Guerra de Ídolos Friday 6/16/17 #28

Episode 28: Agustina, problema para Amado

From Amado’s house, Neto sends Leti a text saying he’s on his way over. She tells Rafa he’d better split.

Rafa was hoping he could spend the night and avoid Itzel. Leticia says she saw her–they’ll probably be running into each other a lot more, now that she’s going to be living there too.

So what does he know about what his dad’s working on? Rafa says his dad’s business is his. He warns her, now that she and Neto have this “romance” going on, she’d better not mess with him. He won’t just kick her out of the band–he’ll send her back to the dump she came from.

Leticia realizes Rafa’s only with her to compete with his dad. As a singer, as a man, on stage and off. If he only knew how much his dad loves him.

Rafa says she doesn’t know him at all. Well, now that Leti thinks of it, Rafa reminds her of someone…yeah, with all that resentment that he has: Isaac Solar. Rafa doesn’t appreciate the comparison. The only thing they have in common is her. Leti says Rafa’s way more successful, but they’re both equally jealous and insecure. They should form a partnership.

Casa Mateo

Isaac keeps goading Gilda to say something. Instead it’s Celestina who tells them both to stop–if they have something to say, just say it now, right here. She’s tired of the silences and the secrets in this family.

Mateo walks in, wondering what’s going on. Isaac says that Gilda here was just defending him. Isaac already knows he’s been replaced by Valentín. Mateo says he sure has. He tried to do for Isaac what he did for Julio César, but one: he’s nowhere near as good. And two: Isaac doesn’t even care. It hurts all of them, but it’s the truth.

Isaac scoffs at that. The only thing that “hurts” Mateo is that Manara’s sleeping with Rafa. Now Celestina tells the two of THEM to stop it. And Moisés chimes in to back her up. Isaac tells his dad to stop being tibio (lukewarm) and impose some order in this family.

Oh really? He wants to know what Moisés thinks? Well, Moisés thinks that was an ugly loss and it’s on Isaac for his lack of courage. Isaac let them all down. Moisés was trusting him. He was betting on him. He’s not going to let Isaac’s lack of autocrítica (self-criticism) and humility destroy this family. He offers him cash to go sleep somewhere else or this argument is going to get ugly.

Isac ignores his offer and says he doesn’t need any of them, but least of all, Mateo. “You live in my house,” Mateo reminds him as Isaac grabs his motorcycle helmet and leaves. He flops down in the seat Isaac vacated and his mom asks if they can eat in peace. Mateo says he’s starving.

Rancho Zabala

Itzel gets home and finds Rafa waiting up for her, griping that her late arrival proves she’s seeing someone. Well, him being at home proves he’s not. Is that why he’s cranky? Did he get rejected or kicked out of bed?

Rafa tells not to make him regret “letting” her live there. Itzel ignores him and asks if that’s Manara’s perfume she’s smelling–she thought she had better taste.

Rafa says he’s tired of having to see Itzel’s face. Why don’t they do this–he’s going on tour with Manara and when he gets back she won’t be there, got it? Itzel thinks that’s very reasonable…but she wonders if Manara wants to take her place in this house. Rafa says they’ll see.

Itzel suddenly remembers where she smelled that perfume before and says so to Rafa. It wasn’t Manara. “You never cease to surprise me, Rafael.”


Leti’s all packed, but she’s just taking the one duffel bag. Neto tells her to leave the rest of her stuff there and keep renting the room, but she won’t lack for anything with him. Leti thinks what he’s doing for her is enough.

Well, if there’s anything else she needs to tell him, now is the time to do it. He’s risking a lot for her and there can’t be any more surprises. Leti assures him there won’t be.

Casa Mateo

Gilda can’t find her keys and she needs to get to the label. She doesn’t have time for breakfast, so Celestina makes her take some fruit. She and Belinda comment on how good the azaleas look…and then Celestina rushes out to turn off the water hose.

That leaves Gilda alone with Belinda. Gilda tells her she trusts her, so she’s going to wait for Belinda to tell her, but she wants to know everything about her and Isaac.

Celestina makes some tea for Belinda later and says this is a pretty house, but she wants to go back to Houston. Belinda bitterly says this city is very competitive–everyone shows up here to be famous. Either they make it or they destroy themselves, but there’s no middle ground.

Celestina says that doesn’t sound like her. She’s not feeling well, is she? What’s wrong? Belinda says Celestina knows her so well–she thanks her for that. Celestina’s like a mom to her.

Celestina thinks this is just pregnancy hormones getting out of hand and making her sensitive. So, what is it? Belinda thinks about it and says Los Angeles just isn’t a place to stay. She doesn’t want to be here pregnant. Why don’t they go back to Houston? And now Celestina’s hesitating.

JC Records

Rafael’s manager Raquel goes through the schedule, mentioning a private performance in Puebla. They’re paying double. He asks if it’s for narcos, but she tells him it’s best to take the money and not ask questions.

Isaac arrives and Rafa introduces them. She leaves him paper copies of the itinerary and hotel information and leaves.

Isaac checks her out. Then he hits the booze cart and whines about having to stay at a hotel. And here he’d come back so relaxed from his Vegas trip and then his family was hassling him again.

He thought about what Rafa said to him and he thinks the trip helped him get “reconnected.” He always thought Julio César’s success was because of Mateo, but now he thinks it was really Rafa. He wants Rafa to be his padrino. And for that to happen, he’s going to need a monthly allowance so he can gamble. His friend’s casino is really awesome.

Rafa laughs–he wants a line of credit AND to become a star? That’s two favors. What’s Isaac going to do for him?

Isaac knows he wants the label, but it won’t happen without him. He tells Rafa to sit down, and they’ll talk business.

If Rafa wants Isaac on his side on the board, he needs to quit being so “political.” Rafa insists he’s just fighting for what’s his. Well, then, if he wants to show Isaac how much he’s going to be willing to fight then he’d better deposit that money. Meanwhile, Isaac will think about how much his votes are worth, so that Rafa can end up in charge of everything.

Moisés walks in and Rafa says they were just talking about some musical arrangements. Isaac says something about budgets for new artists. Moisés says anything to do with budgets goes through Gilda, not Isaac. Rafa gives Isaac a really fake “I told you.”

Moisés and Rafa end up talking over the pending launches. Mateo’s working on Dylan’s single and a corrido with Valentín and his primo. Rafa’s working with Manara and she’s got a single coming along, but she needs to write more songs. Moisés brings up the single with Rafa’s sons and Julia, but Rafa says that’s mostly Nico’s project, the others are just accompanying him. Rafa says he’s also doing an album for Diego, and he’ll probably launch him on one of his tours.

Isaac comes back from the drinks cart (it was one drink, not mixed, how long does it take?) and starts muttering about urbano, reggaeton, pop, corridos…and what about him?

Uh, well, he just released his single and he needs to get out there and do some publicity. At the same time, Rafa agrees with Moisés and Isaac says no. It went terribly. He has a plan….

He hands a folder to Rafa to look at and says he wants to do a band, something very commercial, easy to digest. He asks if Rafa will support him and Rafa gives Moisés a desperate look.

Gilda arrives and Moisés shows her their list of pending launches…and Isaac’s proposal for starting a band. She says it’s a very nice proposal, but they have other priorities for the money in the budget, “Right, dad?”

Isaac complains about not wanting to be at the end of the line. And besides, doesn’t the board of directors have to vote about the launches and priorities? Oh, if he wants a vote, fine, but after Gilda gets approved, because she wants to vote and she has some opinions.

Isaac says they should vote today. The investors might take too long and he’s in a hurry to know what’s going to happen with his career as a soloist. He asks Rafa what he thinks.

About what? If Isaac wants to do it today, they’ll do it today. Moisés tells Gilda to call Mateo and tell him to hurry up so they can vote today. Gilda glares at the three of them.

Casa Davis

Mateo finally gets around to playing the demo for her. She really likes it. Did he record it before or after he went to that hotel? Hey she just needs to make sure he’s doing what he’s supposed to do so she can make sure she doesn’t get killed by her clients.

Ah. He thought it was for something else. (So did I.) She knows he was there with Amado’s sister. She’s got a face de mosca muerta (literally “like a dead fly,” but it means someone who pretends to be so nice that they wouldn’t hurt a fly). How does he know she’s not her brother’s accomplice? She could have her followed to see if she’s going out with someone else or if maybe she’s hiding something. Wouldn’t he like to know everything about her too?

Mateo doesn’t want her followed. Not now. He wants to keep Amado close.

Davis disagrees–he needs to stay away from them both. Or is he prepared to play with fire?

Mateo says he doesn’t have any choice. So what he needs to know is what would El Diplomático and his people want in exchange for defending him when the war with Matamoros starts. And there will be a war.

Davis says he should think about it before he gets into something like that. She doesn’t think it’s very smart to confront Amado. Oh, no Mateo learned that lesson the hard way…but he does need to defend himself and the best way to do that is to attack. Davis says criminals use violence. “I know. That’s what Amado is.”

Right, but Mateo isn’t and she can tell just by looking at him. He’s impulsive. As a lawyer, she’s spent her career defending prisoners and she knows them well–they’re cold. Mateo’s acelerado (agitated) all the time! He asks if that means he doesn’t have what it takes to be a [bleeped]. Davis laughs–he does, but another way.

He wants justice and a guy like Amado just wants what’s his. She warns him not to play with fire or he’ll get burned.

Look, Mateo knows he’s not a criminal and he has no interest in being one, but that’s why he’s asking her to get him some people to defend him. He used to rely on his friends, but he can’t anymore–they’re going to get picked off one by one. Amado’s dangerous and powerful, so Mateo needs someone MORE powerful to put a stop to him.

That’s Davis’ client, or is he wrong? No, Davis agrees. They call him El Diplomático because he’ll sit at the table with people who serve God and people who serve the Devil. He’s the only one who can stomp Amado…but Mateo can only get to him through her.

So what’s Mateo going to give her if she puts him in contact?

Corridos? All the music your clients want?”

She laughs. That’s for her client, and he’d be thrilled , but the question is–what is Mateo going to do for her? She starts kissing him, but his phone rings. He takes the call from Gilda begging him to hurry up and get to the label. Isaac’s gone “crazy”! He wants a board of directors meeting. If Mateo doesn’t get there right now she’s going to grab the first thing she finds and throw it at Isaac’s head! He tells her to chill, he’s on his way.

He tells Davis he has an emergency at the label…but he’ll be thinking about what he can do for her in exchange for this favor. He kisses her and leaves.

Casa Matamoros

Selva comes over for breakfast. Amado says his sisters will be down soon, which she thinks is silly. She’s already met them–they don’t need to be so formal. He wants them to spend time together and he doesn’t think there should be secrets in a family.

Manara stops by Agustina’s room, but Agustina doesn’t think she can look at Selva’s face, or Amado’s. Manara says if she doesn’t want to go, just say so and she’ll make up an excuse. “I’m pregnant with your brother’s baby.” (WHOA! Wasn’t expecting her to just spit it out like that!)

Julia comes down, but she says Manara wasn’t in her room. Amado excuses himself like he thinks it’s not completely obvious that he’s going looking for Manara.

Agustina didn’t want to tell anyone, but she can’t deal with this alone. She says she’s sure. And she can’t tell him or he’ll see it as a threat because of his campaign and want her to abort. And she doesn’t want to lose this baby for anything in the world.

Amado knocks on the door and startles them both.

Agustina whispers to Manara that she hasn’t been with anyone else. This is Manara’s nibling (gender neutral term for siblings’ child). She begs Manara not to let him hurt her. Amado tells her to open the door if she doesn’t want him to knock it down.

He keeps banging on the door and I don’t blame either of them for not wanting to go near it. Manara tells her if Selva finds out, the whole radio thing will fall apart, so she shouldn’t worry. But Agustina says if HE finds out, then she and the baby will suffer the consequences. Manara disagrees–telling him is the only thing that’s going to keep the baby alive.

She tells Agustina to trust her and opens the door to let Amado in. He starts snapping at them, asking what’s going on. Manara tells him to calm down if he doesn’t want Selva to find out what kind of person he really is. Because Manara can go get her….

Amado says if Selva finds out something he doesn’t want her to, it might not go well for him, but the entire world will come down on the two of them. Manara tells him to relax–they all know how important it is for him to become mayor and be a “respectable” person, and they’re all going to help, but he needs to bajale al éstres. They’re all going to go sit down and have breakfast with Selva now. “Let’s go, Agustina.” Agustina rushes out of the room ahead of them.

After breakfast, Selva says everything was delicious. Amado tells Selva that Agustina was such a help to him ever since he adopted the girls over ten years ago. He tells the story like he’s trying to make it sound good for an invisible camera. He went looking for his mother and found out he had two sisters. He found his mother too, but she was already dead. Selva reaches out to comfort him and he says it’s ok. He decided to adopt them. Julia was tiny and Manara was already a teenager.

He doesn’t know what he would have done without Agustina. Julia agrees–Agustina is a member of the family.

Manara thanks Selva for inviting her to the interview today–she’s already got a lot more followers. Plus she got invited onto another program. Julia says she wants to go! Nico needs promoting. He sings, so does she, and Santi plays. Selva says she could make a couple of calls and set something up for today. She walks off to make the call and Amado says she’s so beautiful and super smart.

So, Selva’s made calls and so has Julia and the Zabala boys are on their way to the station. Amado suggests Manara go with her and give her advice. Manara doesn’t think she needs it, but Julia begs her to come–everyone knows her and her song. She even brought down Manara’s purse.

Selva says if they’re going, they should go now–the show started already. Manara tells Julia to head for the car, she just needs to take care of something. She goes over to Agustina and offers to make an excuse to stay behind so she won’t be alone with Amado. Agustina tells her she’s going to have to be alone with him sometime.

Agustina rushes to her room as soon as they’re gone. Amado forces the door open and starts yelling at her about not causing drama with Selva. Agustina waves a knife at him and he threatens to hit her, but she says he can’t–she’s pregnant.

Amado starts out with the traditional, but ridiculous, “What do you mean you’re pregnant?” Agustina says she’s expecting a baby and he can’t hit her.

Amado accuses her of doing it on purpose, because of Selva. He starts hyperventilating, saying now isn’t a good time…he’s got his campaign…his relationship with Selva…and she does THIS to him?! No, no, it’s not good…he starts screaming that he’ll take it out of her.

Agustina tells him he has no rights over this child. It isn’t his.

Uh, what?!

Meanwhile, in the car, Selva asks if Manara’s ok. She says she’s just thinking about Agustina–she just told her she’s pregnant. There’s a chorus of “What?! How?” from Selva and Julia and then Selva says that must be why she was so tired. Who’s the father?

Julia’s very interested in the answer to THAT question, because Agustina has never had a boyfriend. NEVER. She has NEVER had a boyfriend! Manara says she’s had boyfriends, she’s just very discreet, especially around Julia. She doesn’t know this guy, though. But she’s happy for her.

Selva agrees–they have to take really good care of her. They should do something for her. She excitedly says “we” are going to have a baby in the house!

Amado demands to know who the baby’s father is. Agustina agrees to tell him if he’ll let her keep the baby and if he promises not to hurt them. And why would he promise that? Because Selva already knows. Manara’s telling her right now.

Amaro breaks a vase. He tells Agustina she’s going to stay in this room until he comes back. And then she’s going to tell him who did this.

Radio Station

Lorenzo shows Itzel around the new office. It’s nice, but she doesn’t think he asked her here for this.

Lorenzo says he wanted to show her again how serious he is about their deal. He shows her the contracts for the team of lawyers defending her in the murder trial and the ones representing her in the divorce. They’re friends of his and they’ll be his front so that no one associates the two of them. She can take her time and read it, but it basically says they’re going to do the job completely free.

Itzel objects to “free,” saying he must have been intrigued by what she told him yesterday about Rafa and Amado’s pact. Lorenzo says he’s putting this commitment in writing to gain her confidence.

Itzel tells Lorenzo that Amado’s violent…but she doesn’t think she has to tell him that. No, he knows Amado. Amado was his bodyguard when he was a teenager. He was Gabriel’s favorite.

Itzel says he’s used all of Gabriel’s contacts to climb. And now he’s Rafa’s BFF. She thinks that’s why her marriage ended.

She suspects that Amado and Rafa are behind Julio César’s death. “Seriously?” She tells him not to act surprised. Julio César dated Selva, he even proposed marriage…but then he left her at the altar. And his dad’s ego was so huge he asked Amado to kill him. Which was to Rafa’s advantage because now he has 30% of the label.

What Lorenzo gets from this is that it’s better to have Itzel as a friend. She says Rafa tried to destroy her, but it’s only made her stronger.

Elena pokes her head into the office to warn them that Itzel’s sons are on the way and Selva called to say she’s bringing Manara and Julia. They’re going to be playing live or something. Itzel wants to leave before they see her–if Rafa finds out, things could get complicated. She and Lorenzo make plans to have dinner later. Elena watches them kiss goodbye and gives Lorenzo an awkward look.

JC Records

Mateo gets to the board room, whining about having stuff to do. Moisés says they need to review the launches and the priorities. Mateo thought they’d done that already.

Isaac says it was informal and he wants to put everything to a vote. Mateo makes a face. Gilda says Isaac wants to put together a band with his name and release another single. Mateo says he already has a single on the radio and the money’s gone.

Isaac says they should cancel the other launch and focus on him. He sings regional. They should cancel Valentín and his cousin.

Mateo refuses–he’s already given them his word, they’re buying a house, that’s the end of it.

Isaac doesn’t believe it. If they want to do this, they can buy their own label. That’s HIS money. Mateo looks around for somebody to tell Isaac “no” or tell him this is a joke or something.

Mateo asks what this is about–is he jealous that Valentín’s more of a hit online? Because HE actually sings. Isaac ignores the question and says they should vote on it. He wants them to cancel Valentín’s launch and focus on him.

Mateo says there’s no way Moisés is going to go along with this! Well, apparently they had already agreed that if any member of the board of directors calls for a vote on anything, they have to do it. And since this is an “artistic” decision, they don’t need to involve the investors. So…Mateo first.

Mateo votes for Valentín. Because HE sings.

Isaac points out that Gilda doesn’t have a vote yet and he can’t vote because it would be a conflict of interest, so it’s between Moisés and Rafa. Rafa says they have to support the Solars, so he votes for Isaac. Gilda gives Rafa an “Are you high?” look.

Isaac makes a big deal about this being a tie, so is Moisés going to vote for him or for “Mateo and his little friends.” Rafa tries to say it’s between Isaac and Valentín, to make this “less personal.” Moisés thanks him for his attempt, but it’s not necessary.

He always says you have to give family a second chance, so he votes for Isaac. Isaac gloats. Moisés says there will be time to launch Mateo’s friends later. (Not if you’re broke there won’t be.)

Mateo says they’re not his “friends,” they’re talented people and they could be a big hit for this label. Isaac’s going to lose them money. (Which is why the investors SHOULD be in on this decision.) He’s just saying–Moisés made a mistake. Well, Moisés made his decision and he won’t change it. He tells Gilda to get Isaac the money for his project. And Mateo can tell Valentín and his cousin that they’re free to do whatever they want.

Mateo walks out of the board room, smacking Isaac on the head as he goes.

Radio Station

Alexis is on the air babbling about something or other. When he sees Manara arrive with Selva, he announces he has a surprise coming up after the break. He quickly gets the Zabalas and Julia settled and tells them to relax–they’ve probably got this in their blood. He’s just waiting for Brian, his producer, to tell him when they’re back on the air and they’ll start singing.

Lorenzo tells Elena that Itzel has a pretty “risky” theory about Rafa and Amado. She really does hate her husband. Elena says nothing is worse than a spiteful woman, and she seems desperate too…no, neglected. They head for the studio.

Alexis tells his listeners he has some special guests in the studio and they’ll have to guess who they are. Nicolas sings No Es Normal with Julia and Santiago backing him up.


Valentín and Básico pick Valentín’s mom up at the airport. She’s curious about the SUV, but Valentín says that’s not theirs. They bought her a new phone and they tell her they’re taking her house shopping.

Wait a sec…plane, car, house…Valentín reminds her about the phone…are they involved in some shady business? Valentín says they’re the new artists for a label here in LA and they’re going to do everything for her that they promised.

In the car, Valentín’s mom looks around at all the houses and listens to Nico, Juli, and Santi singing on the radio. Valentín tells Básico to put on one of theirs. We get a little product placement with Básico syncing his phone’s playlist to the SUV. I’m curious how Mamá is going to react to the El Diplomático corrido, but we don’t get to find out.

JC Records

Mateo hassles Isaac for screwing over Valentín when he’s got his mom coming into town to watch him sign a contract. What’s he supposed to say? Isaac says what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Seriously? They supported him up there and this is how he repays them?

Isaac says business is unfair. He needs to keep his mind occupied with something he likes because…. Mateo asks what he’s talking about. Nothing…. He says “De que lloren en su casa a que lloren en la mia, que lloren en su casa.” (Literally, If he has to pick between them crying at their house or crying at his house, he’d rather they be crying at their house.) He tells Mateo he should know that you don’t “deserve” an album, you record one.

Rafa, who’s been listening to them arguing, grins and makes a phone call.

Casa Matamoros

Fierro is showing Amado the latest gun offering from the Chinese. They’re getting the metal from Michoacán, so it’s cheaper.

Amado’s phone buzzes. Rafa wants him to know that the major blow he wanted dealt to Moisés is going to happen before he wanted. All of Amado’s bailes (dances, parties) are going to come from the label. Amado asks how he’s getting rid of the “old man.” Rafa says he’s going to use his son, Isaac. Amado tells him to be careful–once a traitor, always a traitor.

Awww, Fierro took that personally. He’s sorry Amado doesn’t trust him anymore. He thinks Amado looks upset–if he needs anything, he can count on him. Amado says it’s nothing personal. Between the two of them, everything is settled. Fierro thanks him for the opportunity–he owes Amado everything.

Fierro sets the gun he was showing Amado down on the desk. Amado eyes it….

He goes to Agustina’s room and bangs on the door. She’s writing a note and shoves the paper in to a ziplock bag that she hides in the toilet tank. Amado wants to know who got her pregnant or he’ll shoot her.

In desperation, Agustina says it was Fierro. Amado says there’s no way–she’s just trying to make him angry. He knows that’s his baby. Agustina swears it was Fierro–she has no reason to lie.

Amado says he’s going to have to kill Fierro and it’s her fault. Is she prepared to live with that?

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Honestly, I got no joy from this episode. All I got was hurt after hurt after hurt. I don’t understand Moises!!! Is JC records a business or a family hangout? How does he think the board will take his decision? Especially with Rafa’s ‘artist’ being the successful one? I genuinely despise Isaac and Rafa more than I do Amado. Amado has always been a thug and struggled through life with a padrino that was a criminal. What excuse do Isaac and Rafa have? Leti hit the nail on the head. Isaac and Rafa are jealous and insecure. What she didn’t… Read more »