La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 2/03/17 #58

El Vendeval Main House Where Deception and Disillusionment Reign

More yelling – You’re in his arms while I’m right next door, – I guess I know now who’s more important to you, ect. ect.
Luciano and Silvana arrive – more yelling (I’m gonna RPC this b/c I hate it).

Doors get slammed, more yelling.

ML and Sagrario arrive, ML remains horrible.

Marcela’s Bedroom

Ale packs, Marcela begs – more yelling – its over, he leaves. She cries.


Alessandro just wants to be alone so Luciano chases him around trying to get him to admit he was right all along
ML and Nisa’s plan is working perfectly.

Luc and Ale fight, and Ale leaves saying the wedding’s off, hope yr happy.

Luc will get Cris to draw up the divorce papers and he smiles smugly (and I wanna punch him in his stupid face).

Bedroom of Tears

Sagrario and Marcela talk about what happened. Sagrario suggests that maybe deep down Marcela still loves the Cami. Nope. Marcela thinks there must be another explanation, but her eyes hurt and she feels dizzy so she can’t think.

ML’s Bedroom

ML and Nisa’s plan worked perfectly, but Nisa is sad cause she thinks now Cami will get back with Marcela. ML says Cami will go for the best financial catch and all Nisa has to do is let him know she’s the better catch.

They go to update Cami in Alba’s bedroom on all the drama and ML leaves Nisa alone with him so she can tell him how she could buy him a better ranch, but the way Nisa is describing it it sounds more like a resort hotel.

Back in her room ML checks items off her to do list; stop the wedding, check, now all she’s gotta do is get the necklace back and win Ale over.

Guest House

Luc wants to leave now but Sil wants to wait till its light, so they can see where they’re going.

Town Square

Ale cries in his car, in the rain, and remembers Damiana with someone else and Marcela w/Cami. He goes to sleep in the car with his headlights on.

Rancho El V

Marcela doesn’t feel better, her eyes and head still hurt and she can’t focus. Sagrario is sure its the stress (I wonder if its whatever ML gave her).

Marcela says she’d rather be blind if she’s never going to see Alessandro again, so she’s gonna find him and beg him not to leave her.

Luc asks Mateo for the keys to Nisa’s car so they can gtfo. He claims the story of why is too embarrassing to tell Mateo (but we all know Luc has no shame and just doesn’t want to hear another person defending Marcela).

Sagrario updates Mateo re last night and Marcela says she is going to town despite the protests of both

Luc and Sil pack and prepare to leave, as Silvana is going to get Nisa Luc calls Cris at home and wakes up both him and Nuria so he can tell Cris to write up divorce papers for Ale. Now! (call me back at my office during business hours, is what Cris should have said. Or that should be Cris’s vm message, ‘if its an emergency call the police, if this is Luciano Castelo call me at my office during business hours’)

Town Square

Emiliano wakes up Ale in his car and asks him what he’s doing there.

Ale tells the whole story and Emil is sure it must be some kind of misunderstanding but Ale knows what he saw.

Ale does tell what he knows of Marcela’s version, but he saw what he saw. Emil points out that Cami is in no condition to be gettin busy and says the whole thing must be a plot by Cami. Ale doesn’t think Cami could arrange a trap, after all he’s an invalid. (but he’s fit enough to be messing around with your wife? make up yr mind dude) Ale is convinced Marcela just loves Cami more than him. Emil is positive he’s wrong, Marcela isn’t that kind of girl. Also Emil talked with Cami last night and offered to let Cami recuperate at his place, but Cami refused saying he had to stay and save Marcela from Alessandro. Emil now thinks Cami getting hurt was part of his plan so he could stay at the ranch and cause problems with Alessandro’s parents and Ale is falling right into his trap. Ale thinks that’s too bizarre and complicated to be true and the simplest explanation is just that Marcela still loves Cami the mostest. Emil thinks Ale is hurt and tired and not thinking clearly and invites him to breakfast and coffee, once he’s had time to think he’ll surely see that this whole thing is just Cami being a manipulative jerk, and not Marcela loving Cami more.

El Vendeval Stables

Marcela is saddling up Huracan to ride into town since she’s not feeling well enough to drive. Mateo says he’ll go with her, she shouldn’t be alone, but the kids come for their milk and Marcela sends Mateo for it and rides off alone.

ML’s Bedroom

Nisa wants to staaaaaayyyy, and ML says she’s welcome to, but Silvana says they’re all leaving and ML can come with if she wants. Yes! She wants! Nisa says but no, ML is a country girl and loves the countryside, as ML rolls her eyes, and besides she’s gotta stay to get her calendar thing goin, right? She wants to stay, right? *significant look* Oh right, ok but only for a little while and then I’ll go stay with you for a while. Fine whatever but Nisa’s going now. Nisa whines but Sil is firm so Nisa goes to get ready. She visits Cami and tells him she’ll be waiting for him forever, just in case things don’t work out with him and Marcela *big kiss* and she dramatically leaves.

Cris calls Ale’s phone and Rosa answers, Ale was so upset he left it behind when he left. Rosa gives Cris the scoop on the goings on last night. Cris tells Nuria he’s gotta go be with Ale right now, his friend needs him.

In her room Sagrario prays that it all comes out all right. Mateo comes and tells her Marcela left without him so Sagrario starts praying for Marcela.

Marcela is riding Huracan and holding her head, all that jouncing around really looks like it hurts, but at least Huracan knows the way to town.

Emil knocks at the cyber bakery and asks Amadeo if Roman showed up yet. No he hasn’t yet and Emil and Ale go in.

Roman is still in jail in San Jacinto and if nobody shows up to claim him he’s going to the state prison. Roman don’t care.

Lencho’s Room, so where’s Severo staying?

Don Timo made breakfast in bed for his favorite wounded son and Lencho feels even more guilty. Severo comes up to his room to see if he remembered anything from last night. Nope he went out to find his buds but couldn’t so he went looking for to pick up a girl. Oh goody, Don T wants to know who’s the lucky girl. Lencho looks very guilty indeed and Severo steps in and saves him from answering.

Eulogio shouts from downstairs and Lencho says it hurts and Timo goes to see what he wants. Severo stays with Lencho and looks at him funny but he can’t say anything cause, why would he know where Lencho went last night.


Ale isn’t hungry, having to admit his dad was right all along is ruining his appetite, and he thinks now he has to start his life over again. Emil thinks that’s silly if he really loves Marcela.

Town Square

Huracan got Marcela safely to town but she’s having trouble focusing so she gets off the horse and starts off on foot, but she faints in the middle of the square.

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! I love your idea for Cris’ outgoing voicemail. No way does he get paid enough to take calls from Luciano 24/7. And he’s the HOTEL’S lawyer, not Luciano’s personal lawyer. I get that he does stuff for Alessandro because they’re friends…but he’s not friends with Luc. He just can’t tell him no because he’d get fired. That ain’t right. Emiliano strikes me as someone who really paid attention during his psych rotation in med school. But it annoys me that Al was making him do all the work. At least he listened and didn’t just rush off, but… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

IKR Emiliano is so versatile! I get that Ale has some huge hang ups about being cheated on after his last marriage, but he knows Marcela is different from Damiana, he just needs some time to calm down and think. Oh and Emiliano is such a good guy for fighting For Alessandro and Marcela’s relationship when he wishes it was him with Marcela instead. It would be so easy for him to just be all like, yeah dude you should leave her, so that he could have a chance with Marcela himself. Hey telenovela rules state fainting =pregnancy But she… Read more »

3 years ago

I’m trying not to read anything into the entrada, but if that’s foreshadowing, at least Emiliano can say he absolutely did NOT come between them and he tried everything he could to keep them together. His conscience is clear.

I’ve been wondering if Marcela was pregnant from the beginning, so every little sign I’m like “This is it!”