to the cantina, but Roman’s long gone and the bartender, Jonas, doesn’t know where he went.

Roman gets to dry out in the San Jacinto jail. He whines to the officer who comes to check on him that he was denied service…and the customer is always right! Yeah, good luck with that. And he’d better start thinking about who’s going to come pick him up and pay the damages.

Roman insists there’s no one he can call.

Amadeo tries looking for Roman at Emiliano’s place. He’s not there, of course, but Ilse is. She gets to work on the “kids need affection” thing and gives Amadeo a comforting hug.

Ilse tries calling around for help finding Roman while Emiliano keeps bringing Amadeo cups of coffee. Ilse is alarmed when Amadeo says he shouldn’t have bothered them and he just hopes Roman doesn’t keep him hanging for days. Ilse needs to hear more about this. Amadeo says Roman’s “kind of” an alcoholic. Emiliano’s like “You can’t be kind of–you are or you aren’t.” Well, he typically can’t control his drinking, but lately he’d been doing better at keeping it down to two or three drinks at a time.

Emiliano offers to help look for him, but Valeria thinks they should give him some space. Ilse is worried about something happening to him, but Valeria–ever the good friend–says the kids have been taking care of themselves for a long time.

The #@^%#$% Plan

Maria Laura catches Marcela before she gets into bed to tell her that Camilo’s running a fever and she needs to come check on him.

Cami squirts himself with water and shivers for effect. Marcela tells Maria Laura to get ice, water, cloths. Camilo babbles about dying and having her face be the last thing he sees. (*eye roll*)

Camilo’s probably shivering for real once Marcela gets going with the icewater compresses. She wants more cloths, but Maria Laura declares she has no obligations here. Marcela’s on her way to get Rosa, but Camilo stops her, whining about how she’s the only woman he needs blah blah blah.

And oh, look, here’s Maria Laura again with some tea for Marcela to help her stay up all night.

Marcela keeps drinking her tea and Camilo keeps shivering. She wants to call the doctor because he won’t stop shivering. He encourages her to finish drinking her tea…and maybe she could read something to him like she used to when they were dating. Marcela starts falling asleep in his lap and tries not to. Ew…Camilo’s being gross with the roaming hands.

Camilo wakes up with Marcela in his arms and starts calling for Maria Laura. She tells him to get his shirt off while she gets Marcela undressed. (There’s a special place in hell, Maria Laura.) At least Cami tells her to ditch that part of the plan so she doesn’t wake up.

ML runs back to her room to tell Nisa it’s time for her part of the plan.

Nisa wakes Alessandro up to tell him she can’t sleep. The hacienda has ghosts. She heard them in the hallway. She makes him get up to check. He notices Marcela’s not in the room.

She goes right to Alba’s room, where she heard the moaning. Al’s like “Duh, it’s Camilo.” But Nisa insists on checking and guess what…there’s Marcela in bed with Camilo. (OK, 1: In the state he’s in? He’d be dead. And 2: Unless we’ve established she’s a really sound sleeper, the fact that she didn’t jump when he yelled should have been a dead giveaway that something is wrong.)

It takes Al a while to get Marcela to wake up and she’s completely confused about why she fell asleep. Al’s yelling, Nisa’s yelling, Camilo insists she fell asleep “after” and Marcela doesn’t remember a thing. She swears she didn’t do anything…Maria Laura said he was sick, she came to see him and tried to get his fever down. Camilo keeps bragging about how they were kissing and she fell asleep in his arms. Marcela keeps Al from attacking Camilo, but he keeps running his mouth. Al says he’s seen enough and Marcela keeps protesting her innocence while Camilo keeps being an ass. He’s totally getting off on watching Al yelling at Marcela that if she still loved Camilo she should have said so.

Nisa goes to wake up the parents and tell them Alessandro just found Marcela in Camilo’s bed. Luciano gloats that he knew it.

Marcela insists all she feels for Camilo is the affection you have for a childhood friend or a cousin. She begs Camilo to tell the truth, but nooooo, he insists Marcela was totally into it (dude, this is not going to score you any points with her). He’s basically growling at her that she said she loved him and Marcela keeps screaming that it’s not true. Al’s not going to be in this position again. If she loves Camilo, she can have him. Marcela chases after Al while Camilo evil-gloats.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

I hate this frickin plan so much! I don’t….I can’t…. I mean, I know ML hates Marcela, but this much? And Camilo, how does he think this is going to go? Al dumps Marcela and then she falls back into Cami’s arms? Really? I just, ungh. And the yelling, how is yelling at her a way to act?
Thanks though for the recap Diva.