Guerra de Ídolos Tuesday 6/20/17 #30

Episode 30: Con un pie en los negocios

Mateo calls off the snogfest and makes it clear to Davis that if their deal includes sex, he’s not in. She says life can change. Oh, he knows–he had a great life months ago. His brother was alive and life was perfect. Things change, but he’s not going to let Amado or her or El Diplomático tell him what to do.

Valentín has talent, and all of Mateo’s songs become hits–that’s why she brought him here. This is her chance for the fake business front to become a real business. He tells her to think about it. He’s off to get to work.

Aw, crap, he pissed off Davis.

Casa Matamoros

Amado wants Manara to quit threatening him and he’ll stop threatening her.

Manara says Amado never thought she could do it, did he? He thought she’d be his piruja (whore) to bring in Rafa and the unions. She tells him to open his eyes–she’s getting interviews left and right. She could get votes for him too.

Julia comes up to tell them dinner is ready. Amado tells her to let Selva know they’ll be down in a minute. Julia SO doesn’t want to leave, but Manara tells her it’s ok.

Amado reminds Manara he “supported” her desire to be a singer, he always believed in her. He never thought it would go this well for her, but she can’t be sticking her foot in his business. Manara scoffs at that. She helped him–he has the unions, the candidacy, press!

Amado insists he has nothing, and he’s not willing to take a risk. (What?!)

So what’s he going to threaten her with now? Killing Mateo? He’s not stupid. He already suspects Amado is threatening her and he probably knows Amado’s doing business with Rafael by now. Mateo has press and he’s got his eye on Amado. She reminds him there are no small enemies.

Right now any scandal, no matter how small, can sink him. She offers to help him control Rafael, Mateo, and Selva and keep everything calm until he becomes mayor.

He says what she wants is to be famous so he can’t control her. Right, but her fame and success are to his advantage.

He asks in exchange for what?

In exchange for Agustina getting to have her baby, and Julia getting more freedom, and him not coming between her and Mateo.

Amado says Mateo might think he knows about him, but he doesn’t know Manara knows who killed his brother, right? Manara says he can’t know, or no one will be able to hold him back–his brother was his life.

Amado starts gloating…she wants to work with Mateo in secret, without telling him what she knows, so he can write her songs for her. So basically, she’s going to use him. He congratulates her.

Manara says after everything he told her, she can’t be honest or love or trust anyone. Amado poisoned her.

He seems fascinated by the possibility of her crying. Manara says she’s not going to cry. She’s going to go on that tour with Rafa and give him whatever place Amado wants–producer, padrino–but she’s not letting Rafa touch her and Amado is going to put Rafa in his place. Amado objects to her telling him what to do.

Manara tells him to open his eyes–there’s a powerful woman downstairs, owner of the biggest radio station on the West Coast. Does he still think he needs Rafa? He’d better put Rafa in his place before he thinks Manara believes in Amado too. (Nope, don’t know what she means, but it’s what she said.)

She’s going downstairs to eat with her family.

Outside Casa Davis

Valentín asks if Mateo, um, well, I think he said “gave it to her.” Mateo says he didn’t, but he agrees with Valentín that she’s hot.

Valentín really doesn’t think it’s a good idea to do business with El Diplomático. He heard about him in prison, the thing about him having a pact with both God and the Devil. A guy like that is untouchable, and no tiene palabra (“doesn’t have word” as in, you can’t trust him to keep his word).

Mateo doesn’t know what else to do. He whines about needing to record with Manara, and she wants to, but her brother doesn’t want him close to her. He’s not going to let that guy walk all over him!

Valentín gets it, but…he has an idea. He’ll kill Amado. It’ll be clean, no one will know, and Mateo can avoid El Diplomático.

No way–the guys have done too much for him. They need to focus on the music. Valentín agrees, but a little at a time. He needs to pay Mateo back for what he’s investing in his album. What better way to help than to keep him from doing business with El Diplomático? Once you get in with a guy like that there’s no way out.

Mateo says he’s not getting involved with anyone–he’s just trying to find someone with more power than Amado. Besides, he promised Valentín’s mom he was going to get Valentín and Básico out of “the bad life” and they were going to be musicians and that’s what he’s going to do.

So he thinks they should make an album and let the killers kill each other. Valentín calls him stubborn.

Rancho Zabala

Rafa comes to the breakfast table with Itzel and the boys. Neto and Leticia saunter out of the house, dressed for the pool. Oh, they’re having breakfast at the jacuzzi.

Rafa, totally ignorant of his audience, makes a crack about this place looking like a cheap hotel. Itzel ignores him and says Gilda invited her to a thing at the record label and she doesn’t have a driver today–can Rafa lend her his driver?

Nope, he’s got too many meetings today. And he’s gotta go. Itzel expected no less from him. She goes off to get dressed, after kissing the boys goodbye.

Santiago marvels at their family. Grandpa’s dating a younger chick, their parents hate each other and they’re seeing other people, and here he is in the closet. Nicolas says not to forget him–he’s dating a girl who’s underage.

Santiago can’t believe people envy their lives. They believe everything they read in the magazines. Nico proposes a toast to that, but then he says it’s bad luck to toast without alcohol.


Rafa meets Isaac at some bar. He complains that Isaac went through all the money he gave him in one night. And where did that motorcycle come from? Was it included in the package?

Isaac ignores him. He says he’s been looking at Rafa’s social media and he can see he’s close to Amado Matamoros. Rafa says he’s going to be the next mayor and he’s his business partner.

Right, so they need to really get their “business” going and start talking numbers. If Rafa wants Isaac to get his dad out of the presidency, it’s going to be more than what they talked about before. Isaac wants in on the business with Matamoros. If Rafa wants him to stab his family in the back, the least he can do is make him a partner and give him a really big cut.

Rafa assures Isaac that once Amado is in charge, Isaac is definitely going to get his cut. Plus Rafa’s going to be supporting his singing career.

Isaac laughs and says to leave the promise-making to the politicians. What Rafa’s saying is that if Amado doesn’t win, they have nothing?

Rafa says they’re a long way off for that. What he wants to know right now is whether he can count on Isaac or if he can’t trust him.

Eh, Isaac thinks they should take it slow and see if they have chemistry. (*snort*) But they should get going to Rafa’s toast at the label.

And by the way, when does he leave with Manara? He imagines Rafa’s “masticando con todo y envoltura” right? (I can’t find a specific saying, but literally this means chewing or eating something while it’s still wrapped.) With everything he’s done for her and her career, that’s the least she should be giving him. Isaac thinks she’s hot, but he doesn’t like her as much as his brother does…Rafa likes her that much too, right?

Anyway, he doesn’t really care. He’ll see Rafa at the thing. He tells Rafa to pay for his beer.

JC Records

Julia thinks next time Nicolas sings live, it should be on TV. She says she’ll help any way she can. Santi thinks they should find a channel that’s more their style. Julia’s confused–isn’t he in the group?

Nicolas says Santi’s just helping him out. He wants to be a soloist and sing rancheras and he thinks he’s all that because he’s their grandpa’s “heir.” They all have a laugh at that.

Santi offers to be their “mal tercio” (“bad third,” third wheel). Whenever they want to go out alone, they can say he’s going with them. They make plans to rehearse later tonight. (Or, um, maybe it’s “rehearse.”)

Rafa arrives and thanks Moisés for setting up this toast. It’s apparently a bon voyage for the tour. Moisés looks around and asks who’s missing.

Isaac’s only too happy to say Manara and Mateo are missing. Dylan’s “sure” they’re with Gilda. He offers to go get them.

They’re in the studio. Mateo brings a sheet of lyrics over to Manara and whines that Rafa was right for once, it could be faster. He checks to see if Manara wants to change anything and then says he put together a quick pista (track; backing track) for it. Manara starts recording a vocal track for Sobrenatural.

Dylan goes downstairs and runs into Gilda on the ground floor. He says they’re ready to start the toast and they can’t find Mateo and Manara. She thought he said something about being in the studio? Dylan freaks out at the idea that they’re in there together– they’d better go get them because Isaac’s provoking Rafa.

Mateo makes some notes as Manara keeps singing. He comes out of the booth and stands in the doorway to listen to her finish up the take. He thinks they should go upstairs–they’re probably waiting for her.

Manara asks how they’re going to finish the rest of the songs. He figures while she’s on tour, he can catch up to her wherever she’s at and they’ll keep writing.

Isn’t that a big sacrifice for him? Mateo says it sure is, so the reward will need to be just as big. *smoochies*

Gilda and Dylan walk in on them and Gilda says she’s sorry to bother them, but everyone’s waiting.

Isaac–and seriously, why is he doing this NOW?–tells Rafa he sent a video to his phone for him to see. He even brought ear buds so Rafa could listen. It’s more of his footage of Mateo and Manara in the lounge the other day. This time, the part where Mateo wanted to hear Manara saying that she doesn’t like Rafa. And she said it twice. Before they snogged.

Gilda, Dylan, Mateo, and Manara walk into the board room while Rafa gets that twisted spoiled child look on his face. At least Isaac looks like he’s having a good time, so there’s that.

Rafa’s in shock. Isaac goes over and tells him to chill. He doesn’t like seeing Rafa made a fool of, so he’s got his back. Rafa needs to trust him–they’re a team.

Rafa asks where Isaac got the video. Isaac insists that’s not important. The important thing is that the two of them are in it together to destroy Mateo and Manara.

Moisés announces that they’re here to talk about the future of the business. Oh, so not a bon voyage, then. The people in this room are the artists who have signed contracts. He’s let Valentín and his cousin go and they’re launching Isaac’s new project instead. There are a few glances around the room and them Moisés notices Rafa’s not saying anything–which is definitely a shock–and asks if he’s ok.

Rafa’s too busy glaring at Manara and Mateo to answer at first, then he starts babbling about how they’re fine, they’re happy to see how this business is growing thanks to everyone’s efforts, right?

Moisés announces they’re launching Nicolas and Dylan and Isaac, plus they’ve signed Santiago and Diego. But they’re going to be primarily focusing on Manara’s debut album, and her single is already in the top five.

He asks how the rest of the songs are coming along. Manara says she’s not done writing, but she wants to try them out on Rafa’s tour. Anything else?

Rafa would like them all to hear a song of Diego’s. Moisés makes a toast to JC Records. While everyone’s clinking glasses, Rafa goes over and tells Mateo he wants to talk to him before they go–he has a proposition for him.

Casa Davis

Valentín and Básico apologize for showing up late, but they had to take the bus. Davis laughs. The apestados (outcasts) of the label. Well, soon they’ll have more money than all of those jerks put together.

Valentín says Mateo had other stuff to do, but they’re here and they’re at her service. Davis snarks that this obviously isn’t as important to Mateo. But there’s no time to lose. They need to schedule their first live performance.

She scribbles on a napkin and says that in the territory dispute, El Diplomático lost Tijuana. Well, gosh, they’re both sorry to hear that. Davis says they’re even more sorry.

They’re to go to that address tomorrow. The other “side” will be there and she wants them to go sing the corrido in front of them. Valentín’s eyes get huge. He shows the napkin to Básico, who says they’re going to get killed.

Um, no offense, but for them to walk into the enemy’s house and throw a corrido in their faces is a lot of humiliation. Cafre says this is how they need to show that they’re capable of doing what they’re asked to do.

Davis says they’re each going to get a troca (truck/SUV) after this and a camión (cargo truck/van) for the band. All they need to do is show El Diplomático they’ve got them (their pantalones) bien puestos (“got their pants on properly,” able to handle themselves). If they used to get violent over a crust of bread, why not do it for millions and fame?

Valentín awkwardly says Mateo won’t want them to do this. Davis says he’s not here. And if they have to ask his permission, then who’s really managing them? She walks off, announcing she’s tired of them, and Básico nudges Valentín. Valentín says they’ll do it.

She tells them to get to work, in that case. And she wants to see Valentín alone later. (Let me see if I can guess what for.)

As they walk out, Davis tells Cafre to find out everything he can about Amado. El Diplomático wants Mateo working on writing corridos and she needs to know if Amado is worth more alive or dead.

Casa Matamoros

Agustina sends Petra to the kitchen and says she’ll finish up cleaning the living room. Amado shows up, mocking her for giving orders. Agustina nods to Petra to go on anyway.

She asks if he killed Fierro and Amado says he did. He killed his best man and it’s all her fault. He won’t make her abort because Selva and Manara are watching her back. But when it’s born, he wants a DNA test. And if it’s his, he’s going to take the baby away from her and she’s going to have to leave. Agustina says he’ll see she’s not lying.

He warns her that the police have all her information. She shouldn’t try to escape or he’ll make sure that before they deport her, she’ll go to jail for years.

Radio station

Selva arrives and her office is still in boxes and wrapped in plastic wrap. Carmelo offers to help unpack, but she wants to talk to Lorenzo alone first.

She complains about them being “distanced” from each other. Lorenzo says she did that as soon as she went from a professional to a personal relationship with Amado.

Selva can’t believe he can’t just be happy for her for being excited again. She wants him to come to the house for dinner and spend some time with him. Lorenzo grumbles that he’ll think about it. Uh huh, well he should also think about this door not being open just so he can try to keep her away from Amado. She’s not going to let him butt into her life the way their dad did.


Diego performs Mejor sin Ti. It’s a perfectly acceptable dance song, but Diego keeps reaching for his crotch and we’re hearing the repetitive part of the song, so I’m not overly impressed.

As it ends, we can hear Mateo saying there’s nothing really there.

Moisés says he did a good job, but I’m not sure he means it? He can’t even remember Diego’s name. He says he should, uh, watch that left hand. (*snort*) As he walks out, Mateo tells Dylan that was all dancing and no voice. And he thinks he’s going to get famous that way? But everyone in this business does what they can.

Dylan says they should go, but Mateo tells him to go on with Gilda. He’s sticking around to talk to Rafa. He picks up the nearest bottle of booze and says he’s going to need it. He mentions his dad left his hat.

Diego’s all excited after his performance, but I swear Rafa’s putting him off, making excuses about needing to check the schedule for the studio. Or maybe it’s that he’s distracted, more worried about setting up a rehearsal with Manara. He has a meeting, but he can meet her at her place later.

As Manara walks out, she and Itzel trade polite nods. Itzel gets a call from Lorenzo with a “strategic doubt.” He’s been invited to dinner at Amado’s–what should he do? Itzel tells him it’s better to have your enemies close. Lorenzo still wants to see her later–can he call her after?

Radio Station

Elena hears the tail end of the conversation. She can tell he was talking to Itzel. She just wanted to tell him she’s on her way out to the orphanage where Amado grew up. She has a source who says they have proof that can bring him down. Lorenzo tells her to be careful.

Elena wants to meet later and go over whatever she finds out. Lorenzo says he can’t today–he’s actually having dinner with Matamoros. Elena’s willing to wait for him. This research is her priority. If he’s not “interested” anymore, he should find another reporter. She makes sure to tell him she means interested in work, obviously.


Julia wants to set Santiago up with a friend of hers so the four of them can go out together. Santi insists he has to study, but Julia says they’d better think about where they want to go–she’s calling now.

Casa Matamoros

Agustina’s setting the table with those fancy gold plates that go under the real plates. Manara comes in and startles her.

Agustina tells her about the dinner plans. What did Manara say to him? Because he’s behaving differently. She’ll have to figure out what to do. Manara says they’re in this together and Amado isn’t going to mess with Agustina’s child, or Julia, or Mateo. Agustina asks why she’s so sure?

In her bedroom, Manara says she promised to support Amado. She told him about how she’s using Mateo and she pretended she didn’t care. He believed her. Agustina’s not surprised–Amado uses everyone.

Manara’s afraid she’s falling for her own game. She is using people. She doesn’t care so much about doing it to Rafa, but she feels something for Mateo. When she told Amado, she acted like she didn’t care, but she felt like she was dying inside.

Manara doesn’t think she’s negotiating with Amado, she’s just asking him to do things peacefully–let Agustina have the baby, stop hurting people, and break his deal with Rafael. Agustina says he’ll never do that last bit–he needs Rafa too much.

She doesn’t want them to fight, she just wants them to stop using her for their deals. Can she imagine being on tour with Rafa for months with Amado forcing her to humiliate herself every time he feels like it?

The proposal

Rafa finds Mateo alone in the lounge and says he’s here to share his proposal and tell him he’s had it with him. He tosses a set of keys on the table and says Mateo can give up and leave any time he wants to. (That’s your proposal?)

OK, if Rafa’s upset because he won the competition and lost the vieja (watch it, Mateo!) that’s not his problem. Rafa says it’s because he’s disrespecting “the codes.”

Seriously? Because if not for Rafa, Tito would still be alive. Rafa tells Mateo to come say that to his face. “You are the most insecure guy in the world!” Rafa admits he is, but the one who’s going to lose everything here is Mateo.

What, is he going to do it a base de madrazos (with blows; beating it out of him), because Mateo doesn’t see how. Rafa shoves him. So now it’s a slugfest.

On the stairs, Dylan sings to Gilda while she grins at him. Is he still upset about his friend’s song? “Which one do you like better?” She says she likes him better. *smoochies*

Dylan was thinking he and Gilda should go somewhere together, since Mateo’s going to take a while. She’d like to, but she needs to talk to Mateo first. Dylan says he’s in a meeting with Rafa, just leave him.

Uh, a meeting with Rafa? For what? Dylan doesn’t know–he’s not getting involved. Well, Gilda is! She runs down the stairs with Dylan chasing after her, telling her to wait for him.

Sure, guys, wreck the furniture. Like this place doesn’t have enough financial problems. Gilda has to get Chalino to unlock the door.

When they get in there, Mateo’s got the upper hand. Chalino and Dylan pull the two of them apart.

Gilda wants Chalino and Dylan to leave her alone with Rafa and Mateo. Rafa won’t even stick around. If she wants an explanation, she can ask Mateo for one because he knows he’s wrong. And she should think about the company! (Dude…is Rafa pouting like a little kid?)

That only leaves Mateo to scold. All the problems they’re having and he’s getting into fights over a vieja?! (Gilda! You too?)

Mateo yells back that she’s the administrator. She should be thinking of a way to keep Rafa from ending up with everything that’s theirs! They should ALL be fighting him! He brushes Dylan off, saying he wants to be alone.

Dylan goes to hug Gilda.

Secret deals

Damn, the flashing light on Manara’s phone for incoming calls is bright! It’s Bianco calling to check up on her. Manara says she’s taking his advice–she signed the contract and the tour with Rafa is scheduled.

Bianco says she’s getting a good start. He heard the single is doing well. The people at Megavisa are paying attention.

Manara asks if he listened to the song she sent him. He likes it–it’s going to be a hit. If they’re all like that, he’s sure they’re going to be stealing her away to record that album for them. Manara says they will be. She’ll be sending him what she has.

She thanks him and he asks her to call when she’s in Mexico City.

Once they’re off the phone, Bianco tells Candelaria that as soon as Manara’s done with the tour, he’ll make his move. Candelaria says Rafa is never going to forgive Manara…or Bianco.

Meh. Megavisa will have to pay that huge fine to get her out of the contract. If that’s not enough for Rafa, too bad.

She asks if Bianco still wants Manara for his *dramatic pause* personal project. (Oh no, that didn’t sound creepy at all….) Bianco smiles and says ever since he saw her he knew she was the one. Candelaria’s smile doesn’t reassure me. Bianco says she’s perfect. But first he has to steal her from the label. They toast to it. (The least weird thing I can think of is that he wants her to be the mother of his children. And even that’s like…why not just say it?)

Casa Matamoros

Rafa goes over to whine to Amado. Amado’s amused at the way he’s looking right now, like Mateo went after him with everything, including the bucket. He laughs when Rafa says Mateo looks worse.

Rafa notices the fuss in the dining room and asks what’s going on. Amado says it’s a dinner to officially announce that he and Selva are dating. Uh huh, congratulations, and where’s Manara?

Amado says she just went out. And she was in a hurry, too, so now that he sees Rafa, he assumes she went to see Mateo.

“And you’re just telling me like it’s no big deal?!” Well, how is he supposed to say it? Rafa and Mateo fought and Mateo got the girl. She was free to choose and she chose Mateo again, so Rafa should just accept it–he lost.

Oh, no, Amado’s not indifferent, he’s totally surprised. How could Manara do this to him? *grin*

“Are you making fun of me?” Amado tells Rafa not to talk to him in that tone of voice. They can talk in his office.

Agustina lets Selva and Lorenzo in later and tells them Amado is taking care of some other business and asked them to wait for him on the terrace. As Selva shows Lorenzo the way, Agustina stares at her.


Manara comes in with her guitar and sees Mateo looking all busted up. He asks if she ran into him and she suddenly remembers she skipped out on her rehearsal with Rafa.

But how did he know about that? Mateo didn’t know about the rehearsal, he meant Amado. He’s sure by now Amado’s begging Rafa to manage Manara, marry her, have nine kids.

He tells her not to worry, he’s working on getting them a way to defend themselves. He’ll try to do things peacefully, but if they get attacked, what’s he going to do? Defend them by playing the guitar?

Manara says he won’t have to–she’s going to make sure no one does anything to them. “Oh, OK then.” *smoochies*

He says he made some changes to the song–does she want to rehearse? Yeah, in a little bit, when she’s done patching him up. Which is apparently code for “sex.”

Amado’s office

Amado tells Rafa that making deals with Isaac is just delaying the inevitable. He offered to kill Mateo, but Rafa didn’t want him to. Rafa asks why Amado’s waiting for him to give the order–he killed Julio César and made Rafa his accomplice without even telling him about it.

Amado says he didn’t kill Mateo because he was afraid Rafa would open his big mouth. Julio César’s death really messed with Rafa, so Amado had to resolve things another way. They can’t just change the game now! What doesn’t Rafa understand? Amado’s a public figure–he can’t risk a scandal.

The Solars are a time bomb and Rafa has to manage them–they’re his responsibility. Amado can’t do anything anymore.

Rafa says Amado just doesn’t want to.

Hey, things changed. Manara got everything she wanted from Rafa–contract, album, tour–and Rafa didn’t get anything from her. So the problem here isn’t Amado or Manara. It’s Rafa. He didn’t know how to manage her and she took advantage of him.

Rafa says he didn’t know how to manage Manara, but he didn’t know how to manage Amado either. He helped Amado, he got the unions for him, and now Amado’s using Selva’s resources to promote his campaign and shoving Rafa aside. He knocks over Amado’s drink and screams that he’s a worse traitor than Mateo.

Amado stands up and very calmly buttons his jacket. He understands that Rafa has had a bad day. If he thinks that Amado isn’t acknowledging him, then they should go their separate ways. Rafa’s going on tour with Manara and maybe he can convince her “por las buenas.” And if not, Amado gives Rafa permission to do whatever he wants “por las malas” and then they’re even. (Yep, he just gave Rafa permission to rape Manara. They can both die any time now.)

He wishes Rafa luck and tells him to leave by the back door–he doesn’t want his guests to see him.

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3 years ago

Thanks, Kat!

Oh boy. Shenanigan after shenanigan. I’m with you in the Amado/Rafa double death with. Ugh. Hate them both.

And now we’ve got Bianco and his “personal project”? Manara is caught in some weird, twisted “everyone loves the protagonista” cliché. Nauseating.

On a shallow note-Selva’s stylist needs to be talked to. Her fashion choices are not doing it for me.

3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Omg yes! I have so much fear for Valentin and Básico. I’m a little afraid to watch too.

I *love* Selva’s hair! I don’t get a runway vibe from her clothes. I get a “learning to sew first project” vibe from some of the dresses. It’s like they are putting her in sacks or something. Then again, I know nothing about fashion or sewing.

3 years ago

Thanks for the recap. Yep! Amado and Rafa can both die but they must not forget to carry Isaac the weasel along. Ugh! By the way, my blood went ice cold when Rafa knocked over Amado’s drink (or whatever that was on the table). I Amado was going to have him killed. Lord! What a spoilt, sick, pouting douche. I think he’ll end up dead at the end of this novela. I can only hope. Oh nooo. So Manara is really using Mateo even though she has developed feelings for him? So she’s planning on taking his songs to megavisa?… Read more »