Guerra de Ídolos Monday 6/19/17 #29

Episode 29: Sometidas

Amado tells Agustina that if it’s true, he’ll kill Fierro, but if he finds out it’s not…she’d be killing an innocent man. Agustina sobs that Fierro has always been respectful to Amado and begs him not to kill him.

He tells her she’s going to have Fierro’s death on her conscience. He’ll find out the truth later. And she’d better not even think of leaving this house, because she won’t be able to.

Radio station

Alexis jokes about how he had Manara here yesterday and Julia today…will Amado be showing up to sing? Manara says he doesn’t know a thing about music–he’s into other things. Alexis mentions his businesses and his altruism, but Manara deliberately changes the subject.

She’s just here to introduce Julia, and Nicolas and Santiago, who need no introduction. Alexis says they’re Rafa’s sons and Neto’s grandsons, so obviously they don’t need anything at all. (Bitter much?) He goes to break and excuses himself to make a phone call.

Nicolas asks what Manara thought of the song. She liked it. She tries to leave, but Julia says Selva’s going to give them a tour.

Alexis returns a call from Amado. He wants to meet with him and Fierro at the warehouse. He tells Alexis to call Fierro and he’ll see them there.

Alexis calls Fierro and says the boss wants a meeting. What did he do? Fierro says he didn’t do anything. Everything was fine this morning. What did Alexis do? Nothing. Maybe they’re overreacting. He’ll see him later.


Valentín and Básico sing along to El Diplomático. Mamá seems like she’s enjoying it too. Valentín says the album is next and she says they’ll even be able to buy shoes. “Shoes, Mom?”

They get to the label and Mamá is so happy to see Rafa there. She thanks him for everything he did for “her” Julio César. She gives Básico her new phone so she can break it in with a picture of her and Rafa. Valentín explains that she’s a big fan of JC’s.

Rafa, that jerk, smiles for the picture and congratulates her on her talented son and his future. Oh, Mamá knows he’s talented–both boys are.

Mateo walks in, confused to see Rafa still in one piece and apparently being polite. Mamá’s so glad to see that Mateo is behaving himself. She’s heard that he’s going to be making her boys’ albums. Mateo agrees he is, confused, as Rafa slinks away.

Mateo asks Básico to give her the tour while he talks to Valentín. Mateo looks embarrassed to tell Valentín that his single is canceled…and the album…and they want Mateo to fire him from the label. The board of directors decided.

Valentín asks what he did, what happened? Nothing, they just decided to take the money they were going to invest in him and invest it in…the band Isaac is putting together.

Valentín explodes. Isaac HAD his chance and he threw it away! He brought his mom here because he was going to sign a contract! He promised her he’d get her out of that house! He spent money he doesn’t even have on her plane ticket!

Mateo offers him some cash he says will be enough for a year in LA, but Valentín doesn’t want money–he wants to work. What’s he supposed to tell his mom now? She’s going to act like this is another of his screw-ups.

Mateo asks him not to say anything yet. Give him a chance to see if he can do something, to fix this. He feels awful. Valentín says he trusted him. Mateo looks like he wants to cry. Hell, I want to cry!

The baby or Fierro

Manara gets home and asks Agustina if Amado did anything to her. No, but she had to tell him she was pregnant. Telling Selva was a good idea…she did tell Selva, right? Manara says Selva is happy for her. She’s a good person deep down.

Agustina says she did something terrible. She sacrificed a man’s life for her baby’s.

At the new warehouse, Amado is waiting with Alexis and Fierro. Canseco comes in with three guys in standard-issue bodyguard suits. Amado reminds them he told them if one of them screwed up, they’d both die. Two of the suits hold guns on Alexis and Fierro as Amado demands Fierro’s gun.

Fierro just wants to know why he’s dying. Amado says if Fierro had just been careful, he never would have known. Agustina is pregnant, so it’s come to this. He’s angry when Fierro doesn’t admit to it immediately.

Well, Fierro’s angry that he’s making excuses to kill him. The problem here is that Fierro knows too much. Amado can kill him and every single person who’s helped him get to where he is, but he’s never going to be able to erase his past. Amado’s past is always going to follow him–that’s his punishment.

Manara brings Agustina a tea and asks for the rest of the details. Agustina says she was desperate and she told Amado the baby is Fierro’s. He’d been by earlier and it was the first name that popped into her head. It worked though.

For how long? Manara is sure Amado is going to be furious and he’s going to take it out on her–not just because of the baby, but the betrayal. Agustina says she didn’t have a choice.

Amado doesn’t care what Fierro says. Amado always says that someone who betrays you once is a traitor forever. And they’ve both betrayed him once already. Canseco found the guy who got away from them. Fierro just lost his job.

Alexis starts whining that he’s still useful! Canseco has his guys grab Alexis and Fierro. One starts walking Fierro out and he stops to tell Canseco to remember this because one day it’s going to be him. The only traitor here is Amado.

Alexis keeps screaming about how useful he can be at the radio station. He can keep an eye on Lorenzo! He’s plotting something! He heard what Selva and his sister were talking about.

That gets Amado’s attention. What did he hear? Something about a baby. And he’s checking up on Lorenzo and that reporter he brought in. Lorenzo doesn’t trust Amado. He wants to screw him over and Alexis is the only one who can spy on him.

Casa Lorenzo

It’s time for another dinner “meeting” with Itzel. She says these meetings are becoming more frequent and less well-lit. They agree neither of them is intimidated by the other. Lorenzo lays it on thick, saying he’d never noticed how attractive and how smart she is.

Itzel says with all the divorce stuff and jail…she’s learned to stay quiet. Sometimes it’s better.

Lorenzo asks what she’s keeping quiet about, because she’s told him nearly everything about Rafa. She’s buried him in mud.

Uh, no, he’s buried himself. Lorenzo’s helping. Lorenzo says he can help with a lot more than that.

Itzel smiles down at his hand on her arm and says in twenty years of marriage, she’s never cheated on her husband. He tells her she’s not married anymore, so it wouldn’t be cheating. And then he kisses her.

Casa Mateo

Isaac and his midlife crisis motorcycle pull up in front of Mateo’s. He remembers sitting with Julio César and writing a song. Belinda came up and kissed JC and said Isaac sure didn’t seem like the oldest. JC looked older. Isaac seemed annoyed at the interruption and tried to get JC’s attention back on the song. He started playing No Sirve de Nada.

Isaac remembers Leticia telling him he was an accomplice in the death of his brother. He remembers being in the hospital room when Julio César died.

Inside, Belinda’s in the kitchen alone. His parents went out to dinner. She denies she was waiting for him and Isaac makes fun of her looking at cheap gossip magazines. He wants to talk about “them” since they’re alone.

He starts moving in on her, saying they need each other. Belinda asks him what he’s doing. She’s going back to Houston for the rest of the pregnancy. “Why?!”

Gilda walks in on them and says maybe it’s to get away from him. Belinda’s a widow and she’s pregnant with his BROTHER’S child! How dare he be hitting on her! Gilda thinks this is all about his jealousy of Julio César.

Isaac’s brilliant comeback is that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she’s a gossip who’s always butting into everyone’s lives, and who does she think she is? Uh, she’s as much that baby’s aunt as he is their uncle. She wants him to stay away from Belinda. And if she has to, to keep him away, she’ll tell Mateo about his addictions and everything else he’s been hiding. Because she knows he’s terrified of Mateo–he’s the only one who puts Isaac in his place. She threatens to call him right now and Isaac tells her to go for it.

Casa Davis

Mateo’s been thinking about what he has to offer Davis and he’s decided to offer her a business proposition. He thinks they should partner up–she’ll manage, he’ll write and produce, and Valentín will sing. They’re still interested in Valentín right?

Very much…and Mateo, as a producer and writer, even more. Davis asks how he wants to split up the money.

Mateo wants Valentín to get 100% of the royalties from the first album. It’s his fault Valentín’s primo died and he owes him that. He’s always going to owe him.

And for his work? For writing and producing, Mateo doesn’t want money. He wants them to owe him a favor.

“Who? Cafre and I?” Mateo laughs and says he means her boss and her. Valentín keeps looking at him like “What is going on here!”

Davis asks Mateo if he really knows what he’s asking. Sure. She’s right–he’s not a killer. He wants them to owe him one in exchange for Valentín’s work and for making them a LOT of money. The “favor” is one bullet. When he wants, and to who he wants.

Wait, so he wants El Diplomático to kill Amado?! Mateo says that’s not it. He’s not a killer. He wants to do business and write corridos and for her boss to be happy and famous, for all of them to make a lot of money, for Davis to be a great manager, and for Valentín to be a star. All he wants in return is a big fish to support him. It’ll be purely defensive.

She wonders who’s defending who. Mateo’s with Amado’s sister. Mateo makes a “sort of” face. Davis says there are some women you don’t touch and some you do. Valentín: “Do you want me to leave you alone?” They ignore him.


Alexis whines that Amado is going to run for mayor and he can be more than just his mole inside his girlfriend’s radio station. Amado dismisses Canseco and his guys so they can talk.

Alexis says he can be Amado’s campaign advisor–Amado needs someone who knows the entertainment world as well as he does. Someone who can help him manage Manara. He’s been watching Manara and he’s already learned a lot from Amado. From his own experience, he knows Manara’s going to be famous and Amado needs to use that in his favor. Both Manara and the maid’s baby. And he knows just how to do it. He asks Amado to let him help before Manara turns against him.

Manara is sure Amado’s going to take it out on Agustina. She thinks they should leave now, but Agustina says that’s not possible. The house is full of killers AND cops now. Manara thinks they have to take a chance. They’re going!

She tells Agustina to stop thinking and just go. Agustina says she’s tried to leave this house so many times. There are rings of security, some they don’t even know about! Her brother is paranoid.

Manara disagrees–he’s not paranoid, he’s hurt people and he’s scared to death. She’ll deal with him. “And what about Julia?” Manara says the most important thing right now is Agustina and her baby.

Agustina gives in. She’s just going to go to her room and get some stuff. Manara tells her to hurry.

Rancho Zabala

Nico wants to switch up the chorus on No Es Normal so Julia and Santiago start the lines and then he comes in. Sounds good to me.

Neto comes in and tells them to stop, at least out of respect for the sounds that have been made in this space for years. Julia gets uncomfortable and moves behind Nicolas. Nico tells him to chill–they’re rehearsing. He should join them, because he seems a little stressed. Santi says he should hang out with his new backup singer, since she’s closer to their age than his.

“Show some respect! What’s Julia going to think.”

Julia says she’d like to hear Neto sing this with them. Nico says he can’t say “no” to Julia. Santiago offers to go get Leti. Julia grins at him and says they’re among friends, right?

Neto says they should at least rehearse it first. Santi shows him the lyrics.

In the house, Rafa snarks to Leti about Neto recording “that music.” He hasn’t seen him like this in a long time. What’s she giving him? Leti says she’s giving him respect. Because he deserves it. Because he treats her like a lady–unlike Rafa. With him everything is humiliation.

Rafa proves her right, saying no matter what she does, she’ll never be a lady. Leti tells him not to mess with her. Why doesn’t he go find Manara? She treats him the way he likes, right? Like a street dog? He should try to find just a little bit of self-esteem.


Manara finds Agustina grabbing her diary or whatever it was from the toilet tank and tells her to hurry. They’re running down the stairs, planning to have Agustina fake a stomach ache. Manara will tell the guards she’s taking her to the hospital.

They see headlights and panic. Manara tells Agustina to get upstairs to her room and she’ll deal with Amado, but before Agustina can move, the door opens.

It’s Selva. And Carmelo, with his hands full of gift bags. Manara sighs in relief and greets Selva. She makes a weird excuse about having just gotten home and Agustina was helping her carry stuff.

Selva tells Carmelo to put the bags down. He asks if she’ll be staying long, but Selva says she won’t know until she talks to Amado. Manara says Amado’s not home.

Well, actually she’s not here to see him. She bought things for the baby. She really doesn’t know anything about baby clothes, but the girl at the store said it was the latest stuff from Spain. Agustina thanks her and Selva says she’s sure the baby will bring a lot of blessings to this house. Agustina hopes so.

Sibling rivalry

Isaac gripes at Gilda for threatening to tell Mateo everything when HE’S the problem. Does she really think Mateo’s the good little boy he pretends to be? He turned Julio César against him and now Gilda’s allying herself with Mateo to bury him. Gilda says nobody wants to bury him–he’s doing it to himself.

Belinda says maybe it’s good for him to get this off his chest, because he’s not looking good. “You stay out of this.” He gripes at Belinda for telling Gilda about “them.” Why couldn’t she keep a secret? They all manipulate her. Belinda tells him to show some respect.

Gilda says his problem is he thinks everyone’s against him–that’s why he allied himself with their enemy. Isaac pretends not to know who she’s talking about. Gilda asks him if he’s working with Rafa or not.

Isaac says the only one making deals with Rafa is their dad. And he’s not naïve…Gilda says Isaac may not be naïve, but he’s a hypocrite. He wouldn’t be saying this to their dad’s face. Belinda gets tired of listening to them and goes upstairs.

Isaac insists he doesn’t have alliances, he just reacts to betrayal. She saw what happened with Mateo. He was there with Mateo, he trusted him, and Mateo stabbed him in the back.

He hands her his phone and tells her to press play. He’d recorded the conversation between Manara and Mateo where Mateo said that he and Isaac have nothing in common, and Isaac doesn’t believe in his own talent, Manara inspires him to create, and Isaac has no feelings.

Isaac says that’s why he called that meeting today. He needs to “renew himself musically” and get past all the bad stuff he’s going through. Gilda says all of that stuff isn’t just going to go away. He has no initiative–either as a person or a musician. Doesn’t he realize that? And recording that conversation makes HIM look bad.

Change of plans

Amado thinks Alexis is too much of a loudmouth. Alexis says he knows what’s good for him.

Amado starts griping that the only thing that matters is what’s good for HIM! Hey, Alexis isn’t saying the baby is Amado’s, but it’s better to convince the public that “the servant’s” baby is someone else’s. He’s already got a campaign in mind for after the baby is born, something that will make him look good with the press.

This IS the baby that Selva and Manara were talking about, right? Amado says it is. She told Selva already. “Eh, don’t worry about it. As long as the baby is alive, the gata won’t say anything.” Amado says her name is Agustina. And he’s more worried about Manara. She was keeping a low profile, but then she did that contest, so now she’s famous.

What else did she say to Selva? Alexis says there wasn’t much. Manara’s smart–it would be good to have her on his side. She’s going to bring in the young voters in a way Rafa won’t. In fact, after the tour she may be even more important to the campaign than Rafa.

So he either needs to keep Manara on his side or find her weak spot. Amado already knows what it is. Alexis thinks he’s talking about Julia, but Amado says there’s another one. Alexis warns him that things can change, the weak can get stronger. Amado should check in with her or he won’t know how she’s going to attack him.


Mateo says he has two problems with Amado. One is that he likes Manara and Amado has her locked up.

The other one is Amado himself. Mateo doesn’t like people telling him what to do. No one. No matter how powerful they are. Valentín: “I’m going to leave you alone now.”

Mateo tells him to stay. They need to settle his part of the deal. Davis agrees. She wants 50% for managing him. Mateo offers 20%. Davis says 30% and they handle the payola. Mateo gets the nod from Valentín and they shake on it.

Davis points out that they’re done with Valentín’s part of the deal now. She and Mateo need to close their part. Mateo tells Valentín he can go.

Actually, they can both go. She has to call her client and find out whether he thinks Mateo’s proposal is worth it for him. She asks them to wait outside.

Baby stuff

Selva shows Agustina the tiny little baby shoes. She doesn’t mean to pry, but how is Agustina going to raise her baby?

Agustina says the father can’t be counted on. The baby will only have her. Selva insists the baby will have all of them too. She suddenly remembers the blanket she left out in the car. She’s going to go get it and tell Carmelo he can go. She’s spending the night, if that’s ok. Manara says it’s her house.

Agustina feels bad for hating Selva when she’s this nice. Manara tells her to focus on the baby. She doesn’t like using Selva either, but they need her to keep Amado vulnerable. She knows they’re not a very conventional family, but they’re going to be family. This baby will be her nibling and she’s going to take care of them. She’ll buy them little shoes in every color.

Selva comes back with the blankets and they all marvel at how soft they are. Selva’s glad she likes them.

Rancho Zabala

Leti and Neto singing No Es Normal as a duet is the cutest thing ever. She jokes that as an urbana singer, he sings rancheras pretty good (“no cantas mal las rancheras” is a way of saying someone’s good at something, or they can hold their own).

And then Rafa comes in and ruins the moment, saying he likes seeing Neto so happy, and that he liked Rafa’s recommendation of Leti. Neto says she’s in the band now. Oh, good, because she’s got such a special talent. He smirks.

Leti tries to go up to bed, saying she’s tired and her throat is sore, but Neto insists on having Daisy fix her a ginger tea. “The voice is a treasure and you have to take care of it.” He heads for the kitchen and Rafa blocks Leti from following him. He just wondered if now that she’s living in the house she wouldn’t like to come pay him a visit in his room.

Um, no. Neto opened the doors of this house to her and she’s not going to betray him–least of all with Rafa! He starts grabbing her and telling her not to be so puritanical when all she wants is money. Neto comes back in looking for his cell phone and wonders what he missed.

Rafa claims he was just telling Leti how happy he is that she’s keeping his dad company. Uh huh. And Rafa never did say who recommended her. Oh, it was Lucho. We get a convenient flashback to Lucho introducing Leti to Rafa in his office…and shagging her on Lucho’s desk.

Leti jumps in and says she’ll tell him the whole story about how she met Lucho later, ’cause it’s a loooong story.

Rafa says he’s gotta go work on some tour stuff. Neto’s going to have the house all to himself for a while. Rafa’s been thinking they should make peace with Itzel, because his family needs their own space. (I’m not sure how those two ideas are connected, but ok….)

Leti tries to make a run for it and go back to the hotel, but Neto says she’s staying here until he says so. This is his house and Itzel and Rafa can go screw themselves when they see her gorgeous body tomorrow. Leti agrees, she’ll stay.

Casa Lorenzo

Lorenzo gets a text from Selva saying she’s not coming back tonight. He invites Itzel, who’s currently in bed with him, to spend the night. She’d rather go home and not have any problems with Rafa.

Lorenzo was thinking about what Itzel said, about keeping quiet, and he realized that she told him a bunch of stuff about Rafa and Amado…but what about his dad? What does she know about him?

Itzel asks if he really wants to know. She knows he was friends with Neto and he used the airstrip at the ranch to move cargo. Guns, she supposes. What else does he want to know?

Everything, to be able to atajarlo (contain it) in time. He wants to be a politician, so if it gets out who his dad really was, he could lose his name and his career.

Itzel laughs–does he want to get rid of Amado for revenge or to compete with him? Lorenzo asks what she thinks.

Both. Itzel warns him to be careful–her sons have told her they’ve seen Selva getting very cozy with Amado. Selva’s his hostage now.

Casa Matamoros

Selva, Manara, and Agustina are still looking at baby stuff when Amado gets home. Selva announces that Agustina’s pregnant, and then she acts a little put out that Agustina told him already. (Uh, it was her news, you know?)

Amado says this is quite a nice thing Selva did, isn’t it Agustina? And it all looks so pretty. Selva has such good taste! She’s the most beautiful woman in the world! And she’s his angel! “Aww, I love you…I love you too…I love you more!” (I’m going to puke.)

Amado says he’s hungry. Agustina starts to get up to make dinner, but Selva says she distracted Agustina with baby stuff. She wants to cook dinner herself. “Oh, you couldn’t be more perfect!” They continue with the mushy stuff as Selva goes off to the kitchen. Amado sends Agustina in to help her find anything she needs in there.

Manara supposes that means he wants to talk to her. In his office, Amado backhands her and asks her if she remembers the last time he did that. She tells him HE’s better remember it because it’s the last time–he cuts her off. It’s the last time she’s going to betray him. How dare she tell Selva about Agustina behind his back?!

Manara says she did what she had to do. If he threatens her or Agustina again, she’ll start talking. In the middle of any interview she’ll start talking about how he killed Selva’s father, and Julio César, and he can say goodbye to his votes.

Amado says that would be suicide for her.

“And still you threaten me?” She goes to the office doors and says she can just start shouting it all now and he can say goodbye to Selva.


Mateo finally comes back into Davis’ office. She says she’s had more important things to talk about with El Diplomático–she reminds him music is only their front, it’s not their business.

He’s interested in Mateo’s proposal, but he wants results first. As far as the music goes, it’s up to Davis to decide if his work is any good or not–he just wants the publicity. So it’s up to Davis to decide whether she’s going to convince El Diplomático to give him the protection and everything else he wants.

In that case, Mateo’s going to go get into the studio and start working with Valentín.

Instead, Davis comes over to sit in his lap and says it’s not that simple. Before anything else, she wants to know if being with Manara is going to keep Mateo from being with her. If that’s the case, then this deal is over before it even gets started. She starts snogging Mateo. This is not good.

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Thanks, Kat!

“… as Rafa slinks away.” And he was wiping off his hand with a tissue, like Valentine’s mom had cooties or something. Jerk.

I’m going to miss Fierro. *sob* We didn’t hear a shot or see a body. Is there hope the other henches let him go?